Snail Trek Chapter 3Snail Trek Chapter 3

Lettuce Be

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/4/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Snail Trek Chapter 3: Lettuce Be is the third in a series of short sci-fi comedy adventures with a text parser and graphical interface in the style of early Sierra adventure games. It follows after the previous game, Snail Trek Chapter 2: A Snail of Two Worlds. In this game, you play as the alien Gaston, taking the other side of the fight with the snails. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Snail Trek Chapter 4: The Final Fondue.

Transmission Tower

Pick up a lettuce from the left. Take the code from the desk, then use the computer. Once you have read everything, exit the computer interface and pick up the weapon. Open the cell door at the bottom right, then walk close to Christian and you will die (1/4).

Try again, and ask Christian for his code. Give him some lettuce and you will receive the code. Leave the cell, then go back in and pick up the LEDAR. Go back out and up to the top of the stairs, then listen. Go down to the bottom left and open the door.


Go to the bottom right and walk right. Keep going to the far right of the white screen Road To Nowhere. Return to the left and use the LEDAR, then position yourself directly over the small green dot. Dig here to find your keys. Open the door to return inside.

Transmission Tower

Go up the stairs and head right. Pick up the lantern, then use your keys and take the disk. Open the cupboard on the right and take the resin from inside. Now return to the left. Look at the scanner on the far wall, then insert the disk. Open the scanner. Now go over to the printer on the left and insert the resin.

Go down and open the cell door. Go inside and stand near Shelley, then use the weapon on Shelley (1/5). Stand near Christian and use the weapon on Christian (2/5). Take Christian, then go and put him in the scanner. Press the button to scan Christian, then take the disk back. Go over to the printer and insert the disk, then press the button. Pick up the snail suit, then wear the suit Disguise.

Open the cell door and ask Shelley for the code. Exit the cell and remove the suit. Go up and open the scanner door. Get Christian and open the cell door, then put Christian back in the cell. Go to the top of the stairs and listen again, to learn the location of the Captain's code. Go down to the bottom left and open the door.


Go towards the path to the top left and you will die (2/4). Try again and enter the cave on the left. Walk past the bottom creature's hole and you will die (3/4). Try again and use your lantern this time. Go to each creature's hole and use your weapon on each of them Trigger Happy.

Leave the cave at the top right. Continue up the ramp and go left to reach the spacecraft. Take the last tube from the kit. Return right and down the ramp to enter the cave. Go to the bottom creature's hole and give the tube to the creature. Now pick up the code. Leave the cave at the bottom right. Open the door to get back inside.

Transmission Tower

Go up the stairs and right, then stand against the right wall of the storeroom. Now you need to do the following as fast as you can:

  • Run left and open the door to exit the lab
  • Run left into the cave
  • Run through the cave, leaving via the top right
  • Run left and enter the spacecraft through the hole
  • Run left and enter the hole to reach the maintenance shaft
  • Wear the suit, then run to the right wall

If you do this all very quickly, you will receive an achievement Speed Runner. Take the battery, then go back to the left and return to the main part of the spacecraft. Stand next to the left wall. Run quickly to the far right, then the far left, then the far left again to die (4/4) Existential.

Try again, and walk behind the right side of the large view screen. Remove the burnt battery, then insert your battery. Head right to leave this area, then use the console. Select option 6, then enter the codes from the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. Exit the console Win Some, Lose Some. There is an achievement for getting 55/55 points High Achiever. Keep watching the final screen for several more minutes Stay Late.