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Game Details:  Comedy, 2022

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Walkthrough Updated:  11/2/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Escape from Monkey Island is the sixth in a series of classic point-and-click comedy adventures by LucasArts. This game continues after Tales of Monkey Island. Many years after the previous episodes, Guybrush is down on his luck, with his quest to find the Secret of Monkey Island left unfulfilled. Elaine has moved away from governing, and Melee Island is run down. There are 39 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. This assumes you are playing on Hard Mode, with the Writer's Cut option enabled.


Talk to Chuckie. Try to open the outhouse door, but it is locked. Enter the shop to the right of the Scurvydogs sign. Look at the key on the pegleg, then take it. Talk to the vendor, then head back outside. Use the outhouse key on the outhouse door. Inside, look at the small metal object on the floor, then pick up the slug. Go back outside and into the Scurvydog shack. Put the outhouse key back on the hook Pegleg, then give the slug to the vendor in exchange for some Scurvydogs.

After returning outside and eating, head right through the floral archway. After meeting Dee, examine the anchor. Click on the starting line at the racetrack to challenge Chuckie to a race, then double-click on the finish line to beat him. Continue right and examine the picnic basket, then while the couple are talking, pick up some bread from the ground next to them. Use the bread to feed the cute duck in the middle of the pond.

Examine the red glob on the ground to the right of the pond, then pick up the ketchup and combine it with your Scurvydog. Practice sword-fighting on the stage in the background. Further to the right, read the sign near the grassy area, then right-click on it. Press the Tab button to highlight the four-leaf clover, then pick it up. Go and give this to the cute duck in the pond Lucky Duck. Go further to the right and pick up the coin on the ground, then use it on the wishing well.

Now open the gate and go through. Talk to your dad Part One.

Part 1: A Friendly Place

Melee Island

After talking to the lookout and mentioning the Secret of Monkey Island (1/15), go down to the docks. Examine the poster on the side of the building (and remember what it says), then go right and enter the Scumm Bar. Head to the table to the right and talk to the new pirate leaders, making sure to mention the Secret of Monkey Island (2/15). Keep talking until you automatically leave the bar again. Go back inside and talk to each of the pirates near the entrance to mention the Secret of Monkey Island (5/15). Head along the jetty towards LeChuck's ship and look at the job openings board - you will automatically talk to the quartermaster. Make sure you try to get a job, but you will be recognised and blacklisted from the ship.

Return to the dock and you will see the Voodoo Lady go past. Follow her to the right towards Low Street. After talking to Elaine, read the plaque beneath the statue on the right (and remember what it says), then enter the International House of Mojo. Talk to the Voodoo Lady about everything including the Secret of Monkey Island (6/15), and you will be given a hint book. Look at the bag of disguises to find about a magical eyepatch. Buy the ceremonial knife and forgiveness frog on the shelf at the bottom of the screen, and the shrunken head on the shelf along the back wall. Leave the shop.

Cross the road and enter Wally's Maps-n-More. After talking to Wally and mentioning the Secret of Monkey Island (7/15), examine every item in the store Cartography Nerd. Now take the monocle from the table. Back outside, talk to the men of low moral fiber to mention the Secret of Monkey Island (8/15). Go through the archway towards High Street.

Visit the locksmith to the far left. Look at the purple book (1/5) on the right. Talk to Locke Smith about the Secret of Monkey Island (9/15) and about how he makes keys. Go back outside, then enter the jail. Talk to Otis about the Secret of Monkey Island (10/15) and use your monocle on the lock to get the serial number. Also talk to Stan about the Secret of Monkey Island (11/15). Go back to the locksmith and give the serial number to Locke Smith to get a key. Return to the jail and use this on the cell door lock Hey Wait!.

Continue through the next arch and follow the path so you can enter the governor's mansion. During the sword-fight with Carla, make sure you mention your own project, then the Secret of Monkey Island (12/15). Examine the stuffed animal on the right, then take it. Look at the purple book (2/5) in the bookshelf.

