Game Details:  Horror, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/27/2015

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Silverload is a 3rd person point and click adventure game set in a haunted old mining town. You play as a bounty hunter, hired by one of the locals to find their kidnapped child, but you uncover evil forces at work in the town and end up fighting just to survive.

Day 1

Talk to the man by the fire about everything, then enter the caravan on the left. Talk to the sick man about everything and he will give you a compass. Open the chest on the right and take the goggles from inside. Head back outside and walk between the caravans to leave the camp. Walk forward 3 times, and as long as you have the compass and goggles you will reach the town gates.

Head inside and talk to the man here, but he will run away. Go forward and you will see a cutscene, then continue forward to the outside of the hotel and go straight inside (if you hang around outside too long here you will be attacked).

Approach the desk and ring the bell. Ask for a room for the night, and say "I'm just passing through". Choose to stay in the room, then take the key. Now head around the left side of the counter and take the paper, then take the gold key. Back out and head upstairs. Take the chair from the hallway, then enter your room (number 2). Turn around and look at the lock on your door, then use the chair on it to hold it closed. Turn back around and open the chest of drawers, then go through the secret passage and talk to Leo about everything. Go back to your room and sleep in your bed.

Day 2

Turn around and move the chair (also leave this in the room), then go downstairs. Get your gun from behind the counter, then go outside. At the fight, say "I'm just passing by". Head left here and into the barn, where you can pick up a stick from the ground on the right. Turn around and leave the barn, then go down the alley to the right of the barn to find a kitchen; inside here pick up the meat cleaver and the frying pan. Back out of here and go back past the hotel, then through the archway to the right. Enter Joe's General Store and buy the rope and the matches. Leave the store and continue down the street to the left.

Talk to the man outside the saloon, then head inside. Go to the bartender and click on the sign to buy an ale. Take it outside and give it to the man. Head back inside and buy another ale. This time go upstairs and talk to Sheila, saying "I'm looking for a stolen child". After she leaves, pick up the loaded dice from the floor on the right. Go back downstairs and talk to the man playing dice. Save your game, because if you lose against him and play again to get money, he will take one of your items. Play against him repeatedly and you should win heaps of money (since you have the loaded dice) - when he eventually realizes you are cheating, quickly click on him to shoot him. Leave the saloon again and give the second ale to the man outside. Now that he has fallen asleep, take his crowbar and sledgehammer. Back out and climb up the tree outside the saloon to meet up with Sheila again. When the Sheriff knocks, quickly hide under the left side of the bed. Come out again after he leaves, then climb out the window.

Continue forward down the street to a statue, then head right into the jail, and talk to the Sheriff about everything. Go back outside, then continue left and back to find a gun store. Head inside and buy some bullets from the shelf behind the shopkeeper. Also walk to the display cabinet and take the bullet book from on top, then buy the bullet press from inside. Read the bullet book in your inventory. Leave the store and return left to the statue. You can use this relatively central location to drop your unneeded items. For now, drop the loaded dice, frying pan, stick, bullet press, bullet book, goggles, matches, both keys and the compass here.

Go left twice to find a Blacksmith. Use your rope on the well outside, then climb down and get a bucket and a gold token. Climb back up and retrieve your rope. Head right and then enter the Livestock building (don't worry about the scary kids). Pull the chain on the right, then use your cleaver on the pig's head, and collect its blood in your bucket. Return left and enter the Blacksmith's. Talk to Carl, then give him the bucket of blood and he will leave. Now you can take his shovel, diary and tongs. Read the diary in your inventory.

Leave this building and go right twice to be back at the statue. Continue right and then down the street to meet an undertaker. Say "Could I have my picture taken?", then while he is gone quickly take the hammer from the ground and the hook from the corpse on the left. You will receive a picture. Head back twice to return to the statue. You may need to make some more inventory space, so drop the picture, gold token, shovel, tongs and hook here.

Go back to the hotel and into the kitchen to the left. Now that you have the hammer you can lift the floorboards and go down into a cellar. Use your crowbar to open the small crate on the left, then look at the debris to collect a golden skull. Also pick up the lantern here. Return to the hotel again, then return to the statue.

