Pony IslandPony Island

Year:  2016

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Pony Island is a surreal game where you play as a person trapped in limbo by an evil, malfunctioning arcade game. Through many different game mechanics, you must devise a way to defeat the machine and hack your way to safety. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Go straight to the Options & Help and click on Free Ticket (1/24) That's The Ticket!. Next hit Escape and go to the graphics settings, where there is another Free Ticket option (2/24). Back in the game, try pressing the Back option, then drag the broken text back up to its normal position and click on it. Click on the Credits option and watch the credits (3/24) Ticked Off.

Click on Start Game, then click on the portal. Drag the colored squares to fix the code. Click on Start Game again, then click on the portal again, then fix some more code. Complete a level of the game (left-click to jump), then click Continue and complete a second level. Now click on the portal to the right and solve a logic puzzle to dispense a ticket (4/24). Click Continue again, then click on the portal and solve the logic puzzle to crash the game No Surrender.

Close the error message and the main window to reveal the desktop. Double-click on the T, I, C, K, E and T files in order (5/24). Double-click on Pony_Galaxy.exe and score 50 points (6/24). Open the Messenger program and talk to h0peles$0uL and 1U©iF#r.

Act 1

When the start screen for Pony Island comes back up, click on the portal on the left head, then fix some code to print a ticket (7/24) Ticket Hunter. Start the game, and you will be killed quickly, with no way to defend yourself against the new enemies. Go to the Options menu and click on all of the options, then drag the words "Advanced" and "Options" upwards and click on them. Go into the Advanced Audio settings and drag all sliders up to maximum, then click on Print Ticket (8/24).

Go into the Security Settings menu and minimize everything, then click on Password Info to see the password "Baphomet". Back out and go to Advanced Gameplay, Old Prototype Options, Really Useless Options, There Are Better Options Than This, and finally Pony Salvation Options. Try to click on Pony Lasers, and it will move away from you and shrink several times. Click on the portal that eventually appears, and fix some more code (this is the first one that requires you to change the code as it is running). Click on the two more portals and solve their code problems, then finally click on Pony Lasers and click your right mouse button, using the laser to destroy everything on the screen There Are Better Options Than These.

Back on the game menu, click on the ########## option and enter the password "Baphomet" Behold.... Now ask one of the available questions, such as "Who was I?", then type "Back" to leave. Start the game; now you need to use your laser to destroy the enemies as well as jumping the obstacles. In the first game lever, there will be a ticket to collect at about the half way point (9/24). Complete a second level to break the game, then try to delete the first core file to meet Azazel. Double click on each of the 4 locks and solve the code problem behind each of the 4 portals. Delete the core file and quickly click on Yes Meltdown.

Act 2

Choose to Proceed when the "Core File Missing" error is displayed, then log in to the Guest account (no password needed).

Open the Messenger program and talk to h0peles$0uL, who will provide you with their password. Log out, then log in to the h0peles$0uL account with password "2734". As instructed, open up the Search_Progs tool. Change the top setting to Security, then select Least to Greatest, and move the left slider down and right slider up to locate a target.

Log out again and click on the Corrupted profile. Enter any password multiple times, and the login will eventually break. Click on the password_backup.txt file to see the passwords for each account. Click on each of the other corrupted files until the flashing symbols at the bottom left and bottom right both show the symbol for a ticket, and you will receive one (10/24). Click on the eye symbol near the top of the screen to make it permanent. Log out and go back to the Guest profile, then open the triangle.png file and drag the triangle over the top of the eye to see the message "Illuminati Confirmed" and receive a ticket (11/24).

Log out once more and now log in to the 1U©iF#r account with password "ponies". Open the game Settlers of sAtan and play until you have Wheat, Sheep and Ore all equal to 6 to get a ticket (12/24). Now start up Pony Island. Click on the left demon head, then open the portal and solve a code puzzle to print another ticket (13/24). Click any option, then click on Adventure Mode. Open the portal and solve a pair of code problems to get into the game.

Go to the first stage and start the game, then click on the portal that appears and adjust the code to power up your laser. Complete the stage and move to the next one. On this one you cannot get over the water, so back out and move to the right to the next stage. Complete this stage once to see your EXP is now 1. Click on the portal and change the code to set your EXP over 100 Enjoy The Wings.

