Curse of the Four Branches

Year:  2008

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches is a first-person horror adventure game set against a background of Welsh mythology. Rhiannon, a young 15 year old is troubled by an apparent haunting at the family farm, dating back to events that occurred centuries ago. You play as a friend of the family, offering to stay at the farm to investigate.

Chapter 1: Arrival


Start by reading Jen's email in your inventory, then head around the lake to the house and approach the blue front door. Look left and down and move the flower pot, then pick up the front door key. Use this on the door and head inside. Walk forwards and try to use the light switch on the left, but the power is turned off. Turn around and head towards the front door, then turn left and open the box on the wall. Flip the large red switch here to restore power.

Turn left and try to go up the stairs, but you will end up in the same place but turned around. Try to go upstairs two more times, but you won't be able to yet. Read the note on the back of the front door. Go to the base of the stairs again and head through the door on the left into the living room.

Walk over to the piano in the far right corner and look at the music, then take the lighter. Turn around and go over to the phone on the small side table. Press the arrow buttons to listen to the 3 messages. Next go to the bookcase in the corner of the room and search to find a book about native UK trees; you will need this later. Head through the door to the right of the telephone into the dining room (currently under repair). There is a stepladder in here that you can't take yet. Click on the window sill until a photograph comes free, and take it with you. Open the cupboard on the right and move the box on the middle shelf to find a flashlight; take this too.

Go through the small wooden door into a pantry. Find a box of Zap firelighters on a side table and a light bulb from a plastic tub in some shelving. Head back out to the dining room, then through the other wooden door into the kitchen.

Look at the cloth bundle on the table. Look in the high cupboard on the left and pick up the cat food from the top shelf; also look at the list of ingredients and side effects on the inside of the cupboard door. Look in the fridge next and take the can of tomato soup, then look inside and take the key. Now look at the floor near the next door - pick up the dead mouse and put the cat food in the bowl. Go through the door to find a bathroom, then go straight ahead to the toilet. Flush the mouse down the toilet. Go back to the bathroom then out through the rear door to the patio.

Head straight ahead to the path, then turn right and go forward to a wood chopping area. Pick up some firewood. Turn around and make your way back through the blue front door and then forward and left into the living room. Go over to the fireplace. Open the door, then use the firestarter, kindling (from the basket on the left), firewood and finally the lighter to start a fire.

Head back out to the hall, then use the key to unlock the study door directly opposite. Go inside and turn left, looking at the map and gold plate. Next read the top right book in the top left shelf all the way to the end, making sure to take the letter hidden inside. Leave the study to return to the entrance hall.


Use your flashlight on the stairs to meet Llwyd's ghost. Go forward and do this again, then at the top of the stairs, put the lightbulb in the lampshade on the table. Turn left and go along the hallway, then touch the door to the room on the left (Rhiannon's room) - the words Fetch Absent Child will appear in the door.

Next go back along the hallway then left and right to find the upstairs bathroom. Turn on the hot water tap to see a message in the mirror: Harken. Go back downstairs and into the living room. Use the hifi system beneath the TV to listen to the song The Ash Grove. Go to the piano in the corner and look at the sheet music again and remember the first 6 letters of the music. Go back up to Rhiannon's door again and click on the letters from the song: CFACAF.

Inside the bedroom, look at the chest of drawers. Pick up and read the red diary. Now turn to the fireplace and look down. Move the cushion and open the grate so you can pick up and read a second diary. Next use the computer. Turn it on and enter the password "Dreamy Dylan". Click on the envelope and read all the emails completely.

Chapter 2: Earth

Standing Stone

Read the new email on the computer. Open the right drawer of the desk and take the crayons and tracing paper. Examine the photo on the pin-up board above the desk to see what the standing stone looks like, then turn towards the door and you will get a download leaflet. Go back downstairs and into the study, and take the tree plan from the pin-up board here. Look at this to see the layout of the estate. Pick up the mp3 player from next to the printer and try to turn it on, but the battery is flat. Turn right and look at the desk, then put the mp3 player in its charger here. Leave the study and head out through the front door.

Go forward, left, forward twice, left, forward 3 times, right and forward 4 times to reach the standing stone (marked as Area 3 on the map). Use your tracing paper on the standing stone, then use your crayons on it to get a stone rubbing.

