Sanity: Aiken's ArtifactSanity: Aiken's Artifact

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2000

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Walkthrough Updated:  4/30/2008

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Sanity: Aiken's Artifact is a hybrid RPG adventure game with action elements. You take the role of law enforcement officer Cain, a man who is gifted with special psychic powers due to his involvement in an experiment as a baby. You must track down your twin brother Abel, who was also part of the same experiment but has turned to a life of crime.

Chapter 1: Priscilla Divine and the Psychic Link

DNPC Headquarters

Head left from the start and get your DNPC badge (use this during the game to identify yourself as an officer). Return to the fan and head left to a computer terminal. Use this to learn more about the game's background. Now go to where a phone is ringing and pick it up to talk to the chief. You can also look at items such as the photo, newspaper article and calendar, then exit to the corridor.

Talk to the first guard to get through the door, then show your badge to the next one. You will chat to Agent Strassburgh on the way to the lobby. Look at the map to find where everything is, then head left. Jim from the Armory will tell you to come and get your gun, so head downstairs then to the left and enter the Armory. Talk to Jim, then take your weapon. Agree to go to the firing range, and walk there now. Talk to the Range boss, then walk along to the far shooting lane and take a few shots at the target. Turn around and walk into the Psi-Chamber, getting the Fireball talent. Start the test by pulling the lever, and shoot a fireball at each target as it appears. Between rounds, drink the sanity serum. After the test, head back upstairs, turn right and enter the chief's office. Following your briefing, grab the mission orders and head out of the office. Go straight across to the controller bays, and turn left to meet Kiki Frost. She will tell you that you can only kill hostile people (indicated by a red circle in the game). After the conversation, go upstairs, show your orders to the guard, and go through to the helicopter.

Pharaoh Village Trailer Park

Follow the road to the enter to find three rednecks who want you dead. Kill the guy with the gun first, then the two others, using your fireball talent or your weapon. In general, save the sanity serum and health vials for when you need to top up (they will stay indefinitely). Follow the path to the right and look at the map to get your bearings. Go left to the manager's office and show him your badge to get directions. Head out of the office and left past the Phase 2 gate, continuing up the ramp and to the right. Keep going until you reach a shed in a corner, and blow it up to get the Fists of Fire talent. Now go back and enter Phase 2.

Follow the road, then turn right to find an electrified fence - you can't get through yet. Head away from the gate up a ramp and deal with any rednecks on the way. You will see someone working on a car. Keep going, and talk to a man standing at the door to his trailer - threaten to muzzle his dog to get him out of the way, then enter the trailer and get the coded memo. Read the flyer in the other room, then go outside and your phone should ring. Frost tells you to fax her the memo, so go all the way back to the manager's office. The front door is locked, so go around back and use the fax machine. The manager will come in and bust you, but then run off and leave a key behind. Go all the way around to the front again and get the key.

Leave the office and turn left to be approached by a man being chased. Offer to help him in exchange for the Inferno talent. If the 3 thugs stick together, just use this new talent to wipe them out, otherwise fireballs will have to do. Now head back to where the dog was barking, and use your key on the locked shed nearby. Shoot a fireball (from a distance) at the propane tank in the shed, and the explosion will send the car down through the gate. Follow the path there and run through to the next level.

Psychic Link Headquarters

Kill the people on the way to the bridge, but be careful not to kill the gatekeeper. Show him your badge or your gun and he will lower the bridge for you. Go across, continuing past the pillars and up the stairs. Talk to the guard and you find out you need an employee password. Head back toward the bridge and follow the small girl - she will give you the Mind's Eye talent. Head to the far right of the area and approach the wall to reveal a secret door. Go through a second door to find a sanity booster serum. Now go back to the guard and use the Mind's Eye talent to get the password from him. Say that password to get inside. Frost will call and give you some info, before you go inside and threaten the receptionist. Follow her until she stops, then talk to her again. When the doors open, get ready to shoot a fireball at an Anubis guard - the first of many.

Follow the red carpet to find some more guards to kill, then head right to reach the Power Relay Station doors. Go inside and spend some time looking at the pattern of beams. The safest path is to head right into the corner, then turn left. Go through 1 set of beams, then turn left and go through 2 sets, turn right through one more to the exit. Follow the catwalk in the next area and read the sign. Talk to the nearby employee, noting a clue from page 79 of the employee handbook. Continue along the passages until you reach a set of four switches. Using the clue you were given, you can complete the symbols to read "2143" - flip the levers in this order as if they are numbered left to right.