Return to the docks and enter the Scumm Bar again. Talk to Cobb about the Secret of Monkey Island (13/15) and get him to tell you about Loom Fan Service. Now pick up the red Trivia Book on the table. This will start with one card - click on it and answer it correctly. Now you need to keep an eye out for another 99 cards throughout the game. See the separate section on Trivia Cards below for more details. Next head through the right door into the kitchen. Talk to the cook about the Secret of Monkey Island (14/15) and about making your own mop. While you are here, go out through the door to the right and pick up the string from the end of the dock.

Leave the bar and head to Low Street, then come back to the docks and enter the bar again. Talk to the clean-looking pirate, who wants you to bring him a dish he recently had at the Governor's mansion. Go to Low Street and visit Wally, asking him how to find a mop-handle tree. Go back to the Governor's mansion. Try to borrow the book "Ingredients", but Carla first wants an apology. Use your pen on the forgiveness frog and write the following:

  • Dear Carla,
  • Sorry for losing the book I borrowed.
  • (message relating to poster at the docks)
  • (message relating to plaque at Low Street)
  • You scare the heck out of me

Now give the forgiveness frog to Carla, then borrow the book "Ingredients" from the bookshelf. Go back to the docks and enter the kitchen at the back of the Scumm Bar. Pick up the mop and leave the bar Mop Heist. Return to the kitchen and use your knife on the mop to get a sliver of wood. Go to Low Street and visit Wally again. Pick up a second monocle, then give the sliver of wood to Wally and you will receive a map.

Go past the Governor's mansion or the lookout to reach the island map, then head to the shipyard. Pick up the sea sponge on the right, then leave this area and go to the forest in the middle of the island map. Go along the path into the deep dark forest. Open the map you received from Wally, which is different for each game. You just need to pay attention to the plants drawn at the exit from each area. As you make your way, make sure you use your knife on one of the carnivorous plants. Once you eventually reach the tree, use your knife to get a mop handle. Do not make a complete mop just yet.

Leave the forest, then head right at the forest entrance and enter the Museum. Talk to Conrad about the Secret of Monkey Island (15/15) Bragging. Examine the display case. Use your monocle on the lock, then combine your two monocles and use these on the lock to get another serial number. Enter the storeroom on the right and pick up the box of cracker mix.

Return to High Street and visit the locksmith. Give your new serial number to Locke Smith and you will receive another key. Also hand over the box of cracker mix in exchange for some stale crackers. Go back to the Museum and give a cracker to the guard parrot, then use the new key on the display case so you can steal the eyepatch.

Go back to Low Street and give the eyepatch to the Voodoo Lady. Give her the carnivorous plant and you will end up with an enchanted eyepatch. Go back to LeChuck's boat at the docks. Walk past the quartermaster and stand behind the crates on the left. Use your eyepatch here, then go out and talk to the quartermaster, who just says you need your own mop. Save your game. Combine your mop handle with each of these items to make a mop, then show it to the quartermaster to get hired.

  1. String
  2. Stuffed animal
  3. Shrunken head
  4. Sponge

Load your game again and repeat so you have used all 4 possible mops Mop Top. You will end up on the ship to commence your journey Part Two.

Part 2: A Dangerous Journey

LeChuck's Ship

Open the crate to meet Murray. Pick up the pamphlet and some ghost chicken feed, then pick up your mop to start working. Swab the grease 20 times Super Swabbie. Now swab the 3 screws on the porthole in the far wall. Use your knife to remove all 3 screws, then try to squeeze through the porthole. Grab your mop again and swab up some grease, then swab the porthole. Repeat this 3 times, then you will be able to squeeze through. Also make sure you put some grease elsewhere on the floor (you will need it later).

On the outside of the boat, go left and save your game. Climb down to check out the rudder and wait for the 8-minute timer to expire. Repeat this with a 6 minute timer, and then a 4-minute timer Dead Dead Dead.

Load your game again. Go right and then climb up over the railing by using the ladder. Use your monocles on the shackles to the left and you will get another serial number. Head right and LeChuck will ask you to get a flattened skull. Go right and down into the ship, then go left to be thrown back into the hold. Pick up Murray. Go out through the porthole, up over the railing and down into the ship again. Examine the laundry machine and it will fall apart. Use your 3 screws to repair the machine, then put Murray in the machine to flatten him. Return up to the top deck and put flattened Murray into the cauldron.

