Quest for Glory 1 RemakeQuest for Glory 1 Remake

So You Want to be a Hero

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1992

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/4/2004

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Quest for Glory 1 Remake is an official remake of the first game in the series of hybrid RPG adventure games by Sierra On-Line, Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero. You can name your character, and choose to play as different character classes which have different puzzle solutions. In this game, you arrive in the town of Spielburg, a classic fantasy setting, as a fledgling adventurer and set out to investigate raids by brigands and the untrusty witch Baba Yaga.



After entering the town, talk to the sheriff, then enter the Hero's Tale Inn. Talk to Shameen, making sure to ask about Abdulla, then sit down and give money to Shema to order some food. Eat the food, and Shema will clear the table. Ask Shameen about Abdulla (merchant) before you leave. Walk west and enter the magic shop. Walk forward and Zara will appear. Talk to Zara. If you are a magic user, you can buy the Fetch spell. When you have some more money later on, come back here and buy Flame Dart and Open. Leave the magic shop.

Walk left and enter the Adventurer's Guild. Read the logbook on the desk, then sign it. Look at the quest board, then wake up Wolfgang and talk to him. Leave the guild.

Outside again, head east twice and you will meet Hilde. Talk to her, then buy 50 apples (5 lots of 10). Next enter the dry goods store and talk to Kaspar. Buy some food while you are here. If you are a thief, you may want to buy another dagger (actually you will want up to 10 of them, but you can't afford that many yet). Go outside and head west, then down the dark alley. Give a silver piece to the beggar, then talk to him. Enter the tavern and pick up the note that is next to the middle barstool. Order an ale if you want, but be careful what you drink - you may lose points or even die.

Now just wander around until sunset, then go back to the inn and sit down. Talk to Abdulla, then give him some food (use your money pouch on him while Shema is standing nearby). If you are either a fighter or magic user, sleep at the inn. If not, head back outside and wait until it is dark.

Thief Only

Go back into the alley, then when the thugs jump out, make the thief sign (show him your lockpick). Take note of the password that is given to you, then head into the tavern. Type the password you were given, and you will be taken down to the thieves' guild. After you meet the chief, pay the guy at the door to get your license. Head up out of the guild. Approach the large wooden door left of the tavern and try to pick the lock. You will fail, but improve your lockpick skill. Keep doing this to raise it, then head east.

Go up to the pink door and pick the lock to enter the Sheriff's house. Make sure you "sneak" as you will make less noise. Take the candelabra from the desk, then search the desk to find some silvers. Grab the music box from the table, then the vase from the fireplace (if you put it on the floor instead, then pick it up). Move the painting, then open the safe and look inside. Take the coins, then leave.

Now head around to the magic shop, and pick the lock on the house to the left. Make sure you are sneaking again. Take the candlesticks from the table, then search the basket, couch, purse, and desk. Pet the cat before you leave.

Return to the Thieves' Guild and sell your stolen items to Boris (vase, candelabra, music box, candlesticks, pearls). Buy a thieves tool kit while you are here, then play a game with the chief. You can win money here (the more you bet, the better he plays).

Now return to the inn and pay for a room to sleep. If it is already the middle of the night, the inn will be closed, so you will just have to wait until morning.

Outskirts of Town

Leave town via the main gate, and head east along the main road, until you come to the avalanche. Head back and forward along the road and you will come across a trapped fox. Free him, and he will give you some advice. Return to the main gate and you will find Bruno (if not, keep coming and going from this screen until he is there). Talk to him, then give him a silver. Give him another one, then ask him some questions.

Go north and knock on the door to meet the Healer. Talk to her, then head outside - she will mention she has lost a gold ring as you leave the hut. Look at the nest in the tree outside. There are 3 ways to get the ring:

  • If you are a thief, climb the tree (this will take some practice) and look in the nest, then get the ring.
  • If you are a fighter, pick up some rocks and throw rocks at the nest until you knock it to the ground, then take the ring.
  • If you are a magic user, cast your Fetch spell to get the nest and you will get the ring.

Go back into the Healer's hut and give her the ring. If you are a magic user, go back into town and buy the Open and Flame Dart spells with the reward.

Go west from the Healer to find Heinrich the Centaur. Talk to him (make sure to ask about the leader), then return east, then go north to the castle. Talk to Karl, then get him to open the gate, then head inside. Talk to the weapon master if he is here. If you are a fighter, challenge him to a fight. You can keep coming back here to build up your skills until you can beat him. Walk east into the stable and agree to work to do some raking and earn 5 silvers.

It will probably now be evening, so head back to the inn in town and have a meal then get some sleep.