Walk forward to the town hall and use your crowbar to get inside (if it is not yet night time, you will be told this is too noisy, and will have to waste time until night falls). Go up to the lit room upstairs and watch a cutscene, then search the clothes to find a green key. Go to the other side of the desk and unlock the desk drawer with this key, then pick up the silver key and spell parchment. Also take the journal from the desk, and read it in your inventory. Return from the desk and look at the picture behind the desk to reveal a small hole. Use your silver key in this hole, then press the button that is revealed. Now move the bookcase on the right wall and head through the secret passage. Use your spell parchment on the pentagram on the floor. In the next room, take a red potion from the shelves on the right. Use your sledgehammer to smash the crystal ball on the altar. Look at the table on the left and use your sledgehammer on the voodoo doll. Also take another spell parchment from behind the doll. Back out from the table and use this new parchment on the pentagram. Up on the roof, use your first parchment on the altar.

Now you should be able to safely leave the house and return to outside the saloon. Climb the tree to return to Sheila. Talk to her and she will bite you. Sleep in her bed for the night.

Day 3

Talk to Sheila again, then climb out the window and go to the statue. To make room in your inventory, you can now drop the hammer, sledgehammer, green key, both spell parchments, and the crowbar. Pick up the shovel, then go back to the hotel. Continue back twice and left into the cemetery. Walk to a small cross to the left and dig it up to find a locket buried with your parents. Go back to the path, then forward twice to the hotel, and make your way back to the statue.

Now you can drop the shovel, and pick up the gold token, matches and hook. Go right, forward and then right again, and you will be met by Sheila. Ignore her for now and go up to the hill on the right (this is only possible if you have the locket). Enter the house on the left and pull the shade down over the vulture's cage. Pick up the robes from the seat on the left. Go through to the back room and use the telescope, then back out 3 times to return to Sheila.

Now look at the path straight ahead to go to the mining town. Use your gold token on the slot in the gate, then walk through. Talk to the man to get a large silver key. Also take the gloves hanging in the coat pocket on the left. Back out, then enter the mine. Go into your inventory, and put the matches, lantern, rope and hook on the ground here. Use the matches to get a single match, then use the lantern to light it. Use the rope to attach the hook. Put everything back into your inventory, then take the dark path on the left. Look at the beam near the ceiling, then use your grappling hook on it before swinging across.

Pick up another stick from here, then go forward to a room with green light. Pick up the axe head, then put this and the stick on the ground and combine them to form a pickaxe. Pick this up, then go into the light and use your golden skull on the grave stone. Talk to Wolfstar, then go back twice and to the right. Pick up the silver and the dynamite, then go back 3 times and the Sheriff will order you to send out your guns and silver. Instead put your dynamite and matches on the ground. Take a single match and a single stick of dynamite, and return the rest to your inventory. Now light the dynamite, put it in the cart, and push the cart to the right to blow up the mine entrance. Use your pickaxe to clear the entrance, then leave the mine.

Go back 5 times to reach the statue. You can drop the big silver key here, and you need to collect the tongs, bullet press and frying pan. Go forward and right to the train station, then walk forward to the train and get on board. Open the furnace and put the coal inside. Put your matches on the ground and take out a single match, then use this to light the furnace. Put the silver in your frying pan (by using the ground), then put this into the furnace. Use your tongs on the furnace to retrieve the silver, then put this on the ground. Put your bullet press on the ground and use it to make silver bullets. Pick everything up, then save your game.

Go back to town and survive the shootout by shooting 3 guys in the head and the one in the robe twice. You will then start to change, but will automatically use the red potion in your inventory to halt the process. Go back twice to the statue and collect the spell parchments (and drop the gloves, frying pan and bullet press). Now go right, forward, right and up the hill, then enter the church. Go to the room at the back. Take a single stick of dynamite and put it on the right support beam, then use one of the spell parchments to reach the rooftop altar. Take the child, then shoot each of the priests, then each of the werewolves once they turn. Now shoot the preacher 3 times in the mouth. Quickly use the spell parchment on the altar, then get out of the church before it blows up.