Robot CityRobot City

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1995

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Walkthrough Updated:  11/21/2015

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Robot City is a first-person adventure game set in the titular Robot City, a society created to house self-sufficient robots. You awaken in a survival pod as 1 of only 3 humans in the city, and another has been murdered. You must evade the robots that are holding you prisoner and solve the murder to clear your name.

Survival Pod

After the survival pod crashes, click any of the green buttons on the control panel, then use the numbered buttons to ask DARLA everything you can. Once you are done collecting information, select option 5 ("Nothing"), and learn about the Laws of Robotics, then DARLA will shut down.


Turn around and pick up a Journal Page from the small table left of the bed. Turn left and enter the main room, and go over to the robot in the corner of the room. Click on the blue magnifying screen to move it forward, then connect all 8 colored wires into their correct sockets (they will give you a connection sound when they are correct, and some may be hidden behind others). Now drag the orange defence module from the left into the top-right socket in the robot. Click on the two robot arms and then the two white antennae and you will meet Alpha.

Go across the room and press the blue button to open your front door, where you will meet Sylvius. Open the door again and you will meet Euler, who will explain that you are suspected of murder. Ask Euler everything you can before he leaves. Alpha will now tell you that he will help you from this point forward. Open the door once last time and tell Sylvius that you need medical care (you can then leave); if Euler is there, just exit and try again until you see Sylvius. You can now step into the elevator and go down, then go forward out of the apartment block.

If you end up being captured and taken back to your apartment, you will need to ask Euler to let you leave as long as Alpha escorts you.

The layout of the streets in Robot City is constantly changing, so there is no point in creating a map. The city is made up of small squares with changing paths leading off in each direction, and is also broken up into larger sectors. You can ask robots on the streets which sector you are currently in, and you can move around quickly using the transit system. While you are walking around, keep an eye out for 3 more Journal Pages in the streets:

  • in a short street with a single right-angle bend
  • in a straight street with no doors or corners
  • in a long street with a short dog-leg turn in the middle

Find a transit station and head inside. After you go down in the elevator, walk forward twice and pick up another Journal Page. Continue forward until you enter the vehicle, then turn left and use the controls to select your destination as "Compass Tower". After the ride, turn left and go forward until you exit the transit station and return to the street level.

Compass Tower

Turn left, go forward to a square and straight out the other side. Continue forward until you reach water, then turn left and enter the door on the left (beneath an overpass). Head up in the elevator, then turn around and step forward to the bridge. Pick up another Journal Page before continuing forward into the tower.

Rolando will come over and talk to you. Say that you need to enter at once, that it is to prove your innocence, and because clues may have been left behind. Go to the right area and find a large robot behind some crates in the near right corner. Face this robot directly and it should turn around and retrieve a Journal Page for you to collect. Walk around until you meet Creon, and ask him where the murder happened, because you will like to look for evidence; ask how to get to Sector 12, and he will program a new destination for you in the transit system.

Leave Compass Tower and make your way back to a transit station. Enter the vehicle and select your destination as "Sector 12". After the ride, exit the transit station.

Sector 12

Walk around the streets here until you reach the murder scene.

If the rain gets too heavy (there are 3 severities: light, medium and heavy) you must head into a transit station, or you will be washed all the way back to your apartment.

Once you find the murder scene, face the side of the body and you will meet Ryberg. Ask if your robot can examine the scene, then talk to the small robot about everything (and get her to give the Isaac to Alpha). Talk to Alpha and ask for his assessment of the murder scene, then ask him about everything else relating to the murder. Return to a transit station and travel back to Compass Tower.

Compass Tower

Enter the tower the same way you did previously. Once inside, go around to the right, then to the elevator in the middle. When you are stopped by one of the supervisors, keep questioning until you can suggest that Alpha can go with you and protect you - you will eventually be allowed past. Enter the elevator and you will automatically go up. Turn around and exit the elevator, then go forward and around to the area behind the elevator. You will now be stopped by another supervisor, so keep asking him everything you can and you will get past. Walk around the purple pillar until you can use the control panel. You need to get the top triangle to match the bottom triangle, by mixing together red, green and blue. Once you have done this, a larger computer terminal becomes available. Click the screen and read all of the information available - because you have the Isaac, you will be able to read all of Avery's personal files, and importantly you will find the administrator password "Perihelion". Once you are done, press the Q button to quit. Exit the tower and return to the streets.