After the cut-scene, go right and climb up to the crow's nest. Use the spyglass and pan all the way to the right until you see the other ship. After formulating your new plan, go back down to the top deck and talk to Rose near the cauldron - everyone will vote against the idea. You now need to convince everyone to vote in favor of it. Head back up to the crow's nest to find out that Flambe's favorite dish is a scorched Alaska. Go down into the ship and head left to the galley.

Talk to Putra about everything, then pick up her request for promotion. Also look at the pepper shaker on the left end of the table. Leave the galley and go right into LeChuck's cabin. After being kicked out, go back in again. Try to give LeChuck the promotion request, but you will instead end up receiving a swabbie report to complete. Save your game. Go around the ship and use the swabbie report on a total of 8 messes, loading again after finding the first 5 of them:

  1. The ghost rat on the right outside LeChuck's cabin.
  2. Any item in the galley.
  3. The greasy porthole in the hold.
  4. The grease on the floor of the hold (where you placed it earlier).
  5. Give some chicken feed to the small ghost chicken in the right of the hold; leave and come back to find some chicken splat.
  6. The spilled potion on the middle of the top deck.
  7. The empty crates on the left of the top deck.
  8. Gullet, stuck on the rudder underwater

You will get an achievement for finding all 8 messes Neat Freak. While you are down with gullet, take the knife from his back. Up on the top deck, give the swabbie report to Iron Rose to get her to initial it. Combine the stack of papers you receive with the promotion request. Go back and give this to LeChuck. Leave his cabin and go left, giving the knife to Flair Gorey. Enter the galley and give the signed promotion to Putra. Now get her to make a scorched Alaska, then pick it up. Go up to the top deck and use your knife on the glowing flare next to the cannon, then put the burning tip on the scorched Alaska. Try to eat this 4 times Hot Headed. Climb up to the crow's nest and give it to Flambe. Pick up the joke book that he drops.

Back on the top deck, give the joke book to Apple Bob. Now give the instructional pamphlet to Iron Rose (if you can't, keep talking to her until you can). Go up the stairs to the right and ring the ship's bell once - this time the vote will be in favor of your plan. Ring the ship's bell twice to call LeChuck out to the top deck. Go down to his cabin and swap your map with the map on his desk. Go back up to the top deck and load flattened Murray into the cannon. Light the cannon Part Three.

Part 3: Return to Monkey Island

Monkey Island

Walk right 3 times to get to the beach. Examine the tree on the left with the love heart 3 times, then kick it 5 times Not Bitter. Go further to the left and pick up the skull (1/6). Now head into the jungle to see the island map. Look at the map to the secret in your inventory. For the first step, go to the red berry bush. Go to the right past the stone monkey hand, then up past the wooden chicken, and right past the bees. Pick up the shovel to get caught in a trap.

After you are free, return to the map and go to the top of the brown mountain to pick up a skull (2/6). Next go to the beach on the right with the shipwreck to pick up another skull (3/6). Go to the giant monkey head and pick up the skull (4/6) from the path. Continue along the path and talk to your teammates at the giant monkey head, and continue right to talk to Murray. Pick up the arm bone from the ground here. Leave here and go to the volcano beach to the left of the map. Pick up the next skull (5/6), then enter the water. Go left past the anchor to pick up the final skull (6/6), then climb up the anchor chain.

Go left and down the rudder to see Gullet again. Talk to him about poetry, answering his questions:

  • Germs
  • Roses
  • Snack

Now give Gullet the business card and you will receive his poetry book. Go back to the giant monkey head and talk to your teammates about the book - they will transform it into a disguise book. Go back to LeChuck's ship. While you are on the side of the ship, recite the poem from the book. Now climb up the ladder to reach the top deck. Talk to Apple Bob to get some clues about the 3 things you need to find.

Go down into the boat and enter LeChuck's cabin. Take the book from the shelves on the right. Examine this in your inventory and read it carefully to find LeChuck's catchphrase on the page dated February 17. Next head to the galley and talk to Putra, making sure to call her a chef when given the opportunity. You will find out that LeChuck's favorite meal is "tentacles with daisy sauce". Go up to the top deck and ring the bell once, then go below deck and take the sheet music from the barrel on the left where Flair was standing earlier. Go back up to the top deck, then over the railing and down the anchor chain. Head right to the shore, where you will see a dead squid on the beach. Use your knife on it to get a tentacle. Return to Putra in the galley and give the tentacle to her so that she makes you LeChuck's favorite meal.

