Simon the Sorcerer: 25th AnniversarySimon the Sorcerer: 25th Anniversary

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/21/2018

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Simon the Sorcerer: 25th Anniversary is a re-released version of the original Simon the Sorcerer. You play as Simon, a normal boy who is inadvertently drawn through a portal into a world of magic. The story and gameplay remain unchanged, with slightly updated graphics and interface improvements. A new version of the second game in the series has also been released, Simon the Sorcerer 2: 25th Anniversary.


Starting off in Calypso's House, take the magnet from the fridge, and the scissors from the drawer. Go outside and head east to the blacksmith. Take the rope and clapper (on the table). Combine the rope and magnet to make a single item. Now go to the Druid's House by heading east then west, and pick up the ladder. Go inside and take the cold remedy and the specimen jar. Go to the Drunken Druid by heading east 3 times, and go inside. Pick up the box of matches from the fruit machine on the left, then cut the sleeping dwarf's beard off with your scissors. Head into the room on the right and talk to the 4 wizards to learn of your quest for the staff.

Quest for the Staff

Exit town by heading west twice, then head east, south, east, east to reach a tree trunk. Talk to the woodworms by walking around the tree trunk. Go south, west to reach the Witch's Cottage - use the handle on the well to bring up the bucket so you can take it. Now head east 4 times to watch the conversation between the troll and the goats. Use your map to get back to the village, then leave again by going west, and head east, north, east to find the Wise Owl. Talk to him several times for some hints, then be sure to take the feather he loses. From here go west, south, and remove the thorn from the barbarian's foot, so he will give you his whistle. Use the map to return to the troll bridge, and talk to the troll until he steals your whistle and blows it.

After the cutscene, take the placard, and head east 3 times to meet Oaf. Suggest to water the beans, and you will automatically pour your bucket of water on them, then leave the screen. Walk straight back to the west and pick up the beans from the puddle of water. Now go east, south-east and use your clapper with the bell. Ring the bell, then after you recover, climb the hair. You will end up kissing the Repulser and taking it with you. Use the hair again to exit the tower, then head west, north-east. Walk to the vines in the bottom left corner of the screen, then talk to Golum for a while. Use your map to get back to the village.

Go to Calypso's House and walk to the backyard. Use your beans in the compost pile, then pick up the watermelon. Go to the Druid's House and head west. Use the Repulser (pig) with the chocolate door, then walk inside. Pick up the smoke-box and the hat, then go outside and use the smoke-box on the beehive. Collect the wax from the hive. Go now to the Drunken Druid. Talk to the barman and order a drink - as he disappears behind the counter, use your wax in the beer barrel. Wait for a while and you will get a voucher. Go outside and pick up the barrel.

Use your map to go to the Wise Owl, and from there go east, east, north-east. Talk to the hole before heading east to the Centre of the Forest. Pick up the rock and have a closer look at it to find the Dwarf's password. Wear your beard and then walk into the cave - answer the password when they ask. Give the beer barrel to the guarding dwarf on the left, and follow him downstairs. Use the feather on the sleeping dwarf, then pick up the key he was concealing. Go upstairs and then west. Talk to the dwarf in the middle of the screen, then pick up the hook. Use your key on the door and walk inside. Make the dwarf an offer, and give him the beer voucher, in exchange for a gem. Now leave the mine.

Go north-west and pick up the paper. Now go east, north-east and go into the cave. Walk east until you reach the Swampling's House, and open the door. Talk to the swampling and eat his stew. Pour the second bowl into your specimen jar, and eat the third one. He should leave to gather more ingredients, so move the chest and open the trapdoor. For now you can't go any further, so exit the house. Go east four times to reach the sleeping giant, then use your map to go to the Centre of the Forest. Go south-east, east and talk to the woodcutter until you have his metal detector. Go back to the village (using the map) and enter the shop. Give the shopping list to the shopkeeper. Go to the Dodgy Geezer (street vendor) and sell your gem for 20 gold pieces. Head back to the shop and buy the White Spirit and the hammer (with a free nail!).

Use your map to get back zap to the troll bridge. Head north-west and talk to the bard. You will automatically leave the screen. Go back and put the watermelon in the sousaphone (which you will then be given). Jump over to the crossroads, then go north-east and climb down the vines again. Talk to Golum and give him your specimen jar, so you get his fishing rod. Now use your map to go to the Sleeping Giant. Use the sousaphone to wake him up and he will knock over the tree blocking your path. Head east twice and enter the cave. You will get blown out of the cave, so head back inside and give the cold remedy to the dragon. Go back in again and take the fire-extinguisher. Leave the cave and use your hook with the boulder on top of the cave. Click on the boulder to climb up, then walk to the hole and repeatedly use your rope and magnet with the hole until you have 40 gold coins. Go back down the way you came up. Now go north-east and pick up the rock, then look at it. Go east three times to arrive at the tree with the pink spot. Talk to the tree, then use the White Spirit on the pink mark to remove the stain. Talk to the tree again to receive your first magic words.

