Superhero League of HobokenSuperhero League of Hoboken

Game Details:  Comedy, 1994

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/5/2003

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Superhero League of Hoboken is a comedy adventure/RPG hybrid from Legend Entertainment. You control an evolving group of superheroes with dubious powers, completing missions given to you by Commissioner and gradually uncovering an overarching threat.


The first thing you should do is get everything out of the closet. Head downstairs and take the painting, and the tape out of the compartment in the back of the Sinatra statue. Next go into the Lunch Room and assemble your team. It doesn't really matter who you take with you, because you only need specific heroes for single tasks throughout the game. Their most important role is to help you fight the mutants. Now go upstairs and get your missions from the computer. Also check out the maps on the wall and the chatterbox.

Tube Passes

  • Blue: Atlantic City Lower - New Brunswick
  • Brown: Rockefeller Centre - Market Upper
  • Silver: Middleton - Market Lower
  • Red: Newark Lower - Philadelphia Lower
  • Green: Empire State Building - New Haven
  • Purple: Poughkeepsie - Yonkers
  • Yellow: Huntington - Grand Central
  • Orange: Philadelphia Upper - Atlantic City Upper
  • Grey: Newark Upper - Scranton Upper
  • Gold: Scranton - Lower Buffalo


The rest of this walkthrough will be divided into the actions needed to complete each set of missions, as provided by Matilda. I've included the places where I found all items, but these may change from game to game - just make sure you buy or pick up everything you possibly can. After each set of missions, check the storage closet, get a new hero and check Matilda and the chatterbox for more info. The following are the abbreviations used below:

  • AC: Atlantic City
  • Buff: Buffalo
  • Mid: Middleton
  • NH: New Haven
  • NYD: New York Downtown
  • NYU: New York Uptown
  • Phil: Philadelphia
  • PK: Poughkeepsie
  • Scr: Scranton

Level I Missions

(2D: 8, 8) Buy a can of sheep spray and some cheese-eating microbes from the Pawn Shop at Paterson Marketplace
(2C: 6, 8) Get the Iron Tummy to eat the cache of jalopeno peppers in a factory (10, 2) in Newark, then pick up the rag
(2C: 6, 8) Pick up the plastic tubing from the subway station (9, 10) in Newark
(2C: 7, 11) Use sheep spray on sheep at East Orange and mop up the saliva with with the rag
(2C: 12, 8) Open the car trunk and use the cheese-eating microbes at Jersey City Marketplace
(2D: 7, 10) Break the potted plant, then pick up the magnet and greeting card
(2D: 7, 10) Go back into the church, to pick up the plant and rub the rag in the soil
(2C: 4, 12) Use the rag on the back wall and head through the door
Ending Have Robomop clean up the mess, then pull out the power cord - after Entropy leaves, take the cone and the light bulb

Level II Missions

(2C: 7, 6) Open the closet and take the pappy outfit from the airport terminal
(2B: 8, 10) Buy a dinghy and an orange tubepass from the Pawn Shop at Staten Island Marketplace
(2D: 13, 6) Talk to the old man in the Shaman's tent, then put on the pappy outfit and talk to him again; remove the outfit and talk a third time to get the formula and a plastic egg
(1B: 13, 9) Take the bust from above the doorway in the Piscataway Mansion, then put the magnet on the shelf and wait for the catastrophe; exit the room and take the paperweight
(1C: 4, 5) Remove the frosted panel and replace the 98W bulb with your 100W bulb; take the guacamole and the avocado
(4D: 8, 4) Pick up a wooden birdcall from a bird-watcher's cult
(1A: 2, 4) Deliver the birdcall to a second cult in the swamp
(Scr: 11, 8) Find a bowdlerising ray at the upper subway of Scranton
(Scr: 6, 5) Make sure you have a female team member, and ask her to shoot the bowdlerising ray at the playboys in Scranton HQ - on the way out you will stumble over some coal
(1B: 12, 7) Buy some wirecutters and a 50y transmitter from the Pawn Shop at Piscataway Marketplace
(2C: 7, 6) Give the Collector your coal, paperweight, turnstile token and avocado, to get upstairs
Ending Open the transmitter and insert the Sinatra tape; close the transmitter and turn it on

Level III Missions

(2D: 9, 9) Take the nitrous oxide, fur coat and coat rack from the Paterson Warlord's mansion
(3D: 6, 9) Deliver the nitrous oxide to the shaman at Yonkers Marketplace for some money and a cannister
(Phil: 10, 6) At the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, attach the tube and then the cannister of nitrous oxide to the crack in the bell, then shake the can; lift the bell and get the token and whistle
(3D: 6, 9) Buy some lead longjohns, an orienteering guide and a purple tubepass from the Pawn Shop at Yonkers Island Marketplace
(NYD: 10, 8) Pick up the yellow tubepass from Grand Central Station in Downtown New York
(4C: 1, 9) Deliver the longjohns to Mineola Marketplace, and get rewarded with a turnstile token
(1C: 9, 12) Take the wooden teeth, wig and uniform from the museum, and place the coat rack on the carpet spot (for a token reward)
(1B: 11, 7) Go to the western room and hide under the table; look at the knot, pick up the board (you'll get a token) and cut the wire with the wirecutters
(1C: 5, 8) Take the construction site placard from Bernardsville Marketplace
(3C: 13, 7) Use your four tokens to enter Belmont Park
Ending Place the placard on the steel framework; after the commotion, take the green tubepass