Head back to the giant monkey head and talk to your teammates again, telling them that you know everything. Over to the right, put the 6 skulls on the 6 poles near Murray. Use the arm bone on each of the skull and pay attention to the notes that are generated from each one, including Murray (random with each game). Look at the sheet music in your inventory, then conk the skulls to make the tune "Do Do Mi Sol Fa Fa Re". In the next section, say the correct words to complete LeChuck's catchphrase (random with each game, in LeChuck's diary).

After the cut-scene, pick up the repair manual and Murray. Go back to the giant monkey head and grab the 6 other skulls. Now follow Elaine to the shipwreck. Use the ship repair manual on the shipwreck Part Four.

Part 4: Things Get Complicated

Melee Island

As long as you went back to get the extra skulls, you will get an extra achievement at the start of this chapter Tight Ship. Just to the right, examine the cookbook and the exotic drink. Pick up the exotic drink, but you can't take the cookbook yet. Head right towards Low Street. Enter the International House of Mojo and confront the Voodoo Lady. Examine the safe, then head back outside to meet Widey Bones and learn about the 5 keys. Enter Wally's store and ask him for a sea map. Go through the archway to High Street.

Enter the fish shop and buy some lumpsuckers. Also ask about Bella Fisher while you are here, and look at the purple book (3/5) on the shelf. Leave the shop and go back inside again - the lumpsucker on the floor moves closer to the door. Repeat this until the lumpsucker eventually escapes On The Lam. Now visit the locksmith and talk to Locke Smith to get a probate order. Examine this in your inventory. Also give Locke Smith the serial number for LeChuck's shackles to get another key made. Go outside and enter the jail. Talk to Otis to find out that Stan has been taken to Brrr Muda Island.

Head back outside and go left towards the mansion, waiting in the line. Wait here for around 3 minutes without doing anything Patient Citizen. Now just cut the line and enter the mansion. Talk to Carla and ask for an IOU to help rebuild local businesses. Now offer Carla your coin purse Relief Pitcher. Leave the mansion and go to the Museum. Head inside and give the poetry book to the museum curator Promise Keeper. Leave here and go to the shipyard. Take the picture and toothbrush from the collapsed store. Return to the docks and give the IOU to the chef so you can take the cookbook. Go to the mansion again and put the cookbook in the bookshelf. Now you can borrow "The Endless Tale of the Voyage That Would Not End" from the bookshelf.

Head to your ship, and you will now be able to travel to other places (you can also use the sea map in your inventory to get straight to your ship from now on).

Scurvy Island

Leave the beach and head to the camp. Pick up the picture frame and note from the desk, and the firewood over to the left. Leave here, then go to the lime grove indicated on the note you just picked up (random with each game). Talk to Elaine to get a flyer. Click on the limes to ask Elaine if you can have some.

LeChuck's Ship

Check that the coast is clear, then talk to Apple Bob up on the top deck. Give him your book in exchange for the joke book. Go down into the ship and enter the galley. Pick up the demon pepper and combine it with your lumpsuckers to get some peppered fish.

Scurvy Island

Head to the lime grove with the seagull nest at the northeast of the island. Give the peppered fish to the seagull, then pick up the torn picture.

Brrr Muda Island

As you sail up north towards Brrr Muda Island, you will be stopped at a Scurvy Inspection Point. To get past here you must have some limes, and you need to fill out a customs form. Just check the following boxes:

  • 5. Are you carrying limes?
  • I, Guybrush Threepwood, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have answered these questions truthfully.

Now you can continue to Brrr Muda island. Try to enter the town hall, but it is locked. Go left and enter the courthouse. Talk to Cobb about the Secret of Monkey Island (16/15), then give him Locke Smith's probate order - you will receive a golden key (1/5). Go back outside and head along the path to reach the island map.

Go to the island castle. Head up the long path until you are inside. Grab the matches on the right, then examine the purple book (4/5) and talk to Odina about the Secret of Monkey Island (17/15). You can tackle the contests in any order, but here we will start by challenging her to the Contest of Heartiness. After automatically going to the town hall, pay attention to the current fish of the day (random with each game). Leave the town hall and return to your ship.

