Year:  1995

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games

Soltys is a 3rd person point and click adventure set in the Polish countryside. As the village mayor, you set out to find a runaway groom.

Part 1

Screen 1

Pick up the bone and use it on the bowl. Take the empty bottle, then open the shed door and use the bottle on the distillery. Pick up the full bottle.

Screen 2

Take the crank and use it on the asphalt road, then take the oil-can.

Screen 3

Try to pick up the bouquet of flowers, then take the false teeth you find, and give them to Gertrude. Use your oil-can on the mouse, then take the sausage hanging on the back wall, and try to eat the bread on the small table.

Screen 4

Give your sausage to the dog, then go and pick up the helmet and the hammer. Use the hammer on the empty beer bottle, and pick up the bottom of the bottle. Use this on the kettle and take the light bulb.

Screen 2

Give the oil-can back to the driver, and you can take a playing card from him.

Screen 5

Take the cigarettes from the ground. Pull the string of the starter at the bottom of the machine on the left, then use the cigarettes on yourself to smoke one. Give your bottle to Rocky, then pick up the wire he drops after he leaves.

Screen 6

Use your wire on the padlock to open the door. Now walk over to the table and use your card and light bulb on the table. Walk to the dark area on the right and you will automatically screw in the light bulb. Take the wine.

Part 1

Screen 7

Use your helmet on yourself, then give your wine to the caretaker.

Screen 8

Talk to Abner, who will fix your toothache.

Screen 9

Pick up the little feather from the ground, and use it on Grandpa Have-It 3 times. Take his bucket.

Screen 10

Put your bucket on the tree, then take the wedge from under the chariot and open the shed door. Take both coats, then use the fox coat on the hen, and take the bucket again.

Screen 9

Use your bucket on the Colorado beetle, which is sitting on the small bush. Pick up the bucket again, and use it on the rooster. Try to take the egg, then take the "cuckoo" chick.

Screen 11

Take the tennis net and use it on the goose. Talk to the postman.

Screen 12

Give your cuckoo on Grandpa Fix-It, then take the side of the wagon, which is a ladder.

Screen 11

Give your ladder to the postman, and take the letter.

Screen 4

Use your letter on the kettle to get an envelope.

Part 3

Screen 13

Sit in the armchair, then move it and use the kneeling chair to be able to hear the vicar. Give him the envelope, then take the key the leaves behind. Open the cupboard door over on the right and take the dice from inside.

Screen 18

Talk to the gypsy woman, then take the axe and a clothespin from the line.

Screen 17

Use the clothespin on yourself, then knock on the door and catch a fly.

Screen 8

Use your fly on the horse, then pick up the coral necklace.

Screen 18

Give the necklace to the gypsy woman, then take the lovage root.

Screen 22

Give your lovage to Babooshka, then use your axe on Arnold the Pig.

Screen 19

Pick up the handle, use it on the fork, then pick up the fixed pitchfork. Use this on the "boom-boom". Open the door and take the milk can, then use the milk can on the cow's teats. Pull the cow's tail, then take the milk can again.

Screen 15

Pick up the small bottle of tranquilizer from the cabinet at the back.

Screen 14

Use your tranquilizer on Jimmy and Hippie, then go over and buy the gloves hanging on the front of the shop.

Screen 3

Use your gloves on the fridge, then take the newspaper from inside.

Screen 17

Give the newspaper to the man in the outhouse.

Screen 20

Use the dice on the table, then play the game and win (you can cheat by holding the Alt key when clicking on the dice). Take the coins from the table.

Screen 21

Give your milk to the photographer, then take the photo he produces. Put your coins in the loose soil near your daughter's feet, then give milk to the photographer again and take the new photo.

Screen 22

Show your photo to Arnold the Pig, then talk to Babooshka.

Screen 23

Use your key on the gate, then take the loose rail from just right of the gate. Use the rail on the pillow in the window, then pick up the pillow. Pick up the rake and use it on the lowest branch of the tree.

Screen 24

Give the lovage potion to Leon.