Suite 776Suite 776

Game Details:  Horror, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  5/10/2022

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Suite 776 is a first-person horror adventure game. You play as Joseph Shippin, investigating the suicide of an architect, within her strange final project. Her ghost is said to still haunt the apartment, terrorizing anyone with the bravery to ring the bell inside. There are 11 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The previous game by the same developer is A Girls Fabric Face, and the next game is Inside Depth 6.

A False Start

After the elevator opens, go to the end of the hall and turn right to enter Suite 776. Follow the main corridor until you find a bell. Ring this, then return all the way to the elevator and use it Achieve Ending 2. There is a special achievement for finishing the game within 2 minutes You probably didn't even enjoy the experience?.

Ringing the Bell

After the elevator opens, go to the end of the hall and turn right to enter Suite 776. Follow the main corridor until you can read a note on a side table. The drawer here is locked for now, and there is a number 10 written near it. Continue along the corridor until you reach the bell, then ring the bell for the first time.

First Ring

Go all the way back to the exit of Suite 776, and you will be prompted to try ringing the bell again. Go all the way forward to ring the bell a second time.

Second Ring

Head back out towards the apartment exit, but a door will close, blocking the way. Go forward towards the bell again and you will hear it ring a third time before you get there.

Third Ring

Ring the bell a fourth time.

Fourth Ring

Walk out towards the apartment exit and a light will fall.

Meeting Marcy

After waking up, go towards the bell and you will find an office key to collect. Go back to the area with the balconies above, and open the office door here, then go inside. Read the note on the desk, then open the door next to the empty bookcase. In this small room, there is a locked red box with three inserts, and a message to ring the bell again. Go and ring the bell a fifth time.

Fifth Ring

Make your way back along the corridor and you will see a door partially open ahead. Get ready with your camera and approach the door, then quickly take 2 photos of Marcy (2/15). Based on the writing on the wall everywhere, go back and ring the bell a sixth time.

Sixth Ring

Walk towards the office, and you will hear a door open behind you. You can now head through an open door where you just saw Marcy, to find the kitchen.

Grab the photograph (1/6) from the kitchen bench on the left, and read the note on the island bench. Go over to the low coffee table and pick up the hair pin. Note that the fridge has a combination lock that you will need to open later. Go back out to the entry corridor and use the hair pin to get into the locked drawer, then take the screwdriver from inside. Now based on the messages on the wall, go and ring the bell a seventh time.

Seventh Ring

As you come back along the corridor, some mannequins will have appeared. Go around the second corner to where you just opened the drawer, and quickly take 2 photos of Marcy (4/15). Follow her past more mannequins and one will eventually roll towards you. Keep going and you will end up back in the kitchen. Go over to the closed door near the coffee table and try to open it, to feel it is being held shut from the other side.

Reaching Upstairs

Head back through the office and open the other door, then head upstairs. Go to the first balcony and take the photograph (2/6) from the railing. Head along the corridor and open the first door on the right to find a bathroom. Enter the shower and pry open the drain with your screwdriver. Try to reach inside, but you can't reach the object in the drain.

Leave the bathroom and go through the door directly opposite. Go out to the balcony to see a hook dangling from the ceiling. Pick up the photograph (3/6) from the coffee table. Open the mini-fridge to see a 4-digit code (remember this, it is random for each game).

Leave this room and continue around the corridor to the left, picking up the small ladder. Return downstairs the same way you came up, then put the ladder on the floor beneath the balconies. Climb up and take the small hook you can see dangling above.

Go out to the kitchen and open the combination lock on the fridge using the code you saw inside the mini-fridge upstairs. Take out the bolt cutter. Turn left to find the next photograph (4/6) on the mannequin here.

Leave the kitchen and go back through the office, heading upstairs again. Go to the locked door in darkness to the right and use your bolt cutter on it. Try to open the door, but it is still locked. Continue around the upstairs corridor and into the room on the left. Look at the TV to view the interior live cameras and you will see Marcy on the screen. Wait until she moves, then quickly take 6 photos of Marcy (10/15). If you manage this, you will receive an achievement for getting 5 photos Couple clicks, and another for getting 10 photos Fast fingers.

