Project IGIProject IGI

I'm Going In

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2003

Links:  Moby Games

Walkthrough Updated:  1/30/2009

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Project IGI: I'm Going In is a tactical first-person shooter. There is a very strong emphasis on planning your way through each level, as if you are detected and an alarm is raised, it is nearly impossible to complete the level, and your progress cannot be saved until each level is completed. The walkthrough below describes a relatively safe way through each level.


Turn right and climb the ladder, then walk along the roof and climb down into the building. Take the uzi and ammo, then open the door. Ready your glock and shoot him in the head, then step back and quickly switch to your knife. Stab the next guy as he enters the doorway. Take their AK47's then go through the other door. Enter through the door to the left and use a computer to disable the security cameras for 2 minutes. Leave the building, and head left to the water tower. Climb the ladder, then walk around to the right - stab the guy and take his Dragunov.

Pick off the 5 enemies using this sniper rifle (1 in another tower, 1 in a post and 3 patrolling to the left). Go back down and deactivate the cameras again, then climb up the tower and slide across to the far tower using the overhead cable. Slide down the ladder and turn left, then head around the crates until you find a fence to climb over. Spot a camera above and to the right that you can take out. Now wait for a guy to walk past in the next area and shoot him with the Dragunov. Keep left and push the button to open the gate.

SAM Base

Get your Mp5 ready and head to the right immediately (down the slope). Crawl towards the guy patrolling near the warehouse and shoot him, then go around the back of the warehouse and kill another lone gunner. Take his AK47 then go straight around behind a small building. Keep using your Mp5 to stay quiet, and pick up a guy patrolling the other side of the building. There are 2 more guys near the SAM, so pick them both off as quickly as you can. Go into the small building for an M16 A2 and some ammo, then into the warehouse to get a variety of explosives and grenades.

Return to your first kill location and ready the M16 A2. Kill the 2 guys near the bunkered post (1 inside it). There is a second SAM to your left, with 2 enemies, 1 in front and 1 behind - kill them both. Plant the C4 on the 2 SAMs you have secured thus far, then go in a wide arc to the right to reach the 3rd SAM. Now make a mad dash for the helipad.

Military Airbase

Head straight from your starting position, and kill the lone guy patrolling the area with your Mp5. Take the AK47, then enter the building with the satellite dish and shoot the guy on the second floor, so you can get more ammo. Now head to the boxes behind the fenced area and look down at the buildings in the distance (use your Mp5 to zoom in slightly). You will see a radar tower behind a large wall - head straight for this. When you get there, turn left and go slowly around the corner to pick off the next enemy with your Mp5 as he patrols in front of the main gate. Crouch and turn to the right to shoot a lone guy through the start of the fence.

Inch up to the gate but don't enter yet - you can see a guy in a post that you can shoot in the head. There is now a single guy standing behind the truck, facing the other way - just walk into the base and kill him. Collect his weapon, then head left and use the keypad to open the big garage. Crawl into the garage, all the way to the front tire of the closest truck. Read your AK47 and stand up then crouch down straight away. When you heavy the enemies reloading, take them both out. Open the door and climb the ladder, then ready your Mp5 to take out the guy behind the next door. Use the map computer to help time the charge outside so the guy doesn't see you before you kill him. There is another guy on the water tower to kill with your Mp5. Head left and look with your binoculars to spot 2 more enemies. Kill the guy on the balcony first, then the guy on the ground. Now climb up the water tower and get the Dragunov. Shoot the security camera on the 1st objective building, then snipe 6 more guys that you can see.

Continue to the left and kill another guy near the last guy you killed on the ground (wait for him to walk past and shoot him in the back). Now look up to the right and snipe another guy on the balcony. Run around to the front of the building and enter it, going up in the lift and out to the 2 balconies to get more ammo for your Dragunov. There is also a medipack here. Equip your AK47 now. Go through the gates on the way to the objective house and kill 3 generals who leave the house on the right - take their weapons including a shotgun. Now two enemies will leave the objective house - kill them too. Go inside and ignore the door on the right. In the back room, go through the left door and down the stairs. Open the door and kill the lone guard, then head around to the left and into the medical room to get another medipack. Go to the last cell and you will have a conversation with Anya about a new mission objective. Turn around and go back through the garage to the front gate.

