Runaway: A Road AdventureRunaway: A Road Adventure

Year:  2001

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Runaway: A Road Adventure is the first in a series of animated action comedy adventures by Pendulo Studios. After accidentally hitting Gina with his car, Brian takes her to hospital, but when she awakens he learns that she is being chased by a dangerous group of gangsters. Now the two must work together to stay alive. The series continues with Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle.

Chapter 1: Wake Me Before Dying

Take the glass and pills from the table next to Gina's bed, then take the sheet from the other bed, and Gina's bag from above the locker. Look in the bag twice in your inventory to find a matchbox and a wig. Try to head out the window, but you have no reason to go out there yet. Instead head into the bathroom. Take the alcohol bottle from the shelf beneath the mirror, and look in the wastebasket to find a marker pen. Leave the bathroom again, then look at the emergency exits map on the bathroom door and you will note a storeroom down the hall. Climb out the window to reach the storeroom.

In the storeroom, take the pillows, syringe and spray bottle from the shelves on the left. Also take the head from the model human body in the far corner of the room, the medical chart from the open file cabinet drawer, and the Vademecum (medical book) from on the file cabinet. Now climb back out the window to return to Gina's room.

Use the wig with the head, then put the head on the other bed and you will automatically create a fake person using your sheets, pillows and head. Try to use your marker on the blank medical chart, but it is dry. Use your syringe to get some alcohol from the bottle, then use this on the marker. Use the marker on the chart again. Swap your fake chart with Gina's, then put Gina's in the end of the other bed. Go into the bathroom and your fake body will be killed.

Now you just need to wake Gina up. Read the Vademecum and you find out you need to give her a cold shower. Go into the bathroom and get some water in your glass, but by the time you return to Gina it is empty because it is cracked. Look up at the ceiling to notice a fire sprinkler - use your flammable spray can with this (you automatically use the matches) and you will wake Gina up and escape the hospital.

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Crucifix

Swap your crucifix with an item on the shelves to the left to make sure it is restored next. On the other side of the room, take the talcum powder brush from the bench, and a jar of colorless varnish from the briefcase. Now leave the Restoration Lab. Look at the next door to the right - it is the Analysis Lab and is protected by a combination keypad. Head downstairs and talk to Willy the janitor, who will give you his business card, then go upstairs and enter the Analysis Lab. To get him to come back out again, head right into the Mayan Exhibition, and then back out to the main room. Go upstairs and put some colorless varnish on the keypad, then use the phone at the end of the hall to call Willy and have him enter the Lab again. Once again, enter the Mayan Exhibition and come back out, then go upstairs and use your talcum powder brush on the keypad. Now try combinations until you get the right one (which is 8137) so you can enter the lab.

Take the key from the bench behind you, then look at the thermal chamber holding the valuable mask. Try to open it by pressing the button, but there is voice analysis protection. Leave the lab and go back into Clive's office. Take the pair of books from the desk to reveal a small keyhole. Use the ancient key from the lab to reveal a secret compartment in the desk - grab the voice recorder from the compartment, then close it again with the key. Pay another visit to Susan in the Restoration Lab, and use the recorder on her to get her voice.

Back in the Analysis Lab, use the recorder on the button of the thermal chamber, but the battery goes flat! Walk over to the right and pick up the ladle near the cannister of liquid nitrogen. Put the battery in the ladle, then use this on the cannister to freeze the battery. Put the battery back in the recorder, then use it with the button again to open the thermal chamber. Take the mask from inside, then use your ancient Mayan artifact on it to extract the ruby. Return to the Restoration Lab and put the large ruby in the laser on the right - now Susan will destroy her current artifact and state that she needs more coffee before she can continue.

Go outside and down the corridor to the left to find the coffee machine, but the light indicates it is out of coffee. Go downstairs and into the Mayan Exhibition. Look at the bowls near the central statue and take the one with the coffee beans. Give this to Willy, but he says he needs ground coffee beans. Return to the Restoration Lab and use the lathe that Susan had been using previously to grind the coffee beans. Once again offer them to Willy, but he only wants to use his normal brand. Go upstairs and search the rubbish bin beneath the fire extinguisher - put your coffee in the empty packet you find, and give this to Willy. Finally he will refill the coffee machine. Upstairs, use the machine to make a coffee, then go in and give it to Susan. After the cutscene, go into the Analysis Lab to scan the crucifix.

Chapter 3: The Great Escape

In your locked room in the cabin, you can look through the crack in the door to see Gina being interrogated. Take the bellows from the box on the left, and the bottle (all purpose cleaner) from the shelf in the middle of the room. Also grab the crowbar, coat rack peg and rag (chamois) on the right of the room. Use the bottle on the chamois, then use this to clean the small window on the right. Open the lid of the large freezer, then unplug it from the wall. Open the drain to empty the water from the freezer, then push it to reveal a trapdoor. Break the padlock with your crowbar and leave the cabin.

