Police Quest 1 RemakePolice Quest 1 Remake

In Pursuit of the Death Angel

Year:  1992

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Police Quest 1 Remake is an official remake of the first game in the series of realistic police dramas by Sierra On-Line, Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel. In this game, you take the role of Sonny Bonds, a patrol officer for the Lytton Police Department. An investigation leads you to the Death Angel, a notorious criminal with ties to the underworld.

Getting Started

Walk right, then through the door to the right into the locker room. Open the middle locker with combination 269, then grab your towel and walk into the shower area to have a shower. Open the locker again and take your uniform, then get the nightstick, ticket book and keys. Exit the locker room, then head through the top door into the briefing room. Read the paper, then wait for the briefing to start - sit down where the paper is. After the briefing, walk to your pigeon hole and look in it to find a note.

Leave the briefing room and grab the keys from the wall. Also take an extender from the table. Head out of the station. Walk right around the patrol car once (safety inspection), then open the door and get in.


Car Crash

Just drive around aimlessly until you are told to head to a crash. Use your map to find the correct location. Get ouf of your car and look at the driver, then feel for a pulse. Radio dispatch (use your radio on yourself). Go and talk to the crowd, quizzing the young man until he reveals the license number. Radio dispatch again, then wait for Dooley to arrive. Get in your car and start driving again.

Meet at Carol's

You will get a call reminding you to meet at Carol's, so head there. Go inside and sit down, then talk to Steve. Wait for a while and you will receive a phone call. Stand up, then walk over and answer the phone. Go back and sit down, talking to Steve again. Leave after the conversation.

Stop Sign

Drive around until you see a red car go through a red light. Immediately put on your siren and you will automatically catch the car. Look at the car and radio dispatch. Now get out of your car and look at the girl, then talk to her several times. Write a ticket (use your pen on your ticket book), then give her the ticket, selecting "ticket" when given two options. Return to your car and start patrolling the streets.

Wino Willy's

You will get a call to go to Carol's. Drive there and go inside. Ask Carol about the complaint, then leave and head right into Wino Willy's. When the guys threaten you, use your nightstick on the big guy. Talk to the girl to get some info. Go back and tell Carol that things are okay, then go outside and get in your car again.

Drunk Driver

Drive around and you will be cut off by a drunk driver. Use your siren to pull it over. Read the license plate, then radio dispatch. Get out of the car and look at the man. Talk to him several times, and you will administer the field sobriety test. Talk again to arrest the man, then cuff him, answering no to his question. Open the back door and he will get in. Now get in the car and drive to the jail.

Get out and open the car door for the drunk. Now walk over and open the locker. Put your gun inside, then press the button and walk inside the jail. Book the man for reckless driving (29211), speeding (26504), drink driving (21603), not in control of faculties (44729), running a red light (21490) and running a stop sign (13301). Talk to the drunk, then remove his cuffs and he will be locked up. Laura will come in and talk to you. Go outside and get your gun from the locker, then drive back to the station.

Off Duty

Write a memo (by clicking on the memo slots to the left of the elevator), then continue right to the main hall - you will enter Dooley's office and be kicked out again. Back in the main hall, wait until you are invited to a party at the Blue Room, then enter the locker room.

Open your locker and change to your casual clothes. Get the corvette keys and close your locker. Head out to the hall and return the patrol car keys and the radio extender. Walk outside and get into your car. Drive to the Blue Room. Go inside and sit down with Jack. Wait until you are reminded of your extra shift, then go back outside and drive back to the station.

Go to the locker room. Open your locker and change clothes. Get everything, then close the locker and go to the briefing room. After the briefing, look in your pigeonhole and read the note. Go to the hall and get the keys and radio extender, then go outside. Perform the safety inspection again, then start patrolling.

Stolen Car

Drive around until you are called to the intersection of 1st and Lilly - approach the intersection from the north, and drive straight through. You will see a stolen car at the next intersection, so put on the siren to pull it over. Look at the license plate and ratio dispatch. Radio for backup, then wait until help arrives. Open the door and get out, then draw your weapon. Tell the guy to get out, then to put his hands up and then lie down. Handcuff him, then he will get in the patrol car. Read him his rights.

