The Plague Doctor of WippraThe Plague Doctor of Wippra

Game Details:  Mystery, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/30/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Plague Doctor of Wippra tells the tale of a doctor working in the Middle Ages, battling against both disease and superstition. You take the role of German plague doctor Oswald Keller, saving patients while investigating the mystery of the Black Death. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Day 1


Click on yourself twice to get out of bed. Pick up your bag, knife and medical book - don't use this book or you will miss an achievement at the end of the game. Leave via the door on the left.

Crafter's Alley

Look at the graffiti at the top of the building on the left The jester. Talk to Arnold. Walk over to the right and pick up the stick that is leaning against the next building. Use this on the rats to make them disperse. Knock on the door and you will head inside.

Close the door again. Talk to the mother, then look at the boy in the bed, but it is too dark to examine him properly, so talk to the mother again. Use your knife on the herbs hanging to the right, and you will remove some string. Pick up the lamp from the top shelf on the right, and fill it with beef tallow from the bottom shelf. Add the string from the herbs as a wick. Open the incense burner to the right of the bed. Use your knife on the stick in your inventory to get a wood chip. Light this in the incense burner, then use it on your lamp.

Talk to the boy sitting next to the bed, who will move across the room. Now put your lamp on the stool next to the bed. Talk to Sven (the boy in the bed), then examine him. After the father arrives, also look at the other boy, then you will automatically leave the house. When questioned, make sure you choose this option:

  • "In the case of the younger son, everything points to the plague."

Go up along the path to the left.


Head inside to meet Johanna, then continue through the right door. Take the small bowl from the table. Talk to the Countess. Search the bookshelf to find a Zodiac man diagram that needs to be completed. Ask the Countess more questions about the bloodletting, then return to the bookshelf. Drag the signs of the Zodiac to the correct positions on the diagram An attentive student:

  • Head: Aries (April)
  • Neck: Taurus (May)
  • Arm: Gemini (June)
  • Thigh: Sagittarius (December)
  • Foot: Pisces (March)

Leave the room and continue through the left door into the kitchen. Pick up the jar of oil from the cabinet on the left. Look at the utensils hanging on the board on the far wall and take the hook. Look at the hook to see that it is quite blunt. Return right and use the hook on the statue to sharpen it. Go through the door on the right. Use the hook on the Countess. Pick up the bowl of blood from the table.

Return left twice to reach the kitchen. Talk to the nun at the table and say "I have taken care of the countess". Go out through the left door. Examine the shed door to find that it is locked. Walk left and examine the next door, then head inside.


After talking to Sister Agathe about everything, Search the cupboard on the right and take the bucket, then talk to Hans about everything. Go back outside to the right.


Head right into the kitchen, then continue right twice more. Try to open the cupboard here, but it is locked. Return left twice and talk to the nun at the table about everything. Go right twice and use the key to unlock the cupboard. Take out a tallow candle. Go left and swap this candle for one in the entrance hall (this is a beeswax candle). Head out through the main door.

Use your knife on the white flowers to get some daisies, and on the purple flowers to get some herbs. Go left and talk to the men near the well. Return into the convent and talk to the guardsman Hermann about everything. Go right and talk to the Countess about the vigilantes. Mention Dr Susskind and you will go outside together. After the men leave, make sure you thank the Countess A good servant.

Pick up the rake from near the well, then use the bucket on the well to fill it with water. Go back inside and left into the kitchen. Add the daisies to the oil, then add the beeswax candle. Use this wax mixture over the fire to create your wound ointment. Continue outside to the left.

Look at the muddy puddle just outside the locked shed door. Use your rake here to find a key - use this on the shed door, then head inside. Close the door so you can take the hand drill from the left wall. Open the door and go back outside, then enter the hospital again.


Use your wound ointment on Hans, then give the full bucket of water to Sister Agathe. Head outside.


Grab the ladder that is leaning against the left side of the shed, and lean it against the wall to the right. Enter the shed again. Look at the leeches in the shelves to the right and try to use the blood on them. Return outside and look at the magpie sitting on the wall. Walk towards it until it flies onto the roof of the shed. Go through the convent and out to the front. Walk right and look at the magpie from here, then walk towards it until it flies away again. Head back through the church to the courtyard outside the shed. Climb the ladder on the right and reach out to the magpie to get a feather.