Talk to Frost again, then make your way back to the Power Relay Room, killing lots of guards and getting the Star Blast talent on the way. Go inside and dodge around the guards, either picking them off one at a time or grouping them together and using the Inferno talent. Follow the red carpet back to the intersection, killing more guards, then continuing down the path you haven't been yet. Keep going, ignoring a door on the right, and talk to the maintenance man - he will mention a crowbar. Go through the next door, then turn right into Station 1. Show your badge to get access to Station 2. Show your gun there to get into Station 3. You need to use Mind's Eye to read the woman's mind in there to reach Station 4. The control panel here is blocked - go back and borrow the crowbar to get into the panel and open Station 5. Demand to use the computer in this station and you will be sent four images forming an access code. Return to the door you ignored before and you will receive a mysterious phone call. Use the panel and the access code to open the door. Kill Priscilla's guards here and claim the Shield of Sun talent. Climb the stairs and step on the green platform to get to the roof of the building.

Priscilla Divine

This level involve the same tactics repeated several times over. Cast a Shield of the Sun to protect yourself while you take care of the guards, being careful to dodge Priscilla's Eyes of Ra attacks. Run towards the glass window and cast an Inferno to destroy the window and an urn behind it. This renders Priscilla defenseless and a couple of attacks later she will disappear up to next level of the roof. Repeat these steps a second time, then on the third pass Priscilla moves to three separate pedestals before she is finally trapped and will fall under your attacks. Collect the Star Shower, Eyes of Ra and Heal talents and other power-ups. Go to the middle of the roof to complete the chapter.

Chapter 2: Adrian Starr and the Grand Theater

Back at DNPC Headquarters

Go to the Psi-Chamber and follow instructions, using your new talents. After the alarm goes off, prepare and shield and shoot all the turrets with fireballs. After you are free to leave, talk to the range boss to learn about the break-in. Leave the range and talk to the guy in the hall. Head down the stairs and through the door to the right, then down again, through the metal detector to find a trapped guard. Shoot the beam (be careful not to hit the guard) and you will get an access card. Go upstairs and head left to run past another guy. Continue on your path, up some stairs to find some guards who shoot a very fast inmate. Grab the Haste talent he drops, then use your access card to enter the next area. Kill the inmates here, then flip the Emergency Override switch - it opens a door for a couple of seconds, which then closes. Flip it again, then quickly use the Haste talent and run through the door.

Inside this room you will meet Bobby, another useful child. Abel will eventually come in and attack - make a Shield and run around dodging him for a while, as Bobby arranges your escape plan. After you follow him, get the Push talent and move the boxes out of the way so you can climb the stairs to the roof. Another battle with Abel starts - you need to Push him into the electric fence, and the only way you will be able to do it and conserve any Psi points is stand against one of the pillars where you are safe, then quickly run around him and Push him once into the fence. Do this 3 times and the guards will rush in, forcing him to jump off the roof. You will now get a Shield of Fire talent and a new mission.

The Grand Theater

After you are dropped off, you will get a call from Frost. You will notice a map sign nearby that will help you to get around. First go to the voodoo shop (you will meet some thugs on the way who need some "respect"). Go inside and offer to find a holy relic in exchange for the talent. Exit the shop and go directly through the park, talking to any friendly people you meet for possible clues. Keep going to find an open area with two large wooden boxes. Use your Push talent to move the box on the left in the direction of the blue energy field. Now move the other box 3 times so that it breaks through this energy. The other gate will open, letting you get the Reveal talent.

Head left down the street, over a highway below. Talk to everyone here, and you will learn that a 5th bell in the church is missing. Enter the cemetery after the man leaves and note the tombstones here and the locked church nearby. Once you know this is locked, an old man with a bible will appear on a nearby bench. Talk to him to get a cryptic clue about women sitting up straight and men being laid back. Go back to the cemetery and Push the tombstones that belong to men - the crypt door will open. Head inside to get the church key. A guy nearby can tell you the order in which to play the bells (1, 5, 4, 3, 2). Inside the church, take the sanity serum and health vial, then use your Reveal talent to show the 5th bell. Play the bells in the specified order and note the cross moving outside. Use your Haste talent, then use the bells again, run outside and grab the relic. Walk around town, and talk to a man standing outside the box office to learn how to spoil a card trick. Shoot at a yellow car near a gas station to make it explode and claim a Sand Pit talent. Take care of the thugs on the way back to the voodoo shop, then trade the holy relic for the Wall of Bones talent.

Go across the park into the parking lot to meet the shop owner's "friend". When Golgotham leaves, kill the three guards (Shield and repeated Fireballs work nicely). Leave the lot, heading north to receive 2 phonecalls, from Frost and the mysterious agent again. Meet with this guy to get the Levitate talent. Use this talent to go around to the back of the voodoo shop and get the health from inside. Now go to the cemetery again and levitate across the construction in front of the magic shop. Go inside and spoil the shop clerk's magic trick (bottom card, cut 6 times, cut once more) to get the deck of cards.

Head through into the Grand Theater - note that the bathroom is out of order, and the guy fixing it has a pair of bolt cutters. Walk all the way down into the theater and you will meet Adrian Starr. Kill all four of his showgirls, then run back up to the lobby, getting a call from Frost on the way. A security guard prevents you from entering Adrian Starr's room, and there is a locked gate blocking entrance to the Deathtrap Exhibit opposite. Go back and borrow the janitor's bolt cutters (you will fail dismally at a magic trick in the process), and use them to enter the Deathtrap.


