Game Details:  Adventure, 2006

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Walkthrough Updated:  5/28/2010

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Paradise is a third person point-and-click adventure game set in the fictional African country of Maurania. After your plane crashes nearby, you are cared for in the harem of the local prince, while you attempt to regain your memories and ultimately play a key role in the future of the country.


Try to open the door, but it is locked. Go south and look at the desk, then read the letter. Now look out the window to see Aicha - she will come in to your room. Talk to her, then give her the scarf from your inventory. After she gives you the key and leaves, read the book in your inventory, then go out through the door.

Take the oil and lighter from the cabinet. Go south along the balcony and try to talk to the guard at the Prince's door. Go back to the cabinet and use the lighter on the lamp next to the gate. Now use your harem key to unlock the gate and go through. Walk around the balcony and down the stairs to the pool area. Talk to Madame Souafi, then go south, past the 2 pairs of girls, and out through the large doors. Continue past the fountain into the gardens and talk to Mustapha. Pick up 2 sticks from this area (one next to the greenhouse door at the bottom right, and one next to a bench near the top right. Head up the stairs and talk to the Favorite, then head left, up the stairs and into the tower.

Read the book and note the perfume recipe. Take the barbary water from the bench, then go upstairs and look through the telescope to see a flower you will need later. Leave the tower and return to where you saw the Favorite, then go down the steps to the top right. Pick up a 3rd stick, then combine the 3 in your inventory and use your pole on the tree here. Pick up the 2 almonds.

Return to the harem and talk to Aicha, then go left through an archway, and down some steps into the aviary. Talk to the Favorite again - as you leave she will ask for some honey sweetcakes. Go back to the pool area and find a jar next to the red couch. Walk left and fill the jar with water from the pool. Go around through the archway towards the aviary and look in the second alcove to see two hanging bags. Use your water jar on the nearest bag, then go back and look in the first alcove. Take the honeycakes and give them to the Favorite. She will request two more lots, so repeat this procedure twice more (on the second, use water on the back bag, and on the third, just pull the lever near the bags). After the third lot of cakes, the Favorite will ask you to prepare her a steam bath. Talk to her, and she will give you a medallion.

Leave the aviary, and go to the boiler room (large left archway near Aicha). Look at the machine on the right wall. Insert the medallion in the top and pull the lever, then take the card that appears at the bottom. Now look at the main machine in the middle of the room. Take the rag from the bottom left and wrap it around the nozzle on the right. Use your oil flask on the rag, then light it with your lighter. Leave this room and go through the other archway. Look at the main machine and insert the card in the top, then pull the lever on the side. Now look at the machine on the left wall. Align the holes with the beams of light now shining there, and the Favorite will enter the steam bath.

Talk to Madame Souafi, then go up the stairs. Head left once, then climb into the basket - you will see the door being unlocked. Climb out and unlock the door yourself (turn the birds heads west, east and southeast). Enter the room, and pull the rope in the back left corner of the room. You will end up meeting Aicha in her room. Talk to her, then leave and return to the garden. Return to the almond tree, and go around to the right - touch the cage here to meet the leopard. Go back to the pool area and talk to Madame Souafi again. Head up towards your room, but go past towards the Prince's room and you will see the flower you need again. Go to your room and sleep on your bed.

After running around as the leopard for a while, wake up and go to the garden. Pick up the flower on the ground next to the bench at the garden entrance. Go up the steps and into the tower. Look at the bottom workbench and put the almonds in the grinder. Turn the handle and take the almond powder. Now look at the still on the right. Put the barbary water in the funnel at the top left. Add the almond powder and then the flower. Use your lighter on the burner, then take the perfume.

Return to the fountain just past the garden and talk to Aicha. After you are changed, leave your room and visit the Prince (the guard will let you past). Talk to him about everything, then leave again. From your room, return to the fountain and go right, then leave the harem through the door.


Walk to the right and look in the two stalls - one sells everything, and in the other if you lift the tarp you will see the back of a garage. Continue right to meet a rug salesman. Go through the archway to a covered section of road and try the door on the right - it is locked. Keep going and head south at the intersection, then head right into the garage. Talk to the mechanic, who will give you his truck if you can find the parts he needs to fix it.

Head right and look in the plane. Take the battery and spring from the seat, then the document from on top of the controls. Read the document. Leave the plane and take the hand pump from the left. Leave the garage and go back to the fork in the road, this time taking the north path. After you see the strange creatures being ridden by men, talk to the man in green at the other end of the square, and he will give you a pass to complete. Continue through the arches down to the dock and talk to Moktar, who will carry tyres back to the mechanic for you.