After the change of camera you will automatically stop using the TV. Leave the room and look at the mannequin to the right to find a long string. Go into the bathroom opposite and use the string on the drain to get a golden key. Leave here and turn left at the end of the hall, using the golden key on the door here. Enter the master bedroom and read the note on the bed. Look right and take the gold bar (1/3) from the shelves here. Go around into the en-suite bathroom to see the instructions to ring the bell again. Also look at the picture on the wall, and try to pull back the shower curtain.

Go downstairs and ring the bell an eighth time.

Eighth Ring

Walk around the entry hall and another drawer will open if you have collected at least 10 photos (come back later if you haven't yet). Take out the gold bar (2/3). Now go through the office and up the stairs. Make your way to the master bedroom and continue through to the en-suite bathroom. Carefully come back out to the bathroom and quickly take 2 photos of Marcy (12/15) as she runs at you from near the shelves.

After waking up, pick up the old key. Leave the bedroom and the lights will all go out. You will need to use your night vision for the next section. Go downstairs and head along the corridor near the kitchen towards the bell. Another mannequin will roll towards you along here. Once you reach the bell, turn around and go through the open door. Go through a series of 6 doors and you will start descending some stairs.

Exploring the Basement

Continue around to the left where there is finally some light from a blue glow on the ground. Go to the breaker box on the wall and try to open it, but it is locked. Continue along the wall around to the right and examine the device on the metal gate here. Turn around and hug the left wall, to eventually find a mannequin with a blue light. Go into the dark area just left of here to find the final gold bar (3/3) Gold Hunter. Go to the base of the mannequin to find the next photograph (5/6). Back out and turn right to see a glowing blue hexagon key hanging from the ceiling. Take this, then return to the breaker box.

Use the hexagon key to open the breaker box, then use the lever to turn on the lights. Go back along the left wall and around to near where the key was hanging, and you can quickly take 3 photos of Marcy (15/15). If you manage this, you will receive an achievement for getting 15 photos Pro Photographer. Follow the corridors to find a glowing blue axe on a table.

Head back to where you first entered the basement and use your axe on the boards blocking your path. Go all the way back along the corridor towards the light at the end, and quickly take 2 photos of Marcy. This will help you reach that target of 15 if you aren't there already.

Final Puzzles

Head to the small room off the office and place your 3 gold bars on the locked red box So that's inside? This was in A Girls Fabric Face!. Pick up the handle. Now walk around to find a series of colored clocks throughout the apartment:

  • TV Room: Red 3 o'clock
  • Master Bedroom: Blue 1 o'clock
  • Kitchen: Yellow 7 o'clock
  • Office: Green 9 o'clock

Go back down to the basement and use your handle on the device on the metal gate that you found earlier. Go through to find a large vault, and notice the picture on the wall with the 4 colored discs (representing the clocks). Open the vault with the code 3179 Code cracker. Inside the vault, pick up the final photograph (6/6) Dream Catcher.

Leave the basement. Go to the kitchen and find the notice board, then place all 6 photographs here. Head upstairs and go to the boarded door in the main corridor. Use your axe here and enter the red room. Read the note on the wall here. Go back downstairs and pick up the small ladder (just outside the office). Return up to the red room and use the ladder in the corner. Stand on the ladder so you can reach a pink key.

Leave the red room and turn left, going around to find a door that says "Do Not Enter". Unlock this door with the pink key and go inside to find the Easter Egg. Return downstairs and head to the kitchen. Now you can safely go over and talk to Marcy, who is looking at her photographs. Interact with her again to wake up. Back in your apartment, make you way out to the elevator and use it Achieve Ending 3.

First Ending

To get the first ending, you need to play the game again, but this time:

  • Don't collect all of the photographs
  • Don't collect all of the gold bars
  • Go to the red room and read the note on the wall
  • Interact with Marcy, then after being sent back out again, ring the bell Achieve Ending 1