Melee Island

Go back to High Street and enter the fish shop. Trade your peppered fish for the current fish of the day back at Brrr Muda.

Brrr Muda Island

Enter the town hall, then go to the Contest of Heartiness room. Put some of your fish into the bucket, then add the demon pepper. Now ring the triangle hanging here to start the competition. Sneak one of your normal fish onto your plate and you will win the contest.

Next head up to the mezzanine, which is the the Contest of Intelligence room. Ring the triangle and you will lose the contest. Put your firewood into the fireplace and light it with your matches. Ring the triangle again. Now when Odina gets distracted by the dripping water, quickly switch your papers to win the contest.

Now enter the back room, which is the Contest of Seriousness room. Ring the triangle to start the contest, then use the joke book in your inventory to win. You will now receive another golden key (2/5).

Terror Island

Leave the rocky beach to reach the island map, then travel right to the unlucky place. Grab the silver key from the skeleton here. Next travel to the mysterious clearing to the north of the island. Pick up the oil lamp from the right. Head back to the map, then to the twisting path in the northeast part of the island. Follow the path to the right until you reach a locked gate. Use your knife to pry off the sign on the gate, then use your silver key in the lock. Go through into a cave.

Combine your matches with the lamp, then go right and read another sign. Continue through the archway. Go through the doorway to the north, then pick up the note here and read it. Take random exits and pick up more notes until you have a stack of 5 of them. Read all of the notes, taking notice of the seasons that are mentioned, and the accompanying symbols. Since there are 2 Springs, this is your starting point. Read the XYZZY sign in your inventory, and you will appear outside. Go into the cave again, then continue through the archway. Now follow these steps based on the notes (the directions are random with each game):

  1. Go towards the Spring symbol.
  2. Go towards the Summer symbol.
  3. Go towards the Fall symbol.
  4. Go towards the Winter symbol.
  5. Go towards the Spring symbol.

Now jump down into the water. Since your lamp goes out, read the sign in your inventory to escape.

LeChuck's Ship

Climb up to the crow's nest. Use your lamp on Flambe's head to light it with demon fire, which will stay lit underwater.

Terror Island

Go to the twisting path again. Enter the cave and go through the archway - this time you will automatically reach the pit of agony. Jump down into the water, then head right until you reach the surface again. Continue right and you will eventually talk to Herman Toothrot. Examine the purple book (5/5) Bookworm. Now try to take the golden key (3/5) and continue arguing until you get it. Read the sign in your inventory to escape.

Brrr Muda Island

Go to the ice quarry and ask the guard if you can visit Stan. Look at the frame in your inventory and drag the portraits of yourself and Stan into the frame. Show this to the guard, then enter the quarry. Go to the far right and talk to Stan - he will give you a judge's order and mention his accountant Ned Filigree. Give Stan his toothbrush Dental Samaritan, then leave again.

Barebones Island

Talk to Ned about the Secret of Monkey Island (18/15). Show him the judge's order, then pick up the satchel. Look at this, then rummage through it.

Brrr Muda Island

Enter the courthouse and show Stan's financial records to the judge, but now you must prove that you are Ned Filigree. In your inventory, use Ned's license on the photo frame, then arrange it with your photo. Show this to the judge, and you will receive an extended sentence.

Barebones Island

Take Ned's photo from the tree.

Brrr Muda Island

Head to the ice quarry and show the extended sentence to Stan. Use your double monocle on Stan to get another serial number.

Melee Island

Visit the locksmith at High Street and hand over the serial number to get another key. Go to the Museum and ask about the flag in the display case. Give a cracker to each of the guard parrots, then open the display case so you can steal the replica flag.

Brr Muda Island

Go back to the ice quarry and use your new shackle key on Stan's shackles to free him. After the scene with Elaine (choose any options), pick up the new pamphlet.

Adrift Ship

Say Ahoy 20 times Ahoy There, then ask permission to come aboard. Tell them about the pamphlet and you can board the ship. Take the flag (1/3) and use it on your sea map - you need to find more flags. While you are here, use your replica flag from the museum to replace the one from this ship Flag Facsimile.

