Subject 13Subject 13

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/4/2016

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Subject 13 is a science-fiction adventure game set in an enigmatic abandoned science facility. You play as Franklin Fargo, a physics professor who wakes up in the facility with no recollection of how you got there. A disembodied voice calls you "Subject 13" and suggests how you should proceed. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


After the introduction, click the glowing button near your right arm and a keypad will appear. Examine the small monitor near your left hand, and drag the slider to the right to see the portraits of your two possible player characters, with associated code numbers. Back out and examine the keypad, and enter the code for either of the characters (0399 or 1912). Now exit the pod into a larger laboratory.

Examine the stool behind the monitor in the middle of the screen. Examine the envelope, then take the card from inside. Examine the card in your inventory and turn it around, then take the key from the back of it. Zoom back out to the stool, and pan to the bottom right. Pick up the testimony (1/27) from the ground here. Back out to the laboratory, and pick up another testimony (2/27) to the right of the monitor that is facing you on the right desk.

Now examine the door in the back right part of the room. Zoom in on the lock to the right of the door, then insert your key and turn it. Now solve the puzzle by highlighting all squares except one complete diagonal. Finally, you can head through the door to exit the laboratory Chapter 1.


Examine the top of the main pillar here. Move the bars to the sides, and a yellow crate will rise up. Spin around to the right side and slide the lit panel, then press the red button. Spin around to the other side and take the "handset", and you will also find a testimony (3/27). Back out, then examine the green container to the far left of the room. Examine the panel at the bottom, then slide the middle of the metal clasp upwards, and pull the door open. Now solve this sliding puzzle by getting the groups of 3 symbols all in a straight line (once a group is aligned it will light up). After this is done, pull the sides of the ball away and take the lever from inside. While you are here, spin around to the right and find another testimony (4/27) on the ground behind the container. Back out again.

Examine the cabinet to the far right. Use your handset on the doors, then spin the handset anti-clockwise to open. Press the button on the right of the lowest shelf, and the other shelves will rotate. Drag these up and down so their colors match the colored lines on the inside walls of the cabinet. Pick up the book, then examine it in your inventory. Look at the front to see a combination lock, then zoom in on the bottom of the spine and pull the top corner open to reveal a symbol (remember this). Back out once, and examine the bottom corner of the book on its back cover; drag the small panel down to reveal another symbol (remember this too). Back out and examine the combination lock, and select the 2 symbols you have just seen (put the second one on the left). Now slide the red tab down and open the latch. Open the book, then spin around the "100" on the inside page - the spine of the book will open. Examine the spine to see a series of numbers - highlight numbers 38 and 62 (to add up to 100). Now go back to the front of the book and take the socket wrench and testimony (5/27). Go back out to the room.

Next examine the small control box just left from the cabinet. Use your socket wrench on the top corners of the box, then slide the yellow arrow down. Examine the lever in your inventory, and straighten out the 3 prongs, then insert the lever into the control box. Pull the lever down to open the door, then head through.

Go up the stairs on the right and examine the cupboard between the 2 beds. Open both doors, then open the 2 inner doors at the top. Take a testimony (6/27) from the left, and move the cement block so you can take a swipe card from the right. Swing around to see the top right of the cupboard and take the helmet - you will also get a testimony (7/27). Back out and approach the sink along the back wall. Pick up another testimony (8/27), then try turning on the tap. Examine the pipes at the bottom right and turn the valve to the right. Turn on the tap and then quickly use your helmet on the water to fill it up. Back out and go downstairs.

There are 3 doors along the back wall here. Examine the left door and then examine the lock - move the pieces around to get the 2 blue pieces together. Now use your swipe card on the lock to open the door. Take the ladder and you will get another testimony (9/27). Back out and examine your ladder. Use the socket wrench on it, then pull open the clamp and extend the ladder completely. Now use the ladder on the right door, then climb up to find a green box. If you spin slightly you can just grab a testimony (10/27) to the left of the box. Next examine the lock and solve another sliding puzzle. Pick up the artifact, then go back to the room.

Examine the large metal device to the far right, and pick up the testimony (11/27) from the floor next to it. Pull open the drawer just left of the red button on the machine, and pour the water from your helmet into the opening. Now solve another sliding puzzle to the right, then take another artifact from just above it. Examine one of the artifacts in your inventory, then use the other one on it, and rotate until they fit together to form a cube. Back out and leave this room by going left.