Head back into town, through the covered section of road, then take the path off to the right. Talk to Moktar outside the cafe, then head inside. Take the newspaper from the right and read it, then talk to the shop owner in the back of the shop, and he will give you the key for the photographer's shop. Leave the cafe and enter the shop on the left. Talk to the man here, then look at the wooden board behind his barber's chair. Lift the board and insert the spring. Now look at the electric fan on the side bench. Turn it off, then remove the cover and take the blade.

Leave the shop and return to the covered section of road. Use your key on the locked door and head inside. Flip the switch to the right of the door into the middle position. Head into the lab on the right and read the document in the top drawer. Go back and flip the switch down in the first room, then return to the lab to see you are now in red light. Put the undeveloped film in the machine on the left - the rug merchant will now come in and turn the light on. Once you have investigated, look at the machine on the left again and use the timer, then retrieve your developed film. Go and flip the switch down again, then return to the lab. Look at the machine on the right bench this time. Place your film in the middle slot. Take a piece of paper from the left and put it on the bottom plate. Start the timer, then take the paper and put it in the tray. Now pick up your finished photograph and combine it with the pass in your inventory.

Return to the garage and you will see Hassan is dead. Go up to the back room to see your truck, which will now have tyres in place. Look in the side of the truck and put your battery inside, then the fan on top. Now click on the rope on the front of the car to attach it to the winch on the left. Look inside the truck and turn on the ignition so the truck rolls off its ramp. Use your hand pump on the barrel on the right, and connect the hose on the ground to the pump. Use the pump to fill the truck with gas, then drive the truck to the garden.

Go to the Prince's room and talk to him to get a control key, then return to the garden. Go over to the left, where the gardener is still standing, and look at the controls on the right. Turn the large wheel to the right twice, and fish will swim into the pond on the left. Now go up to the upper level and use your key on the lock to rotate a segment of gate. Go through to the main garden pond controls. Pull the big lever to drain water from the main pond (you can't do this until you have moved the fish earlier). Now look at the control panel. Turn the dial to the 6th position and pull the right lever. Turn the dial to the 3rd position and pull the lever again. After the leopard enters the truck, visit the Prince and talk to him to get a signed pass. Get in the truck and leave.

Molgrave Desert

Pick up a piece of glass from the ground next to you, then head south. Try to enter the hollow tree but you are blocked by vines - cut them away with the glass, then continue. Next walk along the lower branch, but it will break. Go back and try the upper branch, and you will be bitten by a snake. Go back to the lower branch, and now climb down the vine that has fallen there.

Follow the path until you meet the palmettes. These will burrow under the sand when a falcon flies overhead. Wait for the falcon to scare them, and quickly run past. When you make it to the bottom of the first screen, kick the dead log twice, then cross over it. On the next screen, make your way to the top of the screen.

Keep following the path to find some sand lilies. Use trial and error to find a safe path across. Talk to Major Goodmorning about everything when you meet him. Continue along the path until you see the leopard walking past behind a fence. Break the fence and take the wood. Enter the hollow tree on the right, but the polopolo will scare you away. Go back in again and put your wood on the ground, then light it with your lighter. When the smoke clears, head inside and climb up.

Molgrave Village

Head left around the walkway and pick up the handle, then combine this with the glass in your inventory to make a spear. Continue around to the left and look at the hanging rope, then cut it with the spear and continue down the boards. Try to stand on the small tree trunk, but it collapses beneath your weight. Look at the side of the hut and use your spear to make four footholds, then you will climb up. Walk over to the beam and you will fall down.

Talk to the people here, then enter the hut and talk to the Matriarch. After you wake up, talk to the doctor, then leave his hut. Follow the path right twice to the Matriarch's hut, then go right and left, and approach the man. Take the plant from on the fence here. Return right and down. Climb the ladder here, and go far left to find another plant outside a hut - take a piece of this, then go and climb back down the ladder. Head right to see a big tree, then go right again. Lift up the hanging barrel and take some fat from inside. Return to the big tree and head left this time to find the gazeline corral. Go across and down the ramp, then climb up to meet the Prince - talk to him to learn how to catch your leopard.

Go back down the ladder, up to the gazelines, and left to find a fisherman. Talk to him, then sit on the chair. Catch a sand dab by moving the bait around and pulling up on the rod when one of the sand dabs starts thrashing about near your bait (seems to work fastest with the brown bait). Now head back to the right, and enter the hut. Talk to Major Goodmorning, then give the fisherman your sand dab, 2 plants, and polopolo fat. Leave the hut, then come back inside and take the cured skin from the wall.

Leave the hut and go back to the big tree, then go right. Take the walkway down, then climb up and put the skin on the drum. Go to the Prince and he will ask you to beat the drum. Go to the drum and hit it, then return to the Prince again to get a polopolo.

