Stupid InvadersStupid Invaders

Year:  2000

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Stupid Invaders is a comedy adventure game based on a French/German television series called Space Goofs. You control a group of five aliens who have crash-landed on Earth and must repair their spaceship, while avoiding capture by the evil Dr Sakarin.

Abandoned House


Head left, and walk towards the toilet. Pick up the plunger, the Drain Eugh, and the toilet roll belonging to Gorgious. Combine Gorgious' TP with the plunger, then walk back to the middle of the room. Throw the plunger up to the window, then use the toilet paper to climb out.

Up on the roof, look down the chimney and talk to the man stuck there. Poor the Drain Eugh down, then climb down the chimney. Look at the melted Santa Claus. Pick up the can of sulphuric acid, then head up and grab the funnel and claw. Go back to the right, then down to find a coffin. Open the coffin with the claw, then try to take the key. Put the funnel in the zombie's mouth, and pour in the sulphuric acid - you now have the key.

Go up twice and walk up the stairs. Use the key on the padlock to reach the cellar. Pick up the big mouse trap and put it at the front of the stairs. Go back and press the switch, then after the cutscene head up the stairs.

In the house, head up to the right and go through the brown door. Walk down and pick up a rocket, then examine your magazine collection. Go left and use the dart, then go left again. Pull out the chest, then try to take the balloon (your inflatable boob). Return to the corridor. Next go through the blue door into the kitchen. Go down to the left twice, then open the drawer and take the lighter before leaving the room. Now head right, then down to the left. Go through the door on the left (with the green frame). Walk down and put the rocket in the fireplace, then light the wick with the lighter. Go down and exit the room again, before heading down once more.

Climb the stairs, then head right and go through the door. Open the washing machine and take the key. Now leave the laundry. Go down, then left and through another door. Walk left and open the wardrobe and pick up Candy's pantyhose, then go left again and use your key on the drawer. Take the hairdryer from the drawer. Continue left twice more (play a cd in the cd player if you want), then leave the room.

Continue further upstairs, and go into the attic. Walk left and open the wooden door, then in the next room go down. Use the switch (it is hidden in the dark alcove). Now close the chest, climb on to it and take the crank, then climb back to the floor. Walk right, then up, and use the crank in the hole. Jump outside. Pick up the plank and use it on the cornice, then walk across it. Jump down the chimney.

Immediately tie the pantyhose around the cupboard (you will die if you try to walk away). Climb back up the chimney and make your way back to the kitchen (all the way downstairs, then up to the right and through the blue door). Head to the lower left and through the door. Use the pantyhose, then use the lawnmower.

Go back inside and head right, then leave the kitchen and go back up to the attic. Go through the blue door here, then walk down and over to the TV. Pick up the extension cord. Walk right - for some fun, look at the fish, then take the remote control. Head right again and go through the door. Now head down, then into the spaceship room. Use the extension cord in the socket, then the hairdryer on the cord.


Walk right twice, then go up, before opening the suitcase and taking the battery. Now walk right, down and left twice. Use the battery with the socket. Next walk down 3 times and talk to the computer (use options 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2). Go left and up, then put the battery in the SMTV and use it. After you talk to the computer again, head left. Go towards the safe, then enter it. Pick up the encyclopaedia and leave again.

Dung Factory


Pick up one of the baby chicks for a laugh. Now head left and take the branch, then continue left and then down to the left. Try to open the sewer access, then try using the stick on it. Go back to the right and talk to Chicken Zilla. Now use the sewer access.


Walk down, then follow the pipe up to the left. Use the door twice.


Head down and climb the ladder. Pick up the tyre and plate (because you can), then go down again and press the button. Walk over the walkway, then go around to the left. Use another elevator to go up. Head right over the footbridge, then go up the stairs. Get the ladle and use it in the big pot twice. Now pick up the pot and head into the next room. Go down and use the stairs, then wear the big pot. Hit the hen with the club.

Go back down the stairs, through the previous room, down the stairs, and down in the elevator. Walk down and press the switch to ascend in another elevator. Go to the right to meet a dog, then return to the left. Go up the spiral staircase, then head right. Talk to the welder, then hit him with the club and take his gas tank. Head back, down the stairs, and into the room with the dog. Use the gas tank on the dog. Now head down, take the kennel and eat the dog's bowl. Go through the door into the next room.

Pick up the skateboard, then head right. Put the kennel in front of the chest, then use it to climb up. Take the winch. Return to the left and leave this area, then go back down the elevator. Now head around to the right and use the winch on the cow with the nose-ring. Use the winch twice to free the cow, then use the skateboard on the cow. Push the cow, then get in the elevator. Push the cow 3 more times, then open the door and push the cow again. Pick up the hook and use the lever.


Head up and into the next room. Open the drawer and get the razor blade, then also grab the body oil from the bathtub. Leave the bathroom and go all the way down past the door. Pick up the inflatable cushion, then return to the door. Put some oil on the hinges, then open the door and go out. Head around to the left and stand "on the ground". Look up to see a possible exit. Now put the cushion on the ground. Sit on it and use the razor blade to puncture it.

Open the door and go through, then head right. Get the hose from the vacuum cleaner, then enter the next room. Use the diving suit, and you will enter the large aquarium. Once inside, walk down, then approach and enter the yellow submarine. Head left and use the ladder so that you obtain a poisonous fish. Now leave the submarine and exit the aquarium.