Melee Island

Go back to the Museum again. Ask about the flag in the display case again. Open the display case - while the museum curator is distracted, quickly enter the storeroom and steal the real flag (2/3).

Head to the fish shop on High Street and ask about the flag twice to receive a fishing lure. Next go to the locksmith. Show your fishing lure to Locke Smith, then learn about chum storytelling (1/5). Head to the docks and show your fishing lure to the pirate here, learning some more about chum storytelling (2/5).

LeChuck's Ship

Show your fishing lure to Apple Bob for another lesson about chum storytelling (3/5).

Scurvy Island

Visit Elaine in the lime grove and show her your fishing lure. Keep talking for your next lesson on chum storytelling (4/5).

Brrr Muda Island

Go to the ice quarry and show your fishing lure to the guard. Talk for your final lesson on chum storytelling (5/5).

Melee Island

Enter the fish shop and show your fishing lure to one of the pirates here. Now tell a long story (this is an example):

  • I had just broken through a blockade as thick and deadly as the crab bisque at the Scumm Bar...
  • ... my ship was swallowed by a huge lunker of a whale, a real chum-chomping line-breaker if ever there was one.
  • Inside it was like walking on soft cheese, with rivers of pea soup that stank like a landlubber's baitbox.
  • I made a fishing line with my own hair!
  • Then we stuck an umbrella jighead in the beastie's mouth and reeled it in from the inside!

You will be declared a Chum Grand Master Trophy Fisher. While you are here, examine the blowfish, which you can win in a burping contest. Go to the docks and take the exotic drink, then run back to the fish shop. Use the drink in your inventory, then examine the blowfish and you will win it.

Open Seas

Sail anywhere and examine your ship. Drop the anchor and inflate the blowfish, then climb down the anchor chain. Inhale from your blowfish, and you will be able to reach the ocean floor. Do this repeatedly at different sites until you have seen 5 different versions of the seabed. Now combine the flags in your inventory. Use the sea map to go to the new location. Inflate the blowfish again, then climb down the anchor chain to the final seabed location Deep Sea Diver. Go right and take the golden key (4/5). Climb back up to your ship.

LeChuck's Ship

Head down into the hold to see that one of the ghost chickens contains a key. Give it some ghost chicken feed, then leave the room and come back. Now take the final golden key (5/5).

Melee Island

Enter the International House of Mojo on Low Street. Use all 5 keys in the safe Part Five.

Part 5: Beneath the Monkey Head

Monkey Island

Down in the caverns, go right and talk to Wally. Use your LeShip shackle key on Wally's shackes Free Wally. Keep following the path, selecting any option when talking to Flambe. jump off the cliff at the end, then continue through the doorway.

Read the sign on the closed door: "Only the organized pirate will pass". Go left to find a statue of a monkey with a parrot - use your crackers on it. Continue left to find a statue of a frustrated monkey - use your ceremonial knife on it. Examine the small stone coin (1/5) on the left and pick it up. Go left again to find a statue of a squinting monkey - use your double monocle on it. Go left once more to find a statue of a jolly monkey - use your empty mug on it. After the door opens, go back and collect the 4 items from the 4 statues. Now go through the opened door.

Read the sign on the closed door: "Only the observant pirate will pass". Pick up the next stone coin (2/5). Go left and pick up another stone coin (3/5), then give 1 coin to the cabin monkey statue. Continue left and pick up another stone coin (4/5), then give 2 coins to the first swab statue. Go left once more and pick up the last stone coin (5/5). Give 2 stone coins and your real piece of eight to the captain statue. After the door opens, go back and collect the 6 coins from the 3 statues. Now go through the next opened door.

Read the sign on the closed door: "Only the bloodthirsty pirate will pass". Go right and stab the sad monkey statue with your knife. Continue right and stab the screaming monkey statue with your knife. Go right again to see that the next statue is broken. Return left and use your mug on the screaming monkey statue to collect some of the blue blood. After the door opens, go through it.

