Game Details:  Horror, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/6/2018

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Shiver is a short first-person point and click horror adventure game. On your way to visit your father in his retirement home in British Columbia, you become stranded in the Windy Oaks National Park. You must find a way to contact help before the horrors of the region overwhelm you. There are 11 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below; it will take at least 2 plays of the game to collect them all.


Take the cigarettes from the dashboard, then use the lighter in your inventory on the cigarettes. Open the glove box and look at the coupon, then take the cool tape and use it in the tape player. Look at the air freshener and then the speedometer, and you will eventually crash Welcome to Windy Oaks.


Pick up the rock and use it to break the windshield, then climb outside. Look at the newspaper weather report on the ground. Try to light a cigarette 6 times Chain-smoker. Go left to find a fork in the road, then continue straight ahead and forward beneath the wooden sign. Go up the stairs to the right, then around to the left. Pick up the hatchet, then open the panel and take the rubber hose. Look at the generator, which is out of gas. Return right and back down the stairs, then use your hatchet on the rotting tree. Examine the orange scrap of coat to find a key. Go up the stairs again and use the key on the lock. Now you can go inside the Visitor Centre.

Take the water bottle, then look at the note and call-sign book. Go to the back room and pick up the vodka bottle. Return all the way back to your crashed car. Use the rubber hose on the gas tank, then use your empty water bottle on it to get some gasoline. Head back to the generator and pour the gasoline into it. Use the generator repeatedly until it starts Zeus. Go inside again and into the back room, but now you need a key-card to get through the next door.

Return outside and down the stairs, then left to a large oak tree. Head along the path and then into the mine.

The Mine

Read the note, then pick up the lantern. Pour your vodka into the lantern, then light it with your lighter. Press the red button, then enter the lift and you will descend further into the mine Downward Spiral. Go forward and pick up the beer can. Look at the no-smoking sign, then light a cigarette here Underground Rebel. Enter the room on the right.

Read the sign to learn about thermite. Use the beer can in the coffee grinder to get aluminium dust. Look in the hole in the wall and take the screwdriver. Next use your hatchet on the rusty mine cart to get some iron oxide, and combine this with your aluminium dust to make thermite. While you are here, use your hatchet on Mort the Mole Whack-a-mole.

Go back and then further along the main passage. Remove the warning tape, then look at the lock. Put thermite on the lock, then ignite it with your lighter Clever Solution. Use your hatchet on the lock, then back out and push the bars away so you can continue forward. In the dark passages, go right, left, right, straight and left. Take the pickaxe, then enter the red chamber on the right. Search the clothes to get a key card. Back out twice, then just keep going straight ahead to return to the bottom of the lift.

Go forward twice to where you used the thermite earlier. Use the pickaxe on the bricks to the right, then enter the hole. Go forward until you reach the iron bars, and use the screwdriver on the two left bars so that you can crawl back outside Fresh Air.


Return to the Visitor Centre and go through to the back room. Use the key-card on the card reader, then enter the ranger's office. Read the 2 notes, then pick up the fireworks from the shelf on the radio. Examine the emergency radio. Set the 3 dials to L, W and T, light up the bottom 2 panels under "Tune", then press the power switch Mayday.

Go back outside and return to the fork in the road, then go up to the right to see the monster. Go back to your car and use the firecrackers on your car, then ignite them to create a distraction. Go to the fork in the road, then up to the right again. Continue up to the road and put the Roman candle in the snow pile, then ignite it with your lighter Goodbye Windy Oaks.

To get the final achievement, replay the game but don't light any cigarettes apart from the one in the car right at the beginning I Quit.