Battle for Carthage

Game Details:  Adventure, 2002

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/1/2008

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Salammbo is a grand historical and mythological adventure based on a classic novel by Gustave Flaubert by the same title. You play as Spendius, a slave during the fall of Carthage to the Roman Empire. You must outwit the Roman forces to rescue the city of Carthage, as well as reunite your best friend with Salammbo, the daughter of a General.

Act 1

Secret Dungeon

Look around and pick up 4 sets of bones from the ground. Now place the very solid bones on the ground, then the solid bones on those, followed by the "bones". Climb up through the shaft to exit your cell. Walk up behind the sleeping guard and hit him over the head with the tibia, then pick up his keys.

There are 3 cells on this level. Enter the one on the right and pick up the rope. Next use the keys to enter the cell in the middle and get the stool. Finally, enter the cell on the left (again using the keys). Place the stool beneath the window in the corner. Untie the rope from the slave's feet, and attach your rope to it to make it longer. Now attach the rope to the bars on the window, and turn the winch to pull them free. Climb out the window.


Walk towards the opening and you will meet Salammbo. Accept her quest to deliver the statuette to Matho, then climb into the baggage and you will arrive at the Mercenary Camp (with a broken statuette).

Mercenary Camps

You will start hidden behind Hannon's tent. Do not approach the Carthagians, or you will be captured and killed. Instead, head away from the camp and you will find a road. Follow it to the right to reach the mercenary camp. When the guards stop you, be honest and you will be allowed in to see Matho. Tell him the truth also, and give him the statuette. He will request that you fix it, and suggest you find Autharite to free you from your shackles.

Leave Matho's tent, then turn around and he past the guards to the left of the tent. Cross the next road and enter the next small group of tents, then go into the lit one to the right. Pick up the tools from the table, but Autharite will come in and acuse you of stealing. Agree to play the game with him - win the first time, then suggest a rematch and lose the second time. Autharite will break your chains and let you leave.

Exit Autharite's tent and head right, then right again to reach a stall. Talk to the owner, then give him the broken statuette, and he will suggest using fish glue. Use this on the statuette to fix it, then pick it up. Return to Matho's tent, and go inside to give it to him - he will refuse to help you. Leave the tent and turn left.

Go north (towards the sun) several times and you will reach the Numidian camp. Turn left at the first tent and approach a wine merchant's stall. Talk to the man watching guard over the stall, and he will mention a strong elephant wine containing pepper. Turn around and head forward, then turn right and head into the circle of Numidian tents. Talk to Narr'Havas - ask him to help you several times, and he will eventually give you a dagger.

Return to the wine merchant stall, and the guard will be asleep on the ground. A puddle nearby will be predominantly blue/purple with a tinge of red around the edge. Look at the stall and put one measure of black (pepper) into the larger dish, as well as two of blue (incense) and one of red (pimento) - finally pick up the jug and use it on the bowl to make purple elephant wine. Pick up the wineskin from the table and use it to collect some wine. Once you have the wine and dagger, return to behind the tent at the first mercenary camp.

The next part is timed, so do it quickly. Put the elephant wine in the drinking trough, and the mount will drink it and run away. Walk around the back of the tent (where there was previously a guard), and use the dagger on the silhouette on the tent to kill the interpreter. Use the dagger to cut the ties on the tent, and go inside. Pick up the gold and leave again. After the riot, you will be stopped on the road by Autharite - admit to what you have done, and give him the treasure.

Chief's Council

Speak to Hamilcar or Matho at the council - the idea here is to provoke a war. The ideal conversation options are as follows:

  • Nothing strange for the men to have gotten carried away. They've about run out of patience.
  • Hannon's flight stopped the payments. When will they begin again?
  • We shouldn't have to hold an inquiry.
  • It's not the mercenaries' responsibility to investigate this. The treasure was under the guard of Carthage when it was stolen.
  • That would be unfortunate, but everyone should be responsible for his actions.

After this, Hamilcar will leave, and Matho will be worried about what has transpired. Speak to him, selecting the following options:

  • You're invincible! Remember your victories against Rome.
  • Destroy the city and Salammbo will be yours. Harden your heart Matho, for you have no other choice.
  • Carthage takes advantage of its allies. They will revolt as soon as they see that the city is having difficulties.
  • Let's put together an expedition to go get the Zaimph!
  • I'll go alone to Carthage and bring back the Zaimph.

