The Spirits of Kelley FamilyThe Spirits of Kelley Family

Year:  2020

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Spirits of Kelley Family is a short first-person point and click adventure game where you find yourself stuck in the Kelley family household. You must restore the souls of the family members to bring them peace.

Collecting Crystals

White Crystal

Pick up the diary page (27/09/1964) from the pedestal in the entry hall. Open the drawer in the corner and take the hammer from inside. Head left into the dining room and grab another diary page (04/07/1964). Use the hammer on the left chair, then pick up the piece of wood. Return to the entry hall and go forward. Look at the shelves, but you can't move anything yet. Click on the cat to make it run upstairs. Use your piece of wood on the stairs, then head up.

Use your hammer on the loose floorboard, then pick up the machete that was hidden beneath it. Open the far door on the left and go inside to find a bathroom. Open the drawer and take the brass key, then back out again. Open the far door on the right and go inside to find a bedroom. Take the diary page (18/07/1964) from the bed. Look at the calendar on the wall to see the number combination 28-2-6. Go back out and return downstairs.

Use your brass key on the door beneath the stairs, then head through. Pick up the curved tube and the ladder. Go back upstairs. Open the near door on the right and go through to find an attic. Look at the hole in the roof - use your hammer to make it bigger. Put the ladder through the hole and climb up to the roof. Take the silver key - the bird will stop you from exploring further, so climb back down to the ground floor.

Enter the dining room to the left and use the silver key to unlock the locked door here. Go through to find a kitchen. Pick up the next diary page (24/07/1964). Also grab the knife from the bench, and a box of birdseed from the high cupboards. Return upstairs to the bedroom. Use the knife on the pillow and take the old key from inside. Now return to the attic and use the box of birdseed on the bird feeder in the shelves. The bird and cat will both appear - click on the cat to scare away the bird. Now climb the ladder and you can pick up the white crystal from the nest.

Blue Crystal

Go downstairs to the entry hall and use the iron key on the door to the right. Go through to find a study. Grab the diary page (25/07/1964), then search the desk drawer and take the straight tube. Examine the globe on the desk and enter code 2826, then press the red button. Take the iron key from inside the globe. Use your machete on the plants, then head outside.

Enter the building on the right. Pick up the diary page (23/09/1964). Examine the pipes. Going from the inlet at the top, turn the red valves and insert the 2 pipes to direct the water towards the swimming pool (from the inlet, there should be a down valve, right valve, right valve, straight pipe, right valve and curved pipe). Turn the wheel to fill the pool. Back out and take the blue crystal from the pool.

Red Crystal

Examine the pipes once more. Now you need to retrieve your pipes and redirect the water towards the house (from the inlet, there should be a down valve, down valve, straight pipe, curved pipe and down valve). Turn the wheel to get water to the house. Now return inside the house.

Go upstairs into the bathroom. Turn on the hot water tap in the sink to reveal a code on the mirror: 443521. Go back out to the upstairs landing and use the iron key on the near door to the left. Go through to find a music room. Take another diary page (30/07/1964). Looking at the blackboard here, the numeric code can be converted to musical notes. Examine the piano and play this tune: Fa Fa Mi Sol Re Do. Take the strange item from the side of the piano. Return to the bedroom and insert this in the side of the chest, then take the wood stump from inside.

Go all the way through the study to the outside of the house again, and walk towards the trees in the background. Click on the cat to get it to climb the tree, then examine the side of the tree and insert the wood stump. Back out, then crawl into the tree.

Pick up the diary page (26/09/1964). Also take the empty flask and the book, and examine the colorful drawing on the desk - in particular note these colors:

  • Apple: Red
  • Tree: Yellow/green
  • Bird: Orange
  • Woman: Magenta

Return inside the house and go to the room at the base of the stairs. Examine the bookshelf, and insert your new book into the 3rd segment of the top row. Now slide the segments around so they are in order (top row 1-4, middle row 5-8, bottom row 9-11). Crawl through the secret passage.

Grab the next diary page (29/08/1964), then look at the door to see it has an apple and a tree. Use the desk and insert your empty flask. Use the red flask then press the button. Go and use your red potion on the receptacle to the side of the door. Use the desk again and use the blue and yellow flasks this time, then press the button. Use the yellow flask and press the button again. Pour the yellow/green potion into the door receptacle. The first door will open, revealing a second door.

Use the desk in the same way, creating orange (red and yellow) and purple (red and blue) potions to pour into the door receptacle. The second door will open, and you can head forward into an underground tunnel. Make your way through the labyrinth and you will reach the base of a ladder. Go through the archway to the left and take the vase from the top of the machine. Back out and climb up the ladder to return to the base of the tree - you can now get back to the exit to the labyrinth by going down here.

Go to the pipes next to the pool and redirect the water back to the pool, then turn the wheel again. Collect water in the vase from the pool. Go inside and upstairs into the attic. Open the grill and pour the water from the vase down the vent over the fire. Return to the kitchen and you can now open the door and go through. Pick up another diary page (24/09/1964) as well as a medallion. Search the fireplace to find the red crystal.

Green Crystal

Go outside and approach the trees, then climb down the trapdoor and go through the archway. Look at the big machine and insert the medallion. Take the final diary page (27/09/1964). Pick up the green crystal.

Restoring Souls

Go back to the entry hall of the house and approach the pedestal. Insert the 4 crystals. Go through the doorway and up the stairs. Enter the bathroom, then look into the mirror.