Small Town RobotSmall Town Robot

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  11/26/2021

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Small Town Robot is a short third person adventure game set in the small town of ShadeCreek. You play as Robo, a robot whose charging routine is interrupted by a lightning bolt. You awaken to find that not all is right in town, and must investigate and interview the town's inhabitants to uncover a mystery. There are 4 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Read the info book on the table, then pick up the key. Talk to the strange hologram, and examine the robot rules on the wall. Go through the door to exit the tutorial.

Find Your Patron

Go through the door to the lobby, then make your way through the restaurant and head outside. Go and talk to Kurt on the bench out the front of the restaurant. Cross the road and look at the large town map. Now you can bring up the map by pressing M at any time. Head down the road to the right, then turn right and head towards the Mayor's house.

Talk to Nevi about everything. Turn right and follow the lights to find some wooden stairs, then climb up. Go to the benches and admire the view, then pick up the rifle leaning against the fence. Climb back down the wooden stairs and head back out to the main road.

Go further to the right and examine the expensive car here, then talk to Hatver about everything. Examine the collapsed tunnel. Go back along the main road, then turn right and follow the lights towards Mr Beni and Ms Kuni's house.

Once you reach the house, find Escra, who is crouching in the grass to the right - talk to him to find out he is the gardener. Now talk to Beni and Kuni at the front of the house.

Go back to the main road and head straight across. Follow the path until you find some fireflies and a lake. Examine the old rowboat, then continue to the campfire. Examine the campfire, but there is nobody here. Next examine the chair and cans of tomato soup, then find Marwa lying on the ground behind the chairs.

Solve the Murder

As you head back from the campfire, pick up the handgun on the ground to the right (near the water's edge). Go back to The Lounge and talk to Kurt about everything (it doesn't matter if you say you suspect him or not). Make sure you mention both the rifle and the handgun. Head back to the road and turn left, then take the first left to head towards Jundo's house.

Talk to Jundo about everything, then return to the road. Turn right and go all the way back to the collapsed tunnel. Talk to Hatver to establish a time-line of events.

Go back up to Beni and Kuni's house. Talk to Escra first about everything. Talk to Beni and Kuni about everything, then talk to Escra once more to learn a lot more out of him. Talk to Beni and Kuni one last time.

Go back to The Lounge and talk to Kurt again, about the break-in. Head all the way back to the Mayor's house. Go just to the right from Nevi and ring the doorbell. Talk to the Mayor and he will eventually call the police. Go back out to the main road and turn left, then approach the police helicopter. Talk to the officer, and you will then have to provide him with the results of your investigation. There will be different achievements based on your interpretation of events:

  • Kuni (Kuni and Escra were having an affair) Cyber Sleuth
  • The Mayor Interesting
  • Beni, Escra, Hatver, Jundo, Kurt Justice is blind, and so am I
  • Marwa, Nevi, Officer, Robo, Whole Town What?