Act 2

Mercenary Camps

Go and see Narr'Havas and ask him how to enter Carthage - he will give you a bow. Next visit Autharite, who will give you an iron bar and climbing crampons. Head directly past the stall outside Autharite's tent and you will find the Pariah's village. Tell the sentry here that you can kill pigs with your bow, then repeat this to the Pariah inside the village. Get out your bow and shoot the 3 pigs that are being chased by villagers. Once this is done, you can ask about Carthage - you will be told about the vines and waterworks.

Leave the village and turn left, then approach the vines. Use your climbing crampons to climb up. At the top, shoot the guard with your bow, then go to where he was and turn over his shield. Take the leather strap. Now use your iron bar to move the cover, allowing you down the shaft into the waterworks. Follow the path to the left and you will reach a gate with some rusted bars in the lower left. Attach the strap to the bars, then attach the iron bar. Use the bar and the gate will break. Go through the hole and up the stairs into Carthage.

Streets of Carthage

Have a look at the direction marker here to get your bearings (use these throughout the city streets to find where you are). Go up the stairs and talk to the slaves, who are holding a litter for their master Bostar. Turn around and go up another staircase to find a shop-owner, who is sweeping the street outside his store. Talk to him, then turn 180 degrees and go up a further staircase. Take the ladder, then return to the store, where the owner has gone inside. Use your ladder to climb up to the genie, and take all of the offerings. Climb back down and use the knocker on the door - the store-owner's wife will throw things at you. Look down and pick up the birdcage.

From looking at the store, turn right and proceed up some stairs to another direction marker. Turn left and head towards a pig, picking up the cloth that is on the ground near it. Turn around and go straight past the direction marker, where a slave will call out to you. After talking to him, continue up the stairs.

Approach the 2 sets of guards, but neither will let you pass - note however, that the guards on the stairs would be willing to purchase meat on the black market. Continue around the large lit opening and follow the eastern edge of the city until you reach the Starlight Tavern. It is closed, but a lone woman, Night Breeze, is waiting for it to open, as she is due to meet Hannon. Talk to her about everything, then return along the path you followed to reach here, and you will meet a wise old man with some birds. Talk to him, then give him the grain you stole from the genie, then the birdcage. Speak to him again and he will tell you a riddle involving the Zaimph.

Return to the Tavern, which is now open. Speak to the bartender and the shop-owner, who has finished his work, and you will learn a lot about the political situation in Carthage. Walk around the bar to the left, and speak to the guard, who is outside a stall where Hannon is with Night Breeze. Turn to face the bar and you will see a curtain of bells - use your cloth to remove the bells silently, then steal the smoked sausages. Go back to the guards on the stairs from before, and sell them the sausages. Back at the tavern, give the money to the bartender in exchange for some wine. Put the same combination of spices into the bowl as before (2 of blue, 1 of black and 1 of red), then add the wine to make elephant wine. Collect the wine in the now-empty wineskin. Go to the guard in front of Hannon's stall and fill his cup with elephant wine to make him pass out. Approach the stall and fill Hannon's cup when he puts it down - he will now fall asleep. Enter the stall and steal his regalia from the corner. Look at your body using the right-mouse button interface, and wear the regalia. Before leaving the stall, note the tattoo on Hannon's arm. Now return to the other set of guards, and they will let you into the Sacred Precinct, believing you to be a senator.

Sacred Precinct

Follow the passage and cross the courtyard, climbing the stairs to meet a guard. Complain that you were advised of the meeting very late, then head left around the statue. Descend the stairs and go through the door behind the dragon to the left to enter the senate meeting.

After the meeting, follow the new corridor to reach the Door of Terror. The idea here is to match the demons' faces according to the scream they make. Reveal 2 demons with the same scream and they will stay visible. Repeat this until all are visible and the door will open.

In the next room, pick up the keys and tinder box from near the dead thief's body. Walk around the spikes to the left and pick up the hammer, then when you reach the other side, turn to face the spikes. You will see 9 holes carved in the stone, and three documents that you can read. Look at the one in the bottom right, and you will see 3 columns of data. The left one contains Roman numerals, and the middle one contains Carthaginian numerals. Using the knowledge that Cartaginians write from bottom to top and right to left, and remembering the tattoo from Hannon's arm, you can work out that the tattoo was a code, representing the number 4213. Return to the front of the spike device and you will see a grid of 3x3 buttons (a numeric keypad). Press the middle button on the right, then the middle button in the bottom row, then the bottom right button and finally the bottom left button (4, 2, 1, 3 reading from bottom right to top left). This will open panels revealing vases filled with jewels.

