Game Details:  Horror, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/5/2007

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Phantasmagoria is a horror-themed FMV game from Sierra On-Line. You play as writer Adrienne Delaney, who has just moved into an old mansion with her husband. Shortly after arriving, you begin to experience horrific nightmares and visions, and must investigate their evil source before you and your husband are lost forever. The series continues with Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh.

Chapter 1

After the introductory sequence, click on the floor to stand up from the chair. Walk to the large entry hall, and go down a small corridor to find a locked door. Try to open it. Also try to open the large double doors in the reception hall with the blue markings around them - locked too. Now head out the front of the house and get in your car to drive to town.

Cross the bridge and enter the Realtor's office. Talk to him about the locked doors, but he says he has given you all the keys. Look in the filing cabinet to get another key. Now walk back to your car and you will drive home.

Enter the house and check out the fortune-telling machine near the front door. Go upstairs and explore each of the rooms, and you will find Don working away on his darkroom - he asks for some drain cleaner, but don't worry about that for now.

Head back down that small corridor off the entry hall and use the key on the door to enter the library. Examine the fireplace in here to find out it is fake. Read the magazine on the main desk, then go to the smaller desk in the corner and pick up the black letter opener. Return to the fireplace and use this in the hole in the wall to discover a secret passage. Head through and move the large book that is on top of the wooden box. Open the box.

Chapter 2

In your bedroom, open the chest of drawers and take the money. Exit the house and drive back to town again, this time entering the general store. Talk to the clerk and give him the money for the drain cleaner, then return home. Enter the barn, which is now open, and investigate the apparently empty stall. Now look at the junk in front of the fireplace, and Don will appear. Give him the drain cleaner if you have time, then head into the house. Go up to the second floor and knock on the darkroom door, where you will argue with Don (and give him the drain cleaner if you didn't before).

Chapter 3

After Don leaves to go inside, exit the garden and approach the barn - you will meet Cyrus. Enter the barn to see his mother Harriet, who is stuck in the hayloft. Climb the ladder and grab the pitchfork. Use the pitchfork on the pulley over to the right, then pull it towards you and attach it to Harriet. Cyrus will pull her free. Look at the hole where Harriet was stuck to see a nail, but you cannot get it just yet. Climb down the ladder and Harriet and Cyrus will work for you for free.

Enter the house. In the entry hall, go towards the fireplace and pick up the newspaper from the ground. Now enter the dining room and grab the poker from near the fireplace. Go to the kitchen and take the matches from the drawer near the table. Now open the door on the other side of the table to find the pantry. In here, turn on the light, then move the rug. Use the poker to open the trap door, then light a match so you can walk down the stairs. Pick up the hammer down here, then head all the way back to the barn. Climb up to the hayloft and use the hammer to retrieve the nail from the hole.

Back in the house once more, go up to the third floor and find a locked door just around from where you climbed the stairs. You will note that there is a key in the keyhold on the other side of the door. Use the newspaper on the door, then the nail on the keyhold, then retrieve the newspaper and the key. Use the key to open the door. Enter the small room and take the red book from the chest of drawers. You will notice that it is Malcolm's book. Look out the window here to note a small building in the distance.

Go downstairs and get in your car to drive to town. Enter the general store and walk to the back to find a barrel with a sign over it. Read the sign, then take a free soup bone from the barrel. Exit the store and return to your car, but instead of getting in, approach the house to the left. Give the bone to the dog that tries to block your way. Now knock on the door, but the lady will turn you away. Knock again and show her the red book, and you will be allowed in to see Malcolm. Get in your car after this visit and you will return home.

Chapter 4

Go downstairs and you will give Harriet some extra chores to do. Now go out through the dining room to the back of the house. Speak to Cyrus, but he will disappear. Go back inside and straight out again, and Cyrus will be chopping wood. Talk to him to ask about the little building you saw from the tower room window. Follow him to the right, then through the garden to the crypt. Go southeast from there to find Cyrus again.

After the tree has been pushed over, climb over it and continue along the path. Pick up the lens from the ground, then keep walking. Ignore the greenhouse for now and look at the telescope - its lens is missing. Place the lens in the telescope, then look through it again to see another room on the 4th floor of your house.

Return home and talk to the telephone man inside. Climb up to the fourth floor and knock on the wooden boards. Use the hammer to break through and enter the attic. Have a look at everything here, then go back downstairs to see Don arguing with the telephone man.

Chapter 5

When you wake, go downstairs and talk to Cyrus. Follow him out to the barn and Harriet will call forth the spirit of Zoltan. Go back into the house and head up to the 3rd floor, then into the conservatory, which is directly across from your bedroom. Use the pedestal in the middle of the room and it will project a dragon on the wall. Press this section of the wall to reveal a secret passage.

Go through the passage and head down a lift. Follow the new passage and go down another lift. Try to go down the first branching passage, but the hole there is too large to jump. Take the other branch and press the button to end up in the previously locked theatre. Go out through the main doors, back into your entry hall.

Chapter 6

Head into the theatre and get on to the stage. Examine both the chair and the flip-card machine to get visions. Now go through the door next to the stage and look in the mirror. Next open the old armoire and take the photo from the top shelf - it is a photo of Malcolm and Carno. Leave the house and drive to town, then approach Malcolm's home. Knock on the door, then show the photo to the housekeeper. After you talk to Malcolm again, return home.

Chapter 7

Go to the nursery on the 3rd floor of the house, and pick up the glass shard from behind the door. Now go to the chapel, which was through the fireplace in the library. There are 2 secret passages on the two major walls here - you want to take the one to the right, and follow it to the crypt. Pick up the crucifix from on top of a sarcophagus in the crypt. Go all the way back through the secret passages, and then into the theatre. Go to the back room again and search Don's jacket to find a souvenir snowman.

Now head upstairs to the darkroom to meet Don. When you get a chance, grab the drain cleaner and throw it at him, then pick up the large book. You will be caught and he will start securing you in the torture chair - when you get the chance, show him the snowman to distract him, then pull the lever on the chair. Now quickly head through the secret passage in the theatre, then down the next passage. As you approach the hole in the floor, grab the pipe overhead and you will climb across. Keep going until you get through the heavy wooden door, and when you are on the other side, lock it with the cross-beam.

Go down into the next room and look at the altar. Place the book on the altar and you will start reading it. Get the talisman from Carno's body on the other side of the altar, and place it on the book. Now use the glass shard on yourself to get some human blood. Finally use the crucifix on the book and you will banish the demon.