The ShopkeeperThe Shopkeeper

Game Details:  Mystery, 2014

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/17/2020

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Shopkeeper is a short interactive narrative about one man who owns an antique shop, and another who must find a gift for his mother-in-law. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


There are 4 main different scenes in the game. The first shows a customer walking down the street, past a florist and into an antique shop. The second is within the antique shop, initially just with the shop owner, and then after the customer enters. The third is in the mother-in-law's office, with the customer entering to talk to her. The final scene depends on the choices you made during the remainder of the game.


You won't be able to collect all of the achievements in a single game, but since each game is very short, it will not take very long to see all of the game's content. Each section below describes how to collect the achievements within a specific game location.

The Street

Over 2 separate games, you need to click on both flowerbeds outside the florist Smell The Flowers.

Antique Shop

Wait for the customer to enter the shop and leave again twice, without talking to him or examining any objects Ignorance Is Bliss.

There are 12 objects within the antique shop that can be examined:

  • Box (in bookshelf)
  • Box (under painting)
  • Bust (on chest of drawers)
  • Cane (in bookshelf)
  • Chess set (on middle table)
  • Grandfather clock
  • Hip flask (on middle table)
  • Necklace (on side wall)
  • Painting of a ship (on side wall)
  • Rug (on back wall)
  • Silver spoon (on middle table)
  • Stuffed owl in a jar (on long table)

Over a series of games, you can hear the shopkeeper's opinions on each of these 12 items by clicking on them before the customer enters Shop Scout, and you can hear a discussion about each of the 12 items by clicking on them after the customer enters Shop Conquistador. There is also a specific achievement for hearing both the opinion and discussion about the rug on the back wall Ruggedly Handsome. Helpfully, the mouse cursor will turn green when you can examine an item to hear new information, and will turn red when you have heard it already. This will help you to complete the achievements.

Mother-in-Law's Office

Do not click on any of the objects in the office. Just wait for the conversation, then select any 3 options Dial M for Meh.

Look at the bust on the side table. During the conversation, select any 2 options to begin with, then select "This didn't involve anyone else" Do You Even Work Here?.

Look at the clock. During the conversation, select any 2 options to begin with, then select "He only cared about his family" Close But No Cigar.

Look at the clock. During the conversation, select "His partner was all mouth and no trousers", "He didn't respond well to criticism", and "This didn't involve anyone else" Shop Dream.

Final Achievement

There is an achievement for starting the game for the 10th time Persistence Comes in Many Clicks.