After you meet the Divas, enter their bus. Take the handheld vacuum from beneath the bed on the left, and grab some lipstick and sunglasses from the shelf on the right. Look at the axle in the middle of the screen to see it is missing the crank. Go towards the rear of the bus and look at the lock on the refrigerator, then talk to Carla. Pick up the needle and thread from near the large boots on the table on the left. Use the handheld vacuum on the grating in the floor to retrieve Carla's missing tablet. Leave the bus, and search through the trunk outside to find a deflated basketball. Use the needle and thread to repair it, then inflate it with the bellows. Talk to Mariola and Lula, then exit this area to the right.

Head to the oil well in the upper left section of the map screen. Use your sunglasses in the puddle of oil. Leave this area and go to the airplane graveyard in the lower left of the map. Examine the machine gun in the plane, then pick up the bullet belt from the machine gun and the helmet from the wing before leaving. Next go back to the thug's cabin and take the bucket from beneath the cabin. Go to the upper right of the map to find an old train car. Look at the empty crate and locked shed before entering the train car itself. Pick up a screw from the bucket, then combine this with the coat rack peg to make a corkscrew. Use this on the barrel marked XXX at the back of the train car, then use the bucket with the barrel and try again. Pick up your bucket full of gunpowder. Use the crowbar on the barrels on the right to get a bag of peanuts.

Return to the Divas' bus and get on board. Use the lipstick you picked up with your bucket of gunpowder, then put the makeshift bullet on the bullet belt. Pick up the rest of the lipstick and use it with the bucket, then put all the bullets on the bullet belt. Go outside and try to take Mariola's suntan lotion, but she says her tan is not dark enough. Switch your oiled sunglasses with hers, then take the suntan lotion again. Head back to the airplane graveyard and use the lotion on the machine gun, then put the bullet belt on the gun.

Next go to the central area you have not yet visited - a hangar. Look through the main doors to see a helicopter inside, then enter the hangar so you can see the thug through the window. Watch him for a while to see he drinks half a can of beer, then puts it down, then drinks the rest and throws the can away. Try to put your sleeping pill in his beer while it is on the barrel, but you need to distract him somehow. Return to the bus and throw the basketball to Lula - she will agree to distract the thug. You will automatically return to the hangar and Lula will distract him. While this is happening, put the pill in the beer and the thug will be knocked out. Use the crowbar on the motorcycle and take the footrest. Also take the jar of peanut butter (almost empty) from the barrel before leaving, and note what the thug says about ants loving peanut butter.

Enter the Divas' bus and use the footrest on the axle in the middle of the bus to fix it. Turn the crank to close the bus door, then get the refrigerator key from the pocket on the door. Open the fridge in the back of the bus with your key, and you will take the butter. Use this on the helmet, then use your peanuts on the helmet. Return to the thug's cabin and climb back in via the trapdoor. Put the helmet on the freezer to melt the peanut butter. Head to the old train car and use the peanut butter on the locked shed. Take the explosives and head to the oil well. Attach the explosives to the well and watch the excitement unfold.

Chapter 4: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

After your confrontation in Douglasville, leave the town and go back to the mine at the bottom left of the map. Take the oil can from the left side of the area, then leave again. Head next to the lower right part of the map, where Mama Dorita lives. After you talk to the big guy there, take the clay bowl from next to the ladder. Walk away from the house and pick up the strangely-shaped rock from next to the well. Leave here and return to Douglasville.

Head towards the saloon (on the right side of the screen). While you are still outside, look at the horse trough. Enter the saloon and take the flower pot from beneath the staircase. Search in the small room behind the stairs to find some pruning shears, then go back outside. Look at the wagon between the sheriff's office and the hotel, and use the pruning shears on it to get a metal strap. Enter the sheriff's office and take the firewood by the stove. Next enter the bank and get the stapler from the front shelves, and the bank stamp from a desk out the back. Leave town.

Go to the crater in the upper right section of the map, and talk to Joshua. Use your strap on the motorcycle, then use your stapler to join the ends of the strap and use it on the motorcycle again. Leave the crater and come back again - now Joshua says he needs a number 10 wrench. Return to Douglasville. Enter the saloon and go upstairs to meet Saturn. Talk to him about everything and he will agree to lend you his wrench. Walk over behind him and try to take the wrench from the tool board, but it is missing - Saturn throw's it out the window. Go outside to the street and you will find the wrench is in the horse trough and you won't get it out. Go back upstairs again and drop your flowerpot over the edge of the balcony outside. While out there, pick up the sanding block from near the doorway. Back in with Saturn, pull the lever on the device in the middle of the room before leaving. Take the wrench from near the trough, then leave town.