Go to the previous stage and complete this using your new ability. Cross over The Great Gap and complete the stage below Ticket Lake, then head left and go to the disjointed stage. Play this one and collect the coin. Head all the way back to the welcome sign, then go to the disjointed stage to the far left and continue until you end up boarding a boat. Here you will receive another ticket (14/24) Jiminy Ticket, then a costume change on returning to land For The Crusade. Return up to Ticket Lake. Go to the stage to the top right, but don't enter it yet. Walk down towards the previous stage, then quickly click on the one further to the left, and you will cut across the lake and collect the ticket from the middle of the lake (15/24).

Complete the next stage, then click on the portal. Change the code to get the correct value, then play the next stage. Make your way through the next area, waiting for the stage markers to gradually appear. After completing the next stage, go to the disjointed stage in the middle of Sin Desert, then up to the other marker at the top. Beat this stage, then continue up into the Cave of Truths. Enter the word "Vision" A Glimpse. Now ask one of the available questions, such as "Who Killed Me?", then type "Back" to leave.

Return back in the direction of Sin Desert, then head to the left and beat another stage of the game. Select No when prompted to quit, then click on the portal that appears. Solve the code puzzle, then click No again and continue to the left into SatanTech Keep. When the map breaks, head upwards following the snowmen until you find a portal. Click on this and solve the code puzzle.

Follow the snowmen again until you see the text "GENER@TE_NEW_M@SC0T", then go right and down until you find a swimming pool. Walk up and down along the left edge until you receive a ticket (16/24) and an achievement Glitch City.

Return to the left and head down, clicking on the portal near the "Not Loading" text. Now head to the far bottom right of the map, past the SatanTech Keep. Double click on the Buer.exe file and talk to Buer (17/24). Now go and enter the keep. Play a new version of the game where you have to dodge projectiles and floor spikes, then delete the core file at the end Security Breach.

Act 3

Click on the left pony head at the game's title screen for a ticket (18/24). Play through several levels of the new version of the game, then solve several puzzle levels (a new option will be introduced when it is needed). In the subsequent arcade levels, only defend yourself against the pretty pink butterflies, not the glitched ones.

When you reach the Premium Mode advertisement, click on the small ticket in the left picture box (19/24). Continue to the next stage and make sure you don't kill Jesus, just avoid all obstacles and blow away the pink butterflies to get a special ticket (20/24). Solve the first puzzle level that comes next, then on the second one make sure you get a butterfly over to the glitched flowers on the far right. You will end up with Baphomet once more. Enter the word "Vision" The Truth. Now ask one of the available questions, such as "How Did I Get Here?", then type "Back" to leave.

Make it to the end of the next level, then shoot Louey You Killed Louey. Solve quite an extensive code puzzle, then on the next screen you will see quite a corrupted desktop. Click on the subtle faces in the 4 sine-wave patterns in this order: top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, top-left (21/24). Open up the Messenger program and type "help", then wait for a series of responses. When the Recycling Bin arrives, open it. You can now complete the following 3 steps in any order:

  • Start PI_Text_Based
    Type "Yes", "Options" and then "Free Ticket" (22/24). Type "Fix Start Menu", "Back", "Credits" and then "Start Game". For the rest of the game, just "Jump", "Shoot" or "Do Nothing" as appropriate and the game will end.

  • Start Devil_Island
    Hover your mouse over either of the heads on the main menu, and wait until the blood completely fills the screen (23/24). Start the game and complete the level.

  • Start Pony_Island_3D
    Click on the left pony head on the main menu and it will turn into a cube. Turn the cube around and click on the ticket on its back (24/24). There is an achievement for collecting all 24 tickets Ticket Master. Start the game and complete the level.

Click on the portal that appears to meet Asmodeus. Answer his first question with "Asmodeus", then type anything for the second question. Don't worry about the apparent pop-up message at the bottom right, and follow up with "infernal", "pony", "rememberthis" and "777". For the final question, type "202" and then the program will appear to crash. Click "Wait for program to respond", then type the final "3". Delete the core file, then choose to Restart in Recovery Mode Victory?.

Initiate System Dump and then play the final game Escape.

Final Achievements

When you return to the main menu, you can now start from any act in the game. Use this ability to collect any tickets you may have missed the first time around. Once you have collected all of the tickets, you will end up in a 3-stage boss battle against the lost soul. After you defeat him in 3D, advance on him by holding W, and keep going past and off the end of the world.

You can also go back to Act 2. Work through the first part of this Act, but when you go to log in to the Corrupted profile, enter the password "iamerror" I Am Error.

Finally, go back to Act 1. Click on the ########## option and enter the password "Baphomet". Ask any of the questions you haven't asked yet (there are 5 different questions in total). Reload and repeat until you have asked all 5 questions The Truth.