Shadow of the CometShadow of the Comet

Game Details:  Horror, 1993

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Walkthrough Updated:  12/27/2003

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Shadow of the Comet is a horror adventure game inspired by the HP Lovecraft novella The Shadow over Innsmouth. You take the role of reporter John T Parker, who travels to the town of Illsmouth to investigate the tale of an ancient evil that is supposedly linked to the imminent passing of Halley's Comet near to Earth.

Day 1


Talk to the men at the coach and you will meet Dr Cobble, who owns the house where you will stay, and Mr Arlington, the town mayor. After your coach ride and conversation you will head inside. Pick up the diary and the telegram and read both, then consult your notebook (press I). Leave your room and head south twice to leave the house.

Walk southwest and south to find the Town Hall. Head inside through the door in the south wall to find the records office. Look at the plaque on the small golden statue in the corner, then go through the door into the records room. Talk to Jugg twice (answers 1 and 2). Look at the births register on the table on the right, then talk to Jugg again (answers 2 and 1). Head out of this room and Jugg will leave. Go back into the records room and look in the cupboards at the back of the room, then take the magnifying glass. Now leave the building.

Head east 3 times to find the gate to the cemetery. Talk to Gloria (answer 2) and she will take you to the general store. Go inside and talk to Myer, the shopkeeper (answer 1). Leave the shop through the north door.

Walk east 3 times and pick up the rope ladder from outside, then enter the fishery. Talk to Hambleton (answer 1). Now leave the fishery and head west 3 times. Talk to Sergeant Baggs twice to defend the gypsies in the square, then you will automatically go southwest. Enter Jugg's house. Head into the second room and look at the rifle on the wall, then use your magnifying glass on it. Head into the back room and talk to Jugg (answer 3), then leave his house. Walk northeast and northwest twice to return to Cobble's house.


Go west into the forest and pick up a branch. Keep wandering around the forest until you have collected a total of 3 branches and a creeper, then return to Cobble's house. If you end up escaping the forest at the other end you will find yourself outside Bishop's house. Walk northwest, west 3 times and northwest twice to return to Cobble's house.


Go inside and back to your room. Look in the drawers and take the absorbent cotton and surgical spirit. Also look in the trunk in the corner of the room and pick up the drawing and the map. Combine the cotton and alcohol. Now walk over and put the drawing on your desk, then use the cotton on the drawing. Pick up the drawing again and then put the map on the desk. Move your hand to the top right part of the Searcher constellation and mark the spot.

Leave the house and walk southeast. Talk to Myer out the front of the pharmacy. Continue east to reach the inn, and talk to Cobble before heading inside. Talk to the bartender twice, then talk to Tyler when he arrives (answers 2 and 2). When the fight starts outside, pick up the bat from over on the right and use it to break up the fight. You will escort Webster to the pharmacy afterwards, and will meet the pharmacist and his daughter; Webster will then agree to guide you in the forest. Go northwest then into Cobble's house. Go back to your room again. Look in the trunk and take the camera, tripod, lantern and lens. Leave the house and walk southwest and south, then talk to Webster.


You will follow him automatically to a bridge, then he will leave (and take your tripod!). Walk north over the bridge, then use the 3 branches, then the creeper, the plates and the camera. Now use each of the 3 plates to create exposed plates, and you will automatically pick up your camera again. Head east, then follow the black cat until it disappears into some bushes. Look at the bushes and you will find a passage. Walk through, then as soon as you are on the next screen, go right to hide behind the tree. After you are spotted, run back the way you came and you will collapse outside Cobble's house.

Day 2


Take the prescription from your desk, then leave the house. Go southeast and enter the pharmacy. Talk to Matthews, then give him the prescription. Head through the back door on the left to find his photographic lab. Pick up the 4 chemicals from the far bench, and the 4 near the top of the ladder. Head into the dark room, behind the red curtain on the left. Walk to the switch on the back wall of the room to dim the lights, then go and put your exposed plates in the trays on the left. Use the metol and hydroquinone to develop the photos, then the benzine chlorate (sodium hyposulphate) and chromogenous (potash metabisulfite) to fix the photos. You will collapse again and be saved by Matthews.

Go outside and walk south and southwest, then watch Wilbur head east. Follow him east and into the general store. Watch as he puts a key on the counter and then leaves; once he is gone, pick up the key. Talk to Myer while you are here, then leave to the south and head west to Jugg's house.