Head all the way back inside and up to Rhiannon's room again. Read the two emails and start the Ogam Translator Program from the link in the second email. Just click on the appropriate symbols in the program to translate the message, according to the email instructions (if you make a mistake you must start again, so save your game as needed). When you are done, save your results to get Llwyd's Spell Part 1.

10 Twigs

Head just outside the front door again - you now need to find 10 twigs from around the property. Start by going forward, right, forward twice, right and forward 7 times to reach a gate. Turn right and click on the large bush blocking the door here, then turn around and pick up Twig 8. Turn left again and go forward twice, then pick up Twig 2 from the right of the path. Go forward 8 times, through the blue gate, forward once more and pick up Twig 4 from the right of the path. Go forward once more, then turn left and take Twig 10.

Turn left again and go forward twice and through the blue gate. From here, turn right and go forward 3 times, then turn right again and go through an iron gate to the orchard. Turn left and pick up Twig 1. Turn left again and go back through the iron gate, then turn right and go forward twice more. Turn right and go forward twice, then turn left and pick up Twig 6. Turn right and go forward twice to reach a fallen tree, then turn left and grab Twig 3.

Turn left again, then go forward 7 times, turn right and pick up Twig 9. Turn left and go forward toward the steps, then turn right again and take Twig 7. Turn around and go toward the wooden bridge. Turn right and go forward twice, then turn around and pick up Twig 5 from the left of the path. Now head back into the house.


Return to Malcolm's study and pick up the mp3 player, which should now be charged. Turn it on and go right through the tracks until you see Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac; note the length of the track is 4:06. Go back out through the front door and go forward then turn left. Go straight ahead to the padlock on the large yellow doors and open it with combination 0406, then head inside.

Turn right and try to open the bottom drawer, then turn back to the left and pick up the can of RD-20. Use this on the stuck drawer and it will open. Take the document from inside and read it carefully - you need to now collect the 5 objects listed on the second page.

5 Objects

Take the block and tackle from over the workshop door, then head back outside. Turn right and go forward 3 times, right and forward 4 times to return to the standing stone. Use the block and tackle on the branch over the stone to lift it, then take the piece of slate from beneath. Make your way back through the iron gate into the orchard and turn right. Push the smaller standing stone here and take another slate piece. Exit the orchard and turn right, then go forward 3 times, right and forward. Turn left to see another small standing stone; push it and take the final slate piece. Combine the 3 in your inventory.

Go back out of this garden area and look at the wall on the right to see the roman numeral II. There are pieces of moss on the wall that you can interact with but nothing will happen yet. Go back into the workshop and open the top right drawer, then take the paint scraper from inside. Go back out to the wall. Find the segment of wall with III written near the top and use the paint scraper on the piece of moss corresponding with the glowing spot on the slate. Click on the words that are revealed. Go to the next glowing spot and use the scraper again, and continue this until you end up with Llwyd's Spell Part 2.

Back out of the wall close-up and you will be led by a white light to the standing stone. Look beneath it and open the compartment, then take the wooden crown from within. Head back inside the house and go upstairs, then turn left, go forward and turn right. Take the wooden sword from the wall. Go back downstairs and look just right of the inside of the front door to find a newspaper. Read this to discover an advertising flyer inside; it has a picture of a wooden cradle.

Now head into Malcolm's study again and look at the pamphlet about the brushcutter on the pin-up board - it has a note saying "20:1 oil in first". Go outside and into the workshop again, and pick up the oil measure from the shelf on the wall to the left (if you can't do this, you must go back to the large bush blocking the doorway mentioned in the twigs section above). Turn right and look at the brushcutter, then remove its cap. Get one lot of oil in your oil measure (100ml) and pour it into the brushcutter. Get 5 lots of petrol in your oil measure (400ml) and pour each into the brushcutter. Replace the cap and pull the cord to test it, then pick it up. Leave the workshop and go forward 4 times, right and forward 7 times to return to the thick bush. Turn right and use your brushcutter on the bush, then move the sheet of iron and enter the garage. Look at the diary in the front seat of the car and read every entry. Try to open the door, then smash the back window and take the wooden rocking horse.