Get your Dragunov ready, then crawl towards the control tower and pick off all the enemies - spot them using the binoculars and take them all out with single head shots. The alarm will sound when you have killed them all. Also take out the 2 security cameras. Go to the base checkpoint and open the gate (there's another medipack here if you need it). Get your AK47 ready and open the door - blow away the guard here. Open the next door and kill another guy. Continue to a room with one window. Crouch and approach the window, then stand and quickly get down again. When the enemy reloads, kill him. Go out the back door of the house and into the tower. Use the elevator, and shoot as soon as the doors open to kill one guy. There is another at the top of the stairs if you didn't snipe him earlier. Use the computer, then exit the base and escape with the jet on the right.


Crouch and run to the truck, and shoot the enemy in the foot to bring both off them around the front of the trunk to kill. Now stand and shoot the guy in the window of the building ahead. Run straight through the gap and kill another enemy, then turn left and kill the last one in this area. Now run (carefully so you don't fall) down the slope and climb the water tower. Get the Dragunov ready and start sniping right away.

Initially there is one enemy at the top left, 2 at the top right, 1 at bottom right and 2 and bottom left. The friendly troops should land now, and 2 more enemies appear at the bottom left. 2 will then come out of the warehouse on the right. Reload now if you are getting low, then take care of 3 guys appearing from the top right, and the 1 on the balcony to the top left. 4 enemies then appear from the house he was standing on. After they are dead, 2 guys will start shooting at you from the bottom left. A well-timed grenade can kill them both, or you can wait for them to show themselves and pick them off with the Dragunov. The mission will be complete.

Radar Base

Run straight down the slope and shoot the first guy who is alone. Take and ready his AK47. Go through the gate and hide behind the post, then pop out and kill the guy patrolling around the closest building. Shoot the camera above you, and wait for a guy to open the gate and come through - shoot him too. Now enter the building and take the elevator down. There is a guy immediately visible to the right, and another slightly to the left. Enter the 2 rooms to get a medipack and a Desert Eagle, then go up in the elevator (to the top floor). There are also 2 guys here, one inside the room and one out on the balcony, who will run in when he hears gun fire.

Go out on to the back balcony and shoot the guy in the water tower using your M16. Also take out the nearest guy on the ground using the Glock or Desert Eagle. Go back down using the elevator and disable the cameras using the computer in the guard post. Run through the gate into the next area and turn right immediately. Go around the corner and destroy the disabled camera. If there is no guard here, go into the generator room, find him and kill him. Go around behind the generator building and use the map computer to help time a run to the water tower - climb up and crouch immediately. Pop up and down to keep reasonable cover while picking off a total of 5 enemies and 1 camera. It is now safe to go down and press the button to open the gate into the next area.

Collect all the weapons you see lying around, and enter the warehouse to the right. Collect the mines, grenades, minimi and flash bang. Now go across the courtyard and into the office building. There is an enemy waiting in the 3rd room, and there are 3 more guys outside, who will enter the building to find you if you wait long enough. Keep going and there is one more stationary guard in the building. Now go outside and cross into a second small building. There are 2 guys in the 3rd room of this building, and you will also find a keycard (first objective). Get your knife ready and stab another guy in the next room. Now make your way back through the previous gate. Turn right and open another gate, then go straight through and hide behind the container to the right. Look at the computer map to time an offensive on a lone patrolman along the next corridor.

Take out the 2 guys in front of the dome any way you see fit, then open the door and go inside. Climb the ladder and go left, then use the computer there to complete the second objective. Now head outside and toward the helipad. Kill the guy standing near the pad, then the one patrolling the buildings. 3 more enemies appear in the far building. Pick them off one at a time, then await the chopper on the helipad.

Get Priboi

Head straight (along the back side of the hills) then turn right and follow the gray path. Get your knife ready. Watch the direction the camera is facing - when it is turned away, run and enter the door. Go into the second room and stab the guy in the neck. Open the second door and kill the 2 guys with your Mp5. Wait 5 seconds and go back and stab another guy in the previous room. Now grab the LAW 80 from the main room, as well as all the AK47's from the dead guys. Go through the next room and quickly shoot the camera up and left through the window. Head out of the building. There are 2 guys here, one to your right, and one patrolling the green containers - kill them. Go through the boxes and turn right. If an alarm has sounded at all, a tank will be here - just blow it up with the LAW 80 (from a distance). Another guy will charge at you from back between the boxes, so kill him when he arrives.