Use the key to enter the house. Pick up the baby statue from the table and continue to the next room. Open the cupboard and pick up the statue of the young man, then continue left into the next room. Open the right glass cabinet and take the statue of the old man, and go through the door. Walk to the left side of the rug and look to find a key - pick it up. Now head over to the bookcase on the right, take the book called "Youth" and replace it with the baby statue. On the far bookcase, take the book called "The Old Man and the Sea" and replace it with the old man statue. Also on this bookcase, take the booked called "The Invisible Man" and replace it with the young man statue. Head through the secret door.

Talk to Jugg, then show him the parchment. Go to the desk and pick up the Necronomicon and the message. Use the small key to unlock the Necronomicon, then read it and put it back on the desk. Leave the house, then go northeast and northwest twice (any other way and you will be caught by Sergeant Baggs). Enter Cobble's house and go to your room, then read the message from Jugg's house.

Leave the house and go southwest, south and southwest to the post office, then go inside. Talk to Mrs Gildchrist (answer 1) then go through the door at the back of the room. Upstairs, talk to Underhouse, then leave the post office, and talk to Miss Picott outside twice (answer 1). Walk east twice and talk to Myer - buy the locket, brooch and another set of plates. Return west twice and use the brooch on Miss Picott, then use the locket on her and you will get her bible. Read the bible.

Head north and into the town hall (entrance on the right). Approach the man at the desk and talk to him (answers 2, 3 and 1). Head upstairs and into the mayor's office. Look at the painting to the left of the desk, then look at the safe and enter combination 345. Take the diary and cigar case, then open the cigar case and read the deposit note. Read the diary, and you will automatically return it to the safe. Leave the building and return southwest to the post office, then go inside. Give the deposit note to Mrs Gildchrist and you will get a package. Go outside and open it. Now walk east, north, northeast and north to reach the well. Stand behind the well and use the frock to wear it.

Walk east and approach the men (answer 1). Go through the gate, then up the stairs and you will change back to your normal clothes. Walk left and you will automatically throw your rope ladder up to the window and climb up to the top of the lighthouse. Look at the sundial, then take the wings that are revealed. Open the light cover and take the candle. Now use the candle to put it down on the ground, then use the magnifying glass on it to light it. Use the candle on the wings, then use the wings to fly to freedom.


After you land, walk over towards the gypsy with the crystal ball and talk to her. Leave the gypsy camp to the west, then go south and head east until you return to town.


Go southeast from Cobble's house to the pharmacy. Talk to Bishop (answers 1 and 1) then talk to him again before he leaves to get the cemetery key. Head south and east twice, then use the cemetery key on the gate.


Walk north twice and take the rope from the cart on the left. Now head south and east, and take the iron bar from against the wall. Go north and into the crypt, then use the iron bar on the door. Use the rope on the doorway and climb down.

Go east and pick up the skull, then return west to the rope. Go west (avoid the bat), north (avoid the spikes) and north, and pick up another skull, then return south and east to the rope. Walk north and put a skull on each of the pedestals, then continue north. Avoiding the hidden pit in the middle of the room, go west, then go south. Avoid the spiders and stand on the hidden platform toward the bottom of the screen, then return north. Go west through the open gate. Step on each of the 4 platforms only once, then head north and east. Take the first statue from the left and the second from the right, then return the first to the right and second to the left (swap their positions). Continue north twice. Go west and stand on another hidden platform, avoiding the rats, then return east.

Go east twice (avoid the middle of the room), then south, south (avoid the middle of the room), south (avoid the spiders) and east (avoid the bat). Stand on the hidden platform, then return west, north twice and east through the open gate. Continue south, east and south twice. Walk around the hole that is dragging you in, until a door appears to the west - go through. Step on the hidden plate, then return east and go north 3 times.

Step on each of the platforms once, then continue north, west and north to reach an altar. Read the plaque on the left, then the back, then the right. Keep circling the altar a total of 3 times and the gate will open. Head east, then save your game.

Go north. Take the 4 statues, then run south, west, south, east, south twice, west, north, west, north twice, west twice, south twice, west, south, east twice and south twice. Climb up the rope to escape the crypt. Talk to Mrs Webster in her house (answer 3). Look at the painting on the left, then look at the drawing and talk to Mrs Webster again. Leave the house and go south 3 times to exit the cemetery.


Head west twice, northeast, northwest and west to Tyler's house. Use statue 1 when Tyler approaches, and say "IAE YOG THU SOT", then quickly walk to the pentagram and use the statue again.

