Game Details:  Adventure, 1984

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/19/2005

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Seastalker is a classic text adventure game by Infocom. You play as a nautical scientist who must save an underwater Aquadome from destruction.

Science Lab

Turn on the videophone and adjust it to get a message from Zoe Bly. Get the microphone and turn it on. Ask Bly about the problem, then about the monster. Wait, and when the videophone blacks out, drop the microphone. Go north and turn on the computestor. Ask the computestor about the videophone, then go east, open the door and go east again. Examine the electrical panel, then close the circuit breaker. Go east into Kemp's office and ask her about the circuit breaker. It is time to leave.

Return west twice to reach the lab, then go south twice and west. Take the capsule and head north, then south into the Scimitar. Push the test button, but don't believe the result. Read the sign on the access panel, then ask Tip for the tool. Open the access panel and crawl inside. Fix the voltage regulator and go back out. Close the access panel and close the hatch. Now insert the capsule into the reactor, then close the reactor and turn it on. Fill the tank, then open the gate and start the engines. Open the throttle and push the joystick east.

Sub Journey

You can now examine the sonar and adjust your speed and depth to safely pass northeast through the sea wall (one way is as follows - go northeast, north, set depth to 5 meters, north, northeast, wait until you detect an approaching ship, set depth to 15 meters, and keep waiting until clear of the wall).

Turn on the autopilot and set the throttle to fast (you can do this because you fixed the voltage regulator) and turn on the search light. Now wait. When it is suggested, ask Tip for his magazine, then read the magazine, and read the article. When the sonarphone rings, answer it, then set the throttle to low. Wait until you come to a gentle stop, then open the throttle again to move into the docking cradle. Wait again and a ramp will swing down to connect to your sub. Get the oxygen gear, then open the hatch and go out.

The Aquadome

Go north twice and greet Bly. Wait here until something goes wrong with the oxygen supply, then use the oxygen gear. Go north and examine the air supply. Open the access door with the tool, then get the relay and screw it into the space.

Return south and ask Bly about the relay. Wait, and answer Yes to Bly's question. In her office, ask her about the evidence and she will produce a black box. Ask Bly about it. Take the box, then open it with the tool and examine it. Try to go south, and you will notice something under Bly's desk. Pick up the object - it is a wrench. Ask Bly about the wrench, then about Doc.

Note: When Mick offers to have Bill and Amy fit an Emergency Survival Unit, say yes.

Open the door and go west, and you will have a chat with Tip. Ask Tip about his idea. Head south and search for a bazooka, then get it and give it to Tip. Go north 3 times and put the black box on the sonar. Now walk south and west twice. After Doc's initial questions, show him the magazine. Agree to let him make up a drug to tranquilise the monster. When Bly asks if you have a backup plan, say yes and show her the bazooka. Agree to have it fitted to the Scimitar.

Go east and south, then open the blue door. When Doc appears with the dart gun, take it. Go south into the Male Dorm and open the locker with the tool. Get the diary, then open it and get the photo. By now, Bill and Amy should have fitted that Emergency Survival Unit, so return to the Scimitar by heading north, east, south twice and down.

Examine the Emergency Survival Unit, then take the syringe. Go out, north twice and west to find Doc, and ask him to analyse the syringe. Go north twice and wait for the analysis. Find Bill and show him the syringe - he will go to the Scimitar and you will go to the Office. Examine the monitor, then turn off the docking tank electricity. Now that Bill has surrendered, turn the electricity back on.

Go to the Scimitar by walking west twice, south twice and down. Have Tip fit the dart gun to the extensor claw. Ask him about a fine grid, then wait while he fits it to both the sonarscope and throttle.

Return to the reception area (go out and north twice) and Bly will wish you luck. Go south twice and down into the Scimitar. Fill the tank and turn on the engine. Open the throttle and push the joystick south.

Sub Battle

Turn southeast and set your throttle to high. Now wait until Tip identifies something on the sonarscope, and agree to wait until you get closer. Talk to Thorpe, then to Kemp, who has knocked Thorpe out.

One way to defeat Thorpe is as follows - stop, northwest, open throttle and go northwest 5 times. Now type this as one command - west then aim bazooka at power pod then shoot power pod with bazooka. The Sea Cat is out of commission and Kemp will lead the Snark away for analysis.