Go back outside and the white light will ask for your help. Return inside and go up to Rhiannon's bedroom. Read the new email, then look at the window sill and take the book called "Magical Properties of Trees". Go back outside to the path leading to the garage and half way along when you are between two holly trees turn to the left. Look down to the ground to see a vision of a body, then pick up the wooden charm that is left behind. Now using the symbols on each of your 4 wooden objects (and the address associated with the wooden cradle on the flyer), along with the book you just found in Rhiannon's bedroom, you can associate each object with its tree:

  • crown - elm
  • sword - ash
  • cradle flyer - birch
  • rocking horse - apple
  • charm - blackthorn

Return inside and go to the living room. Pick up the native tree guide book from the bookcase and use this to identify your twigs. You can now make these associations:

  • crown - twig 6
  • sword - twig 2
  • cradle flyer - twig 4
  • rocking horse - twig 1
  • charm - twig 5

Go back out to the standing stone and put each pair of items from the list above into the yellow smoke beneath the standing stone. Once all 5 have been done, take the earth orb that appears.

Chapter 3: Water

Leave Rhiannon's bedroom and go downstairs. Pick up the mail on the floor inside the front door and you will get a postcard, a note and a key. Head outside and over to the outbuilding on the right, where you can now use the key to unlock the padlock on the blue door and head inside. Turn right and go forward, then turn around and take the papers from the ground on the left. Read this to see a list of 7 objects you now need to find.

7 Objects

Start by going outside and entering the small toolshed to the left of the workshop. Pick up the tractor rod from the ground here. Next head into the house through the front door and enter Malcolm's study. Take the gold plate from the top of the bookshelf. Go upstairs into Rhiannon's bedroom and take the skull sticker ("Gottiko badge") from the corner of one of the posters. Return downstairs and head into the kitchen. Pick up the cloth from the table.

Turn left and look at the high cupboards; take the blue book from the right and take a bread recipe from inside the book - you now need to make some bread. Go outside and climb the steps on the right side of the outbuilding; try to open the door but it is locked. Enter the outbuilding and take the key from behind the door. Go back outside and up the stairs, and use this key to get inside. Turn right and look at the flour, then notice the gap in the floor that prevents you from reaching it. Once again go down and into the outbuilding, then turn right, go forward and turn right again. Take the plank from here, then go up and use it on the gap so you can get the flour. Now return to the kitchen and get the salt from the top right cupboard and the mixing bowl from the bottom left cupboard. Open the small fridge and take the butter from inside. Leave the kitchen and go to the pantry, where you can now pick up a measuring jug, a bread tin, and a bottle of beer (for the yeast). Return to the kitchen and fill the measuring jug with water from the tap. Look at your mixing bowl and add the flour and salt, then add the butter and click on it until you form a well in the middle. Now add the beer and water, then click on it to make bread dough. Put this in your bread tin, then put this in the oven and close the door. Open the door again and take out the baked bread.

Next go out through the front door and turn immediately left, then go forward and turn left again. From here you can look up to see some scaffolding - you can't do anything with it yet, but must come and look at it from here. Return to the outbuilding and take a ladder from the shelving on the far right. Go back to the scaffolding and use the ladder on it. Climb all the way to the top, turn left, and take the weather vane (starling).

Head to the opposite side of the small pond outside the front door of the house and walk on to the short pier. Click on the piece of cauldron in the water - you can't reach it. Head into the outbuilding again and this time take a long hook from along one of the wooden rafters above you on the right. Go back to the pier and use this to get the cauldron piece. Go to the outbuilding loft using the outside stairs, and you will find a second cauldron piece in a small hole above where you found the flour earlier. Go down into the main part of the outbuilding and take the crowbar from within the wheelbarrow. Head back outside and turn right, then go forward through the blue gate. Step forward once and turn left to find a well. Use your crowbar on the chain here, then climb down and get the last cauldron piece. Climb back up out of the well. Combine the 3 pieces to get the Cauldron of Rebirth. Head into the house and into Malcolm's study. Read the note on the board about water divining, including the handwritten message on the back. Go back outside and around to where the III was on the wall. Turn around to see the door to the stables, and there is a hazel twig on the ground to pick up. Turn right and use the twig (it will stay in the middle of the screen for now). Walk forward twice and it will vibrate, then go forward once more and it will shake. Now use the cauldron on the rock here to fill it with water.