Go back to the main area and climb the ladder again. Go right and enter the hut, then take the hook and the nuts. Leave this hut and return left, then take the path along the far right. Look at the sign outside this hut, then go in to see a measuring machine. Stand on the middle platform to see that you weigh 2.5 nuts. Now look at the holder just right of the platform - this prepares the nuts. Place a nut in the holder and pull the lever on the right. Repeat this a second time. Now place a 3rd nut in the holder, chop it in half with the cleaver on the left, then pull the lever (to make a total of 2.5 nuts). Next look at the machine on the far right, pull the handle, and pick up your bungee rope.

Return to the fisherman's chair and climb down the ladder here - you will drop your hook. Use your bungee rope on the end of the platform here and you will get it back. Now use the hook on the hanging rope in the middle of the trap. Put the polopolo on the hook, and pull the lever to open the trap floor. Get some branches from next to the ladder and you will cover the hole. Climb up the ladder.

After running around as the leopard again, wake up and go to the Matriarch's hut to talk to the doctor, who will give you some espionage papers and tell you about your family.

Maur River

Head around behind the jeep and take a jerry can, then go right to the ferry to see it is sitting low in the water. Go back to land and head around to the dock to the right, so you can get alongside the ferry. Use the jerry can on the submerged part and it will rise up. Go and get another jerry can and repeat this, then also do it with the 3rd and final jerry can. Now go and click on your gazeline and head to the ferry.

Zamarat Mines

Head forward, then over to the far right, and continue left and forward until you see a man standing on a porch. Climb the steps and enter the building, then go through the next closed door as well. Talk to John Harambee, then go back outside. Listen to the injured man, then go inside and talk to Harambee again - after the conversation he will lock you in his office and leave.

Look in the shelves on the left and take the miner's clothes and the other items. In your inventory, combine the new rod with a knob to make a miner's stick. Look at the floor on the right to see some old floorboards, and use the miner's stick to break them. Now climb up using the rhino head on the wall, and Harambee will think you have escaped. When he has gone, climb down. Change clothes by using the miner's clothes with the screen on the left, then leave through the door.

Go back towards the entrance to Zamarat and continue left. Enter the mine shaft entrance and use the panel in the elevator - you will go down to level 975. Walk left then up into the lit office and talk to Bill. Leave the office and enter the nearest tunnel. Pick up the rope here, then continue to see an elephant that is tied up. Return to Bill and talk to him about the elephant, then he will go outside, and you will get changed. Look in the desk drawer and take the wedges and wrench before Bill returns. Head back out of his office and return to the elephant. Use the wrench on the elephant's chains and it will escape.

Head back to the elevator and look at its ceiling, then climb up. Put your 2 wedges in the holes in the left beams, then climb back down. Press the elevator button and it will go up a small way. Now look at the ground beneath it and tie your rope to the hook here - the elephant will now pull it away. Climb down and look at the yellow control box. Turn the right switch to the right, then pull the bar all the way down, and you will reach level 1095.

Leave the elevator and approach the steps. Talk to Dada, who will throw you down a shaft. Run around as the leopard, then when you are done, wake up and head left. Pick up the oil lamp from near the far wall. Pour oil from the lamp on the rope on the right of the screen, then use your lighter to set it on fire and release the cage. Enter the cage and press the button to go up. On this level, take the emeralds from the sack on the right, and the fuse wire from the platform on the left. Get back into the cage and go up again. Pick up the drill here and you will automatically use it to make a hole in the far wall. Throw emeralds at the bat on the ceiling 3 times, and the leopard will jump and knock over a box. Go down to the ground and pick up a stick of dynamite. Go back up to the top and put the dynamite in the hole, then attach the fuse wire. Go down to the ground again and pick up the end of the wire, then attach it to the plunger. Use the plunger to blow it up.

Back up at level 975, leave the elevator shaft and go to Bill's office. Talk to him, then follow the path to the right of the elevator. Get on the elephant and you will be lifted to the surface. Talk to the man here, then head right.

Rebel Camp

After you are caught, talk to the guard. Swing the cage by clicking (and holding) on the right of the screen, then the left of the screen, in timing with the movements of the cage; when it swings as far to the right as possible, grab a stick from the tree. Now when it swings as far to the left as possible, hit the beehive.

After your talk to Siri, pick up the document from the desk and read it, then leave the tent. Go along the path just right of the tent and take some thorns from the bush. Return to the main part of the camp, then take the path to the bottom right and talk to the soldier here. Return to the camp again, then head north and get some reeds from the bank. Go right and talk to the soldier then to the prisoner. Head right twice more to reach the ship.

Try to climb up the chain, but there is a snake blocking your path. Return to the prisoner and ask for his help, then give him the reeds and thorns. After the guard collapses, take his knife and use it on the rope holding the prisoner's cage. Follow him back to the ship and watch as he gets rid of the snake.

