Mystery Escape Room Adventure

Game Details:  Mystery, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/16/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

SOTANO is a first-person mystery adventure game. The previous game by the same developer is TARAKAN. While driving home from the airport, your car embarrassingly runs out of fuel. You knock on the door of a large house but then everything goes black and you wake up in captivity. The next game by the same developer is VEREDA.


Read the letter that has been left for you. Examine the painting on the wall. Look at the symbols on the walls and ceiling (one triangle, two 3-point stars, three squares, four circles). Examine the small box with 4 large buttons and press them based on the number of symbols you have seen: triangle, 3-point star, square, circle). Take the key, then use this on the door and head out to the corridor.

Go to the low bookcase at the end of the corridor, where there is a book missing. Lift the painting on the wall to reveal some scratches. If you interpret these as groups of Roman numerals, they read IV, III, II, III, IV (43234). Head to the tall bookcase and open the combination lock with the code 43234. Go back to the low bookcase and arrange the 4 books in season order, according to the symbols on their spines: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Take the next key, then use this on the door next to the one where you were imprisoned.

Inside here there is a power box on the wall, protected by a keypad, with a hint of VAMABCSY. Go back out to the corridor and look at the grid of numbers above the main door. You can convert pairs of letters to a single digit by finding where they intersect (VA=5, MA=6, BC=1, SY=5). Go back to the second room and unlock the power box with the code 5615. Take out the lever and insert this into the blank space on the group of levers in this room. You now need to adjust the levers to match the painting from the first room (down, up, up, down, up, down). Take the next key, and use this on the main door out in the corridor. Continue up the stairs and through another door.


Look at the sliding tile puzzle on the right wall. You need to rearrange the tiles to create a cohesive pattern with 4 vase outlines across the middle. Next examine the large wooden table. Arrange the 4 vases in the same order as you just saw in the sliding puzzle (tall brown, short striped, tall green, plain brown). Take the button that appears.

Examine the small locked toolbox on the floor - you will automatically insert the missing button, but must now enter a code. Look at the picture on the wall above, which says "I can wave all day without tiring". The answer to this riddle is FLAG. Examine the toolbox again and work out the numeric code representing FLAG (F=6, L=12, A=1, G=7). Open the toolbox with the code 61217 and pick up the hammer. Use this to clear the boards so you can heard through the double doors.

Short Passage

Continue down the stairs and examine the pipe puzzle on the left. Rotate the pipe segments to connect the top-left pipe to the bottom-left pipe, then take the lock clue that appears - this shows the Spanish flag and a red cape. Approach the code panel and enter the code ESCAPE. Take the key and use this on the next door.

Living Room

Look at the piece of paper in the fireplace to see an image of 4 books. Go to the low bookcase at the other end of the room and arrange the 4 books to match this: small blue, large red, small gray, large brown. Take the button that appears. Lift the painting just to the left to see an image of 4 gears with different numbers of teeth (8, 3, 5, 7). Open the suitcase on the table with the code 8357. Take the metal key.

Use the key to unlock the locked drawer beneath the painting you lifted earlier. Take the clue from inside, which shows 01110011. Examine the machine near the closed door that shows the words HOG, FUND and ROW, and you will automatically add the missing button. You need to come up with a word that matches with these three - enter HEDGE (since hedgehog, hedge fund and hedgerow are all valid terms). Go through to the small side room and take the lever from the sofa.

Back in the main room, add the lever to the group of levers on the wall. You need to adjust the lever positions to match the number clue (up, down, down, down, up, up, down, down). Take the key and use it on the double doors, then head through.


Go to the end of the hallway and examine the machine that shows the words PINE, NOW and TRAFFIC. Enter the word CONE (since pine cone, snow cone and traffic cone are all valid terms). Go through and see an image of the "Pigpen cipher" on the right wall. Each letter can be represented by lines with or without dots, based on their position within the grids on this wall.

Go back to the hallway and move the 4 paintings to reveal symbols. Convert these to letters and rearrange to make a valid word. Go down the stairs and enter the code CYAN into the keypad. Continue through the door.


Go straight ahead to find a small grid puzzle in a tall bookcase. Drag the symbols from below the grid into the grid so that the top row contains symbols with 3 lines, the middle row contains symbols with 2 lines, and the bottom row contains symbols with 1 line. Take the piece of paper with strange symbols that appears below.

Find a series of 4 switches on the left wall and adjust them to match the piece of paper you just received (top position, 3rd position, bottom position, 2nd position). Take the piece of paper, which is marked as 1 of 2.

Find a note on a low table to the right that mentions a phone number of (555) 2751. Go to the main desk and use the telephone to dial this number, then take the piece of paper, which is marked as 2 of 2.

Find a locked chest on the low table to the right and open it with the information from your 2 pieces of paper: from the top the code involves all squares and is Purple, Purple, Blue, Red, Blue. Take the axe. Use this on the locked glass cabinet and take out the wooden block. Go over to the wooden block puzzle on the other low table and you will insert the missing block. Now slide the blocks around so they all point towards the raised block in the center of the puzzle. Take the door key and use it on the door in the corner of the room, then head through.


Look at the keypad above the toilet to see the hint 97-4=31. Just count the number of line segments making up each character and enter the code as 5314252. Head back to the switch panel opposite the bath tub and you will automatically insert your switch. You need to rotate these to create a path from the top left to the bottom right. Grab the paper segment.

Go to the low table next to the bath and you will add your paper segment. Rearrange these to show as follows:


Go to the safe and press the buttons in this order. Take out the key and use it on the locked door, then continue through.


Find a note at the bottom corner of a painting on the ground floor that says "What has cities but no houses, forests but no trees, water but no fish?". Go into the dark side room and enter the answer to this riddle on the keypad, with the word MAP. Take the switch that is revealed.

Find a panel of switches between the staircases, and you will automatically insert the missing switch. You now need to flip the switches to turn them all on. From the starting position, just flip the switches marked in green below:

Go upstairs and look at the circular panel on the right, which shows 4 symbols. Look around and find the 4 matching symbols elsewhere in the room and count the number of circles around each of them. Come back to the panel and press the symbols in the order indicated by the number of circles:


Go through the open door to escape.