Shapik: The Moon QuestShapik: The Moon Quest

Year:  2020

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Shapik: The Moon Quest is a 3rd person science-fiction fantasy adventure game with no spoken words. After a cataclysmic event, mankind must leave Earth and attempt to find a new way to survive. You take the role of a nameless protagonist attempting to create a new habitat for humanity. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Stage 1

Click where indicated to open the bottom left capsule. Press the up arrow once, then click on the robot (1/9) on top of the next capsule. Move over to the right column of capsules and press the down arrow twice, then knock on the capsule to awaken the owl. Pick up the red glowing key from the ground and insert it into the control panel to the right. Go through the open door to the right.

Stage 2

Pull the lever down between the two doors, then head through the left door. Examine the curved screen, then click on the pieces to rotate them and connect the green and purple terminals. Go back to the start and head through the right door. Examine the curved screen here and solve another green to purple terminal puzzle. Return to the start again and tap the red computer, then continue right.

Stage 3

Talk to the scientist, then use the elevator to get up to level 2. Try to enter the greenhouse to the right, but you need a 3-digit code, so head back down to level 1. Go to the large screen behind the scientist and open the leaf folder (by double-clicking on it). Look at the bottom right image to see the code 745. Go back up to level 2 and enter this code on the door.

Inside the green house, examine the panel on the back wall. Flip all 3 switches (water to the right, both robots to the left). Go right and pick up the red fruit, then return left and down to level 1. Place the red fruit into the container on the scientist's desk. Before leaving, use the elevator to get up to level 3. Enter the room on the right and click on the red device (2/9) on top of the refrigerator. While you are here, jump on the bed Fun. Now head back down to level 1 and continue right.

Stage 4

Climb up the vine on to the branch, then touch the pink flower on the left and the owl will drop the battery. Pick it up and put it into the controller, then examine the controller. Now you need to solve a series of puzzles involving placement of gears:

  1. From bottom to top, insert small, large and small gears.
  2. Place the 4 small gears up the right side.
  3. Insert the small and then large gears to the right from the bottom, then add another small and then another large.
  4. Start with the 2 small large gears heading right from the bottom, then use the 3 small gears to reach the top.

Wait for the elevator to arrive, then get inside.

A Robot Friend

Stage 5

Click on the floor of the elevator to get it to go down, and you will automatically get out. Use the hint function and drag the lens to the top right to find the first spirit (1/8).

Go and examine the fallen robot on the right to see it has a keyhole. Now wait for an insect to come past holding a glowing red key and take it; you will automatically insert it into the robot. Go over to the left hill and wait for another insect to arrive, then take the blue glowing device it is carrying. Find a similar green glowing device on the ground to the left, an orange glowing device on a small mushroom to the right, and a purple glowing device on a large red mushroom in the background. Once you have all 4 of these, return to the robot. Insert the devices, then interact with the robot New Friend. Click on the pipe to the right. After the robot clears the path, head right.

Stage 6

Go over and use the green panel near the door, then touch the fingerprint scanner, but you can't get inside. Try it gain, and an owl will end up stealing a security chip and sitting up on a high metal beam above you. Notice the drawing on the outside of the red container, then head inside. Look at the chart on the wall here. Use the computer screen and enter the following code, by dragging from point 1 to point 6:


Now the display will turn green and a magnetic arm will appear. Enter the following set of commands:


Go outside and search through the rubbish to find the security chip. Use the green panel again and touch the fingerprint sensor, then go through the door.

Stage 7

Go down to level 0 and click on the barrel to the left so your robot picks it up. Head up to level 2 and walk right until your robot takes out the other one by using the barrel. Examine the panel on the back wall here - slide the 2 switches to the right, then press the yellow mushroom button. Grab the nearest yellow mushroom, then uncover the hatch in the floor. Look down through the hole and use your mushroom on the guard in the top bunk. Now climb down and steal the security chip from his pocket, then click to be pulled up again.

Examine the panel on the back wall again - slide the water switch to the left, then press the red button followed by the purple mushroom button. Grab the nearest purple mushroom, then head back down to level 1 using the elevator. Use the green panel to get through the locked door.

Go and examine the poster on the wall between the bunk beds, then return to the lockers. Open the locker on the right using the 3rd code: circle, triangle, triangle, diamond. Take the mask from inside.

Head down to level 0 once more and open the door with the green panel. Go through the portal on the far right. Click on the rubber ducky (3/9) in the water. Return through the portal, then put your purple mushroom into the suction pipe. Use the elevator to get up to level 3. Press the green button on the large display here. Return to level 1 and go to the far right.