Watch the cook for a while - he occasionally eats one of the fish from the pile. Put your poisonous fish there to kill him. Now walk over to the refrigerator and open it for a laugh. Pick up the bucket, then press the button and enter the cabin. Press the button labelled 2 to reach the level above (if you want to die, try the other buttons). Walk around the platforms, ignoring the iron curtain, and open the huge door. Walk down and press the button, then walk back to the iron curtain and slide beneath it. Now go down all the stairs and head left through a door.

Approach the lit doorway, and open the iron curtain to go through. Gorgious is here, but he needs some chili con carne to make the cow crap, so you will be sent back outside. Return right through the door and go up the stairs. Walk to the crates in the background and take the chili can. Go back to Gorgious again - now he wants it heated up! Walk over to the left to see a Redneck mechanic - if you talk to him he will shoot you, so just pull the red lever to get rid of him. Now walk to the door on the right and move the iron bar. Return through to the kitchen. Open the small cupboard, then connect the hose to the gaz cylinder. Turn on the gas cylinder, then the gaz stove. Put the chili on the stove to heat it up. Go back to Gorgious one more time. Use the bucket on the cow and you will leave this area.

Area 52


Walk down, then up and out through the door. Follow the walkways until you reach an elevator, then press the 1 button. After the cutscene, walk down and exit the corridor, then go to the gas room on the left. Walk down and pick up the green gas tank, then go down and up to reach 3 valves. Try each of them if you want (you will die from the poison gas though), then use your gas tank with the valve on the right, which releases laughing gas. Walk down and exit the room.

Go to the dissecting room. Walk left and use the iron curtain, then attach the gas tank to the pipe plug to help Candy escape. Head right and use the elevator. Walk right once more, then take Igor's foot, and examine him again to take a magnetic card. Walk down and exit, then head back to the elevator. Press button 2 and return to the room where you started. On the screen where you can see your busted cell, head to the left to find an electronic lock. Use your card here. Now pick up the space brick and head back to that elevator. Press button 3 this time. Head down then up. Stand on the platform, then use Igor's foot with the footchecker and enter the access chamber.


Talk to the giant fly 7 times to be taken out of the well. Now walk down, then up the stairs. Go to the upper right and try to enter John's house - you will be kicked out. Walk over to the right and use the female robot.


Pick up the alien guts on the left, then walk down and pick up the alien skull. Use the skull with the radioactive gutter, then go up and get the small alien bone. Combine the bone with the guts. Now go up along the small ledge and use the bone and guts on the bars. Pull out the wooden wedge and you will end up standing on a pillar. Pull out a second wooden wedge. Now use the alien skull to dissolve the small bars, and climb up.

Walk down twice, then use the ladder. Pick up the iron hook, then return left and climb back down. Try using the iron hook on the iron door - doesn't work. Return to the entrance by walking down and up. Use the iron hook on the gas pipe, then walk down twice. Use the iron hook on the iron door again.

Head to the upper left and pick up the small hammer. Use this on the fire axe. Walk right, down and up, and approach the exit. Use the fire axe on the stool. Now you can leave the room. Walk through the next two areas ignoring all the buttons (unless you want to needlessly kill other aliens).


Head right and search the couch to get some money. Exit the house and walk down, then give the money to the big fly. Go down again and use the footbridge to reach the teleporter room. Start by using pod 1, and you will end up in pod 2. Add these two numbers together to get 3 - enter pod 3 next and you will exit from number 5. Next enter pod 8, then pod 21 to leave the room.


Click anywhere to enter the control room. Walk right twice, then go down and use the teleporter. Go right and use the foot switch. Press the red button to open a door. Go down and use the teleporter, then head left twice, but the door will close before you get there. Return to the red button and put the space brick on it. Now go back down and through the door.

Walk up and copy the sequence displayed by the computer (you need to get 10 in a row). This will open up another door in the main room, so go back out there and head right 3 times. Enter the security door and walk down. Head towards the chair and click on the desk.


Head down and approach the toilets on your left. Jump into the large toilet bowl and you will end up on the pipes near the ceiling. Walk right twice and into the next room, then go down and use the platform to descend. Walk down into a large maze. To get through, follow these directions when you reach intersections (from Bud's point of view) - straight, left, left, right, straight, straight (those 2 straights were right near each other), straight, left, left, left, right and straight. Now a snail will pick you up and lead you out of the maze.

Jump into the hole. Pick up an alien and you will be transported to a large duct. Go down, but you can't get past the fan. Return down and up and talk to the robot until you can give it a foot massage. Now go down, behind the fan, and hit the robot. Outside, head down, then walk west 3 times. Pick up the hose pipe. Walk south twice and east 6 times. Move the rock, then pick up the skull. Now go left and walk north 3 times. Head up and talk to the ear trumpet.


Quickly go down and use the spring to escape the toaster. Now walk down and enter the teleporter pod. Use the moving platform on the right, then climb the ladder. Go down and use the stairs, then continue down and around to use another platform. Now walk down and use another platform, before going up and climbing a ladder. Get the rat. Now go all the way back down to where you entered this area. Stand on the small platform and use the green switch. Exit the platform and go down, then push the switch and enter the sieve.


Walk down to the left and enter the next room.


Walk down and right, then head east, north and west. Go right and use the hose pipe with the pipe. Use the skull with the hose pipe. Now go left, down, and through the door on the left. Go down and use the control pad to free your friends.


Try the ignition switch, but the rocket doesn't start. Head down and go downstairs twice. Go down and jump downstairs. Use the elevator, then go right and pick up the barrel - you will carry it back down to the rocket. Pick up the pipe and the rocket will be refuelled. Go back into the rocket. Head up and use the hand wheel. Climb up the ladder and use the red lever. Climb up another ladder, then go down and use the ignition switch.