Next go south and west twice to Arlington's barn. Use statue 2 when Arlington approaches, and say "RLA GNA HAS TEP", then quickly walk and climb to the pentagram and use the statue again.

Walk east, south, southeast and south to Coldstone's house. Use statue 3 when Coldstone approaches, and say "NGH HLU KHU WIG", then quickly walk to the pentagram and use the statue again.

Go north and east. Grab the rotten fish from the garbage can, then walk to the middle of the screen and use the fish to catch the cat. Head east, north, east twice and south to Bishop's house, then go west to Wilbur's house. Use the cat here and the dog will start barking. Run east, north, west twice and south twice to Jonas' house, and go inside.

Take the lantern from the table on the right, and the compass card from the drawer on the left. Use the compass card on the ship's wheel on the back wall, then head up the stairs to the right. Don't step on the rug here. Put the lantern on the right side of the fireplace, then head up the stairs again. Look at the desk on the right, then look in the drawer and take the handle. Use the handle on the telescope, and 3 levers will come up from the floor. Look at the bottom lever to use it, and you will catch a ball from the lamp above. Use this ball on the painting to open another doorway. While you are here, look in the bookcase and read the book "Magic Rites". Save your game.

Go through the new doorway. Use statue 4, and say "THO NYA CHT TUR". You will be caught - when you are about to be killed, use the statue again. Now run out of the house, escaping the fire. You will collapse outside again.

Day 3


Talk to Cobble (answer 1) then read the message from Mrs Gildchrist. Head outside and talk to Miss Picott, then walk southwest, south and southwest to the post office. Go inside and head towards the back door, but Mrs Gildchrist will talk to you, then Sergeant Baggs will enter (answers 1 and 1). Leave the post office.

Walk east, northeast and east 3 times, and talk to Bishop at the fishery. Pick up the stick and use it on the door. Use your brooch to retrieve its pin, and use the pin on the door to pick the lock. Inside, look at Curtis, then look in the fireplace and take the bow, and look at the floor over near the window and take the arrow. Leave the fishery.


Head south twice, west 3 times and north to find a stump in the woods. Use the feather on the stump and you will transform into a dove and fly to see Natawanga. Answer his questions:

  • The Mic Macs
  • Yog Sothoth
  • 1834
  • A star
  • Dagon

After returning to the stump, head north and east 4 times to return to Cobble's house.


Continue east 3 times to reach the well. Look at it and you will climb down. Walk east and throw the pot of paint into the water. Continue east and pick up the empty can and the can of acid. Go east once more and pick up the two flints, then save your game.

Head towards the middle of the room and use the empty can to collect some naphtha (it is safest to approach from the bottom of the room). Walk south and use the can of naptha. Use the flints, then the bow. Pick up the turquoise, aquamarine and butterfly. Return north and use the empty can on the naphtha again to get some more. Use the turquoise on Natawanga's ring. Return west 3 times and climb out of the well.

Walk south twice and east 4 times to reach the docks. Talk to Bishop (answers 2, 3, 3 and 2) then board the boat.

Dagon's Island

Take the emerald and the ruby from the large head on the sand. Now look at the door and solve the slider puzzle (3rd column down twice, 4th row left, 2nd column down, 3rd row left twice). Head inside. Put the ruby in the statue's right eye. Make sure the aquamarine is in your hand, and step on the pentagram near the bottom of the screen. Use the aquamarine, then run out of the room before it explodes. Outside, Boleskine will give you another ring - use the emerald on it. Get back in the boat and you will go to your next destination.

Cthulhu's Cavern

Enter the cavern and use your lantern, which will run out of oil. Use the can of naphtha to refill it. Wait until you can't see any of the pink monsters, then go up as far as you can. Go west to reach the next screen. Avoiding the blue monsters, go to the middle of the screen and through the hole to the north. Pour the can of acid into the hole in the floor, then pick up the diamond. Use Natawanga's ring, then use Boleskine's ring.

Go south and east. Head towards the far right of this screen and look until you find a secret passage - you will head through automatically. Use your tripod, then use the plates to unwrap them. Use the camera, then the butterfly (twice). Use your magnifying glass and lantern. Finally use a plate.

The comet will shoot past. Pick up the fragment that falls to the earth. Now look at the colored spots on the rocks:

  • Look at the red spot and use the flints
  • Look at the blue spot and use the aquamarine
  • Look at the white spot and use the comet fragment
  • Look at the green spot and use the diamond


Leave the house and you will board the boat.