Game Details:  Mystery, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  5/30/2019

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Rainyday is a short top-down third-person detective game. You take the role of John Rainy, a grizzled detective investigating a series of child disappearances with New Orleans. There are 5 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Answer the opening question either way.

Your Apartment

Wear your pants, then open the closet and put your shirt on. Go out to the living room and wear your jacket (it is near the door) before leaving your apartment. Outside, walk left and use the taxi to go to the Conaway Mansion.

Conaway Mansion

Talk to the officers about everything, then go upstairs. Enter the bathroom and talk to Mrs Conaway, then go down the end of the hall and talk to the officer. Open the door and talk to another before, then examine the body. Look at the suicide note on the bedside table. Open the closet in here and search until you find the diary. Search the middle room, then enter the right room and talk to Mr Conaway.

Go back downstairs and enter the living room. Talk to the janitor, then search the poker rack until you find a knife. Enter the bathroom downstairs and open the medicine cabinet. Search this and take the sedatives from inside. Go back upstairs and show these to Mrs Conaway, who will give you a key.

Return downstairs and open the locked door with your key. Read the book in the bookshelf, which mentions the year 1904. Open the safe with the combination 1904, then take the documents from inside. Return upstairs and talk to Mr Conaway. Show him the knife and the documents, then arrest him Good cop.

Episode 1: Gris-Gris

Your Apartment

Use your computer and read all of the mail and your notes. Leave your apartment. Outside, head left and enter the bar. Talk to the bartender about everything, and you will receive a Gris-Gris (talisman). Go back outside, then walk left and use the taxi to go to the Ross' house.

Ross' House

Go inside and look at the dirty shoes. Look at the altar on the left, and the computer and papers on the desk. Enter the top room and look at the table. Enter the bottom room and look at Kevin's body, going through all available options Doctor's appointment.

Episode 2: Kids

Your Apartment

Enter the bar. Go to the jukebox along the top wall and take the fishing line from the coin slot. Leave the bar and go left, entering the drug store. Talk to the pharmacist - when he turns back to face you, just stand still Private healthcare.

Restart the episode, and this time when the pharmacist is about to shoot, repeatedly press left and right. When you are alone again, open the gate and go behind the counter. Look under the counter at its left end and push the button that you discover. Go to the hatch and choose to descend. Walk up to the grating and look in the water, using your fishing line to retrieve a hatchet. Climb back up the ladder.

In the drug store again, stand at the end of the first set of wooden shelves and use your hatchet, then pick up the planks. Descend down the hatch again. Walk towards the bridge but not on to it, and use your planks to strengthen it. Cross the bridge and climb up the ladder in the opposite corner.


Take the gun from the left end of the desk. Look under the right end of the couch to find a piece of paper. Now go and examine the body to find some more pieces of paper. If you move these around you will be able to make out the phrase "port nola". Leave the prison by going through the door at the top left. Continue up and around the building. Use the taxi to go to Port Nola.

Port Nola

Head to the 4th container on the right. When the truck approaches, repeatedly press left and right. Now quickly draw the gun and keep shooting until you are out of bullets A trip to remember.

Episode 3: From the Abyss


Go over to the window, inspect it and open the clasp. Wait until you pass out. When you wake up again, quickly go to the bottom left corner and wait. When the guard goes to the window, go behind him and stab him. Search his body and take the gun, then leave the room. Quickly draw your gun and shoot the guard. Now leave to the right.

Humble River Church

Enter the shed and take the hand axe from the table, then leave again. Now enter the church and go through the door at the top into the office. Look at the shelves, then open and close the cabinet doors and examine the note that falls down. Leave the office and head through the other doorway into the hall.

Go to the left end of the middle pew on the left and search here to find a key. Return to the church office and move the carpet in the bottom left corner. Open the hatch with your key, then choose to descend.

Head along the hall and open the door, then walk forward to get everyone's attention. Turn right as soon as you can, and throw your hand axe. After the fire starts, go and stand next to the purple-robed man. After killing him, leave through the left door, climb the ladder, and exit the shed A church's man.