Strange TelephoneStrange Telephone

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/28/2019

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Strange Telephone is a surreal adventure game in which your character Jill and her telephone Graham work together to escape the world in which they have become trapped. By exploring various other worlds accessed by dialing telephone numbers, you must collect objects and try to leave through the large door in the Core world. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Getting Started

You begin in the Core world. Your goal is to leave through the gate here. Pick up the Sun Lantern from the left. Look at the large terminal gate, and then examine the phonebook on the right. Using this, you can make your first call to number #612*5 First Call.

During the game, there are several other achievements just for making more phone calls:

  • Make 10 phone calls Call 10
  • Make 30 phone calls Call 30
  • Make 100 phone calls Call 100

If you stay in a mini-world, you will notice the glitch-meter starting to rise (from 0 up to 5). You can use your sun lantern to stabilize the world so you can stay for longer, but ultimately you will need to hang up to return to the Core.

Solitude (#612*5)

Go right to meet Bocchi, who will tell you a new number: 184733.

Soul Room (184733)

Here you can find several items, most importantly a Search Device on the right.

When you return to the Core now and use the telephone book, you will see that you can save numbers of important places, and more importantly you can get a preview of which objects will be in a world before you visit it. So you can now start trying random numbers in an attempt to find new objects to help progress the story. You can also just walk left and right from one world to the adjacent world.

Finding the Objects

There are 57 objects that you can find throughout the game. These are displayed in the Library at the top right of the main screen. This section outlines telephone numbers you can dial to find the objects:

  1. Artisan: 805432 (Forge)
  2. Bamboo: 555859 (Moon)
  3. Bed: 268749 (Wooden House)
  4. Bocchi: #612*5 (Solitude)
  5. Bonfire: 184737 (Smithy)
  6. Bookshelf: 268749 (Wooden House)
  7. Chair: 222222 (Wooden House)
  8. Cheval: 325745 (Eyes - give Genesis Rock to Mieru)
  9. Cupboard: 268749 (Wooden House)
  10. Devily: 325745 (Eyes - give Blue Flower to Mieru)
  11. Disconnect: 666666 (Disconnect)
  12. Door: 268749 (Wooden House)
  13. Geo-1: 529670 (Donuts Island)
  14. Geo-2: 333333 (Donuts Island)
  15. Globularia: 6666661 (Grasses)
  16. Someone's Grave: 542265 (Backyard)
  17. Henzel: 789524 (Dark)
  18. Kaku Kaku: 789524 (Dark)
  19. Socket Desk: 222222 (Wooden House)
  20. Left Pedestal: ------ (Core)
  21. Lily: 878787 (Woods)
  22. Liquid Mutant: 982085 (Candy Island)
  23. Mysterious Machine: 541385 (Factory)
  24. Mad: 895217 (Rugged)
  25. Megalobularia: **#637 (Marsh)
  26. Mieru: 325745 (Eyes)
  27. Nullpoga: 85#214 (Parasite Seed - walk to the right)
  28. Petit Worm: 222222 (Wooden House - sit in Chair)
  29. Old Phone Worktable: 184733 (Soul Room)
  30. Phonium: 184733 (Soul Room)
  31. Picture: 222222 (Wooden House)
  32. Postbox: 685412 (Factory)
  33. Pylon: 541385 (Factory)
  34. Rack: 222222 (Wooden House)
  35. Rafflesia: 6666661 (Grasses)
  36. Right Pedestal: ------ (Core)
  37. Rocket: 000100 (Mysterious Hill)
  38. Garbage Dump: 111111 (Rugged)
  39. Search Device Rack: 184733 (Soul Room)
  40. Sign: 541385 (Factory)
  41. Slim Bookshelf: 222222 (Wooden House)
  42. Safe: 847211 (Inventor Room)
  43. Terminal Gate: ------ (Core)
  44. Broken Column: 789524 (Dark)
  45. Trigger Eye: 6*#134 (Truth Eyes)
  46. TV: 880813 (TV Room - set to channel 2 and plug in the Game Console)
  47. Usanin: 000100 (Mysterious Hill - after the moon is up)
  48. Velo: 687492 (Red)
  49. Window: 222222 (Wooden House)
  50. Woo: 692541 (Forest)
  51. Nune: 874123 (Dense Forest)
  52. Work Table: 847211 (Inventor Room)
  53. Blunt: 325745 (Eyes - give Repair Screw to Mieru)
  54. Emergency Exit: 126978 (Entrance)
  55. Melty/Na: 263587 (Candy Island)
  56. Melty/Nu: 333333 (Donuts Island)
  57. Past Phone: 201553 (Past Memories)