Level IV Missions

(Phil: 7, 1) Beat up everything in the sewers and find a red tubepass, a mauve bedistor and a diet book (take this back to HQ); while you are here, pick up the chewing gum from the Market Upper subway station
(3C: 7, 10) At Shea Stadium, blow the whistle, then take the mouse carcass and ecru bedistor
(NH: 2, 9) Take the termite hatchery and seedless banana, and move the washing machine onto the right spot
(NH: 8, 3) Visit the village and learn the Yale guys' plans, then go back to (2, 9), stand on the left spot and wait
(1A: 1, 9) Go to Princeton and tell them what you have learnt, then pick up the maroon bedistor
(3D: 3, 2) Use the aluminium-eating microbes on the strongbox and take the ball
(NYD: 3, 9) Go to Times Square in Downtown New York and give the people the ball, to get a ochre bedistor
(PK: 12, 2) Break into a city building in Poughkeepsie to get an engraved rod and a computer printout
(NYU: 15, 5) In Upper New York, enter the Vault and use the metal rod in the hole in the 4th cannister, then remove the frozen corpus
Ending Use the four bedistors in the case, place the corpus inside, close the door and press the button, then open the door again

Level V Missions

(PK: 16, 7) Dress up as George Washington (using the teeth, wig and uniform, and talk the Poughkeepsie warlord out of his attack on Afghanistan; you will be given a casino chip as you leave
(4D: 12, 6) Look at the wobbly table, then take the video from under the leg
(1A: 1, 9) Deliver the tape to Princeton and you will be given another casino chip
(NH: 7, 12) Take the sheet music from the wise man's cave, and practice it; play it on the grand piano and take the sandbag (open it to get some idols) before entering the light to leave Carnegie Hall
(NYD: 5, 12) Deliver an idol to the tribe at Radio City Music Hall
(NYD: 16, 9) Deliver an idol to the tribe at the United Nations Building and get another casino chip
(PH: 6, 5) Fight some bad guys and save 2 new heroes, then go back to HQ and have them join your party
(2A: 2, 4) Visit the shaman, hardware booth, hostelry, brothel, shaman, and brothel; have King Midas turn two useless items (eg. warranty and metal rod) into mufflers, then give the scarf and fur coat to the madam at the brothel, to get a rates sheet; now show the hostelry, hardware booth, and finally the shaman the new rates sheets
(AC: 4, 4) Use the chips in the slot machine in the casino
(1A: 1, 10) Buy some termite eggs from the Pawn Shop at Princeton Marketplace
Ending Put the termite eggs in the termite hatchery (open it, put the eggs inside, close it, turn it on, open it again)

Level VI Missions

(AC: 15, 9) Watch the opening of Geraldo's vault at Atlantic City; you will get a candy dispenser and some newspapers
(NYU: 12, 7) Explore the New York sewers (end of all the dark grey passages) to kill a total of 15 alligators, and get an alligator dropping
(2B: 8, 10) Buy a silver tubepass from the Pawn Shop at Staten Island Marketplace, and also visit the hostelry and fold the maps using Princess Glovebox's superpower; take the can of bud when you're finished
(Mid: 14, 10) Just get into any fight in Middleton to get a paperclip
(Mid: 15, 2) Open the deactivation unit, put the paperclip and pull the lever; next use the gum on the tube and pull the lever again; take the uranium pellet the scientists leave behind
(Scr: 1, 10) Visit the temple and look at the Elvis stain, then look at your pile of newspapers
(Scr: 4, 11) Put your newspapers in the newspaper stand at Scranton Marketplace, and wait several times, until everyone leaves, and you end up with a bowl of mushroom soup
(2C: 13, 6) Take and read the android user's manual from the base of the Statue of Liberty, then try to go upstairs; put the cone in the top of the beer can, then add the uranium, alligator dropping and mushroom soup, before giving the can to the android, and going upstairs
Ending Just wait for Entropy to jump to his death

Level VII Missions

(Scr: 15, 9) Use the Superpower of 10 on the bananas at the accident site until you can carry them (30 pounds)
(Mid: 9, 4) Take the master tubepass from the hostelry at the Middleton Marketplace
(Buff: 4, 9) Buy the isotope that gives you the Beaver Jaws super power (silver) and drink it
(Buff: 12, 1) Use the Beaver Jaws power on the tree, and then the Superpower of 10, to completely block the river
(Buff: 3, 11) Pick up the wooden barrel
(Buff: 7, 7) Help the warriors get off the centre island and you will get a plowshare and pruning hook
(Buff: 7, 6) Give Ben the barrel, plowshare and pruning hook to get the elevator key
(NYD: 7, 3) Use the elevator key to get to the top of the Empire State Building (be prepared for 3 huge fights on the way)
Ending Use the Superpower of 10 three more times, then turn off the projector