Approach the far left vase and take it, then also take the roll behind it to see a map. Return the vase and pick up the strip of papyrus. Now go to where you picked up the hammer and light the lamp with the tinder box. Light the strip of papyrus from the lamp and keep it in your hand. Approach the large statue on the wall (make sure you aren't carrying a vase, or you will fall and die), and turn to face the coals. Light them, and the platform will spin, transporting you into a new area. Follow the passages here to emerge in a pavillion.

Gardens of Tanith

Enter the pavillion and open the chest, removing the pestle and mask. Turn around and leave the pavillion, and review the words of the wise old man. Put the female bird on the perch here, then put glue on the ledge up to the right. Click on the bird to have her sing and attract a male bird with two heads. Catch the male bird in your cage. Now wear the mask (the same way you wore the regalia earlier). Follow the paths up to the left and you will see a sleeping dragon. Pick the 3 flowers here, then continue upwards to find a goddess who guards passage into the next area. Speak to her, but do not anger her or she will call for guards. Return to the pavillion and put on the mask again. Place all 3 flowers in the mortar and grind them with the pestle, then pick up the mortar containing a sleeping powder. Return to the room with the goddess and place the powder on the incense burner to make her fall asleep. Follow the passage to enter through a side door of the temple.

Temple of Tanith

Head left and you will find a black serpent at the foot of the stairs to the Zaimph. Place the bird on the perch above it and click on it to make it sing and subdue the snake. Now climb the stairs - if you try to take the Zaimph you will be killed by the protective shield, so you must first disable it. Climb down the stairs and approach the area directly below the Zaimph. Pick up the glowing cameos and look just to the left to see a plaque where they can be placed. Remember the goddess' song in the garden, and place the cameos in the following order along the top (right to left) - galley, sea, mountains, shepherd, star. In the bottom section place the crescent of Tanith. The shield will be disabled, so climb the stairs and grab the Zaimph.

To protect yourself from the guards who will soon arrive, wear the Zaimph. Go down to the middle of the temple and confront Salammbo, but refuse to give her the Zaimph. As you try to leave via the main doors of the temple, a monkey will appear. You only have a short time before it steals the Zaimph from you, so quickly grab the glowing apple and give it to the monkey. Now leave the temple.

Act 3

Mercenary Camps

Speak to the Council and you will be delegated the task of disrupting the waterworks - accept this role. After everyone leaves, visit the Pariahs' village and speak to the leader, who says that the waterworks is now heavily guarded where you climbed earlier, and that you should attempt to disrupt it at the source in the mountains. Leave the village and find the main road leading out of the area. Speak the guard near the mounts and demand that he give you one, then travel to the Hatchey Mountain Pass.

Hatchet Mountain Pass

Leaving your mount behind, proceed through the mountain pass. Note a narrow path you can take up to your left, but ignore it for now. Keep going until you spot a dragon in the distance. You now have a short period of time to retrace your steps and climb up that narrow path to safety. The dragon will wait at the bottom for you. At the end of this path, pick up a rock and throw it at the dragon - this won't achieve anything. Grab another rock and throw it at the insect nest near the dragon - the insects will chase the dragon away. Pick up the skull from the skeleton on this ledge, then return along the pass and enter the lost temple in a side passage to the left.

Lost Temple

Walk around the square pillar in the first room and turn to face it. You need to once again insert the appropriate cameos to proceed. Look at your map to note the layout of the structures forming the city of Carthage. To complete the puzzle, put the crescent and globe in the top two spaces, then in the other four put the star, bull, dragon and serpent from top to bottom. A secret door will open behind you, so head through and follow the passage until you reach the Room of the Eye.

This room has an altar in the middle, a statue of Moloch to the left, and a statue of Tanith to the right. Approach the right side of the altar and place your strip of papyrus on the horizontal rod to be able to read it. Go to the other side of the altar and place the skull ("tomb of thoughts") on the globe symbol ("the engraved disk"). Pour the dragon's saliva ("saliva from the killer") into the skull and it will cause the opening of Moloch's eye. Approach the statue and use your dagger to remove the eye. Now go back to the statue of Tanith and look into her eyes. Use the control at the bottom of the screen to stop the motion of the stars when the moon is in front of the globe, which is in front of the dragon constellation. If this is done correctly, another door will open. Before heading through, return to the other side of the altar. Move the horn which looks different from the others and take the demon key. Now head through the new doorway.