The easiest way through the first set of doors is to use Mind's Eye to read the attendant's mind, tell him he has a phone call, and pull the lever (if you want an extra fight, pull your gun on him and kill some more showgirls). Levitate out to the rotating disc, being careful to walk against the spinning at appropriate times to avoid the massive blades coming out of the walls. Shoot the 4 targets in the corners of the room with your gun, and the danger will pass. Levitate across to the other side and into the next room. Talk to the guy in the tiger cage, who gives you an Ace of Spades and instructions to get the key in the next room to open the cage. Go into the next room and take care of 2 showgirls, placing the Ace of Spades in its receptacle, and noting that you now need 3 more Aces, one behind each of the newly opened doors. After collecting each of these, you will have to fight more showgirls, then place the card in its receptacle.

To get the Ace of Diamonds, push the Diamond box forward then left. Push the star box left then forward. Finally push the diamond box back toward the star box, then time a push so that the diamond box runs over the spinning blade.

The Ace of Clubs requires some good timing. Watch the path that the camera takes around the room - this is the path you need to follow. Wait for the ball on the left to go past you, then follow it, pausing while the blades stick out from the wall. When you reach the card, wait for the other ball to pass by, then follow it back to the entrance, again pausing for the big blade.

As you run along the wooden platform towards the Ace of Diamonds, it starts falling away. Time your initial run so that you don't have to pause at the first blade - the rest of the trip is easy. After getting the card, use your Levitate talent to make the return journey (go across two platforms with each Levitate).

Once you have inserted all 4 cards, you get the key. Run back to the tiger cage and unlock it, quickly dispatching of the 3 tigers before they eat the trainer. You will get the Lesser Shield of Reflect talent from the guy, then talk to him and follow him backstage. Kill some more showgirls and get the Shield of Illusion talent. Keep going and talk to the stage manager - you will get beaten up slightly, but don't worry about that...

Adrian Starr

The answers to the 6 questions you will be asked are all pretty easy and based on the game so far:

  1. Kenna
  2. The Eye of Ra
  3. In utero injection of Psionic Booster Serum
  4. Clear Point Park
  5. Department of National Psionic Control
  6. The Children of Tomorrow

In the next part of the show, you need to kill more showgirls as you shoot the four targets around the stage area. Finally Adrian Starr will attack - you need to dodge his Rain of Swords attacks, and use your Shield of Lesser Reflect whenever he sends you a Fan of Blades. In this way he will be gradually damaged until he falls. You then finally get to talk to him, and get 3 more talents as well as sanity and health boosts before talking to Frost and finishing the chapter.

Chapter 3: Joan Aiken and the Research Lab

Aiken Pharmaceuticals

As you cross the carpark, Golgotham will appear once more. Fight his Anubis guards and showgirls, then talk to Frost again. Climb the stairs and walk past the guards (don't have your gun out at this point) to enter the lobby. Talk to the members of the tour group, and when they start to leave, follow the guy to the men's room and steal his clothes and Visitor's Pass. Now start following the tour group - you can leave the tour at any point, but you will need to dodge more security if you leave early.

When your personal tour is ready to begin, find the security checkpoint leading to the labs. When the guard turns his back, run into the elevator lobby to the left. And then when he passes by, quickly run back into the hall and towards the stairs. Frost will call and tell you to get to the labs on the lower level. To achieve this, you need to go through the 8 stations in the next area, avoiding the guards in the corridors as you go.

Start by entering Station 5. Talk to the scientist to get the Shield of Science talent, and when the tests are over go to Station 6 to get a data disk. Take this to Station 7, then go to Station 8 and take the beaker after Dr Beakerman leaves. Give this beaker to the guy in Station 1, then get the printouts from Station 2 and give them to the scientists in Station 3. Take the list you are given here to Station 4, and give him the instructions to "Reverse Steps 4 and 8 and skip 5". Following the explosion, run through the door to get the Wall of Flame talent. Go back to Station 8 and Dr Beakerman will ask for the beaker - tell the scientists in Station 1 about the evacuation and after they leave, get the beaker and go back to Station 8. After your conversation with Beakerman, save your game. Use the Haste talent and run through the green door on the far wall. Grab the Fire Protection and Suppress Fire talents, then run back into Station 1. When the coast is clear, head to the lobby leading to the lower labs.

Aiken Research Level

After you exit the elevator, you will get another call from Frost. Look at the wall map so you know where you are heading, then go to the Training Maze in Area 3. In this maze, try to keep out of sight of the robots (a Haste talent works well here) and flip the four corner levers as well as the one in the middle. You can then proceed through the maze to find Anthony, who was calling out for help. Talk to him, then follow him back through the maze - he will deactivate the robots, then use the lift to return to the entry chamber, and finally offer help for the future.

