James Clavell's ShogunJames Clavell's Shogun

Game Details:  Adventure, 1988

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Walkthrough Updated:  5/5/2002

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

James Clavell's Shogun is a classic text adventure game by Infocom. You play as John Blackthorne, the first Englishman to enter Japan. The game is based on the book by James Clavell.

The Erasmus

Start by straightening the wheel, then lash it. Tell Specz to take the wheel. Go down, then fore. Examine the crew, then tell Vinck, Ginsel and Maetsukker to go on deck. Grab Maetsukker, and he will follow your order. Now head aft twice, then port to enter your cabin. Examine the desk (your apples are missing), then open it and take the quill and key. Unlock the chest with the key, then open it. Get your rutter, then read it and write in it. Put the rutter and quill in the chest, then close it and lock it with the key.

Go starboard twice, then ask Roper about your apples. Examine him, then take the apple. Go to port and eat the apple, then head aft to the captain's cabin. Examine the desk, then open it and take the flagon. Give water to the captain. Go fore twice, then up.

Unlash the wheel, then wait here until Ginsel spots a reef ahead. Turn the wheel to port, then straighten the wheel. Wait some more, and the foresails will be torn away. Ring the bell, then wait once more. Raise the foresails. Wait 4 more times, and you will spot a break in the reefs ahead and to starboard. Turn the wheel once to starboard, then twice to port. Straighten the wheel again, then turn to starboard. Ask Vinck to help you, then straighten the wheel. Wait 5 times, and you will spot an opening to port. Turn the wheel to port.


Eat the food, the examine the crucifix. Point to the tray when you are asked a question, then wait and eat more food when the tray is returned. Wear your clothes, then open the door and head east and put on your boots.

Go east to the harbour, then wait several times. When the men grab you, hit them. Wait until you are asked some questions, then answer "English", "Holland" and "yes". Bow to Omi. Now head east again and enter the boat. Take the oar, then row east twice. Go up and aft.


Answer the questions you are posed, by saying "John Blackthorne", "Holland", "Pilot" and "Straits of Magellan". Grab the crucifix and break it, then bow to Yabu.


Yell, then examine Omi. Wait, then take a straw - either you or Vinck will have drawn the short straw. Wait one more time, and the trapdoor will open again. If you drew the short straw, simply wait at this point. If Vinck is to die, stop him twice.

Samurai will rush down to attack - attack them twice, but Pieterzoon will be carried away. Wait once, then kill the samurai. Go up to speak to Omi. Say "hai" when prompted, then lie down. Get up again and head north to the bath house. Remove your boots and clothes, then drop them. Enter the tub and wash yourself.


Examine Yabu, then go east and wait. When you are asked questions, respond "yes", "Trinity House", and "50 degrees north". Tell Rodrigues about the Erasmus, then enter the boat. Examine the archer twice, then tell Rodrigues about the archer. Now head up and wait, then go aft and port.

Voyage to Osaka

A wave will crash to the deck - examine Rodrigues, then untie the line. Head fore, then grab the gunwale, ship the oars, and row. Go aft to the galley. Take the helm and straighten it, then turn the helm to starboard before straightening it again. Rodrigues will be washed overboard - take the oar and the ring, then throw the oar to Rodrigues.

Wait, then head fore to the main deck. Lower the anchor, then lower the skiff. Enter the skiff (you need to try 3 times to be successful). Row east, then exit the skiff and go south 3 times before heading north. Look down, and point to Rodrigues, then try to go down. Wait 4 times, and Yabu will reach Rodrigues, then have difficulty coming back up. Take the kimono, then tear it and tie the strips together. Lower the rope, but it is too short. Point to the loincloths. Now search for a ledge, then point to it. Wait twice and Yabu and Rodrigues will be safe.


Bow, then sit down. Examine Toranaga, then examine Hiro-Matsu. Tell Alvito to speak Latin, then point to Altivo and say "teki". Examine Alvito. Now move away from the outer door, and examine Ishido.


Examine the apelike man, then attack him 3 times. Take the gruel, then bow to the bulldog-like man before eating it. Wait, the examine the old priest. Speak Spanish to him, then ask him about himself. Finally, ask him to teach you Japanese. Wait here, slowly learning Japanese phrases, until you are taken out to the prison courtyard.

Get in the line, then wait. Wear the clothes, and continue waiting. After the ambush, walk west. Duck to avoid the attack, then wait. Get in Yabu's Palanquin.


Say "konnichi wa" to the woman, then tell Mariko about Domingo. Examine Mariko, then smile at Yaemon. Wait 3 times, then ask Mariko about the prediction.


Go west and enter the tea house. Examine Kiri before exiting. Wear the sandals, then go east and wait. Examine Kiri, then wait again. Move south twice and wait twice, then act crazy. Take the parchment and give it to kiri, then sing 3 times. Stop singing. Head south 3 times, then get up and enter Mariko's litter. Go east to enter the maze of Osaka city streets.

Explore the maze until you come under an arrow attack. Exit the litter and grab Mariko, then wait twice. Get up and attack the man twice, then wait twice more and you can resume your travels. Keep going through the maze, and you will meet up with your ronin. Continue to eventually reach the harbour.

When Mariko tells you the plan, answer "yes". Go east twice, and answer "yes" again. Help Mariko, then say "mizu". Look at your inventory, then throw a knife at the man. Duck and take the knife, then throw the knife at the Gray. Get up.


Wait twice, then move. Grab Toranaga, then try to grab Mariko. Head down, then boost Mariko and go up. Wait twice, then when Toranaga mentions his swords, look in your inventory and give your swords to him. Pee in the fissure.

Journey to Yedo

Remove your sandals, socks and kimono, then drop all and enter the tub (twice). Have Mariko wash you. Afterwards, take the dictionary and examine it, before heading east.

Wait 3 times, then go north and west to meet up with Mariko (only enter her room if Yoshi is not in the corridor to see you; if he is there, just wait). Screw her, then go east, south and west.


Check your swords, then bow to Ochiba and give her the camellia. Say "yes" to her question, then wait twice before saying "I am a samurai". Wait 4 times and the scene will end.


Wait once, then attack Yamazaki 5 times. Wait 3 times.


Enter the house and kiss Mariko, then exit and go east and south. Wait here until Mariko stands and has trouble walking, then help her.


Walk east and take all, then go west and south, and ask Yabu about the plan. Answer "yes", then follow Yabu 5 times. Look to see a stairway, then head down and hide. Head north and tell Mariko about Yabu, then go south twice and west to the audience chamber. Wait here until Mariko enters, then have her follow you.

Shoot the ninja. Go east and close the inner door and lock it. Walk north 3 times, then close the secret door and lock it (3 times). Now try to open the balcony door. Hit the top catch with the pistol twice, then hit the bottom catch with the pistol twice. Open the balcony door, then load the pistol. Wait until Yabu enters, then get up and bless Mariko.


Examine Vinck, then wait 3 times and help him.


Open the scroll and read it. Tell Toranaga about the scroll. Wait, then say "Yabu betrayed you", "Yabu let in the ninja", "I am Kasigi Yabu". Wait twice to complete the game.