Riddlord: The ConsequenceRiddlord: The Consequence

Game Details:  Mystery, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  5/29/2019

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Riddlord: The Consequence is a first-person puzzle game, similar in nature to The Room and its sequels. You take the role of detective Jack Rede; the game begins with you receiving a phone call from a kidnapper who has taken your son. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1

Pick up the knife from the table. Examine this in your inventory; slide the end of the knife handle and press the yellow button, then take the dragon figurine (1/3) The secret is in your hands. Spin around to the far corner and zoom in on the small puzzle box. Turn each of the 5 dials so the 4 marks around the edges line up with the background box pattern, then pull the sides of the box out and take the encoded note.

Use the knife on the ropes around the main box, and slide the knife backward and forward to cut it. Spin the ridged top of the cylinder, then take the small slider from the top. Insert this into the green symbol on the front of the cylinder. Now you need to slide this along the grooves in the cylinder down towards the seal in the middle. Slide the segments left and right, and move the slider around the grooves until you reach the very bottom (the question mark).

Zoom in on the bottom of the device and press the small square button, then spin right around and press the opposite button to open the small compartment. Take the buttons and the pieces of Spark's clothing. Combine the clothing with the encoded note to get a map with code. Use this on the candle to reveal moon and star symbols. Use the buttons on each of the 5 red stars on this to create a strange key.

Next look at the four pillars around the edges of the device. Spin the components to line up the animal outlines on each of the pillars (start with the angled piece at the bottom), getting some patterned tiles from each corner compartment. Now focus on the top of the device to see "The Octogrammer". Insert your strange key into the glowing yellow slot on the side, then push it in. Now you can add all 4 sets of patterned tiles to the top of the device.

You now need to rotate and swap the tiles until they are all in their correct positions (they light up when correct). Start by placing the crescent moon over the tiles closest to the number 4 and bear in mind that the majority of the paired edge pieces form mirror-image symbols. Once you are finished, turn the key that appears to reveal a new cube puzzle. Spin the sides of this to create cohesive red and blue patterns.

Take the wax apple from inside the top corner of the cube once it opens. Use your knife to scrape the green paint off the label to reveal the phrase "Apple of Eden" (the letter counts for this phrase are 5, 2, 4). Melt the wax apple over the candle to reveal a capsule inside. Spin the rings on this to show the code 524. Take the key and piece of paper from inside. Hold the piece of paper over the candle to reveal your next destination.

There are achievements for completing this chapter without hints I know what to do and within 20 minutes Great start to the story.

Chapter 2

Open the top left wooden drawer and take the screwdriver from inside. Examine the photo on the small nightstand and use the screwdriver to pry off the frame. Pick up the tortoise figurine (2/3) Within the framework of history. Open the left green drawer here and take some tape from inside. The right green drawer is locked for now.

Open the bottom right wooden drawer and take an A key from the back of the drawer. Back out and pick up a light bulb from the right of this set of drawers, a rolled up page about chemicals from the left, and a small key from on top. Look up to see a chest puzzle with red and blue pieces. Start at the bottom right and click alternating red and blue pieces to end up at the bottom left - one possible order is shown below:


After the chest opens, take the anamorphic puzzle note from the middle. Lift the flap on the inside of the lid and open out the pouch to get a handful of crystals. Now look at the second chest just to the right. Use your beads in the indentations on both the left and right sides, then take the mirror cylinder that is revealed.

Turn around and look at the collection of pictures with red writing on the wall. Take the photo of the old chapel, and take the photo of baby Jack which mentions the time 11:11. Move the Zodiac picture to the side so you can take a medal from behind it. Open the top panel of the pendulum clock, then set the time to 11:11 and it will stop swinging. Use your small key on the bottom panel lock, turn the key and then open the panel. Open the pendulum and take the straight part of the Seeker's key (1/7).

Look at the white cushion on the armchair. Pull open the zip and take a pattern mask from inside. Look at the nightstand again and open the yellow book. Use your anamorphic puzzle note on the torn page to repair it. Use the mirror cylinder on the middle part of the page to see a message about the Seeker's key.

Back out and look at the stack of books on the left. Open the chemistry book and take the platinum piece, then use the rolled up page to complete the torn picture. Back out and use your A key on the red book. Turn the key and open the book, then pick up the Alphabet Killer puzzle. Examine this in your inventory and rotate the letters so A is at the top of the outer ring and E is at the top of the inner ring. Now click on the letters to spell out ALPHABETKILLER. Take part of the Seeker's key (2/7).

Look at the wooden drawers again and open the bottom left drawer, taking out the beakers with KOH and HCN. Use both of these on the container up on the bench, then combine your platinum piece and pattern mask. Dip this into the container of liquid, then take another part of the Seeker's key (3/7).

Look at the wooden board just to the right of the wooden drawers. Use your screwdriver on the 4 loose pieces and you will end up with the cross part of the Seeker's key (4/7).

Next turn to look at the large paintings on the wall. Look at the painting on the right and take a house puzzle piece. Examine this and flip it around, sliding a latch to release the pieces. Rearrange them into the shape of a square (the pieces will lock together when you bring them close in the right orientation). This forms the square part of the Seeker's key (5/7).

Next pull the big red painting forward to see a message on the back and a puzzle on the wall. You need to slide each of the symbols from the middle disc out to the edge, but each will only light up in its correct position. Rotate the middle disc so you can slide all the pieces out, and one will remain highlighted at the end. Place your medal over this highlighted piece, then take another part of the Seeker's key (6/7).