Teleport to the sleeping giant, go west once, and then use your metal detector to find some milrith. Now go back to Indiana Jones' hole (centre of forest then one screen west) and give him the rock with the fossil - you still need to remove the fossil. Head back to town and get inside the box that is in front of the store. Wait to be taken elsewhere, and then open the box. Pick up the rat bone from the floor, then look at the boxes to find and take your spellbook. Look closely at the spellbook, then use the paper on the door. Use the rat bone on the lock, then pick up the paper to get the key. Unlock and open the door, before walking through. Pick up the bucket and go down. Open the iron maiden and pick up the mints, then talk to the druid. Walk upstairs, remove the ring, and walk back down before talking to the druid again. Use the silver cross on your forehead to prove your innocence, then ask him for ideas on how to escape. Use the bucket on the druid. Step into the iron maiden and wait for the druid to return. Open the iron maiden and pick up the hacksaw. Use the hacksaw on the bars to free yourself.

Zap back to the village and visit the blacksmith. Use the rock on his anvil to free the fossil. While in town, talk to the druid and ask for his help - he agrees, but in exchange for some Frogsbane. Go back to Indiana and give him the fossil, then tell him you found the fossil where your detector is. Go back there and have a look at the dirt. Pick up the milrith ore and give it to the blacksmith back at town to get an axe-head. Go back to the Centre of the Forest, then go southeast, east, and give the axe-head to the woodcutter. After he "tries it out", enter his house. Pick up the climbing pin, then use the fire-extinguisher to put out the fire. Move the hook above the fireplace, then go down and pick up a piece of mahogany. Return to the swampling's house (Centre of Forest, northeast, east, east, east). Go inside and down the trapdoor. Walk right to the loose plank, and use the nail on the plank. How keep walking right and take the Frogsbane (flowers).

Zap over to the witch cottage and head east twice to reach the treestump. Talk to the woodworms and give them the mahogany. Now go to the Druid's place and give him the Frogsbane in exchange for the potion. Go back to the repulser house (map to the cross roads, then southeast). Use the hair to enter the house, and once inside use the woodworms on the floorboards. Fall down through the hole and see another hole in the floor. Use your ladder on this hole. Go down and open the tomb. When you have control again, go back to that room and open the tomb. When the mummy steps out, quickly pick up the piece of loose bandage. Once the mummy is destroyed, pick up his staff.

Zap to the village and go to the Drunken Druid. Inside, walk right to the side-room and talk to the four wizards again. Give them the staff and money, in exchange for a Wizard Wallet. Now that you are a real wizard, you can go and fight the witch.

Kill the Witch!

Use your map to go to the witch cottage, then open the door and step inside. Pick up the broom and challenge the witch to a duel. Play until you win ("Hocus Pocus" is the best option), at which stage you will get the broom. When the witch changes, use the word "abracadabra" to change into a mouse - quickly run through the mousehole at the back of the room. Use your map to go to the dragon's cave, and head northeast, east. Use the climbing pin with the hole and climb up. Talk to the snowman, and eat a mint. Now walk east twice to reach Sordid's tower.

Take Care of Sordid

Use your broom to fly over to the tower. Drink your potion, and you can enter the tower. Inside you meet your dog - pick up one of his hairs, and he will put you in the garden. Pick up the stone and the leaf, and get the matchstick from the bucket, then head west. Pick up the lily-leaf, and make a boat by combining the match with the lily-leaf, and then the leaf with the match. Pick up some seeds and head back to shore. Use your hair on the tap, and the stone on the seeds. Now use the oil on the tap, then move the hair. Step on the boat and head west.

Take note of the frog. Head west, and after you stop laughing, pick up the tadpole and talk to the frog. Threaten to turn the tadpole into froglegs, and the frog will clear off. Pick up the mushroom and eat it to return to normal size. Now pick up the branch from the tree, then open the door and enter the tower. Re-enter the tower and use the branch on the chest, then pick up the spear and shield. Now head down and pick up the chest. Use the spear with the skill, then pick it up and move the lever. Use the chest with the block and move the lever again. Move the lever one more time, then pick up the candles. Head up twice, to get to Sordid's bedroom.

Pick up the sock from the floor, the book to the right, the pouch on the bed, and the magic wand near the mirror. Use the sock with the pouch, then the pouch in the hole, to capture the mouse. Talk to the mirror, and go up once more. Try talking to the demons - you need their real names! Pick up the chemicals, and use them on the shield. Use the shield with the hook in the centre of the screen. Pick up the book from behind the chemicals and look at both books. Go down and talk to the mirror again. Spy on the demons on the top floor. Now that you know their real names, go back up and talk to them. Keep talking until they tell you about the teleporer. Step into it and teleport to the fire pits.

Pick up the pebble and the sapling. Talk to the attendant to get a brochure, which you show look at. Use the elastic band with the sapling to make a catapult. Use this with the bell, then pick up the souvenir matches from the counter, and walk right. Pick up the floor wax and keep going right. Use the magic wand on Sordid, then light the pit using the matches. Use the magic wand with the lava. After falling and recovering, use the floor wax to finish off Sordid.