Collecting the Items

There are 26 items you can collect throughout the game. You can see which devices you have collected by bringing up your inventory. There is an achievement for collecting them all All Items Completed!. This section outlines how to collect all of the items:

  1. Sun Lantern: Found on the Left Pedestal at the Core
  2. Binoculars: Found within the Rack (222222)
  3. Search Device: Found within the Search Device Rack (184733)
  4. Infinite Watering Can: Given by the Artisan (805432)
  5. Game Console: Use the Letter in the Postbox (685412) then talk to Nune (874123)
  6. Letter: Give a Blue Flower to Woo (692541)
  7. Bamboo: Offer a Blue Flower to Someone's Grave (542265) then use the Axe on the Bamboo (555859)
  8. Bamboo Filament: Use the Bamboo in the Bonfire (184737)
  9. Axe: Stolen from Mad (895217)
  10. Blue Flower: Use the Infinite Watering Can on the Rafflesia (666661)
  11. Genesis Rock: Offer a Blue Flower to Someone's Grave (542265) then use the Binoculars on the Window (222222)
  12. Black Key: Give a Genesis Rock to Mieru (325745) then walk right and give a Genesis Rock to Cheval
  13. White Key: Use the Incandescent Light Bulb on the Socket Desk (222222), then use the Socket Desk, give a Genesis Rock to Mieru (325745) then walk right and talk to Cheval, then click on the Trigger Eye (6*#134)
  14. Master Key: Use the Repair Screw in the Mysterious Machine (541385)
  15. Durable Pot: Use the Master Key on the Cupboard (268749)
  16. Miracle Sugar: Use the Infinite Watering Can on the Liquid Mutant (982085)
  17. Lollipop: Use the Durable Pot on the Bonfire (184737) then add the Miracle Sugar to it
  18. Repair Screw: Found in the Garbage Dump (111111)
  19. Incandescent Light Bulb: Use the Bamboo Filament on the Work Table (847211)
  20. Blue Crystal: Use the axe on 5 Globularias (666661, 18472#) then use the Infinite Watering Can on Megalobularia
  21. Camera: You start with this item
  22. Player Robe: Give a Blue Flower to Mieru (325745) then give the Blue Crystal to Devily
  23. Blue Key: Offer the Player Robe to Someone's Grave (542265) then use the grave
  24. Silk Thread: Sit in the Chair (222222), then click on the spider that appears.
  25. Imperial Night Wear: Give a Blue Flower to Mieru (325745) then give the Silk Thread to Devily
  26. Fuel: Use the Master Key on the Safe (847211)

Viewing the Endings

There are 11 endings you can reach within the game. You can see which endings you have viewed on the title screen (highlighted characters above Jill). There is an achievement for viewing them all All Endings Completed!!. This section outlines how to view all of the endings:

  1. Normal: Use the Blue Key on the Terminal Gate at the Core
  2. Normal..?: Use the Black Key on the Terminal Gate at the Core
  3. True: Use the White Key on the Terminal Gate at the Core
  4. Disconnect: Let Disconnect kill you (666666)
  5. Maximum Glitch: Visit any world and wait until the glitch meter reaches 5
  6. Pero Pero Hell: Use the Lollipop on Velo (687492)
  7. Strange Dream: Use the Imperial Night Wear, then use the Bed (268749)
  8. Trip to the Moon: Use the Fuel on Usanin (000100)
  9. Night Wind: Give a Repair Screw to Mieru (325745), then click on Blunt so he pulls the switch down, then use the Emergency Exit (126978) and walk to the left
  10. Graham's Soul: Use the Incandescent Light Bulb on Phonium (184733) Unlocked Sounds
  11. Strange Telephone / Origin: Use the Past Phone (201553) to start an old version of the game:
    • Search the desk to find a memo
    • Use the memo in your inventory to see the number 9273
    • Use the phone to dial 9273 to receive a TV remote
    • Use the TV remote on the TV to turn it on - look at the pattern to see the number 1324
    • Use the phone to dial 1324 to receive strange glasses
    • Use the strange glasses near the desk to see the number 3258, then take them off again
    • Use the phone to dial 3258 to receive binoculars
    • Use the binoculars on the window to receive a shining star
    • Use the strange glasses and search the window to receive a magical hanger, then take them off again
    • Use the magical hanger on the coat hooks, then search to receive a magical dress
    • Wear the magical dress and use the strange glasses (you are now protected from the dark cloud)
    • Use the shining star on the dark cloud to destroy it
    • Search the opened door

You can get the final achievement by using the Game Console on the TV (880813) after setting it to channel 2 Unlocked DROP.