Sinking IslandSinking Island

Game Details:  Mystery, 2007

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/9/2008

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Sinking Island is a traditional 3rd person point and click adventure game from White Birds Productions. You take the role of Inspector Jack Norm, called to a tropical island at the site of a planned luxury resort, to investigate a murder. The game can be played in a Race Against Time mode or a more relaxed Adventure mode.


This walkthrough assumes you are playing in Adventure mode, rather than Race Against Time. Make sure you ask each character about everything you can. When you are automatically taken away somewhere because you need to eat or make a phone call, just go back to where you were beforehand and continue the walkthrough. If you can't find a character where it says to look in the walkthrough, use the Character Database in your PPA to locate them.

Day 1, Friday June 9th

Talk to Nolent, then take a photo of the body's face. In your PPA you can now solve your first mandate.

Mandate 1: Was Walter Jones' death accidental?

  • Declaration: Nolent explains that no natural causes could be responsible for Walter Jones' death
  • Picture: Photo of Walter Jones' face

You will automatically call your boss and be allowed to continue your investigation. Talk to Nolent again, but he can't help you any further at this stage. Climb up the ladder, and he will give you a list of people on the island, and your room key. You will automatically look at the ground here - take a photo of the wheelchair marks and footprints, and pick up the beads. Next go and look at the wheelchair near the cliff edge. Take a photo of the blood on the rock, pick up the gold chain, and look at the armrest to see a piece is missing. Look at the fingerprints, and you will decide you need to see the architect to get some graphite.

Leave the crime scene and follow the path, then take a detour off towards the top left of the screen to find a scrap of grey fabric on a rock. Take this, then go back and follow the path until you reach the bridge. Look at the footprints near the left post and take a photo of them. Cross the bridge, and you will see a native girl run away. You will then automatically listen to Lorenzo and Sonia. Talk to both of them twice and you will also get photographs of their shoes, and a photo of Sonia's hands.

Go back up the stairs and over the bridge. Follow the native girl for a couple of screens, then head on to the beach and follow this until you reach a hut. Look at the footprints on the ground near the hut and take another photo. Talk to Baina and Kolio, then head inside. Look in both boxes and take the letter, beads and gift. Close the boxes and use your PPA. Compare Baina's hands with Jones' face, Baina's necklace with the beads from the crime scene, and Baina's footprints with the bare footprints from the crime scene. Outside, take a photograph of the pyramid in the background, then talk to Baina and Kolio again. Head back to Lorenzo and Sonia, and talk to both of them, then finally enter the tower.

Go over to the reception desk and take the menu and tourist brochure. Head to the red elevator in the back right corner of the lobby (the other one is broken) and go up to floor 17. In this Technical Workshop, cross the room and pick up the screwdriver, blowtorch, gloves and goggles. Go back to the elevator and head up to floor 18. Go right into the Heliport Lounge, then down to the left and into the elevator. Go up to floor 22, then right into Lorenzo's office. Inside, take the gold medal from the cabinet on the left, and the grey jacket from the cupboard on the right. With your PPA, compare this jacket to the torn piece of fabric. Go down the stairs and across to the desk. Take the documents in each of the drawers. Look at the computer and you will comment that you need to ask Lorenzo about it. Pick up the pencil and small pad of paper, then put the pencil in the sharpener, turn the handle, and pick up the graphite filings.

Now return to the elevator and go down to floor 21. Head through the door into the library and talk to Nolent to get a photograph of his shoes. Using your PPA, compare his shoes to the shoeprints to get a match. Now talk to him about everything. Leave the library, and go back through the Heliport Lounge on floor 18 to the other elevator, taking it down to floor L2. Go down and right twice and you will find two people in the dining room. Talk to Cristina and Marco, then head back past the elevator and around to the kitchen. Talk to Martin, Billy and Clara, then talk to Billy and Martin a second time.

Leave the tower and go back to the crime scene. Look at the wheelchair, then use your graphite on the fingerprints and take a photo of them. Now you need to visit Lorenzo, Sonia, Nolent, Kolio and Baina to get each of their fingerprints; make sure you also talk to each of these people while you are there. Compare Baina's fingerprints with those from the wheelchair. You should now be able to solve the next mandate.

Mandate 2: Who was at the Belvedere of the Tortoise on the night of Walter Jones' death?

  • Declaration: Lorenzo affirms that he saw everything and that Walter Jones tried to attack Baina
  • Declaration: Lorenzo did see Nolent on the night of Walter Jones' death
  • Declaration: Nolent clearly saw Lorenzo running from the Belvedere last night
  • Declaration: Nolent saw Baina and Lorenzo outside last night
  • Material: Scrap from Lorenzo's jacket
  • Material: Beads from Baina's necklace
  • Picture: Picture of Baina's footprints under the arbor
  • Picture: Picture of Nolent's shoeprints under the arbor
  • Print: Baina's fingerprints on Walter Jones' wheelchair

Go and talk to Marco and Cristina, then Lorenzo and Nolent; all four are probably in the dining room by this stage. Now use your PPA to solve another mandate.

