Game Details:  Comedy, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/29/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Stone is a satirical 3rd person Australian adventure filled with anthropomorphic animals. You play as Stone, a laid-back stoner Koala who wakes up to find his apartment trashed and his partner missing. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Act 1

Part 1: Wake Up Call

Leave the bedroom and pick up the necklace from the floor near the front door. Go back to the bedroom and pick up the phone when it starts ringing - select any options for the conversation. Now walk around to the kitchen and grab the keys from on top of the dirty dishes.

Part 2: A Cockatoo's Malice

Choose either dialog option when you enter. Go and talk to Cockie at the bar and answer the first question either way, then choose one of these options:

  • "Soft touch" Soft Touch Detective
  • "Hard ass" Hard Ass Detective

Go to the other end of the room and try to play darts. Use the jukebox and select to play "Rock". Go back towards the bar and examine the liquor license on the wall, selecting either option. Talk to Cockie twice more, and select "Cocktail" followed by "Dude" Became a Dude. Have your drink, then talk to Cockie again before leaving the bar.

Part 3: Alex Would Rave

Go to the far end of the nightclub and talk to Smiley, selecting any options. Dance, then talk to the 3 foxes. Go back and talk to Smiley several times, then go to the exit and talk to the foxes again.

Part 4: A Little Chat

Choose any options during the chat with the foxes.

Part 5: Hangover Hell

Wait for the phone to ring, then select any dialog options. Go to bed for a nap, then leave the apartment.

Part 6: Fuck It, Let's Roll

Go to the far end of the bowling green and talk to Les, using any options Completed Act 1.

Act 2

Part 1: Cops Are Tops

Choose any options while talking to Devil. Head to Echo Club.

Part 2: Living for Alex

Talk to Smiley again until you can leave. Return to the club multiple times and dance - eventually you will dance to the right music Techno Liebe. Leave and head to Stone's Flat.

Part 3: The Conversation

Go to the bedroom, then the kitchen, then the bedroom, then the kitchen again. Talk to the toaster any way you like, then go to bed for a sleep.

Part 4: The Red Centre

Walk through the canyon until you reach the large entertainment system. Turn on the left speaker, then the right speaker, then the record player. Walk towards the TV Completed Act 2.

Act 3

Part 1: Post Dream Dregs

Use any options during the phone call. Leave and go to Smoky Possum.

Part 2: Possum Blues

Talk to Cockie, then leave again.

Part 3: Remembering

Talk to Alex in the living room. Go to the kitchen and examine the fridge, then return to the living room and sit on the sofa. You can either watch the movie or skip it. Head to Orion Cinema and select any of the movies, then start watching it Film Lover. Leave whenever you want, and head to Echo Club.

Part 4: Alex's Friend

Talk to Smiley with any options, then leave the club.

Part 5: Foxes Don't Quit

Choose any options during the chat with the foxes Completed Act 3.

Act 4

Part 1: Yellow Submarine

Walk around the front of the sofa while talking on the phone. After the conversation walk over to the rubber duck, then the toaster, then the painting. Finally head towards the TV and watch another movie.

Part 2: Groundhog Day

Talk on the phone however you like, then leave the flat and go to Oldtown Bowls.

Part 3: Ying, Yang and Bowls

Talk to Les multiple times.

Part 4: Meeting Alex

Go and use the jukebox, then sit at the bar to talk to Alex.

Part 5: Devil in the Details

Choose any options while talking to Devil Completed Act 4.

Act 5

Part 1: Cockatoo Knew?

Talk to Cockie however you want. Go to the end of the room and look at the black circle painting. Leave and head to Oldtown Bowls.

Part 2: Lovely Leslie?

Talk to Les multiple times. After you automatically leave, go to Echo Club.

Part 3: Alligator Smiles

Talk to Smiley, choosing any options.

Part 4: Before the Start

Call out for Alex, then go to the kitchen and put the keys on the pile of dishes. Head out to the living room and talk to Alex until he leaves.

Part 5: This is the End?

Choose any options while talking to Alex. After the credits, choose to "Live On" Completed Act 5.


The Final Chapter

Head to Smoky Possum.

Sorry Cockie

Talk to Cockie multiple times, then leave and go to Oldtown Bowls.

Lovely Les

Talk to Les until you automatically leave. Next go to Oldtown Police.

Deal With the Devil

Talk to Devil however you like, and you will leave again. Go back to Echo Club.

Smiley Redeemed?

Talk to Smiley, then leave the club Completed Epilogue and Completed a Hip Hop Stoner Noir. Now go back to Smoky Possum. Talk to Cockie to order a drink Thirsty Koala.