The Perils of ManThe Perils of Man

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/4/2018

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Perils of Man is a fantasy adventure about a young girl Ana who wants to know more about her mysterious family, the Eberlings, and in particular her missing father. There are 14 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Pick up the warm boots from your closet, the batteries from your battery-powered clock, and the wire hanger from the foot of your bed. Now head downstairs to the foyer. Open the utility closet and set the thermostat to a low temperature. Pick up a light-bulb from the floor in here, then leave again. Examine the diorama.

Head right into the dining room and take the helium balloons from the table. Talk to Mum about everything (you will get "Pepper's Ghost?" in your inventory), then give her the warm boots - while she is gone, quickly search her chair to get your house key. Go back to the foyer and use your house key on the front door to get outside Escape the House!.

Pick up the ladder from the side of the house. Search the fountain to find 3 gold coins. Look at the carved symbols in the fountain to get a closer look, then pick up the clock hands. Head back inside.

Go right through the dining room and into the dark room beyond. Open the drawer of the gallery table here and you will get a flashlight and a fuse. In your inventory, combine the batteries and flashlight, and you will put one of the batteries into the flashlight. Now continue all the way to the right to find a fuse box. Put your fuse into the fuse box and the lights will come on.

Continue right into the study. Put your ladder on the ladder rails, then use "Pepper's Ghost?" on the massive bookshelf to get Pepper's ghost book Ghost Investigator. Take the lampshade from the small table on the left, and look at the last family photo on the big desk. Return left to the gallery and examine all of the portraits multiple times. In particular, note the description of everything that Thomas is wearing.

Go out to the foyer. Use your light-bulb to replace the dead bulb on the lamp left of the diorama. Examine the diorama and use your battery on the wires - you will see a movie, but without sound. Use your lampshade on the small speaker outlet on the left, then press the play button and you will get "Liber Abaci?" in your inventory An Ancient Challenge. Go back to the study and use this on the massive bookshelf to get the Liber Abaci book. Click on this in your inventory to see a rhyme regarding Fibonacci time. Use your clock hands on the grandfather clock here, then click on the first numbers in the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. Go through the new opening in the back of the room.


Look at the generator and boiler, then at the coal chute switch beneath the broken chain on the ground. Combine the helium balloons and wire hanger in your inventory, then use this on the coal chute switch. Now enter the spooky elevator.

Head outside through the escape tunnel. Use the dark glass vial on the thunder and lightning in the sky and you will see something illuminated inside. Go back down through the passage on the right of the fountain.

Read Thomas' 1863 note on the floor. Look at the beautiful old book, but it appears to be empty. Examine the big lab table to zoom in closer. Pick up the mallet, crucible and tongs, then turn on the Bunsen burner. Combine the crucible and gold coins in your inventory, then combine this with the tongs, and use it on the Bunsen burner. Now combine it with the dark vial, then combine this with the mallet to end up with a gold key Fathers Gift.

Go down through the trapdoor in front of the elevator to find a workshop. Read Edgar's 1874 note, then examine the workbench to zoom in closer. Pick up the ineffective spring, small maser, bird tail and 2 bird legs. Insert the gold key into the keyhole on the bird's body, but it won't work just yet. Put the tail on the bird, and it will spin around and open. Combine the small maser and ineffective spring, then insert this into the bird's hatch. Add the 2 legs, then turn the key and the bird will come to life - you will get "Bird's opening?" in your inventory.

Return upstairs and go to the study, using "Bird's opening?" on the massive bookshelf. Go back down to the workshop and look at the chessboard, then use the Bird's opening from your inventory on it. In your inventory, combine the risk atlas and maser that you automatically get from the hidden drawer. Go back up the stairs to the lab, and use the risk atlas on the beautiful old book.

In the book, click on the house to the right of the image. Now click from here and drag until you discover a target to the top left of the map.

The Aladon 1873

You can now use the risk atlas goggles to view the scene in first-person to highlight nearby risks. Do this n ow and the open barrel will be highlighted. Pick up the prise-bar from the left and the small drum from the right. Use the prise-bar on the closed barrel to get its lid, then use this on the other barrel. Use your drum on the barrel of water to empty it, the move it and climb up the stairs to reach the backstage area.