Head to the corner of this area through a secret door that opens for you. Follow the passage and shoot the glass panel at the end. Start levitating over the maze to the opposite wall, shoot the glass panel there, and then levitate in to get the Summon Suicide Droid talent. Drop back into the maze and run out past Anthony into the main area with the glass floor. 4 droids will attack - the best defense is to use lots of shields, including reflect shields. When they are all gone you can collect the Laser Beam talent. Now enter Dr Aiken's office and threaten the secretary to be let into the office itself. You will get a key card and a note with the number 4995. Exit the room and kill some more droids before heading to the Records Area. Enter the number 4995 on the keypad to get inside, then talk with the guy in the room. Use the computers on the wall to learn a lot of useful info about other characters in the game. Now use the key card to enter the next room, where you get an access card and some more info from another computer, including a series of colors: Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Green. Head back to the main area and kill some more droids.

Now go through the Children of Tomorrow door. On the wall up ahead, press the colors in the correct order to disable the force field, then use your access card to open the doors. In the next area, you need to dodge the sensor lights if possible - if you can't, you just have to destroy some more droids. When you reach the next room, tell the receptionist you want to speak to Manda, and she will open a door and give you directions. The kids in the upcoming room will push you around a bit until Manda arrives and shows you a carving on the wall. Go down the walkway to the stairs, then descend and take the second door on the right. Talk to Jessica and offer to get her toy back. Go back outside, then enter the door on the left. Use your Reveal talent, and walk across the room on the non-flashing tiles. Grab the toy and go back to give it to Jessica in exchange for the Telekinesis talent. Now follow the corridor around reach another door. Inside you will find Nathan and a very difficult block puzzle. Talk to him first, and he will agree to help you if you solve the puzzle. Do so as follows:

  1. Push C towards B
  2. Push D towards A
  3. Push C away from D
  4. Push D towards C
  5. Push C into teleporter
  6. Push C into D
  7. Push D to far edge
  8. Push B towards C
  9. Push B towards D
  10. Push D into teleporter
  11. Push D towards B
  12. Push C over central target

You will probably need to use the sanity serum in the corner several times - don't worry it regenerates quite quickly. When you are done, get the pendant from Nathan, then head outside, back up the steps, through the two security areas and back to the glass area to fight some more droids. Now enter the Testing Area, and go inside to notice a talent behind a door. Use your Telekinesis talent on the switch, then go and step on the floor panel to lift the barrier. You realize you need help, so go and get Anthony from earlier - he will follow you here so that you can get the Invisibility talent. Use this to get through the moving lights, then go out and fight some more droids.

Enter the Detection Wing, and walk right up to the guards. Show your badge and you will be let inside. Walk across the catwalk, turning right when you can, then flip the switch to open the next area. Go inside and talk to Jarred to get him to agree to help you. Flip the switch at the end of the hall, then start killing prisoners! Grab the access card and shoot the back out of Jarred's cell, then enter the caves. Blow up the barrels at the end of the corridor and enter the control room. Destroy the green glowing boxes to stop the droids from regenerating, then kill the droids. Push the box in the corner to reveal a sanity container. Now the next bit requires fast running. Stand a fair distance away from the switch and use Telekinesis to flip it. Quickly use Haste and run towards the door that just opened. Dodge the lights in the middle of the catwalk and you should just make it through before the doors close. If not, try again.

Kill one last set of droids in the central room, then go back into Dr Aiken's office. Push the bookcase to reveal a secret passage, and get through the next door with your access card. There is health and sanity in the receptionist's room, found by heading left. Use Haste to run past the next set of lights, then ignore the first set of workers, ride a lift down and talk with some scientists. Use the floor panel to run off a force field, then Invisibility to get past some lights. Ride another lift down to the bottom level.

Joan Aiken

In the first area you need to kill three droids before progressing through the door in the back corner. In the second area, you have to destroy nine mutants who are initially held in glass cylinders, in order to destroy red beams of energy throughout the room. Just kill one at a time and replenish your health and sanity between each fight. Frost will call again, before you reach a room filled with large brains. You cannot use the exit corridor as it is blocked by guards, so go to the opposite side of the room and shoot a fireball at an exposed pipe. The guards will run to the explosion, so circle the room to reach the exit.

Dr Aiken's room is next. After a short conversation, start killing her minions. After each wave, quickly attack the massive brain at the back of the room. Eventually Dr Aiken will fight you herself. Make sure you keep a shield active during the fight. She won't die, but guards will rush the room and you will be forced to retreat into a side corridor. Flip the switch on the wall to open two doors where you can collect sanity and health boosters, as well as Shield Break, Binary Grid, Clone and Mummy's Revenge talents. Go through the end door and follow Frost's instructions to exit the building (right, straight, left).

