Preston SterlingPreston Sterling

and the Legend of Excalibur

Year:  2016

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur is a short puzzle-solving adventure game with action sequences. You play as treasure hunter Preston Sterling, tasked by a billionaire with locating the legendary sword Excalibur.


Start by heading right along the ledges, avoiding being detected by the guards at each window.

Try to open the doors, then use the bolt cutter on the chain. Read the book on the left, then approach the solid steel door to the archives. Use your sensor on the door, then turn the dials until the sensor shows a bright yellow response; the correct code is 157. Press the unlock button to get into the archives.

Examine the desk. Read the note, then look at the casket. Press the green buttons to rotate the 3 discs, and line up their holes so you can take a key from the middle. Open the urn on the left and take the light bulb from inside. Back out and look at the schedule along the back wall, then examine the painting on the right. Put your light bulb in the socket over the painting to see the numbers 3, 4 and 6.

Back out and look at the grandfather clock, opening it with your key. Set the time on the clock to 1:00 (half way between morning prayers and Evensong). Next examine the safe that has been revealed. Based on the numbers on the painting, turn the marker to the blue triangle and press OK, then the green square and press OK, and finally the blue hexagon and press OK. Now pull the handle to open the safe. Look at the stone symbol and read both pages of the documents.

Click to jump over obstacles as you run away from the guards.


Talk to the fisherman, then click on the sign behind him to head down towards the water. Make your way forward over the stone paths to reach Tintagel. Pick up the wooden boards, and search the rubble to find another stone symbol. Go over to the small alcove and pick up the metal rod.

Go back where you saw the fisherman and enter the house on the right. Use the metal rod to remove the stone symbol from the wall. Return down to the alcove and insert your stone symbols in the niches (the star goes at the top).

Go through the new opening (where the alcove was before). Pick up the dagger and gemstone from the table. Examine the small bowl, rack and shelf to find 3 more gemstones. Pick up the mirror shards from the floor, then look at the broken mirror on the wall and use the shards to repair it (click to rotate the pieces). Now look at the chest and place all 4 of your gemstones around the corners.

Back out and try to light the candles with your lighter, but there is too much of a draft. Use your wooden planks to cover the crevice on the right, then try to light the candles again. Go outside and back to the cliffs. Use your dagger to cut some of the reeds to the right of the bench. Go back down and into the opening, and use these reeds on the wooden boards. Now you can successfully light the candles.

Examine the floor slab where the light beam hits the ground and you will find 4 copper rods. Examine the chest again and place these in the front of the chest to adjust the angle of the light beams. Now look at the places where the 4 beams hit their surroundings and note the 4 symbols you see. Look down at the chest again, then at the lock on its front. Slide the 4 rods so the symbols you just saw line up with the holes - from top to bottom these are symbols 4, 2, 3 and 1.

Try to leave, but the tide has come in. Go through the crevice you sealed off earlier, then click to dodge left and right as you make your way out.


Take the oxygen tank next to the car. Examine the car and take the compressor from the trunk, then open the gas cover on the car. Now examine the metal crate and open the lock by pressing the buttons in a specific order:

  • 11 o'clock
  • 4 o'clock
  • 8 o'clock
  • 1 o'clock
  • 10 o'clock
  • 7 o'clock
  • 2 o'clock
  • 5 o'clock

Take the diving gear from inside the crate once it is open. Back out and head back to the shed. Look more closely at the shed and take the empty can and hose. Use your compressor on the generator. Go back to the car and use the hose on the opened car gas tank. Use your empty can on the gas tank to collect some diesel. Return to the generator once more and use your can of diesel on it. Press the red button on the generator to start it.

Examine the compressor, and press its red button, but it doesn't start. Open the cover and slide the squares around so that all the connections are complete. Now use the oxygen tank with the compressor to fill it up. Go back to the lake.

Down in the lake, make your way through the maze without being spotted, and you will eventually discover a large closed door. Go to the door and solve a simple magic square (the rows, columns and major diagonals must add to 15). Go through the door.

In the next puzzle room, the floor gradually disappears as you cross it. Start on the far left, then keep going right then forward until you reach the other side. Examine both niches and solve the sliding block puzzles to move the sword pieces to the dragon mouths. Take Excalibur.

Fight off two agents by clicking on the sword and shield icons when they appear, then survive 3 short running/dodging action sequences.