Year:  2004

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Remedy is the first game in a long-running series of detective games by MDNA Games, where you play as Carol Reed, solving a series of mysteries. In this game, you decide to take over a case that your detective friend Conrad Vogel was investigating before he died. The next game in the series is Hope Springs Eternal.


Pick up the postcard and read its back, then look up and go left into the dining room, then right into the bedroom. Open the suitcase and look at the contents, including the gloves and the book "Sense and Sensibility". Go through the single white door here, then head left into the kitchen. Try the small phone on the bench to see it isn't connected, then pick up the knife from the other bench. Walk over to the fridge to see Conrad's note: 1958. Leave the kitchen by heading towards the large wall phone (also doesn't work) and head right into the toilet. Look in the sink and take the ring. Exit through the toilet and turn left when you see the umbrella. Look down at the ground and open the package, then use your knife to open the letter inside. Leave through the door here to reach a map.

Katarina Vogel

Head upstairs and press the doorbell next to the blue door to be let inside. Walk forward and around to the right so you can sit down in the armchair. Talk to Katarina about everything, then you will automatically leave.

The Tower Remains

Turn right and walk towards the Volvo to see it is Conrad's car. Turn right and you will see something shining - pick up the steel wire, then leave this area for now.

Conrad's Apartment

Enter the code from the fridge (1958), then click on the door handle to get inside and head upstairs. Turn around to find Conrad Vogel's door. Look at the mail slot, then combine the ring and wire in your inventory and use it on the mail slot. Back out and use the door handle to get inside. Turn around to find a dresser with a phone on it; look at the small cabinet sitting on the dresser, then take the car keys from inside. Next look at the book case and look at the book "Pride and Prejudice". Take the paper from inside the book and read the message from Conrad, taking the key at the end.

Next find the kitchen and take the empty bottle next to the stove. Use this on the sink to fill it with water. Turn around and read the note about the graveyard on the ledge. Leave the apartment and enter the elevator in the hallway, going to level 5. Go forwards, upstairs and use your key to get through the first door. Turn right then left and go through a door with no padlock. Walk ahead and use your filled water bottle on the seedlings and the plants on both sides. Step back and turn right, then look in the cardboard box and take the photo of Conrad. Turn around and take a cigarette lighter from the basket. Now leave the attic, go down to the ground floor in the elevator, and leave the building.

The Tower Remains

Turn right and approach the driver's side door of the car, then use the car keys to get inside. Take the red gem from the floor. Go to the back of the car and use the car keys to open the boot. Look at the metal box and insert your red gem in the blank space. Now click on the red gems 4, 2, 5 and 3 if labelled left to right, then click on the blue circle to open the box and take the key from inside. Go back to the road, then around to the back of the tower. Search around to find a grate, then look at the ground to see some of Conrad's cigarette butts. Back out and turn right, then look at the wall and you will comment Conrad must have been standing here. Go forward twice to the road, turn right and look down to see no more traces. Now leave this area.

St John's Graveyard

Turn left and go and talk to the gardener. Show him the photo of Conrad, then ask him some more questions. Enter the church and look through the Swedish hymn book in the front stalls; write down the hymn numbers and page numbers as you will need one of them later. Head up to the altar, turn left and climb the stairs, then take the church key. Climb back down and go towards the entrance again, then turn right half way through the stalls and use the church key to unlock the door. Go through and turn right, then enter the back office. Look at the folder on the desk and click on Gustav Grip's address to read it. Back out and turn left to see some collection bags on top of the cupboards.

Next find a set of doors with large round knobs and go through, then turn left and climb the stairs. Walk through the choir stalls and look at a bottle of cleaning fluid sitting on top of the chandelier. Leave the upstairs choir area and leave the church.

Gustav Grip

Go upstairs and press the small doorbell, then open the door and head inside. Turn right and talk to Gustav and make sure you ask to use his bathroom. Turn around and go through the opposite door, then find a mirror and look to see something is written there. Look down and turn on the hot water tap, then look up to see Psalm 635 - this corresponds with page 1205 from the book earlier. Leave the apartment, but before leaving the building turn around and go through a blue door and down some steps into the basement.

