Sunflower CodeSunflower Code

Game Details:  Mystery, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  2/23/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Sunflower Code is a first-person mystery adventure with horror elements. You play as a man searching for his lost sister, and must solve cryptographic puzzles while surrounded by Van Gogh's beautiful works of art and a nameless horror that lives in the shadows. There are 18 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Forest Cabin

Run towards the clearing and enter the small cabin. Look at the note on the desk here - after reading it, night will fall. Go back outside, turn left and head up the grassy path ahead. Continue going all the way to the top until you see the mask within purple smoke. Turn around and go all the way back to the cabin, and head through to the cabin. The next morning, go out and read the note on the front steps of the cabin Welcome to the mansion.

Black Mansion

Section 1

Within the Black Mansion, you need to just systematically explore every room. There are 3 masks within purple smoke that you will encounter in the opening section - the first is stationary in a large room near the beginning; the other two are upstairs and you will have to turn to face them with the flashlight as they approach or you will be killed. In this opening section you can also find the following objects to collect:

  • Note 1: Seed
  • Note 2: Earth
  • Blue Cryptogram 1 Hint: Clock hands
  • Red Cryptogram 1 Hint: Don't be followed by 3

Once you have found these, locate the room with two puzzles to solve. If you get either of these wrong, quickly turn around to face another mask. For Blue Cryptogram 1, press the buttons to indicate the time on all the clocks you have seen throughout the game (3:00, hands pointing at 12 and 3) FirstCode:

For Red Cryptogram 1, just enter the phrase without the spaces "ThisGameIsMystery" Introduction to Cipher. Go through either of the two doors to reach the next part of the mansion.

Section 2

As in the previous section, explore the rooms through this section. There are 4 masks you will encounter in this section, one patrolling a corridor and three you will have to fend off with your flashlight. Collect all of the following objects:

  • Note 3: Foundation
  • Note 4: Seedling
  • Blue Cryptogram 2 Hint: Outlet on the wall
  • Red Cryptogram 2 Hint: Things have a fixed order from the time they are born

After getting all of these, find an outlet on the wall near the base of the second set of stairs, above a lamp, and turn it to solve Blue Cryptogram 2 SecondCode. For Red Cryptogram 2, convert the numbers to letters of the alphabet, entering "TheStarryNight" Cipher elementary. Go through either of the two doors to reach the next section.

Section 3

More careful exploration of this larger section of the mansion will lead you to finding more masks to fend off with your flashlight. Collect these objects as you go:

  • Note 5: Water
  • Note 6: Craving
  • Note 7: Nutrition
  • Note 8: Light and shadow
  • Blue Cryptogram 3-1 Hint: Record
  • Blue Cryptogram 3-2 Hint: Lights in the central room of the corridor
  • Red Cryptogram 3 Hint: The oldest common language

After collecting all of these, start solving the puzzles. For Blue Cryptogram 3-1, there is a white cabinet containing a collection of records in a specific layout. Press the buttons corresponding with these ThirdCode:

For Blue Cryptogram 3-2, press the buttons to indicate the positions of the lights within a square room elsewhere in this section FourthCode:

For Red Cryptogram 3, enter the number 36 Cipher Intermediate. Going through either Red Cryptogram 3 or Blue Cryptogram 3-2 with get you into the next section of the mansion.

Section 4

Keep exploring this relatively small part of the mansion, dispelling a single mask and collecting these three objects:

  • Note 9: Vine
  • Blue Cryptogram 4 Hint: Refrigerator handle
  • Red Cryptogram 4 Hint: Look at it from a different perspective

After getting these, find a room that contains 5 refrigerators, and note the directions of their handles. Now make your way to the 2 puzzles to solve. For Blue Cryptogram 4, you need to turn the arrows to face the directions of the refrigerator handles (left, down, up, right, down) FifthCode. For Red Cryptogram 4, read the first of each pair of letters, then the second of each pair, entering "PaulGauguin" Cipher Advanced. Go through either of the two doors to reach the next section.

Section 5

Move through to a very large open room with multiple side rooms over three levels. Explore carefully, dispel the masks and collect a series of objects:

  • Note 10: Stem
  • Note 11: Leaves
  • Blue Cryptogram 5-1 Hint: Chairs in the room
  • Blue Cryptogram 5-2 Hint: Black keys on a piano
  • Blue Cryptogram 5-3 Hint: Position indicated by the switch on the stove
  • Red Cryptogram 5 Hint: People should challenge when they come up with it

There is an achievement for finding all of the available hints Open all the doors.

Find the series of 3 blue puzzles on the second floor. The answer for Blue Cryptogram 5-1 is based on the layout of some footstools in another room SixthCode:

For Blue Cryptogram 5-2 use the hint, and find a piano elsewhere on the second floor, to work out that the correct number of times to press the button is 36 SeventhCode. Continue on to Blue Cryptogram 5-3, which uses information from a stove found elsewhere on the second floor. Basically, you need to put together fragments from the corners and sides of the text. Enter "Sunflower" as the answer SunflowerCode. Go through the door here to find another object:

  • Note 12: Buds

You can find Red Cryptogram 5 up on the third floor. You just need to read around each of the plus symbols clockwise from the left. Enter "VincentWillemVanGogh" as the answer Cipher Master. Go through the door here to find the following objects:

  • Note 13: Blooming
  • Key

Go back down to the ground floor and you can now go through the double white doors at the end. Run along the wide corridor, looking back to dispel two masks that chase after you. Go through the doors at the end and pick up another object:

  • Note 14: Sun

There is an achievement for finding all of the available notes Van Gogh I saw. Go through the next door.


You cannot destroy the group of masks in the middle of this large room, and more single masks than you can dispel will constantly be spawning. You need to climb up the stairs, then find a button to press on each level on your way to the top. The masks will be defeated once you press the final button.

Watch the final scenes back at the cabin Two people will never be separated in life or in death. From the main menu, select to enter the Bonus Stage Van Gogh Museum. This is just a gallery of the artwork already seen throughout the game.