The Forest

General Tasks

Leave town again, this time to head into the surrounding forest. When you encounter fights, make sure you search the body afterwards to get any treasure. When you have killed a Cheetaur, get the claws; when you have killed a Troll, get the beard. Give both of these to the healer for a reward.

When you need to eat or sleep, head to the far north and find Erana's Peace (from the Centaur, it is north 4 times, east and north). Eat fruit from the tree here, then sleep to be fully replenished by morning - you are safe to sleep here, but nowhere else in the forest. If you are a magic user, read the runes on the stone here. Cast the Open spell, and take the Calm spell that is revealed.

Pick some flowers from Erana's Peace, and give these to the healer. From the healer, go west 3 times, south twice and west again to find a mushroom ring. Pick some magic mushrooms and give these to the healer as well.

Now it is time to build up your skills and statistics. Run around and fight creatures. Climb anything that looks like it can be climbed. Throw daggers at the target that can be found just south of the town walls. Fight against the weapon master in the castle. Once your important stats are above about 60, continue with the tasks below. If you are a fighter, you will get points for each different monster you kill in the forest.

Other Tasks

Go east 3 times from the healer to find Brauggi, a frost giant. Give him fruit (you must have 50 apples, purchased from Hilde in town) and you will be given a glowing gem. Return to the healer, then go south 4 times to reach a peaceful lake - the Spiegelsee.

If you are a magic user, run north, west 3 times, north twice (note the graveyard is here) and west 3 times to find Meep's Peep. Talk to the Meeps, and one will jump out and talk to you. Ask him about Meeps and magic, and he will give you the Detect spell. Return to the Spiegelsee lake.

Head north and east to find Flying Falls. The method of getting up to the door depends on your character type:

  • If you are a thief, climb the rocks.
  • If you are a fighter, pick up some rocks and throw them at the door. Henry the Hermit will come out and reveal a ladder. Climb up the ladder.
  • If you are a magic user, cast Detect and a ladder will appear. Climb up the ladder.

Knock on the door, then walk quickly to the right several times before the door opens. Inside, talk to Henry (including about the Trigger spell if you are a magic user). Leave when you are done talking.


Now go west, north, east, north 4 times and east twice. Climb the mountain. At the top, the gargoyle will ask you a series of questions. Here are the correct answers:

  • Your Name: (your name)
  • Your Quest: "I want Glory", "I want to be a Hero"
  • Favourite color: "Purple"
  • Whose spell protects: "Erana"
  • Who you seek: "Erasmus"
  • Baron's name: "Stefan"
  • Thieves password: "I don't know"
  • Meaning of Life: "42"
  • Unladen swallow: "African or European?"

Once you are inside, just head straight up the stairs. If you are a magic user, Erasmus will challenge you to a game of Mage's Maze (assuming you have all the spells you need). To win this game, you need to move your blue character to the bottom right, before Erasmus moves his purple character there. Use the spells to move the bridges, ladders and boulders around, and to change the size of your character. Note that a small character moves the fastest and can go through tunnels; a medium character can climb ladders; a large character can eat medium characters! Once you win the game, you will be given the Dazzle spell.

Talk to Erasmus about everything, then stand up to leave.

Baba Yaga

Go back to the healer and buy some undead unguent. From here, go west 4 times and north twice to find Baba Yaga's hut. Approach the gate, and the skull will talk to you. Ask about the rhyme, then about the deal, then reply "yes". Give him the gem, and he will lower the gate, after mentioning a rhyme. Once the gate is open, say "Hut of brown, now sit down" to the hut, then enter the hut.

Say your name when you are asked, then agree to help the witch. Back outside, head south 3 times, then east once. Wait until the time is midnight, then use the undead unguent and head east into the graveyard. Take the red plant, then go west twice and north 3 times to return to Baba Yaga. Say "Hut of brown, now sit down" then go inside and say yes to give her the mandrake.

The Countercurse

Assuming you have spoken with Erasmus about the countercurse, the following tasks will sound familiar.

Comes a Hero from the East

From the healer's hut, go south 3 times and west 3 times to find a white stag. Follow this west twice, then approach it and the Dryad will appear from the tree. Answer "yes" to her question. Now go east twice, north 5 times, east and north to find the spitting spirea. You need to get the seed they are throwing around:

  • If you are a thief, climb a cliff wall, then catch it.
  • If you are a fighter, throw some rocks until you hit it, then pick it up.
  • If you are a magic user, cast Fetch to get it.

Return to the Dryad and answer "yes" to give her the seed, and in return she will give you the recipe for a Dispel potion. Pick up the magic acorn. If you haven't already given the healer some flowers, get some from Erana's Peace when you are there next time. From the Dryad, go east, north twice and west twice to find the Meeps. Talk to the Meeps, and one will jump out and talk to you. Talk to him about everything, then pick up the green fur and detect magic scroll.