Examine the area beneath the red light, and insert your cube artifact into the hole. Head through the new large doorway.

Go over to the consoles on the left and you will talk to Sophie. Now examine the large switches; flip switches 2, 3, 4 and 5 to set all the gauges to red and open another panel. Examine this and solve the puzzle (all the tiles must be lit up). Examine the console again, and examine the right side, then take the blue glowing prism, and you will automatically get another testimony (12/27). Back out to the room and use your prism in the holder near the middle of the room. Find another testimony (13/27) on the floor to the left, behind some hoses. Next you need to adjust the 3 reflectors in the room to guide the blue light to your prism. You can adjust each of these reflectors in 3 ways: sliding up and down, tilting up and down, and rotating side to side. Once the light hits the prism, zoom in on the target, which is a projector. Use your socket wrench on the side, then open the panel to get the last testimony (14/27) for this section. Now you need to adjust the projected image to match the darker image on the wall:

  • Start by using the left gear and turn it so the gap in the largest hexagon is just left of the middle at the bottom.
  • Next turn the right gear to get most of the rest of the lit hexagon pattern in position.
  • Turn the middle gear to align the innermost part of the pattern; this will mess up the previous step.
  • Turn the right gear again to complete the pattern successfully.

Now head through the door to exit the complex Chapter 2.


Try to go along the path, but you will be blocked by a bear. Pick up a testimony (15/27) from the grass in the foreground (just right of the large rock). Examine the area with an old boat just above this rock. Look at a mushroom near the trees on the left, then zoom in and pick it up. Next examine the old boat and pick up a key. Back out and examine the crate to the right, then move the boards on top so you can take an empty jar from inside. Back out and examine the rocks in the background, and take a pink vanity case. Examine this in your inventory to see it has a combination lock. While you are here, examine the jar in your inventory. Try turning the lid, then turn the jar upside down and keep tapping its bottom until it turns back over. Now unscrew the lid. Back out to return to the main area.

Next examine the pitcher plant on the right. Here you need to click on the pitchers in a specific order to get them all to stay open. Once the large pitcher is open, use your jar on it to collect some water. Back out and head along the path just left of the pitcher (not up towards the bear). Spin left and move the rock to the left so you can take a disc. Examine this disc in your inventory and spin the parts to see the words "Indigo", "Orange", "Yellow", "Purple", which correspond with numbers 6, 2, 3 and 7 from the colors of the rainbow. Examine your vanity case and open the lock with combination 6237. Pull down the clasp and lift the lid, then examine the puzzle inside. Solve this reasonably challenging slider puzzle, then take the perfume bottle from inside the vanity case.

Back out and examine your mushroom again, then use the jar on it. Drag the jar around to focus a small beam of light on the mushroom until it catches fire. Now use your burning mushroom on the thorny bushes to burn them away. You can then pick up some chilies from the plant. Examine your perfume bottle, lift up the spray mechanism, and put the chilies inside. You can finally go along the path to the bear and you will defend yourself and make it to a new area.

Start by examining a stone pillar puzzle to the right of the right cabin. You need to rotate the segments of the pillar until they line up to form a nearly complete pattern. Once this is achieved, take the lamp and testimony (16/27) from inside. Back out and enter the right cabin. Pick up a testimony (17/27) from under the safe on the left. Click on the picture frame on the floor to the right and it will turn around; click on it again to take a copper wire. Next examine the cupboard to the top left containing a Buddha statue. Examine the dials beneath and turn them so all adjacent symbols are matching. After this the doors will open, so you can take a candle and a testimony (18/27) from the back right corner. Now leave the right cabin.

Enter the middle cabin. Use the lamp (flashlight) in your inventory and slide the small red switch forward to turn it on so you can see. Now examine the organ and swap the pipes so their tops all line up with the bottom of the top gold bar. Now look down and pick up the testimony (19/27). Next turn the handle on the right side of the organ until the other side flips open, then pick up the notebook and the boolean key code. Back out and examine the trunk, then examine the lock. Look at the boolean key code in your inventory and look at the pattern. Back with the trunk lock, drag the thinnest segment to the bottom in the midline, the fattest segment to the top right, and the final segment to the top left. Try the key and adjust the segment if it doesn't fit. Once it does, turn the key anti-clockwise and the trunk will open. Take the fishing rod from inside, then exit the middle cabin.

