Star Seeker in the Secret of the Sorcerous StandoffStar Seeker in the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff

Game Details:  Mystery, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/22/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Star Seeker in the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff is a short mystery comedy adventure. You play as Star Seeker, a wizard who has been caught using magic, which is illegal. In exchange for a reduced sentence, you have agreed to help the authorities solve another crime. There are 5 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Part 1

Gathering Evidence

After the introduction, you will start with the following 2 pieces of evidence:

  • Fire at 2:35
  • Police activity

Look around the room and examine all of the other pieces of evidence that have been marked with yellow placards:

  • Burnt corpse
  • Projection
  • Ash pile
  • Haywire
  • Melted candles
  • Pentagram table
  • Bullet wound
  • Charred robes
  • Used candle
  • Unidentified tattoos
  • Virgin's blood

Make sure you check out the bookshelf in the corner and read both books to collect more evidence:

  • Portable Hole
  • Reversing Rune
  • Emergency Exit
  • Go Tattoos
  • Living Memory
  • Mass Arrest Momentum
  • Flesh to Stone
  • Stop Tattoos

Talk to the goat to get the final available piece of evidence:

  • Goat

Forming Hypotheses

Now you can talk to Leo and start forming hypotheses during your conversation.

  • Whoever he is: Goat, Projection
  • Cause of death: Goat, Ash pile
  • What kind 'zactly: Goat, Go Tattoos
  • Cause of death: Goat, Bullet wound
  • Where that's from: Goat, Flesh to Stone
  • Some kinda hologram: Goat, Living Memory
  • Where'd it come from: Goat, Stop Wizard
  • How did it backfire: Goat, Used candle

During this process, you will accumulate the following evidence:

  • Slick Emmup (changed from Burnt corpse)
  • Go Wizard
  • Ugly tattoos (changed from Unidentified tattoos)
  • Stop Wizard

By now you should now have gathered all available evidence from the crime scene By the Book.

Part 2

Forming Hypotheses

There is no more evidence to collect, so just talk to Leo to form some more hypotheses.

  • How did the fire start: Goat, Pentagram table
  • But how did it spread: Goat, Reversing Rune Reach 1,000,000 Points, Haywire
  • Was it an accident, or was it on purpose: Goat, Emergency Exit
  • Failed somehow: Goat, Bullet wound
  • Why didn't Slick escape: Goat, Mass Arrest Momentum

By now you should have accused the goat of being involved at least 10 times Capricious.

Part 3

Gathering Evidence

Go around the scene and examine the curtain, ritual book and burnt body to get some more evidence:

  • Tub of concrete
  • Level-up ritual
  • Slick's wound

By now you should now have gathered all evidence for the case Thorough Investigation.

Forming Hypotheses

Talk to Leo and form some more hypotheses during your conversation.

  • Can't possibly be true: Level-up ritual
  • How do we know: Goat
  • How did that statue get there: Tub of concrete
  • Why: Police activity
  • Why would he set himself on fire: Ash Pile
  • Why would he start a fire: Slick Emmup
  • What was he hiding by doing that: Slick's wound

Part 4

Forming Hypotheses

Keep talking to Leo to form the final hypotheses:

  • Any way to know: Living Memory
  • How did he die from it: Reversing Rune
  • How was it possible: Mass Arrest Momentum
  • What happened: Portable Hole
  • Why's the wizard bleeding: Virgin's blood
  • How do you fake no pulse: Mass Arrest Momentum

And now you have solved the case Case Closed.