Stage 8

Press the red button, then walk left and stand in the yellow square. When the machine above stops, quickly click on the yellow square and you will be transported to the next area.

Walk into the water to find out the robot cannot follow you here. Climb into the small tunnel in the wall to find a small room, then climb back out again. You will here some noise, so climb through the tunnel again and take the water bottle that has appeared on the table. Climb back out and fill this up from the water flowing out of the pipe. Climb through the tunnel once more and replace the water bottle on the table. While you are here, click on the glowing device (4/9) on the shelves. Leave again, and you will hear some more noise. Climb through the tunnel and take the red valve, then climb back.

Climb up the ladder with the help of your robot. Use your valve on the water machine here, and the water at the bottom will dry up. Climb back down and open the door to the right, then head through.

Stage 9

Use the hint function and find a spirit (2/8) at the top left. Also find another spirit (3/8) beneath the bridge.

Turn the red valve, then climb through the tunnel that is revealed. Look at the table with the glass containers and note the colors of their stoppers (blue, green, purple). Examine the display to the right and scroll through, noting which matching stoppers have green ticks on them, and noting the colors of the liquids (yellow, red, blue). Go back to the table and heat up the liquids until they are simultaneously these three colors (yellow, red, blue). Take the flask of red liquid.

Climb back through the tunnel. Use your flask of liquid on the plants to the left. Now click on the monster to get rid of it. Climb over the monster's back and press the red button, then stand on the elevator and you will go up. Head to the right.

Stage 10

Climb up to the platform on the left. Click on the small delivery robot and enter the following code (only obtained by trial and error or using the hint function and dragging the magnifier to the far right):

After the mid-air battle, click on the glowing parcel (5/9). Now pull the crate out of the way, and grab the large pipe, throwing it down to the ground below. Click on your robot to get down again. Now try to open the hatch on the right. Click on the pipe on the ground, then open the hatch again. Head through to see a massive robot cutting through a door.

Return to the left and examine the glowing panel. Press the button each time the pink holder is over a glowing marker, until you reach the center.

Alone Again

Stage 11

Touch each of the red glowing lights to turn them green, then head left to the large screen. Press the green button to talk to the scientist, who explains that you are missing a crystal for the large device here. Double-click on the green download button, then click on the next button 3 times. Click on the next green button to get rid of the advertisements. Double-click on one more green button to reveal a puzzle. Drag the pieces around to create the matching patterns 3 times.

Walk over to the right and take the red berries - you will end up with a crystal. Place this on the bottom-left pedestal. Go back to the large screen and close the puzzle, then press the green button to talk to the scientist again. Now go and touch the stone to teleport away.

Stage 12

Use the hint function and drag the lens to the top of the right tree to find a spirit (4/8). Also search the base of the right tree for the next spirit (5/8).

Go right and knock on the branch that has two small eyes peering out from it. Go further right until you are standing on a wobbly platform, then click on it to fall through. The web here blocks your path, so climb back up for now. Walk over towards the moth on the left, and it will fly down into the hole. Follow it down and help it break free - it will take the web with it. Go over and take one of the hollow purple flowers, then climb back up again.

Walk to the left and collect some water in your flower, then throw it on the rocks to the left so you can click on a flower (6/9). Collect some more water, then throw it on the branch to the right of the one with the two small eyes. Climb up that branch to the area above.

Stage 13

Go right to find a large owl and baby in a nest. Jump down below the nest and break off the twig shaped like a hook. Return left and attach this hook to the end of the rope, then pull it to ring the bell until the old man appears. Once the bridge is lowered, go across and enter the house.

The man has a fever. Read the book on the left and take note of the lock combination on page 14, and the herbs you need for a fever on page 20. Examine the locked chest near the foot of the bed and open it with the combination from the book (top-right, bottom, left). Inside you will find a bag for collecting herbs.

Go back outside and get some yellow flowers from beneath the mushroom on the right. Now head right towards the owl again. Grab the tall purple flowers, tall red flowers, and round orange flowers from here. Return left and pull the lever next to the bridge, then quickly jump on it to travel up. Pick the final leaves from here, then return down and into the house again.

Examine the teapot next to the old man. You now need to make some tea. Start by making the wrong recipe:

  • Add purple, orange and red ingredients.
  • Click on the water barrel to add water.
  • Click on the stove to boil the tea and give it to the man Not Tasty Tea.

Now make the correct recipe:

  • Add yellow, green and yellow ingredients.
  • Click on the water barrel to add water.
  • Click on the stove to boil the tea and give it to the man.