Black Vault

Climb up the chain, then go right, up, right, up twice, left, up, left and up to get on to the deck. Grab the distress flare from the cabinet, then head right and climb the ladder. Look at the ventilation duct, but you cannot get inside. Go back down and left twice. Look in the doorway beneath the cannon and you will see monkeys - throw in your flare, then head inside. Pull the lever on the Enter the door beneath the cannon and you will see some monkeys. Go back outside, then use your flare on the doorway. Now head in and pull the lever on the right. Turn the wheels to aim all the way to the left, then all the way down (aiming at the ventilation duct). Pull the top left lever, then the bottom left, and you will blow the duct away.

Go back outside, right twice and up the ladder, then jump down through the hole you just made. Press the button to call the elevator, then get inside to go down a level. Go along the corridor and right through a doorway to find a room with some coal. Look at the yellow control panel on the right, and complete these actions:

  • turn the top left switch
  • move the horizontal lever right
  • move the vertical lever down
  • press the left red button
  • move the vertical lever up
  • press the right red button
  • move the horizontal lever left
  • press the middle red button

This will have put coal into the big furnace. Go through the doorway that is now partially hidden behind the mine cart, and pick up the gas can. Continue through the left doorway, then go left again to find the furnace room. Approach the front of the furnace, and a small leopard machine will appear. Use your gas can on the back of its head, then your lighter on the torch in its hand. Press the right button on the back of the leopard, then the left button.

After the furnace has been ignited, go to the big control panel at the other end of the room. Press the left red button, then flip the lever. Climb down the ladder here, then head left and through the doorway. Go up in the elevator, then head through the new doorway. Try to go up along the corridor, but monkeys block your path. Turn the red wheel once to turn on the steam, then turn it again. Now go along the corridor and the monkeys have fled.

Go through the side doorway to find your leopard. Pick up the piece of chalk from the ground near the door, then go back out. Walk around to the left but you will be blocked by another snake. Return down in the elevator and talk to Wamganga, just to the left. Continue left into the archives and talk to Mr Gretzelberg. Try to touch the massive statue, but Mr Gretzelberg won't let you. Go and look at the red table next to the doorway, then look at the phone number on the piece of paper. Back out of the close-up and you will automatically get Siri to call this phone. Now go and look at the ring on the massive statue, and use your knife on it to get a medallion. Look at the large doors on the right of the room and use the medallion to get them open, then head inside.

Take the 4 hanging voodoo dolls and the treasury bonds from the middle shelf. When Mr Gretzelberg returns, use your lighter on the voodoo doll with a safe for a body, and he will flee. Take the African mask from the left corner of the room, then leave and return to Wamganga. Talk to him, then give him the voodoo doll with the white eyebrows.

Return to the room with your leopard, and Wamganga will be there already. Use your chalk next to the top left candle, then the bottom right candle, then surrounding the leopard. Talk to Wamganga, then place the voodoo doll with overalls at the bottom right, the tree voodoo doll at the top right, and the remaining one at the bottom left. Now you need to find your doll to use in the last position. Return to the elevator then continue past it and through the opposite doorway into the royal apartments. Go through the left door into your old bedroom. Look in the chest and take your doll. Go back to the leopard and put your doll at the top left corner, then put the treasury bonds within the circle.

Wamganga will now get rid of the snake blocking the other hallway. Talk to him, then go along the hallway and through the doorway and further along the hallway to a junction area. Enter the room on the left with the beds, and go right then take the card from on top of the pile of clothes - a monkey will come and steal it! Open the medicine box under the clothes and take the supplies. Return to Wamganga and give him the morphine, disinfectant and dressing.

Head back to the junction area, and go through the doorway on the right to see some monkeys watching a television screen. Walk through to the next room. Use your African mask on the camera to scare the monkeys. Go back to the monkeys' room and give the remaining monkey your emerald in exchange for the card. Leave this room and head down to the right. Continue right to see 3 half-starved monkeys who will not let you pass. Go back and through the doorway on the left into the galley. Go down and look at the stove. Take the can opener and open the can, then pour its contents into the frying pan. Use your lighter beneath the pan and the monkeys will come and eat.

Leave the galley and go back to where the monkeys were previously, then continue forward to a room with a keypad next to a door. Open the left cabinet and take the paper, then read it in your inventory. Look at the note on the cabinet door, then look at the keypad and enter the number 2577. Insert the card you got back from the monkey in the reader on the right, then head through.

Look at the map on the desk, then at the military report under the map. Head down the hatch in the floor on the left to see the drums, then look at the control panel on the right and flip the lever to the right. Climb back up and head down to the left, then climb up the ladder. Go forward and talk to Willy. Leave and he will kill himself, and you will automatically go and get his gun and key. Return all the way to the royal apartments and go down to see a locked door. Use the key on the door.