Chapter 4: Elijah Krebspawn and the Catacombs

Professor Krebspawn's House

Press the doorbell three times before you can ask to speak about Elijah Krebspawn and you are let inside. Look at the paintings on the wall, then talk to the professor and start following. As he walks down the next corridor on the right, break off to the left and push on the misplaced book in the library (near the ladder). Go back to the previous room and get the Inferno glyph. Now push the switch next to the plant in this room to make a Star Shower glyph appear in the foyer. Catch up with the Professor and follow him until he gets called away.

Explore the only exit available and note the piece of sheet music next to the statue. Now continue into the next room and read the piece of paper on the pedestal. This provides the order in which you must cover the 8 paintings around the room:

  1. Fire
  2. Illusion
  3. Truth
  4. Storm
  5. Science
  6. Demonology
  7. Sun
  8. Death

Do this and the Fists of Lightning talent will be available. Now return to the previous room and the Professor will reappear. Don't follow him yet - instead return to the room with the grand piano, and walk near to it. Play the notes as indicated by the sheet music, getting both the right keys and the timing correct (long, short, short, long, long, short, short, very long). If you get it right, the music will be played back and a health booster will appear. Now catch up with the Professor again and keep talking with him until you are dropped into the catacombs.


You start off in a pentagram room with four doors leading off in different directions. It does not matter which order you choose to complete these four areas, and they will be identified here by the symbol in front of each doorway. After you have collected a Demon Stone from each area, return to the pentagram room and place it in its position.

Axe Symbol: Follow a straight-forward path to a Demon Stone, at which point three devils will attack. Be careful because even after they die, their Demonstrike glyphs will remain active, so use a Reveal talent to locate these dangerous points on the floor and avoid them. Return to the pentagram room, fighting more demons along the way.

Six and Nine Combined: You will get a call from Frost shortly after entering this area. Follow the stairs and passage to reach a lift, where you must press the button to ascend. Head to the right and find a prisoner - talk to him and agree to help him escape. Now go back past the lift to eventually find a panel of strange characters. Count the number of red symbols in each row to get the number 3142. Return to the prisoner and flip the levers on the end wall in the order indicated by the numbers (1 being the left switch). The prisoner will escape, so run through his cell into another area, where you will be attacked by more demons. Take the Demon Stone and return to the pentagram.

Lightning Symbol: Be careful as you progress down the first two corridors, stopping between each of the fire jets to get the timing perfect. Flip the switch between the stairs in the next room, then head up the left stairs. Flip the switch between the cell doors and fight the demon and devil that are released. Now enter each cell and flip the switches to raise paths between the spinning discs in the middle of the room. Head up the stairs on the right side of the room and repeat the process. Now make your way over the spinning discs (easiest is to levitate over them if you have enough sanity) to reach a Demon Stone and some sanity and health vials. Return over the discs and kill the waiting devils. Head into the dark corner to the left and use a Reveal talent to show a dark section of wall. Push this to find a Summon Fire Efreet talent. Return through the two fire halls to the pentagram.

Bird Symbol: Talk to frost again, then kill the demon and start levitating between the platforms. Fight another demon and keep levitating, finally reaching a passageway to run along, dodging more fire jets. Take the Sphere of the Demon talent and keep going to find a lift. Ride up the lift and enter a room where a large group of demons and devils will attack. Head up the stairs and out another door to reach a maze with gates that close if you take the wrong path. Assuming you enter the maze by going "up", use the following path to flip the four corner switches and make your way through the maze:

  1. Up, left, up, left, down
  2. Up, right, down, right x 3
  3. Up, up, left, up, right, up
  4. Down, left, down, right, down, left x 2, up, left x 2, up, right, up, left
  5. Right, down, right, up

Kill the demon and devil on the other side of the maze then take the Demon Stone. Kill some more devils and take the Primordial Ooze talent, before going back through the maze (down, left, left, down, right, right, down, right, right, down, left, left, down). Head back to the central room, killing more monsters on the way.

Once the four stones are in place, the prisoner should call. Return to the Axe Symbol area and when the prisoner dies, kill the demon and take the Demon Key. Now return to the Bird Symbol area and levitate to the rectangular platform in the middle of the lava area. Use the key in the key box, then climb the stairs to get a fifth Demon Stone. Attack the 3 demons, then head back to the pentagram again. Golgotham appears and summons more enemies, so kill them before placing the stone in position and heading through the door that opens. Talk to Frost briefly before exiting the catacombs.