Examine the velvet curtains immediately to your right An Experiment Gone Wrong. Walk down and to the far left to see a door hanging at an odd angle; remove it using your prise-bar. Look at the monkey machine. Continue further to the left and through the door to the furnace. Use the risk atlas goggles and look at the furnace and the pipes. Use the coal bin handle to fill the wagon with coal, then pull the wagon to the middle of the room. Now head right to the cistern and use the goggles to see that the water levels are too low. Head to the far right until you find a wheel for the middle reservoir gate that you can't turn. Use the prise-bar on it to get it to turn. Now go back and use your door on the broken brick wall leading between the furnace and the cistern. Pull the wagon once more, and you will end up pushing it into the water. Return upstairs to the backstage area.

Go through the door on the left to the lobby. Use the goggles to see snow piling up outside. Talk to the Bobby about everything, then talk to the Charwoman about everything. Return backstage, then go up the nearby stairs to the Manager's office. Pick up the umbrella, then talk to the Manager about everything and you will end up with a banana. Use your goggles to see that the Manager is close to knocking over his beer. Use your umbrella on the mug of beer. After he leaves, take the coat, stationery and stamp. Combine the stationery and stamp in your inventory to make a signed order.

Go back up to the lobby and give the fancy coat to the Bobby, and the signed order to the Charwoman - you will end up receiving a keyring. Return backstage and use the keyring on the locked skylight controls. Go over to the right and talk to the Scientist. Give the banana to the monkey and you will get some useful pipes. Head back down to the furnace and use the useful pipes on the siphon pump Extinguisher.

Azimuth Projection Room

Talk to Thomas and then Darwin about everything. Walk around to the far right and pick up some slides. Look at Thomas' portrait in your inventory to see the description again. The are two projectors on the wall here - put the purple checked slide into the coat projector and the green circles slide into the book projector. Return to the far left and put the blue stripey slide into the bird projector and the red slide into the flower projector. Make note of the 4 colored symbols on the ceiling, then examine the strange control panel on the left. Turn the dials so that from left to right they are pointing right, down, right and down.

Head to the raised device in the middle of the room. Search the secret drawer on the right Gear Upgrade!. Search the lead box on the left to get an amethyst maser. Put this into the cylindrical slot of the left. After the movie, return to the lab.

Examine the beautiful old book again to see a new tragedy. Click anywhere on the map, then drag until you discover a target just right of the middle of the map.

The SS Tarunga Maru

Examine the ship's wheel and you will be locked in the brig At Sea!. Use your goggles and look up to see a rusted pipe. Move to the far left and you will be able to take the broken pipe from the ceiling. Use this on the porthole, then use the open porthole and you will escape. Head right and climb down to the hold. Talk to the donkey guard, and you will be sent back to the brig.

Use your goggles and look down to see a bottle of corrosive. Pick it up and use it on the porthole. Go down to the hold again and talk to the donkey guard about everything. Go back up to the corridor, then head left and down into the infirmary. Talk to the ship's doctor about everything. Take a gauze mask from the doctor's table, then go back up to the corridor. Continue left to the bridge. Go right and talk to the captain to get thrown back into the brig.

Examine the medicine box on the ground to get some pills. Examine the porthole and you will control Darwin. Talk to First Mate Unger about everything, then continue right and down into the hold. Talk to the donkey guard, then click on the checkerboard. Back in the corridor, close the porthole on the far right. Now head left and down to the infirmary. Talk to the ship's doctor Darwins Triumph.

As Ana again, go to the infirmary and give the medicine to the ship's doctor to find out they are placebo pills. Go up, right and down to the hold and give these to the donkey guard Animals Outsmarted. Examine something hidden in the hay on the right to find a logbook. Examine this in your inventory. Now give the gauze mask to the donkey guard. Return up to the corridor and go far left to the bridge. Use your goggles and look around at the all the risks in the room. Examine the binnacle and you will adjust the booby trap inside - you will end up the captain's glove Research Complete.

Return downstairs to the infirmary and give the glove and logbook to the doctor. Talk to Max about everything. Get the flares on the right and use them on the window.

Home Again

You will talk with Thomas through Darwin, and receive "New chess move" in your inventory. Go down to the workshop and use this on the chessboard, and you will find an empty maser and a tantalite crystal. Now examine the workbench. Remove Darwin's legs, then open the hatch and click on it to remove his old maser. In your inventory, combine the empty maser and tantalite crystal, then combine this with Darwin's crystals. Put the super maser into Darwin.

Go back up to the lab to see Thomas. Talk to him about everything Thomas Eberling, saved!. Examine the beautiful old book once more. Click anywhere on the map, then drag until you discover a target near Chicago at the top right Father?.

The Airship

Talk to your father about everything The book is closed.