Follow the wall to your left and go through the opening, ignoring the camera for now. Kill the lone guy patrolling the area, then shoot that camera. Get your Mp5 ready, then run to the door beneath the camera. Enter by picking the lock and quickly kill the enemy (if you use a louder gun, the others will still hear you over the gunfire). Take the medipack, then open the door and run left behind the crates. While the guys are testing the machine guns, get them in your sights and launch the other LAW 80 in the middle of them - you should be able to kill at least 3, then the last one with your Spas 12. There is one remaining guy in the room you can kill any way you want. Now collect all the guns, including the proximity mines and JackHammer. Turn off the cameras on the way back out of the warehouse.

If you see any guards walking around, snipe them with your Dragunov. Now cross the field to the next objective building. Shoot the camera with your AK47, then kill the single guard arriving from each of the two nearest buildings. 3 more will run from the guard room - take care of them with your AK47 as well. Now go through the gate and into the generator room. Climb down the ladder and use the consoles to shut down the electric fence. Leave the building and head around to the right. Climb the pylon, then ready your JackHammer and slide down the cable.

At the next tower, quickly turn right and blow the guy away, taking his uzi. Slide down the ladder (not the next cable), then pick off the 2 guys you can spot (far off) with your Dragunov. Head down the slope and into the barracks. There are two guys in the 2nd area that you can wipe out with an AK47 or Uzi. Reload your Uzi, because after you leave the barracks, two more guys will appear from the left. Now run to the right side of the compound and climb over the fence. Run around to the back where you will find two large tubes - set the C4 explosives. Climb quickly over the back fence and run away.

After the explosion, turn around and climb over the back fence on the right side, near the large building. Enter through the side door with your JackHammer ready. Shoot as you enter to kill the first guy. Then tread carefully and you will find several others to kill. There are 3 doors - go through the one by itself, and kill 3 guys on the ground and one on the balcony to the right. Climb the stairs and search all 3 filing cabinets, then go back to the first room. There will be two more guys here, one straight ahead and one far left. Now take the left one of the two doors and kill one last guy, before searching the 2 filing cabinets to complete the mission.

Border Crossing

Run straight ahead and stab the first guy, taking his Dragunov. Now jump a nearby wall and wait for the tank to drive past. Use your binoculars and approach the base, picking off the 6 enemies you can see. Follow the road to the left side of the base, and collect the AK47's the 3 guys you shot who were on the ground. Head into the large building on the right side of the road and shoot the guy in white who appears from behind the boxes. Get the Spas 12, then go upstairs for some ammo and a Desert Eagle. Back on the street, get a Medipack from the small building on the left, then enter the far building to get ammo from the second floor.

Continue up the street with your Dragunov ready. Shoot the 2 guards, then get their weapons and run straight up the mountain and around to the other side, waiting for the helicopter to pass by. Now snipe the guy in the tower with your Dragunov, as well as 5 others on the ground, and one in the attic of the house. Run down and along the street, and kill another guy who stands behind the house. Get your Spas 12 ready and kill the guy in the medical hut before grabbing another Medipack and a LAW 80.

Follow the road (there are mines on either side), and when you get the warning from Anya, snipe the guy in the tower and the guy on the walkway to the left. Take out the camera on the tower, then the one to the right - if the 2 patrolling guards on the right see this second camera destroyed, you will have to take them both out very quickly to avoid the alarm being raised. In any case, snipe them both when you get the chance. Now take out the third camera to the left and the guard patrolling the ground beneath it. Slowly approach the buildings, following the road. There shouldn't be any more enemies in this area. Pick the lock on the gate, then get into the truck.


Quickly ready your Dragunov and exit the van, taking cover to the left. Look right and shoot the far camera, then the guard patrolling behind the fence. Now head right and take out the guy on the far tower who shoots at you. Now get rid of the other 3 cameras, taking care to shoot each one while the other two are facing the wrong way (hit the stationary one on the right first). Now cross the courtyard and snipe the guy in the far tower, then push the button to open the gate. Open the door of the second house and throw in a hand grenade, then retreat - if that doesn't work, shoot the 2 guys who start to run out of the house before they can raise the alarm. Grab their AK47's and ready one. Enter the second warehouse and get the hand grenades.

Now go back through the first gate and turn right. Enter the guard post and disable the cameras with the computer. Pick the lock on the nearby gate and run through. Head around to the right, and shoot the camera up to the left - be ready for a single enemy to appear on the balcony in front of you, and kill him. Go inside and quickly kill a guy, then take his Spas 12. There is another single guy in the room to the right. Go up in the elevator. Kill the 4 guys up here, taking all of their weapons. Push the button here to open the gate outside. Go down to the basement in the elevator and kill the guy in the room to the left. Now go back up to the ground floor and exit the base through the open gate.