Elijah Krebspawn

Back in the house, go through the kitchen into the dining room. Look at the painting on the wall to reveal a secret passage, then go through the teleporter to reach a large room with symbols on the floor. The aim is to get the moon and lightning glyph blocks on their respective floor symbols. There are also 4 other blocks used to help block your slides. Here is one way to solve the puzzle:

  1. Push spacer closest to lightning to edge near moon's correct position
  2. Push lightning to same edge, then into this spacer
  3. Push moon to same edge, then into lightning, then to opposite edge
  4. Push spacer that was closest to moon to same edge, then into lightning, then into moon
  5. Push space that is 3 squares from lightning to same edge, then into lightning, then into spacer
  6. Push remaining spacer towards same edge, then into lightning
  7. Push both of the adjacent spacers into the spacer you just moved
  8. Push the moon glyph into its correct location
  9. Push all spacers off the corners so they are reset
  10. Push lightning to opposite edge
  11. Push spacer furthest from lightning to same edge
  12. Push lightning into this spacer, then to opposite edge
  13. Push spacer closest to edge spacer to same edge, then to opposite edge
  14. Push another spacer towards same edge, then into edge spacer
  15. Push spacer and lightning blocks back into correct location

You will have a conversation with the artifact, then Krebspawn will appear and challenge you to a puzzle of wits, whereby you must light all of the glyph squares. Shoot fireballs at these squares in this order:

  1. Between the two non-adjacent lit squares
  2. One square away from the middle of the grid (either side of the lit column)
  3. The opposite square (other side of the middle of the grid)
  4. Any of the corners
  5. The corner diagonally opposite
  6. Any of the other two corners
  7. The remaining corner

Its not too hard even if you don't follow this pattern exactly. When you are done, it is time to fight Krebspawn. He will constantly teleport from one side ledge to another, and will summon demons and make sections of the floor disappear. If you keep attacking him, after around 10 teleports he will die. Collect the sanity and health containers, as well as the Summon Lesser Winged Demon, Demon Strike, Demon Rift and Shield of Demonology talents. Get the artifact and leave the house.

Chapter 5: The Bone Priest and the Dead City

Dead City

Wander through the alleys, talking to people if you wish - you don't have your gun but you still have plenty of talents at your disposal. Kill the zombies that are attacking the police officers (Laser and Lightning Strike work best). Climbs the steps of the church, and use Levitate to navigate around the ledges of the outer wall. You will eventually reach a sanity booster, after which point you can Levitate back or drop to the ground and walk back. Head to the other side of the church and find the wounded officer, who asks for a Medkit that he dropped. Head away from the officer and kill the zombies so you can grab the Medkit. Return and give it to the officer in exchange for a key. Go back towards where you found the Medkit, going through the locked gate at the top and continuing along the walkway. Go down the steps at the end and help the man in danger by killing the zombies. Talk to the guy again to get the Deck of Death glyph.

You will see a locked elevator - keep walking past it and you will find a big gap in the road. Levitate across the gap and talk to 2 cops standing outside a building. Mention Chief Royce to get their help - they will give you a ket to the elevator. Go back across the gap and up in the elevator. Kill the thugs, then continue along the freeway. Levitate across to the grate from the broken section of the guardrail. Kill the nearby zombies and get the sanity powerup. Levitate across to the next roof, then look for some yellow crates in the alley. Levitate out and around the railing to land on the top crate. Kill the red zombie below you with your Laser, then head down to the ground to get the Death's Head talent.

In a large courtyard Golgotham will appear again, giving you another fight with his minions. Kill them all and a gate will open, allowing you out to the street. Kill the zombies here, then head left. Kill the zombies here and the spawner as well so they stop appearing. Head between some buildings into the next street, where you have to turn right and approach some more officers. Talk to the cops by the van once you are let through, then head through the carpark and the gate in the far corner.


Kill the thugs in the first encounter, then run up the wooden walkway and follow it around to meet a group of zombies and a zombie master. Collect the Shield of Death talent, then press the buzer on the wall of the building that houses your cell phone. Talk to the guy several more times and a zombie will destroy an electric fence nearby. Walk through the destroyed gate and follow the path to meet another zombie master. Kill him and his zombies then continue out the next gate. Save the man who is being threatened by the thugs, then talk to him and follow him all the way to the start of the level to get a health boost. Now go back to where you saved him and keep going over the curved wooden bridge.

Talk to the cop, who won't let you through without ID. Talk to the other guy, who points out a key that he can't reach, and gives you the access code 1522. Return to the bridge and levitate out the side where the railing is missing. Keep levitating over the platforms in the water to reach a keypad and a locked door. Enter the code you were given, then turn the valves in this order: right, middle, left, right, middle, left. The key will rise to the surface. Return back over the platforms and grab the key. Now head back to where your phone was being held, killing heaps of zombies and spawners on the way. Use the key to go inside and get your phone back. Check your messages, then call Frost to have a chat.

