Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1982

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/29/2003

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Suspended is a classic text adventure game by Infocom. You play as Central Mentality, a human being with no motor function with the neural capacity to control machines. Your fellow crew members are convinced you have gone insane and are planning to unplug you - you must control a group of six robots to defend yourself.

Opening Moves

The game starts after an earthquake causes damage to several parts of the complex. The following are the first commands that should be entered:

  • Poet, go to weather control area
  • Sensa, go to sub supply room
  • Whiz, go to secondary channel
  • Sensa, take ramp
  • Sensa, go to middle supply room
  • Sensa, take container and grasper
  • Sensa, go to hallway junction
  • Waldo, go to hallway junction
  • Auda, go to gamma repair

At this stage, Poet should have reached the weather control area. Sensa has the container, ramp and grasper, and will shortly meet Waldo at the hallway junction. Auda is on the way to gamma repair, and Whiz is going to the secondary channel. Now enter these commands:

  • Poet, turn second dial to 100
  • Poet, go to hallway end
  • Iris, go to main supply room
  • Sensa, put ramp at dropoff
  • Auda, listen
  • Waldo, take container and grasper

Waldo has met up with Sensa and has now taken the container and grasper. Sensa, has also placed the ramp at a point so the next level can be reached. Poet has fixed the faulty control at the weather control area. Iris is on the way to the main supply room, Whiz has reached the secondary channel, and Auda has started listening.

More Damage

At this point (after 15 moves), a secondary earthquake will occur.

  • Waldo, go to main supply room
  • Waldo, install grasper
  • Waldo, take red IC and yellow IC
  • Sensa, go to sloping corridor
  • Sensa, take ramp
  • Sensa, go to small supply room

Waldo installs the grasper and picks up the smooth and bumpy objects (which happen to be ICs). Since the ramp has now been used, Sensa picks it up again, then heads to the small supply room. Waldo and Iris are both at the main supply room.

  • Waldo, open panel
  • Waldo, replace rough device with rough object
  • Waldo, close panel
  • Poet, get in car
  • Poet, get out of car
  • Poet, go to biology lab
  • Waldo, take burned and fried chip
  • Poet, take camera

Waldo has now fixed Iris and picked up the 2 destroyed chips, and Poet has travelled in the car to get to the biology lab and take the camera. Sensa has arrived at the small supply room.

  • Sensa, put ramp at holder
  • Sensa, get on ramp
  • Sensa, take cutter
  • Sensa, get off ramp
  • Sensa, take ramp
  • Sensa, go to sloping corridor
  • Poet, go to vehicle debarkation
  • Waldo, put red IC in red socket
  • Waldo, put yellow IC in yellow socket
  • Poet, get in car
  • Poet, get out of car

Sensa now has the metal cutter and is heading back down the sloping corridor. Poet is heading back in the car and Waldo is fixing the machine in the main supply room.

Primary and Secondary Channels

You now need to get to each of the channels that were damaged in the initial earthquake.

  • Poet, go to primary channel
  • Sensa, put ramp at dropoff
  • Sensa, go to gamma repair
  • Waldo, push button
  • Iris, take fuse
  • Waldo, take cable
  • Waldo, go to secondary channel
  • Iris, go to middle supply room
  • Iris, take cable
  • Iris, go to main supply room
  • Sensa, examine object
  • Sensa, turn flowswitch

Poet is on the way to the primary channel. Sensa has put the ramp at the dropoff so that the robots can reach the lower level again, and is now at gamma repair. Waldo has fixed the machine in the main supply room, and is taking a cable to meet Whiz at the secondary channel.

Final Actions

Poet has been severely damaged by acid, and will only survive for a short period.

  • Both Sensa and Auda, move Fred
  • Sensa, cut cable with cutter
  • Poet, plug tv1 in
  • Poet, aim tv1 at sign

At this point, Poet will die, but you should have just been able to discover the access code for the machine back in the main supply room. Make sure you remember this code.

  • Sensa, take cable
  • Sensa, go to primary channel
  • Iris, put cable in machine
  • Iris, put fuse in machine

Waldo is now also dead, but Sensa is on the way to the primary channel with a cable, and Iris has installed the cable and fuse into the machine in the main supply room.

  • Whiz, go to Waldo
  • Whiz, take fourteen-inch cable
  • Whiz, replace nine-inch cable with fourteen-inch cable
  • Whiz, drag Waldo to east end
  • Auda, go to sleep chamber
  • Sensa, replace four-inch cable with twelve-inch cable
  • Iris, press --- circle
  • Iris, press --- circle

The two cables have been replaced, and Iris enters the correct code (the first circle is the first half of the access code, and the second circle is the second half, for example if the access code is "CONBOZ", press the CON circle and the BOZ circle).