Turn immediately right and head straight to the watch tower (where you sniped that enemy) and take the Dragunov. Slide down the ladder, and face the enemy base ahead. Approach the right side and climb the ladder, then jump to the barrel, then on to the roof. Run right and drop to the large box, then the ground. Ready the AK47 and keep running around to the right, killing the first enemy before he can sound the alarm. Pick the lock on the door, then go inside and turn left immediately to shoot a camera and kill the guy beneath it. Slide down the ladder and open the door to kill 2 more guys. Take the LAW 80's and homing beacon from the right bay and the map computer from the left bay. Exit the building the same way you came in, then turn left. Run straight ahead and kill another lone guy, then turn left when you reach the far corner of the compound. Snipe the guy in the heavy machine gun post, then run around and exit the base to the right. Use your map computer to aid travel to the north, and run straight to objective 4 (the SAM) and use your homing beacon on it. Run quickly away to avoid the air strike.

Kill the 2 or 3 guys who run to the explosion, then advance to the large domed building. Kill the last 2 enemies here, then enter the dome and push the button. Leave this small compound and run to the helicopter to complete the mission.

Missile Trainyard

Get your M16 A2 ready, then slide down the ladder and head right. Take out the guy in the closest watch tower using the A2's explosive (alternate fire). Now run half way across the bridge, and use the binoculars to aim accurately so you can pick off the enemy in the next watch tower with your A2. Wait for a guy to patrol past the opposite end of the bridge, and take him out with another A2 explosive. Run to the end of the bridge and use your binoculars to help pick off a guy on a raised walkway in the distance. Now go left behind the sentry post. Head up the ramp and run along the platform, taking out 2 more enemies. Keep going straight and kill the guy standing behind the truck, then use the mounted machine gun to wipe out the last two running soldiers.

Leave the post and climb the ladder to get the Dragunov from the raised walkway. Snipe 3 guys patrolling a short distance away, and 2 guys in a distant control tower. Head to objective 1 on your map. Open the door and start running through the rooms. Kill 1 in the second room, then 2 in the doorway of the next. Return to the previous room to kill a guy following you, then a last one in the final room. If the alarm gets raised, turn it off ASAP. Use the computer in this building to disable the security cameras.

Exit the house and head west. Ready your A2 and kill anyone you see on the way. Follow the train through the gates before they close and take on the group of red berets attacking from the right. Pick the lock on the back of the train and kill the 2 guys in the rear carriage. Keep going through the next carriages, shooting the red berets outside the train as they see you. Priboi is in the last carriage.

Defend Priboi

Ready the glock and head to the open gate, killing the lone guy (or just let Priboi do it). Take the uzi and ready it, then head left. There are 3 or 4 guys patrolling the area, including one hiding in a shed - kill as many of them as you can before Priboi enters the area (particularly the guy in the shed). Follow Priboi to the middle of the compound, where he will tell you to search the warehouses. Go to the warehouse on the right, killing the guy in the front yard, then open the door and kill the lone enemy. Take the proximity mines and the ammo. Exit the warehouse and turn right. Get your knife ready and enter the house. Kill the guy quickly in the second room, then one in each of the next 2 rooms as well. Leave the house and press the button in the sentry post to open the gate. Run through the gate and straight to the next area.

Head down the main street and place 2 proximity mines on the far side of the 4th building on the left (space them out to take care of 4 enemies who will run past here later). Now ready your M16 A2 and follow Priboi into the second house on the left. Run back outside to wait for a truck to arrive - kill the 4 guys with an A2 explosive. Another truck will arrive from the other end of the street - you will probably need at least two A2 explosives to kill all the guys from there. Now go to the third floor of the second objective building and grab the LAW80. Head back outside and kill about 10 guys with any weapon you choose. Find and blow up the tank with the LAW80, then go back to the roof of the second objective building and board the helicopter.

Eagle's Nest 1

Get your Mp5 ready. Head down the slope and shoot the guy in the water tower, then run down and stab the guy at its base. Run around the corner and shoot the guy through the window. Continue around and kill another guy near the base of a ladder. There is another enemy through a hole in the wall - kill him then go inside for some grenades and a Spas 12. Now go back outside. Throw a grenade up to the second floor and wait for it to explode. Climb up and grab the weapons, then kill the few remaining enemies you can see outside. Get up onto the roof by jumping on the boxes, and get the sniper rifle, then ready the Spas 12. Slide down the first cable and quickly kill the guy next to you and the one below. Slide to the next tower and shoot the guy below. Now approach the next base on foot.