Attach your light bulb to the hanging wires down low to the right of the unmarked blue door. Use the tape to cover the exposed wires. Twist the green device on the side of the bulb to turn it on, then pick up the bat-shaped green button from the ground. Note the 3 symbols on the wall here: wolf, owl, bat. Go back to the nightstand and use this button on the right drawer. Now press the buttons here in the order you just saw: wolf, owl, bat. Pick up the bat puzzle and examine it in your inventory. You need to slide the red balls outwards, rotating the discs to help, until both reach the eyes. Now take the final part of the Seeker's key (7/7).

Examine the cross part of the Seeker's key and rotate the 4 components to leave a tiny circular hole in the middle - it will snap together in the shape of a cross. Go over to the wooden bench (above the drawers) and examine the large device on the right. Insert the square piece in the bottom, then straight piece in the middle and the cross piece on the top. Insert the other 4 parts on the sides. Pull the handle, then wait before taking the completed Seeker's key.

Go to the main door. Insert the Seeker's key on the left and turn it to open the first panel. Now insert it on the right and turn it the other way to open the second panel. Insert the key in the middle. Now you need to press it forwards when the symbol of the correct killer is pointing inwards. Once you have down this rotate the key clockwise and repeat with the next killer. Do this a total of 4 times and the door will open.

There are achievements for completing this chapter without hints For me, everything is very clear and within 20 minutes Time distortion in a strange room.

Chapter 3

Look at the golden spiral on the ground beneath the main table. Slide the small latch around the half circle to open this section of the grating. Open the next layer like a combination safe - turn the dial one way until a light comes on, then turn the other direction until the next light and continue until 4 lights are active. Pick up the underfloor box. There are 8 narrow segments of the surface below - press numbers 1, 6, 1 and 8 to open this platform. Now you can pick up the tiger figurine (3/3) False bottom.

Look at the rabbit doll on the ground around the edge of the room. Lift it forward and pull down the patch on its back to see a clue. Pick up the disassembled cylinder from behind it. In your inventory, spin each of the segments so they line up with the one on the far left to reveal a glass cylinder puzzle. Spin the components of this in 3 dimensions to recreate perfectly the image on the back of the old chapel picture you got in the previous chapter, and it will become part of the supreme ultimate (2/4).

Pick up the hemisphere beneath the main table, which is part of the supreme ultimate (3/4). Examine this in your inventory and tilt it to make the small ball travel through the maze to the hole in the middle.

Slide open the two golden doors in the base of the main table to reveal a puzzle. Pick up the 8 tiles pieces and then slot them into position. The correct order is indicated beneath the slots. The bottom row of all 4 pieces on the left is indicated by the bottom left symbol, and the bottom row of all 4 pieces on the right is indicated by the bottom right symbol. The top two rows of each group of four symbols is indicated above this. Once all tiles are placed, pick up another piece of the supreme ultimate (1/4). Examine this and press the buttons until they all stay in position.

Grab another hemisphere from the top of the table, which is another part of the supreme ultimate (4/4). Examine this in your inventory. The goal is to have each side of the triangle add up to 20. Starting at the top and working clockwise, one solution is 2, 4, 9, 5, 1, 6, 8, 3, 7.

Now that all 4 parts are ready, you can slide the two hemispheres together and slide the final piece through to create a complete sphere. Place this into the depression in the middle of the main table. Use the underfloor box on the hologram that appears. You now have 8 magnetic pieces that you need to place in their correct positions - these were indicated beneath the patch on the back of rabbit doll, and are seen from standing in the position of the arrows on the main table. Click on a piece, then on where you want to it to go, starting from the bottom and working up.

Drag the translucent scroll all the way downwards and off the bottom of the screen. Click on the glowing red cloud. When the next set of puzzles pieces appears, start by placing all of the colored columns in the piece at the middle bottom. Now gradually add the other pieces, starting from the one with 7 holes and ending with the solid piece. Click on the glowing red cloud again and a series of smaller colored pieces will appear. Insert these in the top of the rainbow device you are creating.

Click on the glowing red cloud once more and a large puzzle box will appear. Start by spinning the box around and sliding out the indigo bar, then all other bars on that side. Repeat this with the green bar and its surrounding pieces, then blue, yellow and orange. Press the violet button on the bottom of the box and it will fall away. Remove the bars on the bottom surface of the box. Now finally remove the red bar and its surrounding pieces. Open the box and take the memory reviver from inside.

Lift up the main part of this device, then pull it open. Back out and use this on the rainbow device you created earlier. Drag the old chapel photo into the glowing frame above it. Press the button on the far side of the machine to active the colored lenses. Now click on the colored areas floating in the air and connect them to each of the lenses. Slide the controls around the top of the machine to align the images, then press the button on its near side. Take the restored photo.

Back out and use the photo on the large eye in the background. Now you need to finally click on the colored areas and link them to anagrammed words:

  • Violet: Crocus
  • Red: Strawberry
  • Orange: Fire
  • Yellow: Sun
  • Green: Grass
  • Blue: Sky
  • Indigo: Canoe

There are achievements for completing this chapter without hints It is not that hard and within 20 minutes The all-seeing eye. There are additional achievements for completing the entire game without hints I do not need support and within 1 hour I will quickly sort it out. The final achievement is for completing the game and finding all 3 figurines along the way The truth has come out.