Game Details:  Mystery, 1984

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/27/2003

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Suspect is a classic text adventure game by Infocom. You need to clear your name after being accused of murder, so that you can return to your normal life as a reporter.

Veronica's Party

Start by heading west, then examine Veronica after she spills her drink. Walk west twice, south 4 times, west twice, south and west. Open the curtains and look through the window. Now examine the window seat, open it and look inside. Go east and the doorbell will ring at 9:18pm. Open the front door to let Alicia in. Go north, east twice, north and west. Examine the wet overcoat before heading east twice.

Questions and Horses

Ask Ostmann about himself, then about Michael, Veronica, Asher, Marston and Bill. Go east twice to the bar and wait for Michael to arrive at 9:41pm. Ask him about himself, Veronica, Marston, Alicia, Ostmann, Linda, Asher and Richard. Marston will arrive at the bar at 9:48pm. Ask him about himself and Veronica, then repeatedly listen to the horse discussion. At 9:54pm, go west 3 times, south 3 times, west twice and north twice.

A Body Discovered

Examine the basket and take the card and folder. Ask Bill about the murder, then show him the card. Walk north and west. Open the tool chest and take the crowbar, then hide behind the bmw and wait for Michael to arrive at 10:16pm. Look, then stand and ask Michael about the murder. Go east and southwest and examine Veronica. Look under her and take the object. Examine her hair.

Go south twice and east twice. Hide behind the chair and read the folder, then wait for Marston to arrive at 10:42pm, then Michael at 10:46pm. Stand up. Unlock the east door and head north 3 times and east twice. Take the paper from the fireplace and read it.

Head east to the bar and show the folder to Ostmann. Walk west 3 times, south 3 times, west twice, north 3 times and west. Open the bmw trunk with the crowbar, then drop the crowbar and take the trust folder. Read it, then read the documents. Walk east, southwest, south, east and north.

Now find the detective. Show the paper to the detective, then show him the trust folder, manila folder and business card.

Go to the office and take the fairy mask. Look in the mask and examine the dark hair. Now go south twice, east twice, north 3 times and west. Take the wet overcoat. Go to the kitchen by heading east, north 4 times and east, then take the basket. Go south twice and west, and find the detective again. Have the detective fingerprint the glass. Give the dark hair to the detective. Show the wet overcoat to the detective, then tell him about the weather. Head east and examine Alicia's hair. Ask her about the car, then go west and wait for Duffy to arrive. Get the detective to arrest Michael and Alicia.