From a suitable vantage point, snipe the guys in the far watch towers, the camera and the guy nearest the camera. Equip your Mp3 and kill the guy on the closest watch tower, then go to the guard post and take the ammo. Turn off the cameras using the computer, then enter the garage and grab the grenades, M16 and ammo. Now approach the generator building, shooting the single guard and the 2 cameras. Go inside and down to the bottom floor - use the console. Now leave this building and the base, going to the 3rd compound.

Using your Mp5, kill the guy patrolling on the left, then the guy in the sentry box. Use an A2 explosive to blast the barracks containing 3 generals, then enter the sentry box and press the button to open the gate (NOT the one to sound the alarm). Enter the base and kill the 3 remaining guards, and the single camera. Pick the lock on the door, then go through to the cable car.

Eagle's Nest 2

Turn left and jump up the stairs, killing the 2 guys straight ahead. Take their guns and kill a guy in the corridor to the right. Open the door to the left and run forward, killing a guy who enters from the left. There is some ammo and another enemy in the corridor to the left. Return to the main corridor and keep going to find another door. Open this and immediately kill the guy to the right, then the one around to the left. Press the button and enter the elevator. Ready an AK47 about now. Enter the elevator and go up. When the doors open, kill the guy to the left.

Use your map to time a run outside to kill the guy patrolling around this building. Ready the Dragunov and walk to the pale wale to the north of the building. Turn around and snipe the 2 guys atop the large wall. Pick off the lone guy patrolling the area and take his Minimi. Now head west and turn to face the opening to the right. Snipe the guy you can see on the roof of the distant building. Walk through and pick off 2 more guys on the high wall. Head behind the hangar and jump up the pile of boxes into the next area. Head cautiously through the archway and use your map. Wait for the patrolling guy to be heading north and be past the stationary guy. Kill the stationary guy first, then the patrolling one. Enter the closest building to find a medipack. Enter the house to the left of the stationary (and now dead) guy to get some ammo for the Dragunov. Now go back outside and pick off 2 guys on the high wall. Approach the gate and pick off the guy on the second floor balcony of the building. Push the button to the left to open the gate.

Go through and head right. Kill the guy in the distance, then turn left before the guard HQ and kill another guy. Wait here and another guy will approach - kill him. There are 2 further guys on the high wall to pick off. Head west and note 2 rocks you can use to jump over the fence. Ready your AK47. Follow the building and open the door, then quickly kill the guy standing there. Follow the passage and climb down the ladder, then open the door, standing to the right of it so you can quickly kill the guy to the left. There is another guy hiding behind a truck in this room. After he is dead, go through to the outside again, readying your Dragunov.

Hug the left wall and sneak along, picking off the guy to the right when you can. Now mirror the action, killing the guy to the left. There is one more guy to kill in the area, before you can run across to the elevator. Go down in the elevator and kill the 2 guys with your AK47. Go through the door and kill the last guy, then continue straight into the next area. Climb the ladder and open the door, then wait for the mission to finish.

Nuclear Infiltration

Climb the hill to the left and ready your Dragunov - be careful not to waste ammo on this level as it is scarce. Kill the guard on the watch tower, then the guy patrolling to the far right, and the single camera. Equip the M16 A2 and enter the base, shooting 3 guys on the ground in front of you, and readying an AK47. Enter the warehouse straight ahead and collect explosives for the A2. Use your map to identify a guy patrolling nearby - exit the warehouse and kill him. Keep going and pick off a guy patrolling the bridge ahead of you. Turn left to see 2 barracks - open the door of the left and throw in a grenade. Do the same with the second barracks, then go into both and collect lots of ammo.

Follow the bridge and about half way along, use your Dragunov to snipe a guy on a second floor balcony to the right. Use an AK47 to kill the guy patrolling the ground beneath him. Enter the building for a medipack and some ammo. Exit the building and enter the next one to find an elevator - push the button and go down. Stand on the right side to kill a guy on the left when the door opens. Wait in front of the next door and a guy will open it - kill him. Proceed through the corridor to the next door - open it then retreat. 2 guys will rush through, so kill them. Go through the door and kill the guy patrolling, then get the JackHammer and ammo from a desk in the next room. Kill the two guys behind the next door, then turn right and equip your JackHammer. Open the door and kill the first guy, then wait for a second guy. There are several more guys in the following few rooms - kill them when you see them. Push the elevator button and go up to the surface.