Drink the yellow potion the old man makes for you and you will fall asleep. After you awaken, go outside and pull the lever to lower the bridge. Head right towards the nest, but a spider will appear. Go to the right on the lower branch to scare the bats, and the spider will drop down lower. Climb back up and take the key from the nest. Return left into the house once more, then go through the door on the left.

Stage 14

Walk right and press the red button.

A New Companion

Stage 15

Talk to the fisherman, who needs some bait. Follow the path to the right, and knock on the door of the first house. Go and talk to the lady on the right, who needs a pumpkin and a fish. Return to the fisherman, who will give you a jar to collect his bait. Go right again and enter the large tree. Talk to the farmer twice, and he will give you a flask to collect some poison. Outside again, knock on the door to the left and you will hand over your empty flask. After the glowing from inside the house stops, knock again to receive the poison. Go over and use this on the garden.

Enter the tree and talk to the farmer again, who will give you a shovel and head outside. Go over to the garden and click on the holes to collect some worms in your jar. While you are here, examine the unripe pumpkin on the ground. Return to the fisherman and give him the worms, then follow him into his house. Talk to him, but he needs time to catch a fish for you. Pick up the bucket and read the sign on the wall about tying knots. Back outside, click on the water to collect some in your bucket.

Return right and water the pumpkin, then pick it up and give it to the lady. Go left and take a fish from the rack, then go right again and give this to the lady. Talk to her again to find out she needs some salt. Enter her house and take the salt, then head back outside. After the cutscene, follow the path into the bushes.

Stage 16

Walk to the right and touch the stone to form a bridge, but it will collapse. Now you must shoot magic at multiple targets to gradually light up the symbols on the tree:

  • Shoot the moth in the tree to the left.
  • Shoot the mushrooms that gradually appear in the log to the right.
  • Shoot the large stone 3 times; note 3 glowing targets in the branches above and quickly shoot all of these.
  • Shoot the large stone 3 more times; note 4 glowing targets in the branches above and quickly shoot all of these.
  • Shoot the large stone 3 more times; note 5 glowing targets in the branches above and quickly shoot all of these.
  • Shoot the root with holes beneath the right grassy ledge, and note the order of stones glowing down in the water, then touch these stones in the same order.

Finally, shoot the eyes in the tree, which should now be surrounded by a blue glow. After the bridge reforms, head to the right.

Stage 17

Use the hint function and drag the lens to the left of the blue sphere to find the next spirit (6/8).

Touch the blue sphere. You now need to spin the sets of rings so that matching symbols project between the rings - once the links are correct they will start to glow. If you get stuck, use the hint function. Now go over to the large glowing orb on the right.

Stage 18

Go to the right and touch the glowing orb Echoes of the Past. Walk to the left.

Stage 19

Use the hint function and drag the lens to the tree (above the owl) to find another spirit (7/8).

Head towards the ledge and the bridge will automatically form for you. Click on the brown bag (7/9) near the base of the tree, then talk to the woman. Continue to the left.

Stage 20

Use the hint function and drag the lens to the campfire on the right to find the final spirit (8/8) Spirits Hunter.

Enter the small house on the left where you received the poison earlier. Click on the glowing pink gem (8/9). Head back outside into the garden and use the elevator.

Stage 21

Go left to talk to another scientist several times until you receive a torn piece of paper. Examine the caged animal, but it won't give you the other piece of paper. Return to the elevator on the right and go down. Press the red button on the machine here, then wait and press the green button to talk to the first scientist. Click on the dead plant just to the left 4 times to make it produce fruit, then take one. Go back up in the elevator. Give the fruit to the squirrel and you will get the paper and complete the code: 710893. Go down once more and open the door on the left with this code. Head through.

Stage 22

Press the red button on the desk to the left. Now turn the left valve once, and the right valve 3 times to fill the rocket with fuel. Use the elevator on the right to go up. Go over to the left and knock on the glass to make the crab move to the right. Go through the door on the far right and you will end up swimming in the water behind the glass.

Touch the crab and you will take the boot from it. Swim to the left, but a big fish will block your path. When the fishing lure appears from the top of the screen, attach your boot to it; wait for a while and the fish will be caught. Now swim left and through a hidden opening behind the reeds. Click on the red seashell (9/9), then go back out to the main area. Lift the large piece of metal away from the top of the rocket opening, then swim back to the right to leave the water.

Go down in the elevator, then go through the door on the left into the rocket Back to Home.