Now make sure you have 2 empty flasks (if you don't, go and buy some from the dry goods store in town). Note that if you have extra empty flasks after using potions of any sort, you can sell them to the healer. Go to Flying Falls (where you met Henry the Hermit) and get some water from the falls. Now wait until night time and find the mushroom ring (from the healer, it is west 4 times and south twice) and you will see some fairies. When you are asked to dance, answer "yes". Now talk to the fairies; they will give you dust if you have an empty flask.

During the day, return to the healer. Give her the flowers (if you haven't already), flying water, fairy dust, green fur and magic acorn. Leave the hut, then go back inside and you will be given the Dispel potion.

Free the Man from in the Beast

From the healer, go west, north 4 times and east twice. Kill the Ogre, then search his body to find a chest. Now open the chest:

  • If you are a thief, pick the lock.
  • If you are a fighter, smash the chest.
  • If you are a magic user, cast Open.

Enter the cave and walk carefully towards the bear until it stands up. Now give it a ration or an apple, and it will calm down. Walk past the bear into the next cave, and you will see a Kobald:

  • If you are a thief, sneak over to the kobold and take the key from around his neck. Now sneak towards the bottom of the cave and you will bump into a chest. Pick the lock and take the treasure from inside. Sneak back to the previous cave.
  • If you are a fighter, walk up to the kobold and fight it. When it teleports away, chase it and fight again. Repeat this until it disappears, then pick up the key it drops. Walk to the bottom of the screen and you will bump into a chest. Open the chest and take the treasure from inside. Walk back to the previous cave.
  • If you are a magic user, cast Flame Darts at the kobold until it disappears, then pick up the key it drops. Cast Detect to reveal a chest near the bottom of the screen. Stand near the top of the screen and cast Trigger, then go down and pick up the treasure. Walk back to the previous cave.

Unlock the manacle from the bear's ankle. Now visit the castle and Karl will let you inside. Walk up to the main doors of the castle and you will head inside. Talk to the Baron and Baronet, then try to leave, and you will stay overnight (and be given a nice reward).

Bring the Child from the Band

Go to town, and enter the tavern. Pick up the new note. If you are a fighter, go to the dry goods store and buy the chainmail armor. Now waste time until midday and head to the side of the archery range (from the healer, south twice and west). From here you can listen to Bruno and Brutus to discover the secret door and secret word. Wait for Bruno to leave, then go south and immediately north (before Bruno can see you). Fight Brutus, then take the key from his body. If you are struggling with this, throw a dagger at Brutus from cover, then run all the way around the town to approach from the other direction and you should avoid Bruno altogether.

Go south, west twice and south again to meet the Antwerp. You can choose to avoid him if you want, but it is more fun to fight him - he will bounce high up into the sky. Head north, then quickly use your dagger on the Antwerp as he falls towards you - when he bounces down he will hit your dagger and split into lots of little Antwerps! Back where you met him in the first place, unlock the door with your key. Say "Hiden Goseke", then enter the cave.

From the main cave go southeast to reach the Fortress Gate. Toro the minotaur is guarding the area:

  • If you are a thief, just sneak up to the fence and climb over the gate.
  • If you are a fighter, fight Toro, search his body for treasure, then bash open the gate.
  • If you are a magic user, cast Calm to put Toro to sleep, then cast Open to open the gate.

In the next area, walk around to the left of the first set of blockades. Read the note, then cross over the right bridge. Look at the rope between the grain and barrels and you can safely enter the next room.

Save your game, as timing is crucial. Close the door straight away, then walk to the northeast door. When you see the brigands near the south door walk away, move the chair to block the northeast door. Now walk to the candelabra and wait for the brigands to enter the room. When one walks behind the table, move the candelabra. Quickly walk in front of the table and jump on the table and use the rope to defeat the brigands. Open the door to continue.

Talk to Me, then go through the left doorway, and you will crawl out through the small right door. Now go through the large right doorway and you will stand at the high entrance. Pull the chain, then go back, and through the door you just opened. After you arrive on the left, open the door just to your north - quickly walk to the left to avoid being squashed. Now open the door that is revealed and you will head through.

Throw the dispel potion at the brigand leader and you will meet Elsa. Quickly take the mirror and healing potions from the desk, then leave via the east exit (where Yorick entered).

Drive the Curser from the Land

Head to Baba Yaga's (from here it is north 5 times, west and north). Wait for the gate to open, then say "Hut of brown, now sit down". Head inside and quickly use the mirror on Baba Yaga. You will automatically head to the castle for your reward.