Search for the Golden DolphinSearch for the Golden Dolphin

Game Details:  Adventure, 1999

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/5/2008

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Search for the Golden Dolphin is a first-person adventure set on the high seas. You play as a US Naval Officer, sent on a mission to recover the USS Golden Dolphin from the clutches of a band of pirates, set against the background of a naval war in the West Indies.

1 June 1799

USS Declaration

Talk to Commander Harris, who asks you to speak to the doctor. Go through the door behind him and speak to the doctor's wife, then take the red rag from the table. Return to Harris and talk to him again to learn more about the game. Go up to the main deck and talk to Captain Bradley, who is next to the ship's wheel - he needs a replacement signal book from his chest. Go back to where you spoke to the doctor's wife, turn around and talk to the man here - he says the chest is below.

Go up to the main deck, then all the way to the rear of the ship and over the rope ladder down into a longboat. Look in the chest and take the signal book. Return to Harris and talk to him again to learn about the Thorne medallion and the signal flags. Head back up to Bradley again and talk to him.

Read the signal book in your inventory - you need to signal to break the enemy's line. Take flag #8 from the shelves near the captain, and you will use your red rag as flag #3. Put the red rag on the front mast, and the purple flag on the middle mast and you will signal your ships to victory.

7 June 1799

St Kitts

Talk to Bradley, who says you need provisions. Go to the general store and give your money to the shopkeeper, then take the lieutenant's uniform on the left. Leave the store and go to the tavern. Talk to the lieutenant here, who gives you his commission. Now go to the courthouse and talk to the man here to get more money. Go back to the store and give the shopkeeper the money, then take the provisions. Talk to Bradley again to set sail.

10 June 1799

USS Friendship

Click on the red pennant to learn it is an easterly wind. Go back along the ship and pick up the chip log from the right. Talk to the first mate, near the ship's wheel - he will steer the ship when you work out its current location. Go all the way to the back of the ship and get the sailor here to measure the current depth at 73 fathoms. Face back towards the front of the ship and look in the drawers to take a sextant and an hourglass.

Now face the back of the ship and use the chip log in the water. Click on the small red flag to start the process, then note the number of knots when the hourglass is empty - 10 knots. Next climb up to the crow's nest and look up at the sky. Use the sextant on the Polaris star and adjust until the arm is just below the star, for a reading of 32 degrees.

Go back to the drawers and look at the map sitting above them. Enter the correct details above the map: 32, 73, 10, -E. Now click on the one remaining option on the map.

15 June 1799

HMS Hyacinth

Talk to Ellis, then to the drunk surgeon. Pick up the surgeon's saw from the wall and the oar from the floor. Use the saw on the oar to turn it into a capstan bar. Talk to One-Armed Jack and the old man to enlist their help. Use your capstan bar on the capstan and then listen - you need to turn the capstan 4 times, but only while you hear thunder (to hide the noise).

Go up on deck and talk to Governor Balzac and the carpenter (but not to the sailor guarding the hammocks). When there is no lightning flashing, use your saw on the hammocks then pick them up. Go back down and give the hammocks to One-Armed Jack. Solve the 4 jigsaw puzzles to make some sails. Go and talk to the old man to start the mutiny.

16 June 1799

HMS Hyacinth

Go and talk to the old man (at the ship's wheel) and he will give you a chart. Talk to the bosun next, and you will automatically use the chart. Unfurl all the sails, and set each of them to -10 degrees. Set the rudder to -10 degrees as well, then click Go.

Talk to the bosun and change all the angles to 0 degrees, then click Go again. Talk to the bosun again and set all the angles to -40 degrees, then click Go a third time. Talk to the bosun and change all the angles to 0 degrees, then click Go again. Talk to the bosun and furl all the sails, then click Go a final time.

3 July 1799

The Triomphe

Starting in the war room, talk to Bradley, then to his wife (in the same room). Go out to the main deck and speak with 3 people - a master sailor, minister and purser. Pick up the weevil from the small table back near the master sailor, then head up to the quarter deck. Talk to One-Armed Jack and use the weevil on him to take part in the weevil race, but your weevil is too slow.

Back in the stateroom (just inside from the main deck) talk to the pirate, who wants citizenship in exchange for information. Continue in to the war room and use the weevil on the anise (one of the bottles on the crate at the back of the room) to make it faster. Go back up to the quarter deck and use your weevil on One-Armed Jack to win the race, and get some coins.

Go down to the main deck and click on the purser's table - talk to him and he will offer to sell you an item. Give him the money and buy the protection document. Go to the stateroom and give the protection document to the pirate in exchange for vital information. Now go back and talk to Bradley and indicate he should sail to Ragged Island.

6 July 1799

USS Declaration

You now have to attack the Golden Dolphin. Follow these steps:

  • Sponge the guns
  • Put in the powder
  • Load two cannonballs
  • Aim the cannon at the hull
  • Ignite the cannon at the right time to hit the hull

Repeat this a second time to win the battle.

6 July 1799

The Golden Dolphin

Speak to the master-at-arms and give him your pistol. Talk to Bradley - he won't let you past to the front of the ship. Head down to the spar deck and continue down again to the berth deck. Find the old pirate, who identifies himself as Nehemiah Marks Senior. Continue past him to meet his son, then continue into the next room to meet Balzac, who has a gun.

Search the rest of this deck to find an empty grog barrel, and a bucket (right up the other end of the deck). Climb up to the top deck and use the grog barrel on the fire next to Bradley - he will jump overboard. Now go past and try to turn the ship's wheel - it is stuck. Go back down to the berth deck and go to Balzac, who is now unconscious. Take his key and use it on the hatch near Nehemiah Marks Junior. Return up to the spar deck.

Turn from the stairs so you can see the bilge pump and save your game. Every step or turn sees more water leak from the bucket, so you must be precise here. Turn left and go down the stairs. Turn left and go forward past Nehemiah Marks Senior. Go forward 3 more times, open the hatch and use the water on the barrel.