Mandate 3: What happened between Walter Jones and Baina on the Belvedere of the Tortoise?

  • Declaration: Lorenzo saw Walter Jones attack Baina
  • Declaration: Nolent saw Baina push Walter Jones off the cliff
  • Material: Beads from Baina's necklace
  • Picture: Picture of Walter Jones' face
  • Print: Picture of chaotic footprints
  • Print: Picture of skidmarks from Walter Jones' wheelchair

You will now head to bed for some rest.

Day 2, Saturday June 10th

After your phone call, head to floor 21. In the library, approach Nolent and he will give you the fax. Look in his desk and take the documents from each of the 3 drawers. Read these and the autopsy report in your inventory, then solve the 4th mandate.

Mandate 4: What are the causes of Walter Jones' death?

  • Document: Fax of autopsy report

Look at the window behind you and you will see that the island is flooding. Look at the windowsill and take a photo of the wood chips, then pick them up. Talk to Nolent, then head left and look at the books until you notice there are some Spanish books here. You will get a close-up of the books, and you can pull them forward individually. Look at the authors of the books, and pull out the books with authors starting with W, A, L, T, E and finally R. This will reveal a secret bookcase filled with alcohol. Pick up the bottle of water from this bookcase, and another one will be revealed. Take the document from here, which is a file on Hubert de Nolent.

Head through the door into Walter Jones' office. Take a photo of the large portrait of Walter, then cross the room. Look at the desk and take the picture, then open each of the drawers on the right. Use your knife on the bottom drawer and take the document. Now zoom out, then look at the near bottom corner of the desk. Undo each of the 4 screws with your screwdriver, then each of the 2 inner screws, and take another document. The top drawer here is stuck.

Next, look at the gun cabinet on the opposite wall. Open the right drawer and take the rag, then use your pad of paper on the flax oil and take it too. Open the left drawer and look at the cartridges to find a box of 7.03mm cartridges with some missing. Now open the main cabinet doors to see the rifles. Use the rag on each of the weapons, then click on the Winchester 270 and use your graphite powder on it. Take a photo of this gun, then pick it up. In your PPA, compare Nolent's fingerprints with those on the gun, the wood chips with the rifle, and the photo of the windowsill with the photo of the scratches on the rifle. You can now solve two more mandates.

Mandate 7: What was the crime weapon?

  • Material: Telescopic bolt-action rifle
  • Material: Rag stained with burned powder
  • Document: Fax of autopsy report

Mandate 8: Where was the shot fired from?

  • Material: Wood chips
  • Picture: Picture of library windowsill with woodchips
  • Picture: Picture of scratch on the murder weapon
  • Document: Fax of autopsy report

You need to go and talk to a few people now for some more information. Find Lorenzo on floor 22, and he will give you an access card. Talk to him while you are here. Next find Nolent on floor 19, 3 screens left from the elevator. Go to floor 17 and talk to Sonia, then go down to the dining room on L2 and talk to Marco. Time to solve another mandate.

Mandate 9: Who seems to be a good marksman?

  • Declaration: Nolent admits to having participated in the safari
  • Declaration: Sonia admits to having participated in the safari
  • Declaration: Billy admits to having participated in the safari
  • Declaration: Marco admits to having participated in the safari
  • Declaration: Marco admits to having been a good marksman, even if he seems to have lost his touch nowadays
  • Declaration: Lorenzo admits to having been a good marksman, even if he seems to have lost his touch nowadays
  • Material: Biathlon gold medal
  • Picture: Photo of family safari
  • Document: "Marco Jones' electoral campaign" press book

Head back to the dining room and talk to Baina and Kolio. Go up to floor 14 in the elevator and use your high-level access card to unlock suite 141, then head inside. Pick up the invitations from the desk, then go through to the next room. Look in the suitcase next to the bed and take the condoms, and look in the rubbish bin and take the tickets and receipts. Talk to Cristina and Clara, then leave the suite. Use the card to unlock suite 142 and go inside. Head through to the bathroom and look in the drawer to find a hair pain. Go back to the bedroom and look at the suitcase, then use the hair pin to unlock it. Inside, take the turtle box. Also look in the bedside drawer to find wedding invitations. Leave this suite and go up to floor 15.

Use your card to unlock suite 151 and enter. Go through to the bedroom and look at the wall safe. Use your blowtorch to open it, then use graphite on the key inside. Take a photo of the key, then pick it up. Using your PPA, compare the photo of the fingerprints on the key with Nolent's fingerprints. Leave this suite and find Nolent on level 19 again. Talk to him, then complete your next mandate.

Mandate 5: Was the chain that Walter Jones wore around his neck stolen? By whom?

