Radiant OneRadiant One

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  11/5/2018

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Radiant One is a short narrative adventure game. You play as Daniel, a man who is trying to control his lucid dreams, which are gradually turning into nightmares. There are 11 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Two Weeks Earlier

Press in time with the spinning symbol, then follow the small circle and click on it. Press and hold, then click repeatedly. Click and drag in the direction of the arrow to start flying Is It A Dream Or Reality.

First Night

Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror (1/26). Go back out to the living room. Look at the book (2/26) and game (3/26) on the coffee table. Use your laptop (4/26) to see you have a message. Try to sit on the sofa. Set the alarm on your alarm clock, then lie down on the sofa. Press in time with the spinning symbol, then go to your door when you hear knocking.

Head along the corridor and the walls will change to curtains. Continue, then go through one of the doors. Run away from the creature and dodge 2 attacks, then you will wake up First Night. Examine the sofa (5/26), then head to the bathroom.

Second Night

When the door knocking starts, select to remain silent (6/26), and you will eventually answer the door to get your pizza. Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror again (7/26). Look at your alarm clock (8/26) and then your laptop twice (9/26) and (10/26). Look at the game controller on your desk (11/26). Read the book on the coffee table and you will go to sleep.

Examine the sofa and the side table, then leave your room. Examine the caution sign (12/26), then go right to find a door with no handle. Go back to the left and examine the sign again (13/26), then pick up the handle. Go right again, but the door now has a handle, so you can go through. Run away from the monster by going right. Click repeatedly to open the door, then run up along the corridor and go through another door. Now you need to jump over 3 gaps by clicking in time with the spinning symbol. Now run to the right and click repeatedly to set off the fire alarm Second Night.

Examine the sofa (14/26), then look at your alarm clock (15/26). Look at the book (16/26) on the coffee table and check your laptop (17/26). Head to the bathroom and look in the mirror (18/26), then have a shower.

Third Night

Follow the path until you reach the door, then head inside. Look at the movie on the table (19/26), and examine the television to see that it has cables missing. Go over to your brother's door and it will close, so just head downstairs. You will automatically try the basement door, but it is locked. Check the kitchen drawer, but the key isn't there. Go and look at the dining table (20/26). Look at the key holder near the other outside door, but the key isn't there either. Sit on the sofa, then walk towards the basement to remember the piano (21/26). Examine the television, and you will take the cable from it, then hear a noise from the bathroom. Open the bathroom door and you will find the basement key, but then you have to quickly run right and outside. You will have dropped the basement key, but will find the closet key. Click on the rain (22/26) to note that it tastes salty. Go through the next door into an office.

Head along the corridor and follow Sam into the next room, then keep following him to the office cubicles. Go all the way to your desk and try to leave through the next door, then sit down at your desk. Work hard by repeatedly clicking, and watch your score increase:

  • 1000 points All Work And No Play I
  • 2000 points All Work And No Play II
  • 3000 points All Work And No Play III
  • 4000 points All Work And No Play IV
  • 5000 points All Work And No Play V

You can continue to work if you want to get a higher score, otherwise select to wake up. Use the television here and you will attach the cables you picked up earlier. Go into the pantry on the right and pick up the video tape that falls to the ground. Turn on the computer (23/26). Go back out to the television and use it to watch the video tape. Playing as your younger self, examine the piano (24/26), then go to the right until the video ends. Now head into your brother's room. After your talk, look at the game console on his desk, then talk to him again (25/26). Go down the stairs, then down into the basement.

Examine the piano (26/26), then go to the right. Click and hold, then click in time with the spinning circle, dodge left, click repeatedly and finally dodge right. Leave the basement and you will eventually wake up Third Night. There is an achievement if you didn't die at all in your dreams It's Just A Dream, and another if you found all 26 additional dialogues Full Story.