Enter the shed again. Dip your feather in the blood, then use this on the leeches. Pick up the leeches. Go outside, then left into the hospital.


Look at Erna, then use the leeches on her. Once the new patient arrives, examine him then back out again. Pick up the empty leech jar from the foot of the left bed. Open the high cupboard on the right and take out the clothes and tweezers. Head back outside.


Enter the shed again. Look at the vinegar barrel on the left, and the wine barrel on the right. Use the cloths and the leech jar on the wine barrel. Go back outside, then through the door on the right. Talk to the nun at the table. Return outside and enter the hospital.


Ask Sister Agathe about a silver coin, then choose to leave - you will automatically go back to Crafter's Alley.

Crafter's Alley

Try to talk to the Miller, then listen to the priest, then talk to the Miller again about everything. Talk to the blonde merchant on the left until you receive a pamphlet. Give this to the Miller and select these options:

  • "The pardoners are wrong when they say that every punishment is remitted."
  • "No one can achieve forgiveness with certainty through indulgences."
  • "Whoever does not help a person in need, but instead buys indulgences, incurs the wrath of God."

After arguing with the priest, you will return to the hospital.


Examine Otto again, then use your cloths on his wound Professional wound surgeon. Use the tweezers on the wound, then look at the wound again. Use the hand drill on the wound, then put the silver coin in the wound. Talk to Erna about everything. Show her the herb and she will identify it for you. Go to the right, then look at the rat and try to catch it. Talk to Hans about everything. Leave to the right.


Go through the door on the right and try to take the vinegar from the bottom shelf on the right. Use your Ruprecht's weed on the fireplace. Go outside to the left. Climb the ladder and take the holy water brush. Go left into the hospital.


Talk to Sister Agathe about the vinegar, then leave again.


Enter the kitchen and try to take the vinegar again, saying that you want to make some more. Pour the vinegar into your leech jar. Head right twice and put the vinegar mixture on the chair next to the window. Leave the room and go back in to pick up the vinegar. Make sure you go back to the kitchen and talk to the nun at the table, saying the following:

  • "I have to leave now to help the family."

Leave the convent and head down along the road.

Crafter's Alley

Use the holy water brush on the vinegar, then use it on the rats twice. Knock on the door and talk to the basket weaver's family Stand by your word.

Night 1


Look out the window. Pick up your bag, then look at the letter on the table and pick it up Keeping a cool head. Use your knife on the bed to create a rope, then open the window and use the rope. Climb outside. Examine the garbage on the ground to the right, then climb through the window into a cellar.


Examine the firewood, grain, pickled meat and big bowl, then look at the girl that appears near the big bowl and talk to her about everything.

Day 2


In the morning, look out through the window and take the nearby rag. Back inside, use the rag on yourself. Use the knife on the firewood to get some wood shavings, then put them in the big bowl. Talk to Susanne until she lights a fire. Use the soot from the big bowl on Susanne and yourself. Now exit via the window.

Cart Ride

Outside, talk to the cart driver - ask to be taken away, and say you won't make it on foot. On the road, remove your disguise. Talk to the driver and make sure you select this option:

  • "I see! I don't need details" Ignorance is a blessing

Night 2

Farm House

Knock on the door and talk to the aunt to be allowed inside. Talk to the uncle. Pick up the cooking pot on the right, and fill it from the water bucket by the door, then head outside. Take the big linen cloth from the clothes line. Use your knife on the tree to get some willow bark. Look at the elder bush on the right and take some elderberry. Now return inside.

Put the cooking pot on the fire. Add the willow bark and the elderberry to make tea. Click on the pot to give tea to the uncle. Use your big linen cloth on the water bucket, then put it over the uncle. Talk to the aunt.

Day 3

Farm House

Knock on the door again.

Day 6


When you are asked to renounce your assertions, choose this option:

  • "No, I stand by my theory!" Man of science

You will see the ending sequence Face your fate. There is an extra achievement if you did not use the medicine book Senior physician.