Go back over the bridge and kill more zombies. Show your cell phone as proof of your identity and the guard will now let you through. Up ahead (after another zombie master) is a playground. Kill the zombies here, then continue and try to save some cops - if one survives he will give you some health. Talk to the mysterious agent, before entering a theatre and getting attacked by Golgotham's minions again. Once they are gone, exit through the back door and talk to Frost again. The guard up ahead won't let you pass without ID, so search the nearby dead-ends to find a zombie to kill who was protecting your badge. Now go and show your badge to get through, and the next pair of officers will also let you pass. Note two sets of wooden posts on either side of your path. Shoot the posts on your right and one will blow up, letting you through to collect the Demonstrike glyph. Return to the main path and find Strassburgh. Follow him and his team to a drawbridge, which they ask you to lower, giving you a Bridge Access Card. Head down the alley to the right, and when you reach the falls, use Telekinesis to flip the switch, moving the platform towards you. Get on it then flip the switch again. Lower the bridge with the access card, then continue to the other side, levitating over the gap. When you reach a locked gate, zombie masters attack and suppress your powers, while you watch Strassburgh and his men die. After the fight, return to the catwalk and levitate across. When you try to use the switch it blows a fuse, so you are forced to return to that locked gate. Inside a nearby building is a fuse, but when you take it the door locks and zombies start spawning. Kill the zombies and the spawner and you can go and put the fuse in the slot to reactivate the platform. Go back to the drawbridge and fight your way across, heading to the warehouse. Get the Lightning Bolt talent and use it on the zombie masters inside. Proceed through the crates to the exit and follow the path to reach a large ramp. Challenge the Bone Priest and he will bring on more fighters - kill them, retrieve your gun and climb the ramp.

The Bone Priest

The map where you start shows the locations of solar panels on the ship. Head to the read (aft) of the ship to find Adjant inside the control room. He will teleport outside and you will find that you cannot injure him. Use telekinesis to flip the switch, then use either Star Burst or Star Shower to illuminate each of the 5 solar panels in the area - this will break his shield. Pummel him with Lightning Strikes until he is forced to teleport to the fore of the ship. Kill any zombies still here, then run to the other end of the ship. Repeat the process (flip the switch, illuminate the panels, shoot the Bone Priest) here, and then one more time at the back of the ship again. He will be defeated, leaving behind the Hands of the Dead, Summon Zombie and Pit of Venom talents, as well as health and sanity boosters. Kill the remaining zombies if there are any, then head to the speedboat. After a quick call from Frost, climb into the boat.

Chapter 6: Golgotham and the Aftermath

Power Station

Leave the boat and walk along the pier and up the stairs to meet Golgotham and face his minions once more. After the fight, go through the gate and around to the broken bridge. You will get a call from Frost, before you must Levitate over the bridge and go in through the door. Talk to the workers in the corridors, before going out through the door at the end of the hall. Walk across the catwalk, levitating over the gap and flip the switch, then go back inside and through the door that opened. Go left and down some stairs to the lower level, talking to Frost again. Keep going and you will run into Abel, who will blast the walkway from beneath you and you will crash to the ground.

When you have control of Bobby, leave the current room and head left, eventually reaching a large pool of acid. Go and stand on the yellow floor overhanging the pool and use Reveal to show a moving platform. Get on this, and when you are in the middle of the pool, use Reveal again to show another platform. Use this one to reach the other side, then continue to find a maze. Use the manual override switch to reset the maze, then go inside - if you mess up this bit, come back to the switch and start again. Here is the easiest way through the maze:

  1. Head right as you enter and push the first wall you come to
  2. Turn left and push another wall, then follow it
  3. Step on the plate to your left to lower a force field
  4. Go past this field, turn right and push the wall
  5. Follow it, then turn left and push again
  6. Turn right and push another wall
  7. Turn right and push the wall straight ahead of you
  8. Continue forward to step on another pressure plate to the left
  9. Exit the room, turn right, and take the second left
  10. Walk along the corridor, turning left at the end
  11. Take the second right and push the wall here
  12. Turn right immediately and push this wall
  13. Step on the plate here
  14. Return to the middle passage and turn left
  15. Continue to the exit, taking the last right turn
  16. Step on the last pressure plate
  17. Return to the start of the maze
  18. Push the wall down the middle hall to open the exit door

Continue down the hall into the next room, and the next puzzle. Use Reveal to show another floating platform or two. Your aim is to get to the platform to your right if you are facing to the middle of the room. You must do this by travelling directly across to the diagonally opposite platform, then to the one opposite where you want to go, then to the remaining one. Flip the switch here to open the door so you can go down the stairs. Head straight back up the next stairs, turning right then left at the top. Use your Wave of Repulsion talent to easily get through the crushers, then flip the switch and go back through again. Head down and go through the newly-opened door.

In the next room you need to run along the spinning cylinders - just angle toward the direction each section is spinning. When you reach the other side, turn left and continue to an intersection where you should turn left again. In the fan room, simply use the switches to turn off the spinning fans so that they form a bridge you can walk across - if they don't line up, just turn them back on and try again. Use telekinesis to flip a switch that turns off a forcefield back down the hall, then run back over the fans and head down the right passage where you turned left earlier. You will reach a room with two steam vents and you will hear Cain through the door. Abel will arrive and you have to beat him using the steam vents. Either lure him over the vent and use Telekinesis to flip the switch, use flip the switch and use Wave of Repulsion to force him onto the vent. When Cain suggests you should destroy the door's control panel, stand in front of it and dodge one of Abel's lightning bolts.