Kill the 4 guys in the area (use the map to identify their locations). Go into the warehouses to find 3 Flashbangs and 3 grenades. Run around behind the shelter and kill a lone patrolling enemy. Ready your Dragunov and enter the next area. Snipe the guy in the heavy machine gun post, then the guy on the watch tower. Also take out the 2 guys on the roof of the communication center, the one on the second floor of the same building, and the one on the fuel dump to the left. Now run to the heavy machine gun post and shoot the guy patrolling near the small garage. Also kill the one in front of the shelter, then head up the watch tower and pick off the remaining enemies with your Dragunov (if you need more bullets, get them from the guy on the fuel dump). Head inside the communications center and kill the guy in the room to the left to complete the mission.

Finding the Bomb

Walk slightly left and snipe the guy on the walkway above using your Dragunov. Now run across the room and enter the weapons storage to collect guns and ammo. Go through the tunnel to the right and kill the enemy with your Mp5. Take his AK47 and equip it, then follow the tunnel to kill 2 guys in the next room. Get in the elevator and go down. Follow the passage to the next door and open it. Kill the guy on the left, then the guy on the right. Walk around to the left and quickly shoot a 3rd guy, then take his Spas 12. Jump up on the boxes in the corner, then pick off the guys in the adjacent area. Use the computer, then use the elevator to get back to the first floor.

Run back to the entrance to the weapons storage - open the door and quickly kill 3 guys. Sneak around to the right and shoot the LAW80 at the tank to destroy it. Quickly ready your M16 A2 and kill the guy who runs out at you. Kill the guy in front of the door to the right, then open it. Run down the passage and shoot the single enemy. Equip your Mp5 and open the door to your right. Go straight then look up and shoot a camera in front of a sentry gun. Continue and shoot another camera. Note the door here, but don't open it yet. Enter the room on the left to get a JackHammer and some ammo. Go into the last room on the right to get 3 Flashbangs. Now go and open that door, shooting the attacking guy with your JackHammer. Ready a grenade, then open the next door and throw it, running back down the passage before it explodes. Now go and grab the Medipack and the ammo. Use the computer the turn off the sentry gun, then open the next door and shoot the guy. At the intersection, turn right and kill another enemy, then continue to find a door. Open it and turn left to see a ladder - slide down and immediately run right into a side room. Shoot the two guys with your JackHammer and use the computer to re-target the sentry guns. Exit the room and slide down a ladder to the right, then slide down another straight ahead.

Wait for the sentry guns to kill all the enemies, then head straight and left to find a door - 3 guys will open the door, so shoot them with your JackHammer. Enter the passage and turn left, killing the guy around the first bend. Turn right at the T intersection, then at the next intersection shoot the camera. Kill the guy who arrives. Continue straight and equip the AK47. Push the button next to the door, then enter the room. Turn around and kill 2-4 enemies as they run through the door behind you. Use the elevator, then open the door and kill the next enemy. Shoot the camera, then follow the passage to the next door. Open it and shoot another camera with your Mp5, then peer left and snipe a guy and a camera with your Dragunov. Get your JackHammer ready and follow the path to an intersection - turn left and quickly kill 2 guys. Follow the passage until you see an intersection ahead - throw a grenade at it, then retreat. Go forward and collect the weapons from the 2 dead guys.

Open the door and get another grenade ready. Advance to the gap between boxes on the left and throw a grenade. Advance down the stairs, killing the 2 guys. Open the door, throwing another grenade straight away. After it explodes, enter the room and kill the guy behind the computers. Open the door and crawl to the ledge. Look down and kill 3 guys on levels below you - look out for a guy on the same level as well. Go down to the bottom level and enter the tunnel.

Ready your proximity mines - place 1 in the dark room directly opposite, then one on each of the two green machines. Climb up with your JackHammer ready, and walk back until you see an enemy behind the glass. Shoot him and the guy who comes out of the room. Now go unside and use the computer. Kill the guys who appear on the same level as you, then one above and any below who miss the mines (should be none). Now go down and enter the tunnel, killing the lone enemy. Grab the Medipack in the next room, then go through the door to the left. Slide down the ladder and shoot the guy who charges, then kill Ekk. Protect Anya until the end of the game.