Pants QuestPants Quest

Year:  2022

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Pants Quest is a short comedy adventure about a man just trying to start his day. What begins as a normal day spirals out of control as every decision you make leads to more complications. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Look at the To Do List in your inventory. Use the bed covers Turn Down Service. Open your bedroom door and go right to the kitchen.

Use the power switch next to the coffee pot. Search the high cupboards and collect 2 mugs and some cat food. Use one of the mugs with the coffee pot. Open the fridge door and take out the milk, then use this on the mug of black coffee. Now use the mug.

Search the low cupboards to find paper towels and a dustpan. Use the paper towels on the coffee splash, and the dustpan on the mug shards. Pick up the styrofoam cup (filled with cold coffee) from the table, and use it with your other mug. Open the microwave door, and use this mug with the microwave. Close the microwave door and use the microwave. Open the microwave door again and take out the mug of hot coffee. Add milk and use the mug.

Eat Breakfast

Take some toast from on top of the fridge, then put it in the toaster and use the toaster. After the toast burns, pick up the burnt toast. Look at the toaster and change the dial to point straight up. Grab some more bread from on top of the fridge and put it in the toaster, then use the toaster again. Take some butter from the fridge, then grab the toast from the toaster. Use the butter on the toast, then eat it Fed and Watered.

Search the lower cupboards to find a trash bin. Use the burnt toast and dustpan in the trash (2/13) - you will keep the dustpan. Pick up the plastic cup, soda can, wrapper and chip packet from the table, and put them all in the trash (6/13). Find a sock in a lower kitchen cupboard, a sock next to the sofa, and some boxers on the sofa. Go to your bedroom and and put them all in the laundry hamper (3/11). While you are here, pick up the 2 socks, boxers and t-shirt, and put them in the laundry hamper (7/11).

Pick up the sponge and dish soap from next to the sink. Combine these to get a soapy sponge. Pick up the dirty wine glass and dirty plates from next to the sink, and put them in the sink (2/9). Pick up the dirty glass from the table, the dirty glass from next to the TV, and the dirty bowl from the right of the sofa, then put all of these in the sink (5/9). Use the answering machine to the right of the sofa and listen to all 3 messages Raged Against the Machine.

Check Emails

Go back to your bedroom and close the door. Pick up the paper from next to the computer desk, and the juicebox from on the desk, and put them both in the trash (8/13). Use the computer, then use the screen - you need a password. Look at all the sticky notes on the wall here. Select user Dave, and enter password "whenwillitend". Read all the emails, then shut down the computer using the Start menu. While you are here, open the small drawer next to your bed and take out the batteries. Also take the dirty mug from the computer desk so you can put it in the sink (6/9).

Brush Teeth

Head back to the kitchen and along the hall. Pick up the sock from the floor and put it in the laundry hamper (8/11). Also search the left cupboard drawer to find a gummy bear packet for the trash (9/13). Now go through the right door in the hall to find the bathroom.

Pick up the toothpaste and toothbrush, then combine them in your inventory and use the toothbrush Minty Fresh.

Find Pants

Grab the tissue from beneath the sink, and a tissue packet from the cupboard here to put in the trash (11/13), and a hoodie from next to the toilet for the laundry hamper (9/11). Open the shower curtain and take your pants. Open the washing machine door on the right and put the wet stinky pants inside, then close the washing machine door again. Open the cupboard to the right, and grab the laundry powder, as well as a dirty mug for the sink (7/9). Use the laundry powder on the washing machine.

Wash Pants

Go back out to the hall and try to open the basement door, but it is locked. Look at the key rack on the wall to the left, but the basement key isn't there. Go out towards the kitchen and use the gaming console beneath the TV. Beat all 3 levels of the game What A Rush. You will automatically find the keys in the sofa. Return to the hall and use the keys on the basement door, then open the door and go through.

Use the light switch. Try to go down the stairs but it is too dark. Return to the hall. Use the keys on the locked cupboard door, then open it and take the flashlight. Combine your batteries and flashlight, then use the flashlight and return through the basement door. Use your dustpan on the broken glass, then use it on the trash (12/13). Now you can head down the stairs to the basement.

Collect the dirty bowl from the right and the dirty wine glass from the left, both for the sink (9/9). After putting the last dish in here, use the soapy sponge on the sink Suds for Days!. Grab the shirt and sweater from the floor, both for the laundry hamper (11/11) Fully Loaded. Pick up the wrapper from the floor, and use it on the trash (13/13) Garbage Man. Also collect the can opener from the large set of shelves, and examine the large water heater on the right.

Return to the kitchen and search the high shelves to get some matches. Use the can opener on the cat food, then use this on the cat bowl in the kitchen Good Cat Dad. Go back downstairs and use the matches on the water heater. Go to the bathroom and try to use the washing machine, pressing random buttons until you give up. Your email from Carla mentioned you hid the washing machine instructions in a book. Go to the living room and find "How Do I People?" in the shelves next to the TV. Pick this up to get a note, then look at this in your inventory to see the instructions.

Go back to the bathroom and use the washing machine, then press these numbered buttons:


Wait for the machine to finish, then open the washing machine door and take out the wet pants.

Dry Pants

Open the dryer door and put the wet pants inside, then close the dryer door. Use the dryer, pressing the red button - the power will go out. Go back down to the basement and open the fusebox on the left wall, then use it. You need to get all the black switches on, then use the red switch. If the black switches are numbered 1-8 from left to right, flip these switches: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6. Now flip the red switch. Go back up to the bathroom and use the dryer again.

Wait for the dryer to finish, then open the dryer door and take out the pants. Use the pants The One True Pants.