  • Declaration: Lorenzo says Walter Jones wore his chain, as always
  • Declaration: Lorenzo confirms that Walter Jones was wearing his chain
  • Declaration: Sonia confirms that Walter Jones was wearing his chain
  • Declaration: Nolent pretends that he took the key only to help Walter Jones
  • Material: Fragment of Walter Jones' chain
  • Picture: Picture of Walter Jones' painted portrait
  • Print: Picture of Nolent's prints on Walter Jones' key
  • Document: Fax of autopsy report

Head up to floor 20 and use Jones' key to unlock the door. Inside, look at the safe and use the key to unlock it - it is empty. Go down and take the document from the table. Now head up to floor 22 and talk to Lorenzo, then floor 17 to talk to Sonia, floor 19 to talk to Nolent, and the kitchen to talk to Billy. You now have enough information to solve another mandate.

Mandate 6: What did Walter Jones' safe contain? Is Nolent responsible for the theft?

  • Declaration: Sonia explains the circumstances under which she stole the items from the safe
  • Declaration: Billy confirms what Sonia says regarding the safe and Nolent
  • Declaration: Nolent confirms that he opened Walter Jones' safe
  • Material: Wedding rings
  • Material: Turtle box
  • Document: Wedding invitations
  • Document: Walter Jones' speech

Day 3, Sunday June 11th

Go right to talk to everybody, then take the elevator up to floor 21. Enter the library to discover Nolent's body slumped across his desk. Look at him and take a photo of the scene. Pick up the pen and use it to move the gun from his hand. Dust the gun for prints with your graphite, then photograph it and pick it up. Also take the suicide note from the desk and the remote control (part of the wheelchair) from his lap. Head into Walter Jones' office and use the remote control on the red blinking light on his desk. Open the top left drawer and press the button. Now go over to the other side of this room and take the slip of paper (the all-access code) from the opened drawer at the base of the statue. Go and visit Lorenzo on floor 22, and he will tell you who went into the library.

Mandate 10: Who were the last people to go into the library before the murder?

  • Document: Print-out of consultation for the library lock from 9-11:59pm

Talk to Lorenzo again, then enter the elevator and go to floor 18. Head to the main elevator and take the letter from the pot-plant next to it. Read it, then compare it with Nolent's suicide note to combine the two.

Mandate 12: Was Hubert de Nolent's death really a suicide?

  • Declaration: Lorenzo claims that Nolent is not the suicidal type
  • Picture: Picture of Nolent's face
  • Print: Picture of pistol without prints
  • Document: Letter from Nolent to Isabella Jones, divided into two pieces

Go back up to floor 19 and around to the right side of the Heliport Lounges. Talk to Sonia and Cristina, then look in Cristina's bags and take 2 more documents. Talk to Cristina, Sonia and Martin. Head around to the left side of the Heliport Lounges and talk to Baina and Kolio. Next, go down to floor 18 and head down from the main elevator to find the garden. Talk to Marco here.

Go up to floor 22 and talk to Lorenzo, then take the wrench from the floor near him. Go back to floor 17 and use the wrench to undo the bolts on the shredder (near the workbench where you found the blowtorch earlier). Open the shredder and look at the card jammed inside. Use your graphite on it, then take a photo. Zoom back out and take the gloves from the bottom of the shredder. Using your PPA, compare the print on the card with Marco's fingerprints, and the gloves with the flax oil on the piece of paper. Talk to Marco out in the garden, Cristina on floor 19, and finally Lorenzo up on floor 22.

Mandate 11: What is Simbi Laktar still doing on the island?

  • Declaration: Lorenzo believes that he misplaced the keycard
  • Declaration: Lorenzo says that Simbi Laktar is an ex-employee, who was fired 15 days ago
  • Print: Picture of Laktar's keycard with Marco's prints
  • Document: Movements of Simbi's keycard during the night of the murder

Head to floor 20 and into Walter Jones' apartment. Go up around to the left, and open the compartment beneath the large portrait. Use the remote control on the red blinking light, then go down using the elevator on which you are standing. Approach the altar and pick up the 4 statues from the ground next to it. Place these on the altar so they are all facing outwards, then take the marriage certificate. Go back and use the remote control on the red light to get back up to the apartment.

Now take the stairs all the way down to floor 14, and enter suite 142. Enter the bedroom and look at the floor near the bed to see a condom wrapper. Use the graphite on it, then take a photo. In your PPA, compare this with Martin's fingerprints to get a match. Return to the Heliport Lounges and talk to Cristina and Martin. You can now solve the last mandate.

Mandate 13: Are there one or more irrefutable pieces of evidence of Marco’s guilt? Does his alibi hold water?

  • Declaration: Martin admits that he was sleeping with Christina on the night of the murder
  • Declaration: Christina admits that she was sleeping with Martin at the time of the murder
  • Declaration: Christina identifies the gloves as belonging to Marco
  • Material: Bottle of flax oil
  • Material: Two pharmacy receipts
  • Material: Two plane tickets
  • Material: Pieces of Marco's stained gloves (combined with oiled paper)
  • Print: Picture of Christina's condom wrapper with Martin's prints

Head up to floor 22 and into Lorenzo's office to complete the game.