Go to the crater and talk to Joshua, then leave and come back. Now you need gas for the motorcycle. Return to Douglasville and go up to see Saturn again. Look at the gas container near the doorway to the balcony, then talk to Saturn - he wants to trade for the gas. Give him your stone, then try polishing it with the sanding block and try giving it to him again. Put the piece of amber in the stone, then give it to him one more time and you will get the gas. Now you need to dilute it correctly in 1L of water. Try using your 1L bottle on the water tank to the right of where you found the gas, then ask Saturn for permission and do it again to get the water. Use the following steps to dilute the gas:

  • put gas in the 30cc tube
  • use 30cc tube on 50cc tube
  • put gas in the 30cc tube
  • use 30cc tube on 50cc tube
  • empty 50cc tube back into gas
  • use 30cc tube on 50cc tube
  • put gas in the 30cc tube
  • use 30cc tube on 50cc tube
  • use 50cc tube on 1L bottle

Return to the crater and put the gas in the motorcycle, then get ready to work out the correct combination of notes for Joshua. This is a simple "Mastermind" game, with the correct solution being CGEBA. After Joshua is gone, take his helmet from the ground. Return to the motorcycle and open Joshua's tent to get a climbing rope and miner's light. Go back to town.

Head to the bank to see where the can of paint you shot from Saturn's catapult landed. Return to Sushi and talk to her about the bank - you need to get into the basement. Go up to Saturn's workshop again and give him Joshua's helmet. Take the blowtorch after he leaves. Look at the suspended statue, then use the crane controls to lower it on to the catapult, and pull the lever to fire the catapult. While you are here, fill your oil can with water. Head to the bank again and climb down into the basement. Have a look at the safe, but you will need a combination to open it.

Leave the bank and go to the locomotive at the end of town. Pour your oil can of water into the water tank (you need to do this 6 times in total to empty the can). Climb into the cabin and put your firewood in the boiler, then use your blow torch on it to light the fire. Turn the wheel at the top to increase the steam pressure, then pull the lever just below the wheel to activate the steam outlet. Leave the cabin and pick up the key that got blown out.

Go to the prison cell inside the sheriff's office and open the cell with your key. Go inside and search through the doctor's briefcase to get liniment and a stethoscope. Go back to the bank basement and use the stethoscope on the safe. Slowly turn the dial to the right until you find the first number (85), then left (29) and right (54), and you will take the map of the mines. Go next to the saloon and search through the back room again to get some tobacco leaves. Try to mix these with the liniment, but you need some way of mixing them properly. Combine the bank stamp with the bowl in your inventory, then put the leaves in this combination to make chewing tobacco. Return to Mama Dorita's and give the tobacco to Oscar. Ask him to move the boulder for you, then enter the mines.

Chapter 5: Gifts from the Crypt

Take the long piece of wood, then the piece of metal from beneath it. Take part of the skeleton near the mine entrance, and combine it with the piece of metal to make a mining tool. Use this to remove the nail from near the mine entrance, then go and put the nail in the edge of the cliff. Use your rope on the nail to climb down.

After your brief talk with Gina, enter the cave to the right. Take the tomahawk from the right, then use it to break your piece of wood into 2 pieces. Leave the cave and head left out of this area - you will find the entrance to the crypt. Put the crucifix in the monolith's mouth, but it needs cleaning out first. Take a branch from the nearby bush, and use this to clean the mouth. Now put the crucifix in again and enter the crypt to see a cutscene.

Return to where you left Gina, and enter a doorway to the far left. Keep going through doors until you are near the upper part of your rope. Cut the rope with your tomahawk and you will pick it up. Use this on Gina to make a splint and leave this area.

Chapter 6: The Indian, the Nun and the Finger

After your talk with Mama Dorita and Gina, head back to Douglasville. Enter the saloon and meet Rutger, then give him the tomahawk and he will let you smoke from it. You will automatically return to Mama Dorita, but are still not prepared to be the medium. Go and talk to Rutger again, and you will find out you have some seeds for a potent drink, but you can't get them from their pods. Go to the sheriff's office and take a scalpel from the doctor's bag. Use this on the pods but they are still too tough. Enter the hotel and talk to Sushi upstairs. Head back downstairs and take the poker from next to the fireplace. Put the scalpel in the fire, then use it to cut open the pods and get the seeds. Go back to Rutger and give him the seeds.

You will see a long cutscene - when it is finished, return to Douglasville. After you automatically talk to Sushi, head up to Saturn's workshop and talk to him to find the location of Johnny's trailer. Leave town and head for the trailer, which is now on your map. Try to open the door, but it is jammed shut. Use the poker to prise it open. Look at the nun's habit hanging just inside the door, then go back out again. Search through the tray in the trailer's door to find a bank advertisement, then return to town.

Talk to Sushi, and give her the advertisement. Leave town, then return to the hotel and Sushi will talk to you again. Head back to the trailer and take the nun's habit, then leave the trailer and the bad guys will arrive. Go next to the derailed locomotive and climb into the cabin. Pull the steam outlet lever again, then go outside and pick up the sheriff's star. Go to Mama Dorita's and give Oscar the star, and he will take care of the bad guys. After your chat with Sushi, go to the sheriff's office. Take the jail bag and look inside it, then go and give it to Sushi. Leave town and return again, then go up and talk to Sushi. Say that your favourite director is Woody Allen, and your favourite movie is Manhatten Murder Mystery, and Sushi will have an idea.

Go to the sheriff's office and use the mp3 recorder on the thugs. Next go to Mama Dorita's and use the recorder on Gina. Finally, return to Sushi and give her the recorder.