Examine the left cabin. Look down to the right and move the two drums so you can pick up an icebox. Examine the icebox in your inventory. Drag the cover on the padlock up, then insert your key and turn it. Open the latch, then open the lid and look inside. Take the soda can, then take the cork from the bottle and take the parchment paper from inside the bottle. Back out from the left cabin.

Look down and examine the broken boat. Spin around to the other side and examine the side of the boat, then pick up the bag and testimony (20/27). Examine the bag in your inventory; use the melted candle on the zippers, then open both zippers and take the fishing knife from inside. Back out and examine the netting near the boat, then take the needle, before backing out to the beach. Examine your soda can and open it, then examine the fishing knife and use the soda on it. Now you can open the knife. Examine the folder and use the knife on the string, then open the folder to see an explanation of the Mayan number system. Back out to the beach again.

Spin to the right and examine the end of the pier, then pick up the testimony (21/27). Examine your lamp (flashlight) and open the end, then take out the battery. Examine your socket wrench and use the metal wire on it, then add the battery. Finally, use your needle on this contraption to magnetize it, then take it back. Next examine the cork and use your fishing knife on it to slice off a piece. Use the magnetized needle on this. Back out and examine the bucket, then use the needle and cork on it. Back out and look up at the water, then use your fishing rod on the water in the direction of north (as indicated by the compass). Take the anchor that appears, then turn around and head to the path between the middle and right cabins. Look down and pick up another testimony (22/27), then use your anchor on the broken bridge. Climb over the rope to reach the final area Chapter 3.


Examine the monkey statue in the courtyard, and spin around behind it to find a testimony (23/27). Back out and look at the area just right of the main stairs. Examine the square plaque, and drag down the front section to reveal another sliding puzzle - this time get the groups of 4 symbols all in a straight line (once a group is aligned it will light up). Take the eye that is revealed, and you will also get a testimony (24/27). Back out and spin right to find another testimony (25/27). Examine the gold plaque here and use the eye on it, then note the plaque symbol and the Mayan number (Ear 15). Back out once and spin down to find two more plaques (Eye 32, Mouth 27). Back out and examine the plaque on the bush to the right (Eye 121). Next examine the back of the monkey statue to find another plaque (Mouth 21).

Back out and examine the tomb to the left of the statue. Move the vase to the left, then examine all 3 plaques here (Eye 132, Mouth 95, Ear 23). Now use your eye on the bowl on top of the tomb. Drag the green cube along the path of light to the left, and the tomb will open. Take the crank handle and testimony (26/27) from inside, then take the eye back again.

Return to the monkey statue and examine the crank handle in your inventory. Starting with the "Speak No Evil" monkey, you need to adjust the device to equal the total of the mouth plaque values, which is 143. Create this number by putting the small arrow between 1-line-1-dot and 1-line-3-dots, and the large arrow between 2-dots and 4-dots. Now use the crank handle on the monkey and turn it. Next consider the "See No Evil" monkey, and adjust the device to equal the total of the eye plaque values, which is 349. Create this number by putting the small arrow between 3-lines-1-dot and 3-lines-3-dots, and the large arrow between 1-line-3-dots and 2-lines. Now use the crank handle on the monkey and turn it. Finally consider the "Hear No Evil" monkey, and adjust the device to equal the total of the ear plaque values, which is 38. Create this number by putting the small arrow between the zero and 2-dots, and the large arrow on 3-lines-3-dots. Now use the crank handle on the monkey and turn it.

The temple door will now open, so approach it. After your conversation with Sophie, enter the temple, then spin right and pick up the final testimony (27/27) from the floor Informed Subject. Now approach the device in the middle of the room. Press the subtle grey square button on one side of the base of the device, then press the pink, yellow and green symbols to complete the cube (if the order is incorrect, try a different sequence). Put the eye in the depression in the top of the cube, then play a large game of Mine Sweeper - click on the blue cubes and a number of dots will be shown, indicating the number of adjacent mines. Click and hold to mark a mine as green. If you accidentally click on a mine it will turn red and you will lose the game. Pick up the eye and put it back in to continue the same game with the red and green squares staying marked. Once every square is marked as safe or a mine, the cube will start spinning and you will start the final conversation. There is an achievement for solving the Mine Sweeper puzzle within 10 minutes Cold blooded Subject.

Enter the portal to complete the game Chapter 4.

There are 2 more achievements for finishing the game without using the help system Powerfull Subject, and for finishing the game without skipping any puzzles Incorruptible Subject.