Turn around and go back up, but the door will shut and you will be in darkness. Turn around and go down again, then turn right and open a door into more darkness. Use your lighter here and pick up the oil can from the floor. Turn off your lighter and back out. Turn around and go forward twice, then enter the door on the right "Mangelbod" into the laundry. Walk forward and take the rag from the table on the left. Leave this room and go left, then turn right and enter a room with bicycles. Turn right and take the ladder, then head over to the window and put the ladder on the ground. Climb up and climb out through the window. Walk over to the clothesline and try to turn the handle but it is stuck. Use your oilcan on the handle, then turn it. Reach into the pocket of the pants on the clothesline to get a keycard. Turn around and leave this area.


Approach the entrance and use your keycard in the machine, then open the door just to the right. Walk forward to the keypad and enter code 1205. Walk all the way to the end of the first corridor and you will find a printer. Back up once and turn right, then go to the end and around into an office to the left. Look at the desk and you will see a note from Gustav asking someone to water his plants. Turn left and look at the mouse, then take the key. Turn left and look at the magazine to see Madeleine Grip.

Return to the main corridor and go left then right to find Gustav's locked office door. Use your new key on the door to get inside. Find a bright red folder on a desk in front of a window and look through it all to see a note that reads "M: Rydgatan 3". Turn left several times and open the cabinet, taking the pestle from inside. Turn next to the computer and turn on the monitor to see a printing error. Go back to the printer at the end of the corridor. Take some paper from the green tray, then open the printer tray and put the paper inside. Return to the computer and click continue. Go to the printer again and take the paper from the printer. Return the key next to the mouse in the office down the side corridor, then leave.

Gustav Grip

Open the blue door to the basement, then look down and wedge it open with the pestle. Head downstairs into the bicycle room and take the ladder, then come back out through the blue door. You will automatically take the pestle again as you leave.

St John's Graveyard

Enter the church and go through the red door inside. Place your ladder in front of the cupboards, then climb up and take the collection bag. Climb back down and take the ladder again. Go through the doors with the large round knobs and up to the choir stalls. Go over to the chandelier and use your collection bag to knock the cleaning fluid down. Go back down to the church floor and pick this up, then leave.


Walk ahead and around the circular paths to find a green box. Open the display and watch the video, then back out and look beneath the box to find a yellow rose. Take this and the hairpin attached to it.

Rydgatan 3

Ring the doorbell and talk to Marianne, who will let you inside. Walk forward into the bedroom and look at the note on top of the dresser: "Bergee Smultronstigen 20". Look in the second drawer from the bottom to see a message about research. Now leave the house.

Conrad's Allotment

Walk towards the shed and use your small key (from the back of Conrad's car) on the padlock, then head inside. Look around to see a poster and note the positions of the four flowers. Leave and replace the padlock on your way out.

Conrad's Apartment

Go upstairs and into the apartment. Head straight to the wall safe and set the combination based on the poster in the shed: top-left yellow, top-right purple, bottom-left red, bottom-right pink. Open the safe and read the 3 items inside. Try to leave the apartment, and the phone will ring. Go and pick it up (on the desk to the right of the safe). After the message, leave the apartment building.

Katarina Vogel

Go straight ahead and talk to Katarina until she agrees to phone Bob.

Bob's Laboratory

Head inside and talk to Bob about the algae.

The Docks

Walk forward, around the left of a brown building, and forward until you find a dirty plaque on the side of a white shed. Try to use your cleaning liquid on it but it is clogged. Use the hairpin on the liquid, then try again. Use the liquid on your rag, then use the rag on the sign to clean it - it says "Glocal Shipping". Keep walking around the building and you will be knocked out and tied up.

Talk to Marianne, then turn left and she will leave. Turn back to the right then look down and examine your ropes. Cut them with your pocket knife to get free. Walk around behind the plane to find Madeleine. Walk past her and open the cabinet, taking the wire cutter from inside. Go back and use this on Madeleine's handcuffs. Talk to her twice, then go to the door and you will see a lock with colored buttons. Try pressing them, then turn around and talk to Madeleine again. Turn back again and press the black, purple, yellow and green buttons in that order. Use the door handle to escape.


Pick up the letter and open it with your pocket knife. Pick up the pen and use it on the writing pad.