Game Details:  Fantasy, 1987

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/7/2001

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Shadowgate is a fantasy adventure developed by ICOM Simulations. You take the role of an unnamed adventurer exploring the ancient keep of Shadowgate, on a mission to retrieve the Staff of Ages and defeat the evil Warlock Lord and his minions. An updated version of the game, Shadowgate Remake, has been subsequently released.


You should always have a lit torch with you. Pick up every torch you see. If your current torch is starting to dim, use it on an unlit one, then throw away the used one, because it cannot be used again. If a torch suddenly goes out, you may be able to light it from a candle or something else in the current room. Save often, as these torches will often be the death of you. You can also drop each key as soon as you've used it, because none is used more than once.


Open the skull above the doorway, then take the key. Open the door and head inside. Take the two torches from the walls, then use your key on the double doors and go through. Take the special torch from the left wall. Open the book on the shelf and take the key from within. Back out to the entrance hall and use your new key to unlock the door on the right. Open the door and go through to a closet, where you can take a slingshot and sword. Now back out of the closet and go through the double doors again. Open a small rock in the far wall and go through the hole here.

Take the silver arrow, then operate the torch on the left wall and go through the new secret passage. Go over the left bridge and you will meet a wraith. Light the special torch from your current lit torch (it will burn green) and use this on the wraith to kill it. Pick up the cloak and use it on yourself to wear it. Open the next door and go through. Talk to the rope, saying EPOR. Climb up the rope to a room with 3 mirrors. Take the broom from the left, then open the door behind you and go through.

In this room with 6 coffins, open the near right coffin to find a mummy. Use your lit torch on the mummy and take the sceptre that is left when it burns. Go through the door behind you to find a stone hallway, then go through the right door into a cavern, and through the next door to find a waterfall. Pick up a stone from the floor, then go through the space next to the waterfall. Hit the rock on the wall here, and open the bag you find; take the 3 gems. Go back to the stone hallway and now go through the left door. Put your white gem in the slot next to the door, and take the crysal sphere that appears. Now open the door. Drop all your torches except your currently lit one, and go through.

Pick up the shield straight away. Also pick up the hammer and spear. Leave this room before you get fried, and you can drop the shield and collect your torches again. Back out to the stone hallway and go right again. Use the sphere on the water to freeze it, and now you can take another key from the skeleton. Use your lit torch on the water, then take the sphere again.

Now return to the stone hallway, go through the far door, then through the far left coffin to return to the mirror room. Use your hammer on the middle mirror, then drop the hammer. Use your newest key on the locked door, then open it and go through. Open the door on the other end of the bridge and a firedrake will appear. Use your sphere on the fire and it will disappear. Go through the door. Try to cross the bridge and you will see a troll; use your spear to get rid of it, then drop the spear and go through to the next room. Put your small stone in the slingshot and use this on the cyclops. Follow up by using the sword on the cyclops. You can now drop your slingshot and sword. Use the well on the right, then open the bucket and take the gauntlet. Open the far door and go through.

From this carpeted hallway, go through the near left door. Take the book from the desk, then open the desk and take everything from within. Also take the map from the wall. Now use your red gem in the slot and go through the hidden doorway that is revealed. Open and read both the scrolls, and use the one about "Lands under the heavens" on the globe here, then take the key that is revealed. Also take the bellows from the wall.

Return to the carpeted hallway and go through the far left door. Lift up the stone with the chain attached and take the bottle. Also take the horseshoe, then go through the opening beneath it to find a garden. Use the gauntlet on yourself, then take the flute and use that on yourself. Take the ring from the hole that appears in the tree. You can drop the flute and the gauntlet.

Return to the carpeted hallway once more and go through the far door. In the banquet hall, use your lit torch on the rug, then take a 3rd key. Unlock and open each of the 3 doors in this room with the 3 keys you have recently found (then drop them all).

Go through the upper right door, then try to go upstairs and the sphinx will ask you a riddle. Drag the appropriate item onto the sphinx to answer him:

  • I at fires attend... bellows
  • Long neck and no hands... broom
  • First I was burnt... horseshoe
  • It has towns... map
  • If you look at me... mirror

You can drop the other 4 items listed above, as you don't need them for anything else. Now go upstairs to the observatory. Take the star from the painting, then operate the painting and it will move. Take the rod that is revealed, then climb the ladder. Use your silver arrow on the woman here and she will die before reverting into a werewolf.

Return down to the banquet hall and go through the upper left door. Try to take the horn, and a hellhound will appear. Open your bottle and use it (holy water) on the hellhound to get rid of it. Now take the horn and climb the ladder. Use your star on the wyvern then take the talisman and return to the banquet hall.

Finally go through the lower door to find a tiled hallway with 2 doors. Go through the left door to the balcony and put your rod in the holder, then take the wand that appears. Go down the stairs to the left and open the bag on the left, taking the large coin and 1 small coin. Return to the tiled hallway and go through the right door. Put your sceptre in the hands of the skeleton king, then move the shield on the right wall and use your ring in the hole revealed. Now go down through the hole beneath the king.

Go forward then right. Wear your glasses, then open the book from the library and examine it. Use the book on the statue, then drop the book and glasses and go over the bridge. In the next room, use the right lever, middle lever, and right lever again, then take the silver orb. Now go all the way back to the room with the 3 mirrors. Go down the trapdoor, then use the doorway at the end of this room and go through. Use your final gem in the hole here, then take the scroll. Leave this room and go backward until you reach the room with 2 bridges.

Drop everything except the wand and a lit torch, and go over the right bridge. Use your wand on the snake, then take the staff and go back. Pick up everything again Use your gold blade on the staff, then the silver orb on the staff to complete it.

Cross the left bridge, go forward, up the rope and forward twice more to the bridge with the troll. Try to go forward and he will stop you again. Open the scroll you just got and use it on yourself, then continue forward 3 times to the banquet hall, through the lower door, right, down the hole and forward. Use your last scroll on the gargoyles, then go forward through the passage they were guarding. Use the lever on the side of the well, then throw your large coin into the well and go down into it.

At the river, use the mallet on the gong to summon the ferryman. Give him your small coin, then get on his raft to be transported to a vault. Put your talisman in the left hole, then use your horn. Go through the door on the left and use your staff on the behemoth.