Star Trek: TNG - The Transinium ChallengeStar Trek: TNG - The Transinium Challenge

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1989

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Walkthrough Updated:  11/21/2011

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Star Trek: TNG - The Transinium Challenge is an adventure game set in the Star Trek universe. It focuses on the time period covered by The Next Generation television series. You take the role of Commander William T Riker, investigating the unexpected attack on the allied Aquila station by an unknown force.


Start by consulting with Data, then navigate to Asteroid D-39. Use your transporter and select to take only Geordi with you, then beam down to "The Doghouse". Look around several times and talk to the people here until one of the two guys gives you a nullifier, then transport back to the Enterprise. Geordi will try out the nullfier.

Move to the bridge, then consider your options and you will receive a transmission from Pamela Jansen. Agree to her request to send troops, then start advancing on the enemy. When you get a second tranmission from Dr Parks, refuse his request. Wait for another transmission from Tarken.


Navigate between the asteroids until you come across the small enemy vessel. Do not disengage from combat, or you will just spend ages looking for it again. Instead keep advancing and firing your torpedoes and beams; if you are hit back away or you will keep getting hit. Eventually you will destroy the ship. If you lose it, keep navigating around until you find it again.

After you destroy the ship you will be contacted by Tarken again. Agree to his proposal to have Anne Parks beamed aboard your ship.


Navigate to Aquila Two, and transport yourself down to Dr Parks' Lab. Look here to talk to Parks, then beam back to the Enterprise. Next travel to Aquila Four and beam yourself down to the abandoned base. Look around and take the alien device, the move south 3 times to reach the exterior. Go back north 3 times, then beam back up to the Enterprise.

Analyse alien device you just picked up. Go back to the transporter room and select to take Beverly and Geordi, then beam down to the abandoned base. Look around to talk to the children, but don't acknowledge what they say. Instead consult with Beverly and agree with her idea. Beam yourself back up to the Enterprise and move to the bridge. Look here to talk to the children again, and again don't acknowledge them. Consult with Data this time and agree with his idea.

Go to the transporter room and take Beverly and Geordi back down to the abandoned base again. Look around and Geordi will find a shell. Consult with Beverly and agree for her to take it back to the ship. Beam back to the Enterprise and go to the bridge. Wait here for Beverly to report back to you.

Analyse the Ferengi trader to determine its location, then navigate there. Transport aboard the Ferengi ship. Keep talking to the trader to buy lots of transinium crystals. Refuse his attempts to trade for the children.

Eventually Data will report that the children can talk. Talk to them and give them your transinium crystals; if you have enough you will complete the game.