The Story of BarkerThe Story of Barker

Game Details:  Mystery, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/6/2023

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

The Story of Barker is a puzzle game set on-board an abandoned ship in the middle of the ocean. After awakening on the ship, you must explore your surroundings and solve puzzles to escape.

Front Deck

Move the two stacked boxes, then pick up the crowbar that falls out and use this on the other box. Now take the screwdriver from inside this box. Use the screwdriver on the vent cover over the door, then climb through.


Search the cupboards to find 4 books, and grab the ladder from beneath the cupboards. Use this ladder on the vent you came through, and you will be able to get back out to the deck if needed.

Move the boxes to reveal a hammer and a 5th book. Look at the framed pirate map on the wall, and break the glass with your hammer. Look in the desk behind the boxes to find a 6th book. Place the 6 books in the matching colored slots in the left part of the desk. Look at the sheet of paper in the desk drawer that now opens - the five shapes in order from outside to inside are square, circle, triangle, pentagon, cross. You need to find these 5 shapes and look at the associated numbers:

  • Square: On the right life preserver ring on the front deck (8)
  • Circle: On the ship's steering wheel, after turning so compass points west (5)
  • Triangle: On the left life preserver ring on the front deck (6)
  • Pentagon: On the back of the broken clock in the cupboards (3)
  • Cross: On the back of the old pirate map in the wheelhouse (4)

Examine the combination lock on the main door, and enter the code 85634.


Take the #1 button from the sofa. Move the boxes to reveal a locked wooden door, similar to the locked wooden door on the opposite wall. Notice the pizza and watermelon paintings on the walls. Examine the sliding tile puzzle lock on the next door - you need to slide the pieces around so the color transitions are correct from top-right to bottom-left:

Cook Room

Pick up the knife and use it on the red valve to loosen it (but the knife will break). Look at the opposite side of the room and take the kitchen spatula. Grab the big piece of ice from one of the low cabinets. Back on the other side again, use the kitchen spatula to remove the red valve, then pick it up. Unstack the cooking pots and put the big piece of ice in the largest pot. Pick this up, then turn around and put it inside the oven. Close the oven door, then open it again and take out the Enter button.


Attach the red valve to the pipe on the side wall, then look above it and take the green key. Unlock one of the wooden doors with the green key.

Captain's Cabin

Read the note under the pillow, and look at the photo on the desk. Look at the Morse decoder on the wall, then go through the other door.

Captain's Restroom

Look in the mirror. More the violet floor mat and pick up the violet key. Search the cupboards beneath the sink to find an iron.

Captain's Cabin

Unlock the desk drawer with the violet key. Read the note inside here. There is a safe just to the left that requires you to rotate a series of 4 segments. You need to find clues to these segment positions:

  • Yellow: Watermelon painting in the cabin (top)
  • Green: Pizza painting in the cabin (top-left)
  • Red: Inside desk drawer in the captain's cabin (bottom-right)
  • Blue: Beneath the toilet lid in the captain's restroom (bottom)

Take out the blue key.


Unlock the other wooden door with the blue key.

Sailors' Cabin

Move the chair away from the desk. Examine the invisible ink pen. Solve the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, stacking all 8 discs on the middle pole. Take the spare blue key. Look beneath the bottom pillow to find the #2 button. Take the ironing board out of the closet, and look at the blank sheet of paper on it. Use your iron on the sheet of paper to reveal a message ("The code is the captain's name"). Use your spare blue key to get out of the room again.

Cook Room

Examine the wooden door with the panel of buttons in the middle. You need to turn all of the buttons green, by clicking on the ones shaded green below:


Move the red jar on the floor and pi ck up the #3 button from behind it. Notice the fish poster on the wall, and look at the code indicated on the back.

Cook Room

Examine the door with the keypad, and attach the 4 buttons you have collected. You now need to work out the code to enter, which is based on your name (Joseph), the Morse Decoder on the wall in the captain's cabin, and the back of the fish poster in the pantry:

  • J: • – – – (7)
  • O: – – – (6)
  • S: • • • (3)
  • E: • (1)
  • P: • – – • (6)
  • H: • • • • (4)

Enter the code on the keypad as 763164.

Rear Deck

Examine the hatch in the floor here. By trial and error, work out the correct code of 10 colors (random with each game).

Right Engine Room

Open the box on the floor, which contains a bomb and some radioactive cylinders. Read the note that feel behind the box, then climb back up the ladder.

Rear Deck

Move the 3 boxes, then examine the other hatch in the floor. This also requires you to work out the correct order to press all 16 buttons (random with each game).

Left Engine Room

Read the note, then look through the hole in the hull.