Head towards the stairs on the right. Go down and right, examining the stone slab to see the following poem:

  • After four extra years out at sea
  • They peglegs grew weak in the knees
  • Three steps right, but two left
  • 'Til they fell off the deck
  • And they met Davy Jones for some tea

Go back up and look at the symbols above each of the 3 doors that you recently opened (random with each game) - they will show two parts of a face and a date. Come back down to the bottom and adjust the 3 parts of the stone wheel to match the face and date you have just seen. Now follow the steps from the poem:

  • Change the date on the stone wheel four times
  • Rotate the outer wheel to the right three times
  • Rotate the inner wheel to the left two times

After the stone wheel rises up, go through the door. Pick up the popcorn, then leave the alley and Stan will give you his key ring. Go and grab the key from Locke Smith on the left, and use it on the chest. There are two different ways to end the game:

  1. Return to the alley and use Stan's key ring on the locked door I Don't Believe.
  2. Use Stan's key ring on each of the light switches, then leave with Elaine.

Trivia Cards

Throughout the game, from Part 1 to Part 4, you should pick up trivia cards when you see them. They will stop appearing if you have 8 unanswered cards in your trivia book, so make sure you answer them when you find them. Cards will also reappear at spots where you have collected them previously. There are multiple achievements associated with collecting and answer the cards correctly:

  • Collect 21 trivia cards Card Collector
  • Answer 10 questions correctly Trivia Go Getter
  • Answer 25 questions correctly Trivia Master
  • Answer 50 questions correctly Trivia Grand Master
  • Answer 75 questions correctly Trivia Lord
  • Answer 100 questions correctly Trivia Overlord

It will probably take you multiple games to collect all of the cards. The following are the answers to the cards that appear on each page of the trivia book.

Page 1 Answers

  1. The official name of the Voodoo Shop is...
    The International House of Mojo

  2. Which of these is not an island in Monkey Island 2?
    Reef Island

  3. The game of Monkey Island used to be called...
    Mutiny on Monkey Island

  4. Which of these people were not swallowed by a giant manatee?
    The Marquis de Singe

  5. Captain Kate Capsize...
    Was wrongly imprisoned on trumped up charges

  6. In the back of the Scumm Bar is...
    The kitchen

  7. Morgan LeFlay first appeared in...
    Tales of Monkey Island

  8. Who is the local expert on Loom?

  9. Which of these ingredients is not needed to get to Monkey Island?

  10. Wally's shop is on:
    Low Street

Page 2 Answers

  1. The Melee Island circus was run by:
    The Fettucini Brothers

  2. In Monkey Island 2, who had a glass bottom boat?
    Kate Capsize

  3. Scurvy Island is famous for:

  4. What word is the curator asking for when solving the crossword puzzle?

  5. The Voodoo Lady's name is:

  6. Which of these ingredients is not required to make a voodoo doll?
    Something of the Bread

  7. The Mad Monkey was...
    A sunken ship

  8. How many prisoners are in the Ice Quarry?

  9. Largo LaGrande's catchphrase was:
    Wherever you go, on sea or land, you can't ever hide, from Largo LaGrande!

  10. Guybrush often tries to distract people with the following:
    Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!