Turn around and talk to Alpha - review the assessment of the murder investigation so far, then establish the time of death (between 07:50 and 07:53). Now you must find more evidence. Wander the streets and talk to all the robots you meet about Robot S42 (deactivated robot) and the murder weapon (blunt metal bar). You will eventually discover which sectors you need to reach. Use your Com-Link to talk to Euler and ask for access to Sectors 7 and 11. Find a transit station. Enter the vehicle and select your destination as "Sector 7". After the ride, exit the transit station.

Sector 7

Look at the ground near the exit from the transit station and you will see blood. Search the ground around here to find the murder weapon. Pick it up and have Alpha examine it, both to see if it could be the murder weapon and to find out it belongs to Robot S42. Return to the transit station and select your next destination as "Sector 11". Leave the transit station again.

Sector 11

Walk around this sector until you find a robot sitting on the ground. Try to talk to the robot, then have Alpha examine it. Now talk to Alpha and convince him than Robot S42 committed the murder, acting under the control of Creon. If you haven't found all 7 journal pages yet, there will be another Journal Page on the ground near Robot S42. Continue along this street and through an unnamed side door to find a group of 12 lockers. Close the open locked, then click on 3 more to create any L-shaped pattern (like a knight's move from chess) and the final locker you click will open. Continue doing this to open different lockers until you can take a pink device from inside one of them - this is the Key to Perihelion. Return to a transit station and travel back to Compass Tower.

Compass Tower

Enter the tower the same way you did previously. Talk to one of the supervisors and tell them about Creon. Walk around until a supervisor tells you that you were correct. Walk around until another supervisor says they cannot find Creon, but make sure you take the DataCard from them, and ask Alpha about it. Walk around to find a supervisor once more, and ask how to find the Command Center, and ask for the supervisor password, which is "100101101001". Once more find a supervisor, and ask for access to Sector 5. Exit the tower and return to the streets. Find a transit station, enter the vehicle and travel to "Mine Entrance". Exit the transit station after your arrival.

Mine Entrance

Turn left and go forward beneath the archway, then enter the door on the right. Continue forward and convince Avernus to let you past, then go down in the elevator. Step forward and accept help from Avenus to find the Command Center. If you still don't have 7 journal pages, you can find another one between the crates in this area. Turn right and proceed into the 4-legged loader vehicle. Turn left and go forward 4 times, then turn right and activate the RTM button. Now you (blue dot) must chase the Command Center (red dot) around the maze. Once you reach it, press the Send Access Code button.

You will now have an access panel in front of you. Click the top left square, then keep clicking the top right square until the colors match. Repeat with the second left square, and continue until you have 6 matching pairs. Now at the main console, you will be asked for two passwords:

  • Supervisor Password: 100101101001
  • Administrator Password: PERIHELION

Answer yes to the following question, and provide the DataCard you received from Compass Tower. Once the process is complete, turn around and enter the loader again. Go back to the large rectangular area at the bottom of the map. Walk to where you boarded the loader, then exit. Go back to the elevator and head up again. Leave the mine entrance and return to the transit station. Travel to Compass Tower.

Compass Tower

Make your way towards the tower and you will receive a message from Katherine. Enter the tower, then go to the elevator in the middle. At the top floor, go around to the other room and access the computer terminal as you did previously. Press the P button to pause the terminal without retracting it, then walk around to the door on the other side of the pillar, press the yellow button, and head inside.

Step forward 4 times and access a computer on the left - disable the communications here. Go to the back of the lab and you will meet a killer robot - tell it you are human, then tell it to kill you. Next you will hear from Avery. Assuming you disabled communications, he will not be able to destroy Robot City. Now you must decide whether to let the city remain. Afterwards Katherine will appear. Let her have the key that you got from the lockers earlier, then choose to leave with her or stay in Robot City.