When you have control of Cain again, head back down the corridor Bobby came from, and over those fans. Levitate across to get the Wave of Repulsion glyph. Now go down the corridor where Abel took Bobby and get the Wave of Repulsion, Shield of Truth, Dispel, Electrical Storm and Lightning Strike talents and the Electrical Storm glyph. Talk to Frost then head out the door.

Meat Plant

Follow the path and talk with Frost, then enter the gate on the right and walk through the hay bales to enter the barn. Walk through and talk to the SWAT guys, then go and find Sgt Blaine. Talk to him and you will eventually be escorted into the building. Head up the stairs and kill the zombie to your left, then follow the passages onto a catwalk - you will see a key down below. Keep going, killing two more zombies. You will come across a locked door. Walk out through the broken railing and drop onto a box, then gradually down to the ground. Head through the doorway into the next area and use Telekinesis to flip the switch to allow you through to get the key. On your return you will be attacked by three Butcher Bulls - kill them with lightning or lasers, then get the Imprison talent before heading through the door. You will end up walking back on to the catwalk, and eventually will be able to unlock that locked door with your key.

Step on the pressure plate and watch what happens - more of those security lights. Step on the plate again, quickly use Haste and run down the corridor, dodging lights and going through the door to the left. You need to destroy the bull spawner as well as any bulls that appear - lightning works well. Head down the stairs and do the same thing with the next two spawners. Kill 2 zombies in the next area before going through the door.

Run to the base of this room and kill the zombie, then return to its entrance. The aim here is to get a piece of meat along the conveyor belts, by correctly timing stepping on each of the pressure plates. You just need to run to each plate and step on it so that the section of conveyor belt closes for the meat to go past. You will probably get it within 5 attempts. Haste is quite a useful talent at more than one point during the process. When you successfully finish this puzzle, you can follow the meat package along the conveyor belt into the next room, where 2 zombies await. Kill the zombies in the following corridor and note a talent above the doorway. Go back to where you descended some stairs. Now levitate onto a nearby wall grate. Keep levitating between grates along the corridor and you will be able to reach the Summon Glyph Devil talent. Drop to the floor and enter the next room.

Step on the pressure plate here to start 4 rows of security lights. You need to run diagonally in a zig-zag pattern across the room, running in the same direction as each row of lights and its not hard to make the journey safely. If you don't make it, you have to kill a butcher bull before trying again. Grab the key once you are successful, then return through the past areas, killing zombies until you reach a T-intersection where you stepped on a plate and ran to the left. This time, step on the plate, dodge the lights, and head right through a different door.

You are now in a very dark maze, with only your Reveal talent able to show you where you are going. Here is the best way through the maze:

  1. Head straight under an overpass
  2. Turn right at a 4-way intersection
  3. Turn right at the end
  4. Turn left at the end
  5. Turn left at the end again
  6. Turn right at a T-intersection
  7. Turn left at a T-intersection
  8. Levitate across to the Imprison Glyph talent
  9. Levitate back across the gap
  10. Take the first right turn
  11. Take the first left turn
  12. Turn right at the end
  13. Take the first left turn
  14. Head straight over an overpass
  15. Turn left at a T-intersection
  16. Turn right at a T-intersection
  17. Turn right at the end
  18. Turn right at the end again
  19. Turn right at a T-intersection
  20. Take the first right turn
  21. Turn left at a T-intersection
  22. Turn right at a T-intersection
  23. Turn right at the end
  24. Take the first left turn

As you enter the next section, take a long look at the colored squares on the wall - the blue squares show you the safe path through this series of rooms. Write down the path and follow it to avoid all battles with butcher bulls and reach the exit safely (you start at the middle square on the right of the grid and are aiming for the top left square).


This level consists of fighting lots of enemies that are protected from various totems. After a brief encounter with Joan Aitken, Golgotham will appear and kill her - the fighting then begins. After each wave of enemies, shoot the unprotected brain until it explodes. After you have killed all 3 brains, Golgotham is destroyed. Head to the central area to get sanity and health boosters. Also collect the 6 Protection talents.

Walk between the Illusion and Truth brain platforms and use your Reveal to show a moving platform. Get on this, and look out for a dark ledge below to levitate over and you will get the Psi-Suppressant talent and glyph.

Use the teleporter to return to the central area and talk to Ted and Bobby. Now you must fight Golgotham properly - attack the bits of meat on his outside first, then shoot the grey brain when it is revealed and Golgotham will fall again. You need to repeat this 5 times in total to kill him for good. Now you can collect the 6 Suppress talents, then talk to Ted and Bobby again to finish the level.


After the long cutscene it is time to kill Abel. Get some shields working and start attacking with Death Heads (lightning attacks have no effect on Abel). Eventually Bobby will open a gate for you and Abel will close it behind him. Now you just need to use your Push talent to get him over the edge. You then get all of his Storm talents and the game is over.