Follow the path and take the right branch when the stairs ahead are blocked. You will reach the source of the waterworks. Throw the Eye of Moloch into the water, then retreat to the base of the stairs before the explosion. Climb the stairs, then at the top note a red hole in the wall. Walk away from this and down to the left. Use your demon key in the wall to the right so you can exit these passages.

Solitude Mountains

Follow the rift down, then turn left and walk around the edge of the mountain. Talk to the Etruscan chief, who says the large Eye on the hill is causing his troops despair. Approach the pond ahead and talk to Autharite, then gather some water in your empty pot. Return to the entrance into the mountain and use the demon key to get inside. Go up to the room with the red hole in the wall. Pour the water inside, then retreat before another explosion.

Go back to the Etruscan chief and answer his first question by saying that the explosion was a sign from the gods. You now have to answer the following questions with their correct answers in order to lead the troops:

  • If your cavalry is greater than that of the enemy, will you seek a battle on the plains or in rugged terrain? - On the plains.
  • While sacrificing prior to the battle, twelve birds of prey fly off to your right. What dod you do? - I attack with confidence.
  • Is a lunar eclipse a good or bad omen for an army that must flee? - A good omen.
  • You surprise the enemy in his camp in the middle of the night. You can either entirely circle him or leave him a way out. Which would you choose to do? - I'd leave him a way out.
  • If you're fighting with your back to the sea, are you better off attacking at day's end or in the morning? - At day's end.

In the battle that ensues, place your pigs in the fore of the battle. In the row behind, from left to right, place the Numidian cavalry, the Etruscans and Gauls, and finally the Balearic slingers.

Act 4

Mercenary Camps

Matho will order you to assist the Numidians with the firing of their siege weapon, so head to their camp and speak with Narr'Havas. Approach the Helepole and climb up the ladder. Walk forward and use the winch to raise up a bucket, then take the arrows from inside. Walk to the front of the Helepole and put the arrows in the rack, then pick one up. Dip the arrow in the hot coals to make it catch fire, then place it on the ballista. Fire it with the lever near the back of the ballista to see where your first shot heads (too high).

The first adjustment to make is to the vertical guide, which is on the side of the ballista - adjust this until you are only just shooting above the target. Now adjust the tensions of the ropes on either side of the device - make them more slack (ie. the pitch when you pluck them must go down) but they must be the same tension or the arrow will deviate left or right. Eventually you will hit the target.

Now approach the winch again and look down to the ground - a Numidian is waiting on the ground to attack you if you climb down the ladder. Pull the lever to drop the bucket to the ground, then climb down the rope. Now you can stab the Numidian in the back with your dagger.

Head back to Matho's tent (go around the back of Narr'Havas' tent instead of to the front, and you will overhear that he has made an alliance with the Carthaginians). Tell Matho about this, and state that "Hamilcar promised Narr'Havas Salammbo's hand in marriage in exchange for your head!". Next visit Autharite and tell him the tale, then visit the Pariahs. Talk to the chief and say "We can no longer wage this entire battle on our own. You must help us!", then offer him the "phenicopterus tongues" and finally agree to give him Hannon himself. Return to Matho's tent again and speak to him to start the battle.

Act 5

Hatchet Mountain Pass

Throughout this section you are constantly at risk of starving, so move quickly, and eat just about anything you can find (except the bird). Speak to Autharite, then enter the Temple of Tanith. Talk to the chief of the Pariahs, who will return the 2 missing cameos to you if you can provide some fresh meat. Leave the temple again.

Continue walking and when you reach the cactus (near the rocky outcrop), cut it with your dagger and eat it (ignore the advice from the Gaul). There is a bird near the insect nest, so climb up the nearby ledge and throw a rock at it to kill it. Go back down and get the bird, then return to the Pariah chief. Give him the bird and you will get the cameos. Eat the sandal from the ground while you are here. Put the cameos in the slot in the central pillar, then head inside and through the familiar passages, opening the door at the end with your demon key.

Outside, approach the fence and you will see a box with a rope on its right. Take the rope and tie it to the large animal, then to the fence. Click on the animal to open the gate, then head into the first tent on your left. Quickly grab the fruit and eat it to stop your starvation. Now get the armor from the shelves and wear it before going back outside.

Enemy Camp

Approach the central fire and you will be told to watch guard over the main tent, so walk forward and you will overhear Hamilcar and Narr'Havas. After this, pick up a burning branch from the fire, and go and place it on the hay near the animals.

In the final battle, place the Pariahs in the fore of the battle. In the row behind, from left to right, place the elephants, the Etruscans and Gauls, and finally the Balearic slingers.