Plundered HeartsPlundered Hearts

Year:  1987

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Plundered Hearts is a classic text adventure game by Infocom. You play as a young woman who travels to the West Indies to tend to her sick father. During the voyage, her ship is attacked by pirates and she is kidnapped by the pirate captain.

The Lafond Deux

Stand up from your bed, then wait twice. Get the coffer that slides from beneath the bed, then wait again. Hit Crulley with the coffer, then wait and The Falcon will enter. Wait again, then read the missive and answer Yes to the question. Wait and you will board another ship.

The Helena Louise

Stand up and wait 3 turns while Jamison speaks to you. Go north to the landing, then open the cupboard and get inside. Remove your frock, then tear it. Wear the breeches, wear the shirt and leave the cupboard. Wait here and Jamison will give you a brooch and a coffer. Go down, then north twice. Get the bottle and you may overhear Crulley's plans. Go south twice (you may start to notice a fire here) and open the coffer, then take the invitation. Go up and south back to the captain's quarters. Smash the window with the coffer, then go south. Climb the rope and go up 4 times and north twice.

Examine the barrels, then dip the rag in the water. Open the hatch and go down. Throw the rag at the fire to extinguish it, then go back up. Now go north, examine the winch and raise the lever (to lower the anchor). Enter the galley, take the dagger, and go back out again. Head south twice and sit in the cask, then cut the line with the dagger.

St Sinistra

Get the pork, then wait 2 turns to reach the shore. Get out of the cask, then walk west, north, west, north and east into the house. Wait here and Lucy will offer a garter - take it. Now head west, south, northeast and up to reach a bedroom on the second floor. Remove your clothes, then take the gown and wear it. You can now go north, east and down.

Show the invitation to the butler, then go south. Wait 4 times while you dance, then head east and north twice. Examine the bookcase. Now get the treatise, get the hat and press the island to reveal a secret passage. Go north, down and east twice. Take the key and the horn, then return west twice and go south. Examine the bottle, then read the label. Put the Laudanum on the pork, then give the pork to the crocodile. Wait twice and it will fall asleep. Go south and west. Unlock the door with the key, then open it and go north to meet your father. Give him the garter.

Walk south, east, north twice, up and south, and your father will leave. Now go south, west and south. Wait 5 times while you dance with Lafond (and Jamison is taken away). Wait until the butler asks you to go to Lafond's room. Head up, east, open the door and go north. Drink the wine. Now pour wine into the green goblet, then into the blue goblet. Put Laudanum in the blue goblet. Get the spices and blow them at Lafond - he will leave the room. Take the tray and wave it in the moonlight.

Go south and give the blue goblet to the butler. Wait 3 turns and he will fall asleep. Now go south, west and down to meet Cookie, then continue east and north. Get the treatise, get the hat and press the island. Go north, down and south twice to find Jamison and Crulley. Get the rapier and attack Crulley twice. Wake Jamison with the salts, then unlock the chain with your brooch to free him.

Head north twice, up, south twice, west, up, east and south. Jamison and Lafond will duel. Untie the rope and climb down it. Get all, then go south 3 times and wait twice. Answer Yes to the question, then get the pistol, load it and shoot Crulley.