Auras and Emotions

Go through the blue door just left of the front door of the house (boiler room) and pick up the package from the floor. Now head into the main house and go up to Jen's study (first room on the right at the top of the stairs). Pick up the magazine article from the small table and read it carefully. From here, go to the laboratory next to Rhiannon's bedroom. Put the package on the workbench, then open it and take out the instructions and the camera. Place each of the 6 objects apart from the cauldron on to the camera plate and flip the switch, taking the picture generated each time - you should collect pictures of the plate, skull, rod, cloth, bread and starling.

Back out and take the tray of slides from the workbench and the homeopathy bottles from the shelf above. Head down to Malcolm's study and press the green button on the printer. Take the 2 sheets of labels, and use one on the tray of slides, and the other on the homeopathy bottles. Go out to the cauldron and get some spring water in the homeopathy bottles, then use them on the slides (you will now have a drop of water on each slide, and the 10 bottles will be separated in your inventory). Go inside and enter the pantry. Open the freezer on the right and place the slides inside. Close the freezer and leave the pantry, then go straight back in and get the frozen slides out of the freezer again. Go up to Jen's laboratory again and look at each of the slides in the microscope to see their respective colors. You need to match these with the photos you took earlier:

  • plate - calm
  • skull - duty
  • rod - insulted
  • cloth - deceived
  • bread - humiliated
  • starling - truth

Go out to the cauldron once more and place each pair of items from the list above inside. Once all 6 have been done, take the water orb that appears.

Chapter 4: Fire

Leave Rhiannon's bedroom and go downstairs and outside. Go to where you were previously blocked by a fallen tree, and now you can follow the path further. Examine the lock on the sluice gate on the right at the end, then go back and along the side of the mill, finding another locked door. Now return to the outbuilding and take the sluice key from behind the paint tins in the corner of the room. Go back to the sluice gate and use the key to open it - the wheel next to the mill will start turning. Return to the outbuilding again and lift open the trapdoor with your crowbar. Look down to see the area is full of water, then pull the lever on the wall opposite the entrance and the water will be emptied. Head down.

Underground Transport

Board the boat and move the lever forward to travel from the Produce Terminus to the office, then push it forward again to head to the Mill Terminus. Exit the boat and climb the stairs on the left to reach the inside of the mill. Find the door with the "Lockdown Procedures" poster and remove the bar from it; now you can enter the mill through the locked door you found earlier. Climb another staircase to reach the top floor, and a light will guide your attention to a radio on a workbench. Walk forwards then turn left and take the paper airplane from up in the rafters. Read this to see a list of 8 objects you now need to find.

8 Objects

Go back to the top of the stairs and turn right, then pick up the green darts trophy from the window sill. Go down one flight of stairs and pick up some Wellington boots from the floor, then head down again. Take the boat one stop back to the office and disembark here. Find and examine the safe close up, then leave this area and take the boat back to the Stock Terminus. Climb up and head outside. Return through the main entrance of the house and from here head into the living room - you will automatically follow a ghost into a secret room (as long as you have examined the safe). Examine the body in the coffin and take the ring from her finger. Pick up the blueprint from the left side of the cabinet, and look inside the book in the right side of the cabinet to find an Edwardian key. Read all of the documents in the middle part of the cabinet, then leave the room (you can't come back here again).

Now head upstairs and into the spare room (the door to the right near Rhiannon's room). Turn right and move the box to reveal a loose floorboard. Lift this with your crowbar, then take the box and open it with your Edwardian key. Read the letter inside. Now head outside and go into the stables. Enter the stalls and walk around until you have a vision of a white horse. Zoom in on the floor here and brush away the hay, then lift up the floor to find a saddle. Leave the stables and go to the garage. Look in the glovebox of the old car to find a glove. Next enter the pantry and find a chocolate fountain and a yellow bowl. Finally enter Malcolm's study and take the computer mouse.

Return out to the mill and go upstairs. Look at the pin-up board and take the poster about a Bonfire night. This lists 8 elements you need to locate.

8 Elements

While you are still upstairs in the mill, find some Bordeaux mixture fungicide (in the same corner as where you found the paper plane before). Now head downstairs and outside.

