Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/11/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Rituals is a first-person exploratory adventure game set in an enigmatic office building. You found yourself exploring multiple surreal environments, uncovering a story about the relationship between technology and nature. There are 7 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Read the note on your desk. Head over towards the door and open, then turn off the light before going out to the corridor. Head along the corridor to the end, and enter the bathroom straight ahead. Go into the left stall and examine the magazine (1/3) on the floor. Leave the bathroom and turn right. Head forward past the reception desk and through the door straight ahead.

Approach the desk and open its drawer, taking out a key. Return past the reception desk and turn left, then go up the stairs. Use your key on the locked glass door here. Enter the room on the left Paranoia.

Return down to the reception desk and go through the glass door opposite. Press the elevator call button, then get in the open elevator and use the panel inside.


Take the acorn that is hanging from the tree near the closed elevator. Follow the path, keeping to the left, until you can take a lantern from the side of a small shack. Enter the shack and pick up the bucket from beneath the table.

Leave the shack and return to the main path, going right and then left into a cave. Explore the left part of the cave and pick up the shovel at the end. Return to the elevator and use the shovel to pry open the doors Brute force.

Go back to the cave and take the right path until you end up outside again. Go right, left and right to find a water pump, then use this to fill up your bucket. Head back through the cave again, then turn right and go up towards the glowing area between the trees. Go to the + symbol on the ground and use your shovel here. Plant the acorn, then use the shovel to cover it again. Now pour water here and a tree will grow. Press the elevator call button on the tree. Go back to the elevator and get in, then use the panel inside.

Level G

Go over to large glass window and knock on it. Head around into this room and take the ID card from the floor. Press the other red button on the console where the man was standing. Use the ID card on the sensor near the door to get back out of this room, then go through the doorway to the right.

Go over to the small green lift and use it to get up to level 2. Use your ID card to get into the room here, and go to the far end to find another magazine (2/3) in the shelves. Go back to the green lift and head back down to level 1.

Cross the room and use your ID card to get through the opposite door. Continue through the door at the end of the corridor on the right. Enter the bathroom to the left and go to the furthest shower stall on the left. Open the curtains here, then open the toolbox and take the screwdriver.

Return to the room with the green lift, and go to the corner near the shower area to find a wall vent. Use your screwdriver on all 4 corners to remove the screws, then open the vent and climb inside. Head down the ladder at the end.


Follow the path to the left, then continue straight and take the next left. Examine the plant here and pick the juicy orange fruit. Go back to the main path, and continue straight across into a village. Immediately turn left and go through the pink curtains into the hut, so you can pick up an oar.

Return to the main village path and follow it to the cauldron, then turn right. Head to the straw dummies and take the knife from the closest one. Return to the cauldron and look inside, then use your oar to collect the meat.

Leave the village again and turn right. Use your knife to get an intense purple fruit. Return to where you started and approach the river. Feed the meat to the crocodile. Go back to the cauldron and get some more meat then feed the crocodile. Do this a total of 4 times Gluttony.

Go back to the village one more time. Enter the second hut on the right to find a mortar and pestle. Add the juicy orange and intense purple fruits, then grind them and pick up the poison. Put this into the cauldron, then take another piece of meat.

Go back to the crocodile and feed it the poisoned meat. Get into the canoe and use your paddle on the canoe. Keep clicking on the oar to paddle down the river. Once you are hit by lava, step forward and look at the pedestal.


Go forward and push open the vent, then step forward again. Go right and open an access panel, then head inside. Open the cupboard at the end to see some controls. You need to set them as follows:

  • Left Lever: Down
  • Middle Lever: Middle
  • Right Lever: Up
  • Dial: Pointing to the left

Head back out and climb around the catwalks. Find the last magazine (3/3) on the final platform Enlightenment. Now use your ID card to get through the door.


Go forward once, then turn left. Push the large base repeatedly until it tips over. Pick up the key from inside. Continue along the left path until you see 3 pillars to your right. Approach these and take the broom from the left pillar. Return and continue along the left path (you will end up cycling around to the right path).

Turn right and approach the grave here, then pick up the blue flower. Back out, then continue along the path until you return to the locked gate. Use the blue flower on the padlock Flower power. Now use the key on the padlock.

Head up the stairs and use the broom on the dry leaves, then pick them up. Also pick up the dead roses. Approach the lit flame to the left and light your dead roses. Use these to light the other 2 flames. Put your dried leaves in the empty sconce, then light these as well. Now put the blue flowers in the vase. Head down into the opening.

Control Room

Approach the control desk. There are two buttons to press repeatedly, and two possible outcomes of the game:

  • Press the left button repeatedly to save the planet Healing rain
  • Press the right button repeatedly to destroy the planet Earth's suicide