Walk to the other car and look at the door - scratch the paint to reveal the ID number. Now open the glove compartment and read the book and the licenses. Press the button to open the trunk. Go to the trunk and look at the dope, then close the trunk and get in your car. Drive to jail again.

Store your gun as before, and press the button to go inside. Book the man for stolen vehicle (19221), concealed weapon (12509), controlled substance (12876) and evading arrest (21068), then talk to him and remove his handcuffs. Go outside, grab your gun, and head back to the station.

Narcotics Division

Head straight into Dooley's office, and after he leaves read the memo. Now head to the locker room and get changed, then head to the hall and return the patrol keys. Go left and up in the elevator, then enter the door straight ahead to meet Morgan. After you talk to him, leave his office and enter the room off to the right. Talk to Laura and follow her around, then she will leave.

No Bail Warrant

Take the keys from the left wall, then open the middle bottom drawer of the file cabinet. Read the Hoffman file, then take it. Now go down in the elevator and through the door to the left. Give the file to Ross, then take the gun and look at the serial number. Go back up to your desk and use your computer. Enter the serial number 97649 to get FBI file number 60321, then enter this to get the Jason Taselli file. Print this out.

Exit the station and get into the white unmarked car, then drive to the court house. Go inside and approach the counter on the right. Talk to Oliver several times, and you will be told to enter the court room. Open the door and go through. Talk to the judge, then give the Hoffman file to the bailiff. You will be given a no bail warrant. Now drive across the road to the jail. Store your weapon and go inside. Give the warrant to the jailer. Now return to the station.


Laura will join you in the unmarked car and tell you to head to Bert's Park. Drive there and enter the park. Hide behind the bushes and draw your weapon, then radio Laura to tell her you are in position. Wait for the two dealers to start to leave, then walk out to them - the younger guy should stop. Talk to him, then put your gun away and cuff the man. Search him, then he will follow you back to the car. Ask him some more questions, then drive to jail.

Store your gun and go inside, booking the men for drugs (12755). Talk to them, remove their cuffs, then get your weapon and drive to the Blue Room as Laura suggests. Head inside and sit down with Jack. Talk to him and Keith, then go outside and return to the station.

Office Work

Go into Morgan's office and talk to him, then leave the office and head down to evidence. Give the Hoffman file to Russ and look through the black book. Head back into Morgan's office, and after your conversation head to the jail.


Enter the jail (leave your gun outside) and talk to Marie - ask her to help with the hotel operation. Leave (grab your gun) and head to Cotton Cove. Get out of your car and talk to the officers, then go and remove the sheet from the body. Look at him, then talk to the officers again. Go back to the police station and visit Morgan. You will be given your costume and bleach.

Open your locker and get your towel, then have a shower and your hair will be bleached. Go back to your locker and put on your leisure suit, then return to see Morgan again. After your chat, head outside and drive to the hotel.

Hotel Delphoria

Enter the hotel. Ring the bell and ask to rent a room. Now head through the passage to the right. Order a drink from the bartender, and you will see Marie. Talk to Marie, then talk to the bartender and you will be invited to the game. Go upstairs with Marie, then pick up the phone and dial 555-3784 to speak to Morgan. Next dial 411 and get the number of a cab company, then dial 555-6887 and Marie will leave.

Go back down to the bar and talk to the bartender, then give her two hundred dollars. Follow her through to the back room and allow yourself to get frisked, so you can enter the game room. Sit down at the empty seat, and play poker until you have won (or skip the poker and forfeit 15 points), and are invited to a game later on. Return to your room and call Morgan again, then wait for backup to arrive. You will be given a transmitter.

Return to the bar and talk to the bartender. You will make your way back to the big game. Sit down and talk to Frank when he arrives. Win a few hands of poker (or skip it again), then follow Frank to his room. Wait for him to leave and answer a phone call, then look at the phone across the room and use your pen on yourself.