When you head out of the mill, a barrel will catch on fire. Start by going to the workshop, where you can pick up a lithium battery from inside a box on the floor. A bag of cement can be found by turning right whilst standing outside the front door of the house. Go into the toolshed next and take the box of tree stump remover (containing saltpetre). Now enter the kitchen and look at the inside of the left kitchen cupboard to see that caviar contains borax; you can find the caviar on the window sill in the pantry. Enter the boiler room and examine the right wall, then go to the dining room and take the ladder. Go back to the boiler room and use the ladder to reach the roof beams; here you can get some rat poison.

Head back into the house and go upstairs. Go to the upstairs bathroom and look in the medicine cabinet to find some strontium complex tablets. Finally go to Rhiannon's room and collect the aluminium soft drink can from beneath the bed. Head outside and go to the burning barrel near the mill. Put in these combinations of items based on color association:

  • saddle - lithium battery
  • glove - gypsum cement
  • bowl - tree stump remover
  • darts trophy - caviar
  • Wellington boots - rat poison
  • chocolate fountain - Bordeaux mixture
  • ring - strontium tablets
  • computer mouse - aluminium can

Now pick up the fire orb that appears.

Chapter 5: Air

Leave Rhiannon's bedroom and go downstairs. Pick up the mail on the floor inside the front door and you will get 2 letters, one of which contains a list of the final four objects to be collected.

4 Objects

Enter the living room and listen to the new message on the answering machine. Now head outside and go through the blue gate, then continue forward through the gates into the graveyard. Walk forward twice and turn right to see Rhiannon's headstone and remember the symbol you see here (try clicking on it as well).

Head to either the outbuilding or the mill and go downstairs, then use the boat once to reach the office. Read the journal in the desk drawer. Examine the blueprint in your inventory to see the number 87362 - use this combination to open the large safe in the room. Take the antique tool (you need to manipulate the handle to be able to take it). Also take the scroll from the bottom shelf of the safe. Now return to the graveyard again. Use the antique tool on the symbol on Rhiannon's headstone - you will get a round stone. Go to the outbuilding and head downstairs. There are 4 stone symbols on the walls here, and a hole for one more. Find the hole beneath the stairs and press it, then insert the round stone from the headstone. Now you need to press the other stone symbols in a specific order (if you get it wrong you must start again). The correct order is:

  • turn left, go forward, turn left, go forward and turn right, then press the air symbol
  • turn right, go forward, turn right, go forward, zoom in and press the fire symbol
  • turn right twice, go forward and press the earth symbol
  • turn right twice, go forward, turn right, go forward and press the water symbol

Open the glass cage that appears and take the wooden wand from inside. Now head to the path near the burning barrel and pick up the plastic hard hat. Go to Rhiannon's room and take the piggy bank from her desk. Finally go to Malcolm's study and take the picture from behind the door.

Sound Recording

Take the mp3 player from the charger in this room. Head to the upstairs bedroom around the corner and take the Tunovox tone analyser from the window sill. Go to Rhiannon's bedroom and take the homework from her desk. Now you need to find 4 objects in the game that generate a sound through vibration. Go to the upstairs bathroom and use the Tunovox on the wall exhaust fan, pressing the Tune button. Next go down to the pantry and use the Tunovox on the freezer, again pressing Tune. Go outside and down the path to the mill. Go to the turning wheel beside the building and use the Tunovox on it, pressing Tune once more. Finally enter the mill and use your Tunovox on the generator. Once you have done this the 4 tones will appear as separate items in your inventory.

Go back to the house and enter the living room. Step into the middle of the room and turn to face the couch with the red book on it, then look down. Move the right cushion and take the mp3 leaflet. Go back to face the couch and look down again - now the coffee table is glowing. You need to match up the sounds you have recorded with the objects you collected and the key is their relative frequencies and the homework from the desk. Use these 4 combinations:

  • wooden wand - generator tone
  • paper calendar - bathroom fan tone
  • plastic hard hat - kitchen appliance tone
  • ceramic piggy bank - millwheel tone

Collect the air orb when you are done (you will also get a glass wand).

4 Orbs

Now go to the graveyard again. Based on information found throughout the house and grounds you need to match up the elemental orbs with the 4 tombstones that have receptacles:

  • earth orb - Unknown ("Lost but now found")
  • water orb - George and Lucinda Edwards
  • fire orb - Rhiannon (written in Ogam script)
  • air orb - Rhiannon Boswell

Now walk towards the crypt entrance, turn left and look down. Insert the glass wand into the small hole here.