Page 3 Trivia Answers

  1. Ron Gilbert started working at Lucasfilm games in...

  2. David Fox started working at Lucasfilm games in...

  3. Dave Grossman started working at Lucasfilm games in...

  4. How many pirates are in the Scumm Bar at the beginning?

  5. How many dead pirates are in the abandoned camp on Terror Island?

  6. Below the cliff on Monkey Island is:
    Pain, only pain

  7. Guybrush wears...

  8. The original Monkey Island was first released on:
    IBM PC

  9. The development of the original Monkey Island took...
    9 months

  10. The first game to use the SCUMM system:
    Maniac Mansion

Page 4 Trivia Answers

  1. What bird is on the crest of Brrr Muda?

  2. The volcano on Monkey Island is filled with...

  3. The Brrr Muda customs form has how many questions?

  4. The name of the sheriff in Monkey Island 1 was:

  5. The parrot on the Brrr Muda seal is holding...

  6. Herman Toothrot first appeared in:
    Secret of Monkey Island

  7. What type of cake isn't Otis' favorite?
    Carrot cake

  8. Blood Island is home to:
    The Goodsoup Hotel

  9. How many fish are in the fish school underneath LeChuck's ship when it's anchored?

  10. How long can Guybrush hold his breath under water in this game?
    8 minutes

Page 5 Trivia Answers

  1. At the end of Monkey Island 1, LeChuck was defeated with:
    Root beer

  2. Production for Monkey Island 1 happened at:
    Skywalker Ranch

  3. Production for Monkey Island 2 happened at:
    A Building

  4. How many named books are there in the Mansion's bookshelf?

  5. What is carved into a tree on the beach on Monkey Island?
    L + E

  6. How many windows are lit on the governor's mansion?

  7. In the Scurvydog Shack, there is a giant...

  8. Flags on the midway are...
    Red and yellow

  9. Flowers by the bench are...

  10. How long does it take to walk to Monkey Island?
    6 minutes

Page 6 Trivia Answers

  1. How many mop trees are there?

  2. The crate in the hold has what on the front?

  3. The acronym for the Marley scurvy foundation is:

  4. Which of the following cannot be bought in the Scurvydog Shack?
    Steamin' Weenies

  5. Which of the following books cannot be found on Carla's bookshelf?
    "Piracy for Dummies"

  6. The duck in the park can be fed:

  7. Dee rambles on and on about:

  8. Which is a genuine skull name?

  9. Which of these cannot be found on the ocean floor?
    A whale bone

  10. Who is the editor of the Pirate Times?
    Conrad Lee

Page 7 Trivia Answers

  1. Whose wedding veil can be found in LeChuck's cabin?

  2. In what room is the ground constantly swirling?
    LeChuck's cabin

  3. What does Guybrush say when landing at an island?

  4. How many different geckos can you spot at the Monkey Head location?

  5. What does the sign at the Monkey head location say?
    "Private Property"

  6. The ghost chicken with digestive trouble is called:

  7. What is the LeShip's cat's name?

  8. What's the first rule of the Melee jail?
    No escaping

  9. How many torches are initially burning on Brrr Muda?

  10. What sea creature can be seen swimming below from the LeShip's crow's nest?

Page 8 Trivia Answers

  1. How many hermit crabs have made their home on Barebones Island?

  2. The coat of arms on the Brrr Muda Ice Castle features the following:
    A sword and two fish

  3. The bird on Scurvy Island beach is a:
    Scarlet plumed point and snip bird

  4. What animal is featured on Bella Fisher's ship?
    A dog

  5. What is the name of the roguish pirate in Herman's favorite book?

  6. How many crows are in the LeShip's crow's nest?

  7. What ocean species can not be found in the fish shop on Melee?

  8. Odina is the ____ reigning queen of Brrr Muda.

  9. Due to an outbreak of scurvy, all ships heading north of Scurvy Island are required to carry:

  10. Stan's accountant is named:

Page 9 Trivia Answers

  1. What does the Terror Island gate sign say?

  2. Where is Cogg Island located?
    (Initially no correct answer, see next section)

  3. How many parrots are next to the Scurvydog Shack?

  4. How many ship masts can be seen in the street with the sleeping pirate?

  5. The Scurvydog vendor...
    Is near-sighted

  6. What does Guybrush specifically dislike?

  7. What is next to a dead end on Terror Island?
    A leaning tree

  8. Where can you find brambles?
    Terror Island

  9. How many skeletons are in the water on the Terror Island beach?

  10. What cannot be found on the sea floor?
    An old diving suit

Page 10 Trivia Answers

  1. Which of these is not in the park?

  2. Chuckie's friend loves her:

  3. How many stone monkeys are in the first ring?

  4. How many stone monkeys are in the second ring?

  5. How many stone monkeys are in the third ring?

  6. On the door of the outhouse is a...

  7. Chuckie's friend is called:

  8. How many hot air balloons can be seen from the park?

  9. The couple in the park are feeding a...

  10. In the park there is a...
    All of these

Final Achievements

After completing the game at least once, when you find the trivia card relating to Cogg Island (on Page 9) a correct answer will be available. Once you have selected the right answer, visit this location (random with each game) on the sea map Cogg Island.

There is a final achievement for completing the game within two hours Speed Runner. Make sure you play with the Writer's Cut turned off, make sure you run everywhere, use M to jump straight to the sea map, and skip all of the dialogue. Also note that the timer pauses when the game is paused.